Chit Chat JVM and NG 09Sept09

Chit chat JVM and NG are on………………..


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  1. Hi Suzie…he deleted my first post saying there was space limitation, lol. I will go look.

    Hi Chlry…I don’t think D Casey will be deposed at the moment. He is full of crap and they are saying it was privileged.

  2. hi suzie , i guess they dropped getting info on g and c , saying they can get what they need from the fbi tapes. i guess they want all the info from d casey now , remember he didn’t show for his depo

  3. It’s so obvious D Casey was told to look for Caylee there. He knew, Geo knew, Sindy knew, and probably Lee too. I’ll bet anything his duty was to take Caylee away after she was found. Ick.

  4. Hi Suzie they are not going to go after ma and pa anthony they will get their info from Le and FBI they said. And Dom Casey was hostile and lied and said he had privilage and he worked for Bozo and ma and pa and c and l and it was all workrelated and he has privy for all that time. I think he has to give the judge all his contracts. Now that Baez has settle with the florida bar and worked out what he owes Dom I guess they a butt buddy’s now. And that is the jest of it. Beside listening to the most boring and whinny judge ever.

  5. i agree suzie , that or tell the family she was there for sure and maybe they would have gotten rid of the body , i can’t stand those people

  6. I am not positive Chlry but I believe the way it stands right now…they will be getting no info from D Casey. They have asked to produce the contracts. But, you know whether there are contracts or not they will make them to fit what they need.

    It is a bunch of crap…he is also saying that the privilege is continuance with Baez. I am sorry but NO info after Oct 1st should be privilege with Beaz…he no longer worked for him. By the end of the hearing he had an agreement with Baez, Casey, Cindy, George and now Lee.

  7. im glad i didn’t watch this today , i bet g and his thunderface wife are laughing over a bottle of wine and pain pills right now , grrrr

    hi mama

  8. I can’t stand them either…but the LE and FBI interviews will work really well. Especially where George has to get sick and tells LE he knows what was in the trunk, but can’t say it. Remember he also said that it is hard to believe he raised a person that can take another’s life?

  9. Hi Chylr , g and c did not come today. Before the hearing started they had the camera on and the sound and some one said that to bad george and cindy aren’t going to be there they wanted to see the guess camera man should of turn off the sound huh?

  10. yeah steph , if anything was telling about ole georgie it was the day he puked and told le to tell lee he wasn’t there yet , he really didn’t want lee to know that he told them all he did

  11. hi everyone,,,
    gap,, I want to rate that judge,,, 000000.. velvet tongue idiot… i am in and out. mostly out cooking, etc,,, ready for a trip.. but I am shocked how unlawly the judge was…..gag…finger down throat…
    hi stephanie, chlry,mamajohn,susyjane,
    and humble for all the links and work…….. 😆

  12. I have set on civil and criminal trails as a juror and have been in estate probatation court and never have seen a judge run his lips well maybe besides that cryer on ann nichol in my life.

  13. Mama…I agree. I have been watching trials for 20 yrs or close to that. I have never seen someone like this. I think most judges try to be fair and are good at their jobs. But, this judge was a complete idiot.

  14. Hi Steph, Mama, Gap, and Chlry 😆
    I’ve missed you guys too. I didn’t see the hearing and I”m glad I didn’t. There have been too many disappointments with the legal profession and too many do overs for the Anthonys. It’s sickening.

  15. It just angers me and I have nothing in the dog fight but seems like ZHG deserves her day in court and so does caylee. As a parent I would be so ashamed of what my daughter did and all the trouble she has cause alot of people I would hang my head in shame but I would also tell the truth. I truly believes if they don’t change their ways hell is in their future for all of them.

  16. agreed ecd , i really don’t know what it will take to get those losers in trouble , i still can’t believe the way they acted at the deops

  17. Hi Joann 😆
    I’m sick of being angry all the time. It’s ridiculous that the Anthony’s arrogance seems to take them places. It seems to me that they have been the ones who have caused more of a miscarriage of justice than Casey or Bozo has actually done.

  18. Eastcoast!!..I agree ..It’s no wonder they carry around a arrogant sense of entitlement….This is about the death of thier only grandchild they should be telling the truth and nothing but the truth..not hiding behind thier lawyer..

