Casey Anthony update 09 September 2009

The Morgan & Morgan team dropped the motion against the Anthony’s to have them finish the questions. They said they will get the answers elsewhere in the documents that have been dumped in this case.

DCasey started working for the Team Baez on 27 July 2008. He started working for Casey/Cindy and George in early September.  He was out searching for the remains of Caylee in November. He said he was under contract, which were NOT produced at the hearing. He did take the stand. The judge made the decision to DENY the depo as he worked under contract and it is privileged. So this means DCasey will NOT be deposed.

The judge also said that he will not take so long in the response to yesterdays hearing! It will be out sooner than one month!  Not sure this is a good thing!

I feel this Judge runs a circus of a courtroom. I am unsure what this judge needs, but there needs to be a motion to get rid of him as he is not professional!   RATE the Judge

dianatennisDiana Tennis, DCasey’s attorney was also not professional. When DCasey was on the stand and she objected to something, she was sitting down until the Judge had to tell her to stand. She did most her objecting to things from her seat!    Her website


AND look what is found:  RATE Jose Baez


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  1. It really doesn’t make sense that he can continue with this privilege when he NO LONGER worked with Baez after Oct 1st. PI’s shouldn’t have the same privilege with their clients as an attorney does. There is a purpose with an attorney…Baez is barely an attorney. But, D Casey is far from an attorney, imo

    AM I first??

  2. I didn’t get to see the whole trial. But, I can’t say I was very impressed with Diana Tennis from what I did see. When she spoke it sounded very mousy/whiny. She wasn’t aggressive (in a good confident way) in the little bit of the trial I did see.

  3. Well Steph what I saw she didn’t stand up like the judge told her to do when she was addressing him. He had to tell her a couple times to do that. But she seems to have gotten the job done for him no to give his depot. And he is probably out eating crab puffs as we speak with the A’s

  4. Humble, it’s so disheartening to us all to see these corrupt pieces of trash get off with this stuff. I think when it backfires, it will be like a bomb. At least I hope it will be.

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  6. I am not reading my posts correctly, lol. Which means I need to call it a night. I hope when I come home tomorrow you all will be able to tell me there is a date set for pre-trial fraud hearing. Have a good evening everyone.

    Night Maxi

  7. As I sometimes do, I was thinking about how Casey could possibly explain what happened to Caylee. If she sticks with the Nanny story (whichever version), there is no need to even have a trial. We all know why both versions are ridiculous. I have another question about the JB Park story….why would Zanny cause a scene in broad daylight at a crowded park, to kidnap Caylee? Wouldn’t it have been much easier for Zanny to wait until Casey dropped Caylee off – like normal and disappear after Casey left? I don’t suppose Miss Rocket Scientist thought any of those stories through.

  8. marsha!!!!! I live in lexington…. wow small world.. hi and nite nannab. and every one… I can not express how happy I am to be here and read all you alls comments…thanks to all of you and especially humble

  9. so many cons become attorneys..that’s all they have to do is read books.. if I ended up in jail I would become a rocket scientist .. 😆

  10. Ecd
    okay then get your rest♥♥nice to see you out being social…

    Hi Humble
    I got all my votes in ha ha there was one on there i KNEW was mikkas!

  11. Hi Everyone!

    I just popped in to drop off a few notes I took from revisting Cindy Anthony’s deposition I’m saving George’s depo for another time…just couldn’t take listening to both of them today.

    9 April 2008 Notes from Cindy’s depo w/ M&M @ 29 secs.

    P.I. Dominic Casey started working for C & G Anthony in October 2008. C & G Anthony signed a notarize contract retaining the services of P.I. Dominic Casey. His primary responsibility was to look for Caylee. This contract was witnessed by Dennis & Sheri Milstead (they are not parties to the contract). Prior to October 2008, C & G Anthony had a verbal contract, according to Cindy.

    P.I. Casey reported findings on ZFG verbally to Cindy on several occasions. Cindy claims she and P.I. Casey talked about Zenaida all the time, but she does not have anything in writing. One person P.I. Casey told Cindy about was a Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez Rivera in Puerto Rico.” He said he was watching… still watching,” according to Cindy.

    It was real clear from Cindy’s testimony that ONLY she and George were parties to the contract with P.I. Dominic Casey. Lee Anthony and Casey Anthony did not sign it. Cindy said she has a copy and P.I. Casey has a copy of the signed contract.

  12. Heya!

    Well, it’s interesting to see that the CMA case was on NG 2 DAYS IN A ROW..

    On the C&G being dropped.. yeah, I agree.. too much work for just more BS..

    On the DC Confidentiality agreement, whoah.. I am sure Enron board members and executive all executed confidentiality agreements. That didn’t prevent them from being deposed..

    It’s not A/P privilege. I think this judge did a faux pas, which is good as it would likely permit an appeal if it goes toward the defendant.

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