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  1. In a motion filed late Thursday, the state attorney’s office asks a judge to order Anthony’s attorneys to turn over “the names and addresses as well as all supporting documentation” about their claim, which was made in court as recently as last month.

    Prosecutors said they have the right to review the evidence as part of the discovery process, where each side turns over evidence in preparation for a trial….

  2. Marti McKenzie, a defense team spokeswoman, said Thursday, “Mr. Baez will always follow the appropriate rules and regulations of the law in Florida.”

  3. Mikka did you read this:

    Marti McKenzie, a defense team spokeswoman, said Thursday, “Mr. Baez will always follow the appropriate rules and regulations of the law in Florida.”

    Yes, he will…he will file a motion against their motion! Team Beaz is a motion fool!

  4. humble i see bozo saying to strickland,honor i dont cant say who did it,because mmmhh,ahhhh,ooohhhh but cma is innoncent and we let her stay in jail!

  5. Skipping through singing..
    Oh I’d like to know where, Bozo got the motion.. Oh I’d like to know where, Bozo got the motion.. Rock the boat, rock the boat Linda, rock the boat, turn their boat over.. Hehehehehe..

    The D-team has stuck their foot so far down their throat this time, it would take a crane to pull it out.. Good good good.. *Evil laugh*

  6. Wasn’t it Joy who said she had gone to the Suburban DR site over 10 times, took pics and one of the times she went was as a Team Leader for TES? Oh dear! 🙄

  7. IMO.. Casey’s sitting in jail because Casey is guilty.. She’s not sitting there because she’s covering for someone else’s arse.. She’s not that kind of gal.. If someone else did it, and Casey knows who it was, she’d be screaming to the top of her lungs to be let out of there so she could go spread ’em all over Orlando.. There’d be snail trails 10 miles long if she got out of jail.. *LMAO*

    BTW.. Hello everyone.. 🙂

  8. My opinion of who’s on the other end of that phone.. It’s CINDY.. I honestly believe that, and have believed it since day one.. I may be proven wrong, but I have a gut feeling it was her..

  9. I believe P.I. Casey was talking with Lee Anthony on 15 November 2008 while at the Suburban DR site. It’s a funny thing, G & C Ant were at a meet & greet at the KFN command center that day. Lee joined up with them shortly AFTER P.I. Casey & Hoover arrived at the event. Hmmmmmmm!

  10. Justme, no matter who put Caylee there, we all know it was Casey, but the claims it was someone else, who is close enough to Casey to do this and cover up? Cindy, George, Lee or Annie Downing NO one else would cover up for this brat of a murderer!

  11. i think it was the wrong move from teh prosecutors,sounds like the prosecutors are not sure cma did it,when i am sure she take the body there,i dont must file this motion!

  12. Think about it this way.. Whomever was on that phone was not a bright person… Think of how DC would go one way for a few steps, then turn and go another.. Like whomever was telling him where to look, couldn’t get it straight.. And Cindy is the biggest ditz-ball of all of them IMO.. Just seems appropriate that it would be her..

  13. True that Humble.. You just blew a hole right through my Cindy Anthony theory.. I don’t think Lee’s phone records have been revealed yet have they?? I just hope if it was him, he told it all that day while he had immunity.. If not, he’s SCREWED.. Like many of us have said all along.. They’re in it past their eyeballs.. They all know more than they’re telling.. IMO


    Your honor, I know for a fact that this though cookie here(pointing at KC) is innocent!
    ..and I’m pretty sure of this fact, including, but not limited to(I love this sentence!!) my vast experience as guilty young girls predator!!! “

  15. Girls.. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’re getting ready to CHIT CAN the whole Anthony Clan.. Maybe Lee did spill it all on all of them.. He’s not been showing his face lately.. no report of him even visiting Ma and Pa.. *LOL*

  16. HUMBLE!!
    i asked you, who on earth he(PI Casey) was talking on the phone to, while “gardening”,and you said “that’s old news!!!”
    …so WE DO NOT have that phone list,after all!!!I thought you did see it!

  17. You asked about him turning over his cell records, yes he did that awhile back to LE. BUT he has not turned over all of them, and he has a total of about 5-10 cell phones, as it has been reported. But which one he was on? Who knows. Also if he was talking to Lee, the state doesn’t need DCAsey!

  18. let’s have a deep breath….
    I’m not a medium,Mr Baez. But if you proceed your line of enquiry…I can foresee the prosecution team line dancing with happiness after verdict!!

    Just a guess hun!