  19. I”ve been mad for too long. It feels like this is what Cindy would want (although I do love Cindy-bashing). I just wish I could post comments on every single blog in North America. As much as she gets her way, someone else needs to pipe up and (try to)humiliate her.

  20. YOU know that bozo told the bar he will pay dom all he has to do is give him an invoice. That is how he is getting away with it. Bozo and Dom will predate contract to say he works for him and all the A’s. And still does so he acted like on the stand and he was snotty and hostile when he was testifying.

  21. Hi Eoar…Are you going to work tonight.

    I can’t stand this family either and it seems they just keep getting away with more and more. But, it will all catch up with them. When you think back can you think of any family more despised than the Anthonys? It will ALL catch up with them.

  22. All I care about Steph, is that they aren’t the most hated and the richest family in America. The more they get away with the more it seems they’ll be able to pull it off. Everytime, I think the law has them, they pull a fast one AND WIN.

  23. This is also where I feel bad for Kronk. After not giving up and finding Caylee he was thrown out there like he was just as bad as the Anthonys and all the people around them.

  24. eoar glad your tests were good..hope you start feeling better
    ecd..she hasnt posted them because her computer is down but I bet we sure could add to that list of lies

  25. Eastcoast I agree..But the reality of the whole situation is that her own daughter has humiliated in her in the worst way possible..Cindy is just to stupid to see it that way…

  26. East…I don’t know what it is called. I just the title and they all had something to do with NG and her fans, lol.
    They do pull a fast one, but these fast ones are all going to come back and bite them in the arse!

  27. Thier punishment will be having to live with themselves for the rest of thier miserable lives knowing they have lied over and over…And to that I say may George and Cindy Anthony live a long life because it will be a miserable one..

  28. I would like to add to Joann’s that nobody is going to want anything to do with Cindy…They will end up divorced and she will be a bitter old lonely woman.
    This is what a friend told me when I was thinking about them getting away with everything.
    Lets also not forget after this life…I don’t see her changing deep down inside where it counts…there will be no pearly gates where she is going.

  29. I think stricter laws and punishment and child rapist never get out.. but where do we house them..that is the bigger picture in all this..hundred hit the streets because they HAVE to make room for the incoming criminals

  30. If I where rich I would offer George a million bucks to open up and tell the truth. Do you think he would spill his guts then and he could walk away from cindy and all this trash.

  31. hey,, eastcoastdeb…. love love hi….. hi everyone…. this judge was awful.. I will not watch him again…..steph,, yes, I have to be gone for a week…..
    I was so excited to see ecd, that I raced to the end… now I am going back up and read all the posts!!!!!Oh, life is good…

  32. The laws say the victims of the crime may reap the benefits. In this case, the so called victims have made themselves look like victims but are actually preditors. What’s to stop uncaring grandparents from profitting in the future?

  33. I think g would talk if he had that kind of money. First he would have to cut all ties once and for all with cindy and it would be written up in a contract if he fails to do this he will have to pay it back with interest. Maybe he would testify and then move to another country…lol this is my dream

  34. East…There have always been and will always be people like them profiting. Unless they make the laws much more strict on who can profit it won’t ever change.

  35. I honestly don’t believe that Cindy or Casey wanted Caylee. They only wanted the perks. Neither one wanted the work. Cindy didn’t stay home to raise her own kids and certainly wasnt’ going to do it for Caylee. I believe all this adoration is just the victimology that Cindy likes to portray for attention. She may have cared about Caylee but not enough to take on parenthood. She kept dragging Casey back to look after her. Caylee was not the pleasure for Cindy that she pretends in my opinion.

  36. Oh no she din’t!!!!!!!! did ng just bring up that about the nut in jail and he knows who killed Caylee. He should not get any interest shown in that lying statement his is a big fat liar!

  37. I think you’re right Mikka. I can’t stand George but I do think he has more of a relationship and felt more loss than the others.

  38. Mama, that’s part of the problem. NG and sensationalists like her are exploiting Caylee and giving a few pennies per book to put a hypocritical bandaid on it.

  39. 189 votes for rodriqez for the worst judge! hahahahahahhahahahhaha

    i klicked on this,soooo true 😆

    I am a witness who has appeared before this judge.

