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  1. I knew as soon as bedhead lady said she wanted to call dcasey to the stand it was over. It had bozo written all over it. Knowing M&M would not be expecting that. He can say he had contracts with who ever bozo wants him to have them with. I have no doubt Bozo is not above back dating a contract.

  2. I don’t think so either Molly.

    If they don’t already have the agreements. I have a feeling they will be making hem and back dating them.

  3. I do think Zenaida will win in the end. I would like to see them up the amount especially if she has to wait until after the murder trial.

  4. Mikka…We are going to need a much longer counseling session when this is all over than I thought we would need.
    As bad as it was the state got a win on the fraud charges and the interviews, that helps

  5. The more I hear about the student that lost his life…the more iratated I get at the school, coach and the parents. I can’t understand for the life of me how ALL of the adults have not made sure there is a program in place for the athletes to follow to keep hydrated.

  6. You know Steph maybe the coach did not like this boy and rode him hard there are coaches out there like that. He knew it was hot out he should of made sure all had water breaks and not practic in full gear either. I can see this happening.

  7. Humble, lol.

    There is so much more that goes into it before you even get to that practice. I should be able to rattle off the list, but to stay hydrated through practice in the heat like that…it should have started at least that morning.

  8. they didn’t win anything with G & C. M&M is gonna pull their previous interviews & use them. and their story was a bit different back then! hah

  9. My daughter started practice an hour before games than played for an hour and half in higher temps. They have also done 3 and 4 a days for conditioning in higher temps. The thing is they are given what they need to do to keep their selves hydrated. An example is the continuance of water…until your pee is clear…think there is more to that, but don’t remember. There is also things with the food intake you are eating along with getting electrolytes back in the body right after the workout, I think.

  10. blessed 😆 who can forget cindys chilli,till this case start i dont eat pizza and chilli no more,may i try to make a lawsuit against them!

  11. Mama…I think it is very sad. But, I also think the school, the coach and even the parents need to make sure that the students/children are taking care of their selves to be able to play in this kind of weather.

  12. Mikka….I think we ALL should file charges against them! Can’t eat pizza or chili, chan’t look into our refrigerators, can’t use laundry bags, can’t open our freezers, can’t open the trunk of our cars, etc… GIVE JUDGE RODRIGUEZ A REAL CHALLENGE…LOL

  13. Or go to Target ! hahahahahahah

    humble – you’re supposed to watch the sound of music or something & ride thru the countryside!!! something calming! 😆 😆

  14. Mama…one of my daughters last soccer before she went off to college…it was a 103. All of a sudden she is yelling at me…MOM FOOD MOM MOM FOOD and pointing down to the opposing teams parents. I grabbed my cooler with all the fruit and I also almost always have sweets and run down there. One of the players on the other team was diabetic and the heat had gotten to her or something. Most parents have had their kids playing in this kind of weather for many years…i was really surprised they didn’t have anything with them to give her. She had the reese’s in the cooler and was much better. Because I don’t know a lot about diabetes I don’t know if it was the heat. What I do know is it drains you much faster when you are out there sprinting. But maybe I am a freak and always have everything with me for just in case.

  15. Steph did you daughter have that kind of regement in high school. The girls around her just go out for practice when school let out don’t know of anything these girls did special when they played soccer. But this is not the first time a student had died because of this it happens in college too. Seems like most of the time its football player. Not to long ago a basketball player died on the courts during a game. But he had an undetected heart problem.

  16. Mama…she had that kind of regimen because she played competitive soccer…outside of school. Tryouts start in July and so do the warm up show cases tournaments. Than you go into the 3 a days sometimes 4 a days and qualifying rounds. Now they do 4 a days at college. She isn’t doing the regular 4 a days right now because she is still recovering from ACL surgery. But, when she played before college…we prayed for some early early morning games along with late night. Doesn’t happen often though. There are many times in the tournaments and the qualifying rounds you are playing 2 games a day. This means two warm up practices for an hour each. Before playing for an hour and half. But, again they all followed a certain regimen to be hydrated and it was followed every day. They slacked a bit when the weather starts to cool down, but that is it..School soccer doesn’t start her until Spring and that isn’t bad at all…usually cold.

  17. Steph sound like your girl had the right training. Around here they start about the time school start. So they play in the fall of the yeah. Talking about high school though. Where you live in the deep south west I can see these kids need that kind of training. Plus some parents just let their kids go and do whatever and they don’t take an interest in what they are doing. And alot do, and they watch and see how their kids are being treated and trained ya know.

  18. I was surprised. We got a different impression from depositions of Cindy and George Anthony. Our impression is he was working for them in trying to find the disappearance of their granddaughter not involved in murder case. That was a bit of a bombshell to me,” said Mitnik.

  19. Mama…I said earlier I don’t understand why the school doesn’t have something in place for the students a program. I know many might not follow it, but so many will. Managers of the team (I was) have to go to this meeting about the rules and blah blah blah. But, there is a sports doctor there that is also makes his rounds around the field. He has a website and also passes out literature with what you need to do as a player through out the season. I know not all high school students and parents will follow it. But, i don’t understand why they don’t have something like this. I am kind of surprised and iratated. This boy and others lose their lives and in most cases can easily be prevented.

  20. For now Dominic Casey will have to turn over contracts he signed with the Baez Law Firm and the Anthony family and the judge said he will not have to answer questions for Gonzalez’s attorneys.

  21. Thank you Mikka…I think if they gather all the interviews including working for free for the Anthonys to find Caylee in his own words…they can get a depo down with him.

  22. Steph that is so true. I know when my daughter was cheerleading they took them to the jym and lined her squad and the football players and they went from person to person and got physicals. And most of the time we took them to their on doctors for that. But then they did this too.

  23. Good morning all, I’m new to this site. I’ve been following the Caylee case since day one. I post sometimes on Blinkoncrime, and mostly I was posting on The Caylee Daily.

    Does anybody know what happened to the Caylee Daily?

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