  19. humble,this one man say,the body was not there,you remember he find toys in the woods and knocked on cindys door and she say it was not caylees toys!

  20. What are you sorry for Mikka?? *LOL*.. I think it’s funny that she could pay back the bank, but can’t pay the state $58.08.. She’s a laugh a minute.. Can the state file charges for failure to pay those costs?? I know here they can..

  21. humble
    what about phone pings, or getting that crucial info with court order from A&T or whatever??
    THAT PERSON, and I’m guessing it is NOT the “medium”, is fried…

  22. thats about keith williams

    Meter reader Roy Kronk wasn’t the only person ignored by Deputy Richard Cain, WKMG-Channel 6 is reporting.

    In an “Only on 6” report this weekend, the CBS affiliate says a volunteer who searched for Caylee Anthony in August also received “the cold shoulder” from Cain.

    Volunteer Keith Williams told WKMG that he searched the woods in August and found a bag of undamaged stuffed animals. “Williams immediately alerted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and soon found himself meeting with Deputy Richard Cain,” WKMG’s Mike DeForest reported.

    Cain looked at the bag of stuff animals and threw it back in the woods, Williams said.

    The Williams-Cain meeting happened five days after Kronk was “blown off” by the deputy, DeForest reported. Caylee’s remains were found in December after another tip from Kronk.

    DeForest explained that Williams could become a crucial witness for Casey Anthony. Because Williams said he searched the woods several times and didn’t find Caylee’s remains, her defense team might argue that the child’s remains weren’t in the woods in August when Casey was jailed. Anthony is charged with the first-degree murder of her child.

    The Orange County Sheriff’s Office fired Cain on Friday for lying about his actions in the Caylee search.

    WESH-Channel 2 turned to Zenaida Gonzalez’s defamation suit against Casey Anthony. WESH’s Bob Kealing reported that Gonzalez’s lawyers say Anthony will have to make a public denial for the case to go away. George and Cindy Anthony, Casey’s parents, said in heated depositions Thursday that Gonzalez isn’t the woman their daughter had mentioned in Caylee’s disappearance.

    Gonzalez’s lawyers say they will probably want to question George more, but not Cindy, Kealing reported. “As combative as Cindy was, she told them what they wanted to know,” Kealing added

  23. Mikka, if I remember correctly Keith was in the woods closer to the Hidden Oak Elementary School. They even call LE and had him charged with trespassing. I don’t think he was that close to the site where Caylee was found.

  24. I am unsure! I do know the Psychic did not talk to DCasey as claimed, her cell records show no such phone call! I am unsure LE knows how many number’s DCasey actually has. BUT if the cell phone record was on Lee’s cell, they don’t need anything from DCasey!

  25. Humble
    have patience with me love..sometimes I don’t get it immediatly,as you guys! (still haven’t check what “cub”is for instance!!!

  26. Orlando, FL – Keith Williams, the “reporter” named in the August 18, 2008 Police Report as the finder of a Father’s Day balloon, bag full of stuffed animals and small girl’s clothing, including, a sandal, provides the latest bombshell development in the case against Casey Anthony. In an exclusive interview to Blink On Crime, we may learn why Jose Baez deposed Officer Richard Cain, the responding officer to both Keith Williams and Roy Kronk calls for findings at the scene within twenty yards of the vicinity where 34 month old Caylee Anthony’s remains were ultimately recovered. I have decided to transcribe parts of my interview, so you, the readers, can judge for yourself without my interpretation of Keith’s comments.

    Deeper Into the Woods

    When Keith Williams went to the Anthony home with the decaying bag of stuffed animals and sundry “other” on August 18, Cindy Anthony was polite to him, but curt

    about the find and his information there was more out there. She stated that they had three private investigators working on it and were confident that Caylee was alive, and that none of the items in the bag belonged to Caylee so it was doubtful anything at the scene was.

    The beginning effects of Hurricane Fay could be felt by the time Williams went back to the scene by Hidden Oaks Elementary to call Police and report the find. Preparations had already begun that morning throughout the area and it was expected to hit full force the next day. I asked Williams why he chose that day to go back specifically:

  27. Well then that settles it Mikka! 2 great witnesses for the “Duhfense” and throw in one more from maybe the TES (1 or 32) who wants 15 mins. of shame. And there you have it! 😆

  28. Well girlies, it’s time to make like a banana and split.. I have to work tonight.. The last night this week.. YEE HAA.. You ladies bring some good news ya hear.. Like that they’ve arrested the “Clan” and all of their associates and are charging them with obstruction or something like that.. Talk to you all soon.. I hope.. *HUGS TO ALL*

  29. other that what’s been said, I’M DYING to hear from that JIM ,from Ohio (G.A’s friend)
    I just find odd that among the depo’s of all people in the house those days (Padilla,the Mcwoman,Dick)he IS THE ONLY ONE, that not a single word about his thoughts on this saga, have come out in the open among discovery doc’s…wonder why???

