Casey Anthony update 10 September 2009

The Prosecutors wants the Team Baez to turn over documents that claim that someone other than Casey disposed of Caylee. A motion filed by the state asked a judge for the team Baez to turn over the names and address as well as any supporting documents about their claim! This claim was made in court in the past month.

Here is what Todd Macaluso said in the hearing:  “There is substantial evidence that we’ve found … that the body or remains of Caylee Anthony was placed there after Casey Anthony was locked up.  It proves that somebody else placed the remains in the area.”

The state says they have the “RIGHT” to review the evidence. Read the MOTION

A spokesperson for the Team Baez stated that Team Baez will always follow the appropriate rules and regulations of the law.

Morgan and Morgan has said in a new motion they are willing to drop their quest for Casey to answer question, if ZFG civil lawsuit doesn’t get thrown on the back burner!

PLEASE:  RATE the Judge        RATE The Baez


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  1. I wish I had the mind that so many of you have,, so I just lurk and enjoy the info.. u all are the brightest bulbs ever….I wish you all were on the prosecution team.

  2. Well, the defense threw it out there. They have a right to know, why then isn’t casey aquitted and out of jail.

    I bet that will put the dream team on guard.

  3. hey I read Joan post,about the bond beeing revoked.. I DID NOT KNOW they found scratch mark inside the trunk lid!!!!meaning,Caylee was surely alive & wake inside it??
    oh good Lord…

  4. That women on death row is the least punishment they come up with… her organs should be compulsively donated to make up for the lives she destroyed..!

  5. This kinda sounds like Cindy and Kid(Not)Finders proclaiming they had information that proved Caylee was still alive and calling a press conference to give details…only to cancel at the last minute.

  6. check out the post, with a link that Joan left for us, about “Casey bond revoked”

    I’m reading and I’m like..can’t be!!this is my english playing tricks with my mind!!!

  7. Another thing- Macaluso said that if the body was moved when Casey was in jail, it ‘proves her innocence’. How so? That makes NO sense to me. Casey could have killed Caylee and someone else could have easily moved the body. I’m sure that didn’t happen, but it could have, and it doesn’t prove anything other than someone found her body and moved it – which could have been anyone. This guy’s a big shot lawyer?? Yikes.

    I’m sure Casey loves sitting in jail while the defense team has ‘proof’ of her innocence too, by the way. Makes a lot of sense. Get this stupid case to trial and be done with it. It’s been a year already.

  8. dear, I’m sorry dont know how to do that, go back to other room we were before, just at the end of it,while Humble was posting this, I guess…

  9. If it’s true about the diary’ everything makes sense.The grand jury came back in 30min. for capatial 1 murder.cindy and georges actions because they feel guilt as it was because of cindy and to a lesser degree georges being the reason casey murdered poor little caylee.cindy can’t let that be known.

  10. ironic the person who they hope will save casey from the dp lyons. will reveal all their secrets to try and persuade the jury for the family will get ripped to shreds for all the world to see. fitting

  11. it’s getting too much for me too HUMBLE!! (it’s bloody late already here)

    in the JVM and NG chit chat Set 10
    in Joans post at 18:09
    mentioned somewhere along the artical about “bond revoked” in case you wanna have a look!!!

    I havent heard about such thing before, and just the thought of the child in the dark scratching the lid, makes me sick!
    see You tomorrow folks, thanx for all the info!

  12. Yes, that was the bond for last year! It is old news!

    I find nothing about scratches in the trunk…why am I missing this? If it was in the diary pages, those pages have NOT been released! Until they are released, anything said about them is null and void!

  13. humble i thought i had heard that about the scratches i think on ng not sure.i believe it was when dr lee was on not sure. i dont think they made any conclusions on what had caused them

  14. thanx Humble!!
    what i got from the “hair bs” was that the hair founf in trunk HAD DECOMPOSITION IN ROOT, for a fact!
    However, it could both belong to KC or Caylee (since their dna share some allels (??) in commonb and they (dna from hair) might not be 100% readable (so I thought: from those (allels) they could clearly read, could either come from tot or mum.

    BUT LIKE Miss GENIOUS herself mentioned to the Mcwoman:
    “I’m alive!!so,it’s not mine!”