  40. joanne68, they will NOT make it right,, they do not know how, and even if they did, they wouldnt make anything right… good to see you Joanne68.

    I agree east,, cindy could have legally took custody from casey any day… she didnt, because the money.. she wasnt going to pay for child care… no way!!!!she was going to make casey keep this child during the day, cindy makes me want to puke.. this is why she is feeling guilty, she KNOWS what she felt and did…

  41. Oy! I saw the hearing and am disappointed, however, this is for Zenaida ~ she will get her fair share return in the end; but what about Caylee? She lost her life.

    All I know is all these futher muckers knew what was up and that jerklip D.Casey was out there looking for Caylee so that he could move her per instructions from someone in the family or Bozo the Freakhead.

  42. Maxi, Cindy was already paying as much as she would have if Caylee were adopted. If she had taken Caylee and booted Casey, she’d be better off financially. I think she did what she always does. She whined to the therapist and when her bluff was called, she backed off. She likely only wanted sympathy from her not advice.

  43. Humble…he has 5 votes that appove of him a grade of 3.98.
    Many more votes for the suit judge and his grade is -.46 or so.
    Strickland wins.

    But why is the voting closed…I did they surveys

  44. It will certainly look suspicious that D Casey dined on crabpuffs when Caylee’s remains were found. Isn’t it funny how all of the Anthonys ‘friends’ are legal people involved heavily with the case as well as the possibility of the future profit for their silence?

  45. ct ,so true,nobody was searching for zanny-nanny ,everybody cover up.i believe caylee will standing above the courtroom when the trial start,she want justice too.i read when victims from murder crimes her spirit dont cant go to the light,caylee want to go there!

  46. It may be priviledged and sickening, but I’d like to see a jury not see through it. Anyone could. This family associates with the sinister. Their ‘friends’ are the Milsteads and the D Casey’s of the world. They all want to make a buck just like Caylee was George and Cindy’s launching pad. They want the money but if their freedom becomes at risk, they’ll dump the Anthonys real fast.

  47. oh no please dont tell me that sheba is on nancy grace again!!!!! ugh…
    really eoar,, how come she, sheba is not the ng biggest fan??????

  48. Hi folks. Looks like G&C won’t be compelled to answer Morgan and Morgan depo questions. It’s probably just as well. They would have been a couple of lying jack-arses for it anyway. They’ll get what they deserve soon.

  49. This is a list of future jobs that WF will hold in jail:

    1. Big Mama’s Little Lova’
    2. Broomstick Cleaner
    3. Cigarette Smuggler -> graduates to Cigarette Holder
    4. Parachute washer -> Big mama undie laundry
    5. Toilet Bowl Licker -> graduates to scrubbing toilets
    6. Guardsmen’ nightmarish pleasure

  50. I believe that’s true, Steph. It’s just so hard watching them score repeated brownie points. If I could just slap them, just once, (but really hard), I could find inner peace.

  51. he was only on for a second steph , shorter then last nite , all i heard was that he thought she was coached in the hearing a couple weeks ago when she looked upset and crying , now i say that but i was typing at the same time , you know how that goes lol

  52. steph, it is not a vacation,, its a working time away from home…. stephanie , I am sooooo happy…

    because, well you know why I am so happy.. 😆

    we have friends that come and stay here to kep the place and watch the dogs…my monster 84 pound pit bull , and my wild chow…. I will try to be on with the laptop.. no way, can we travel with these crazy dogs….

  53. East…I would also feel LOTS better if I could slap them real hard at least once.

    Maxi…I wanted to make sure if you were going out on a boat again…That you didn’t get yourself wrapped up in an electric blanket and go over board. 😉

  54. Don’t get me wrong Steph, I’d prefer to hit them a lot (and kicking them wouldn’t be out of the question either), but I’d settle for one hard slap. 😆

  55. East…They started over with a new team in the Haleigh case. I really hope they keep a lot of pressure on Ron and Misty. I would like to see them arrest Misty and give her some fear..I think she would talk.

  56. ct is leaving? bye ct.. godnight chlry, steph, and eoar, ecd, mikka, deb, gigwails, and all….. thanks humble. you are the bomb!!!! see you all mananna..If I missed you, I apologize..nite nite

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