Chit Chat hearing 09Sept09

Chit Chat the hearing is on!




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  1. hi, I am listening to mikka’s link.. they are just talking about the newspaper beiing in bankrupcy!!
    I think
    somethings happening now.

  2. This judge is an idiot. He knows how many people are watching this so he thinks he’s a celebrity. Very unprofessional to say the least!!!!

  3. Sounds like they need to get their answers from someone who doesn’t lie or act the way C&G does. They already know that C&G are not going to be truthful,and they need to get ZFG name cleared!

  4. Well though it sux that they don’t have to answer…they are stuck with the stories they told early on. George is stuck with the fbi transcript where he said he didn’t have a good feeling about the smell (didn’t he throw up too?) and C is stuck with the 911 call speaking for her. Otherwise they would have gotten on the stand and lied like G did the other day.

  5. Scarma…I really like him. I didn’t look at the hearing yesterday. Was it Mitnik or Morgan. If it was Mitnik that was there yesterday? If so than I am glad I didn’t watch, because I didn’t hear good things, lol.

  6. Dominic has the same attitude as G & C. His lawyer must be new. Does not stand to make objections. She reminds me alittle of Lisa Kudrow character on friends.

  7. Man Caseys lawyer is a biotch, with no courtroom decorum, not a good thing in this judges court. I love the ” I dont think they will affirm D Casey was working for Baez and Casey when he was poking around looking for a body in the woods” lol excellent point!!!!!

  8. Mikka…Exactly oct…so how can he claim privilege when he was out in the woods looking for Caylee. It is a bunch of bs. Also he can’t work for the family and Baez. They are trying to put him working with Baez because they want the privilege

  9. Humble, I’ll take all the help I can get. TY! 🙂

    I do believe it was stated before today that P.I. Dominic Casey started working for the Ants in October 2008. Will check later.

  10. 27 July signed contract Bozo

    Early Sept…must have been when Casey was out! Signed by Casey …..Never ended

    November was under contract with Casey Anthony/C&G and Bozo lawfirm….when he was in the area the remains were found!

    is a confidentially clause

  11. when did dominique pick up this nifty accent??? I dont remember an accent from the deposition by the state.he is hateful… and I think a lying skunk…. judge is getting to me…..

  12. Steph,

    P.I. Casey has been talking in circles. Just about the time I write what he says, he goes back and add to what he said or changes it. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

  13. This is all b.s and they need to do something about someone being able to claim privilege like this. It is very wrong. If he is going to be able to claim privilege than he should be like an attorney that is also has to be charged with conflict of interest. It is wrong to be able to use a blanket privilege like this, imo

  14. I dont mind. He just established in a courtroom he was working for Casey Anthony when he was poking around in the woods looking for the body. That might be the most important thing to come out of this.

  15. Lordy, someone tell me what happened, please. Daughter called and I was trying to listen, but she had her once a week crisis. Love that girl.

  16. AZ…I would think they could at least against Cindy. After Casey told her they showed this Zenaida to her and it wasn’t her. Cindy went out and told the whole world they never showed her this Zenaida

  17. I have no idea how Mitnik didnt bring up conversation with LE, totally ridiculous. Im so …angry. Dominick Casey hasnt been paid by anyone, doesnt that breach a contract if you arent paid???? O I forgot, he was shacking with Cindy, family loyalty and all. This case has become so convoluted…its unbelievable.

  18. Here is who I want to email…the top judge:

    Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr.
    Judicial Assignments
    2001-2009 Chief Judge, Ninth Judicial Circuit
    1999-2001 Circuit Judge, Orange County Civil
    1995-1999 Chief Judge, Ninth Judicial Circuit
    1992-1995 Circuit Judge, Orange County Criminal
    1991 Administrative Circuit Judge, Osceola County
    1989-1990 Circuit Judge, Osceola County
    Juris Doctor: Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University (1977)
    Masters of Education Degree: Tuskegee University (1974)
    Bachelor of Science Degree, History: Tuskegee University (1972)
    Professional Activities
    Chair, Trial Court Budget Commission
    Member, Texas Bar Association
    Member, Orange County Bar Association
    Member, The Florida Bar

  19. He should have allowed the deposition and then addressed any priviledge Casey refused to answer. Idont think the law is appropriate her. Not to mention, wouldnt Casey have brought those contracts with him coming to court to show priviledge! Nonsense. I hope Mitnik goes out to the press and says, we lost becasue Casey was working for WF when he was searching in November mere feet from where Caylees poor broken body was found. Let em have it..Let em draw their own conclusions from that…

  20. Well, I think we can see how Judge Rodriquez is going to rule. I will not waste my time watching any of his hearings in the future. Will just read the bottom-line in the news. Geeeeez! 😦

  21. That would be perfect AZ…

    Molly…When ever there is a hearing on at the top of the page will be links to watch it. Of course you might already know that. 😉

  22. I got kicked out! I have dial up, can’t do livestreams.

    So, G & C don’t have to answer, they have a “special” arrangement!!!! wth?
    and D Casey doesn’t have to do his depo either.

  23. Well, Im sure Mitnik will now go to the LE transcripts, get what he can, then address that and the so called ” contracts” he has with all the parties. What BS. How do you ever get to the truth when everyone has a free pass to lie, make stuff up, and hide any incriminating evidence they do find. Our legal system needs help. With a missing child in the investigation, NOONE should be allowed to dodge questions, I dont care if they are incriminating.

  24. Sorry Molly. I would think one of them would cover it. I just hope if they do on JVM they don’t have Janie on.

    Eoar…when Humble is done having one for you than I will…after that you need a few.

  25. How can D casey work for Baez & then work for the A’s at the same time. So technically, he still works for Baez???? Boy, he’s gonna make a lot of money! When does that contract end? never??/

  26. BTW, the judge denied the motion based on hearsay testimony that D Casey has these contracts at tall. Is that standard procedure to just take at face value someones word without the documentation to back it up? Sounds like an appeal issue to me, and I believe when it is revealed that no priviledge existed after the C & G team hired him, we will hear an apology.

  27. Molly…his contract ended, but he said the confidentiality is continuance. I understand when under contract all of that being privileged. But, how do you get that in Nov??

  28. ridiculous. Everyone once again worried abour Casey Anthonys precious rights. Everyone goes under the bus, and too bad for them, Jesse, Zenaida, all of em. By the time this trial hits, Casey will be so hated they will have to do a bench trial.

  29. I want to see them, I want them to be public record, how is Casey to have been paid by Casey Anthony???? It should be required for them to be public if they are being used to excuse D Casey from testifying.

  30. I still think D Casey put his foot in it, as he now claims to have been working for Casey and Baez when he was out destroying potential evidence in this case. Cant throw G and C under the bus now, and cant explain how they knew to shoot a video a month before the body was found, to prove no body was in that sspot….Sounds alike a tangled web, sounds like someone knew a” lil sumthin about sumthin” ahead of time.

  31. IF Casey claims he was just following up on Kio Maries statement like he said about that area from Caseys childhood, does he not then admit as a ” confidential member” of the defense ” family” they didnt believe there was a Zenaida, for how would Zenaida know where Casey buried her pets when she was younger? HMMMM. Food for thought.

  32. you all may or may not realize it, but each and everyone of you is a stat. My husband and I have had a ball reading your finely honed sense of the news of the “Ants”and just get it over with, this is our wish Keep up the good work. with love from 2 fans elton and jackie

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