  15. Humble
    I always have this doubt wheather I can make sense from what I read,since it’s english, see?
    ..and the story itself is so insane, that most times , I’m like “did I really read that?”

  16. @humble and all others:

    RE: scratches. It had been noted on inspection of the vehicle that there were scratches (recent) ON the trunk of the vehicle, not in. It’s significant as these scratches may have been caused by backing into a secluded, densely populated with tree branches..

    And there may be turpins.. or cornpones, tour pins, porn tins, etc..

  17. Filipa, further to the hair possibly being from WF or Caylee, it could have been from C..

    Of course, post mortem banding indicates the owner of the hair is deceased, so.. it’s obvious.

  18. Filipa, there had been no report on the hair that so called Henry Lee found in the car! The hair that has banding on them is assumed to be Caylee’s since she is the one no longer alive, this is reported by the state!

    Thanks Colhere! There were scratches on the outside of the trunk! That was stumping me! I will see if JohnInFl will send me the picture of the one that has a white car sitting in the woods!

  19. Humble
    sorry for annoying you with the “bond revoke” article. witch I know is as old as the queen of England!!! but those bits we hear, like that cruel possibility of the scratch…MIGHT just be what the prosecution is holding on to for their “special effect” on jury!!

    In those days, the “scrachgate” could have come out from some wisle blower in forensics or whatever!!

    Remember 1 thing, in those “bond revoking” days. They were far from knowing that the car had been in the woods.they had no body! they were focusing on the inside of trunk, cause of the smell it emaneted ,whitch led to think she had been there (along with google searches on chloroform, etc)

    of course the car had scratches!! what shockes me the most.was it’s placement at the car
    if it was in fact inside trunk(or shold I call it “Zanny”) where the child was alledgedlly babysitted…for some time.

    sorry guuys,my posts do not ussually look like “war & Peace” or go on for too long, but I had to put my thinking across!!!

  20. they did not have Caylees nails to match, later on the saga, eventual trace with inside of trunk lid, did they???

    Is that possible to have brought some light, on those days alledgely found scatches??

    maybe I’m way over my head,but I feel prosecution very
    confident on convicting her alone, for the killing. And I wonder what they have!!!

    Now, knowledge about the body’s whereabouts,might bring on some other names, for sure!!!(in charging for fellony)

  21. on other note, I could NOT find the complete & updated prosecution witness list, to check out wheather Jim Campbell’s on it.
    Did any of you by chance stumbled on it?

  22. I’ll do what I can. I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged for over 3 days. I’ve been so busy with my party, I was trying to cook and read here and watch the hearing at the same time. I think I am finally caught up. I just love it when prosecution hits back everytime there is a little win for the defense.

  23. From the very first time I saw Judge Rodriguez, I had an uneasy feeling about him. I think he has too much input and seems that he runs his courtroom as if he doesn’t need the lawyers, as I feel that he makes his decisions without their input. He sounds more like a philosopher than a judge. He seems better suited as a college professor than a judge. He is too aware of his power IMO.

  24. I have often wondered if the defense also had to turn over docs, etc., the same as prosecution, but just never asked that question. I was beginning to feel everything was one sided in favor of defense. Oh, I am just waiting to see what the defense has. Will we get to see any of it. Wonder who their designated murderer is this week.

  25. I find it incredulous just how many people’s lives this woman has impacted so negatively. I was watching a video of Cindy being interviewed by the media from back in late July, early August. She said so many stupid things. One which stood out was that when this is over, everyone, including the media will apologize to them. Cindy is so easy to dislike. Glad she doesn’t live in my neighborhood.

  26. No, Stephanie, I didn’t hear her mention mother of the year. This woman is out of her mind. By the way, where is our friend Biaz. He is much too quiet. I’ll bet G&C were ecstatic that they and Dominic don’t have to be deposed. But, it was short lived. Wonder how they felt about the prosecution’s motion. I think the A’s seem (or give the impression) that they don’t realize that their daughter is in jail on a 1st degree murder charge. They seem to strut around making statements, making faces, making false accusations, etc., as if this is an error by LE, and Casey will be set free and clear of all charges. Remember, Casey said they arrested her on a whim. Maybe G&C still believe that.

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