  30. thats what williams psychic told him

    Williams: When I got there she knew exactly who I was and how my little sister was like best friends with Casey and was like sticking up for her and stuff, so I just really said hello and left. It was weird because the psychic told me that the “mom” (Cindy) knew what happened, that Casey confessed to her and she told her to “shut the f*** up.” So I just felt weird around her.

  31. Williams: When I got there she knew exactly who I was and how my little sister was like best friends with Casey and was like sticking up for her and stuff, so I just really said hello and left. It was weird because the psychic told me that the “mom” (Cindy) knew what happened, that Casey confessed to her and she told her to “shut the .*** up.” So I just felt weird around her.

  32. I think Bozo calling a Bluff. If he has evidence,wouldn’t he be yelling at the top of his lungs who or whos it is,in order to free Casey??!!I’m tired of his blameing games!!!

  33. Filipa, Jim, that is irrelevant, just ask George who received his new law degree online! NOT! 😆

    Mikka, I wonder about this Williams!

    Eoar, he is isn’t he? First place I would go running with evidence it to Cindy! yea whatever! 😉

  34. even George who involves everyone in the case, but Jesus, is a bit reluctant about giving any other info in his depo’s ,other than “he’s Jim”. Are they not friends any longer??

  35. williams say he brought his shovel ,because caylee was in a shallow grave,i believe this,when the sturm was there and the water brought the bag with the remains up from the ground!

  36. Mikka, the prosecution has said Casey did it. the Duhfence has changed their stories so many times. point fingers at nanny, and her sister, looking at jesse,ect. they keep changing their story. The only story they haven’t changed is Casey didn’t do it.
    Prosecution is making him turn over discovery. Nothing else!!!

  37. filipi, you may have hit on something there, really, why was george so defensive about jim in his testimony??? I bet jim believes and says that he feels casey is guilty,,, he also heard george say. I cant live this lie.. I wont do it anymore!!!!George wants them to stay away from jim!!!! as if!!!
    mikka 🙂

  38. hey, I am good, and you mikka… I was hoping we would get the news conference from lyons today…

    this wife of gariddo is just as guilty as he is…. she could have been a real hero while he was in jail 3 months on marijauna charges…

  39. hahahhahahahhahha

    But in a motion filed Thursday, state prosecutors call the defense’s bluff, saying they’re either hiding evidence they were supposed to provide to the state or “the evidence doesn’t exist.”

  40. Mikki,

    I’m glad you know I was just playin’ 🙂 The article you just posted a link to has the proper term -“defendant’s reciprocal discovery obligation.”


  41. MAXI
    see! that’s what my valuable input in this case, can make a difference!
    people in the South Mediterranean ARE NOSY!!!and we looooove minding other peoples business!!lol

  42. hi humble,,, Isnt jim’s last name something like lictenstein??? I bet they have deposed him, just not realeased it yet…. I hope, anyway…

    gail st john needs a real job, IMO

  43. Eoar
    just wondering why the fuss about Dick, Padilla and the Mcwoman…IF “JIM” was there also all the way during those early days,she was on-off prison…

    Other than the family itself, Jim is the only soul, that was present INSIDE the house,witnessing KC’s demeanor,,,and not a word about this guy???in the doc’s release, I mean

  44. Hello Everyone

    Heard the news on the way in…Do we know how long before we will hear the motion?
    Was there anything good on Prime News?

  45. humble, so true… No job, either one of them!!a year and almost 3 months, and neither one has worked!!!!!
    Maybe well hear from this jim friend soon….He is x cop too, he probably had alot of observances to tell le about.

  46. I wonder if that is because he holds precious info on the A’s, as an insider OR if he’s a BS’er ready to take the stand on Baez side!!

  47. I had to laugh…I missed it the first time around. She askes what Jim’s last name is and George said…I don’t see the relavance. Poor Strickland, can you imagine these two at trial, lmbo

  48. steph,dont forget,geo told already he dont arrest somebody ,who have a dead body in the trunk,its not evidence for him.i am sure he was a sh.. cop!

  49. thanks humble, jim campbell
    Now, I wonder who jim lichtenstein is?????has any one heard that name???

    you know, this david maas volksvagon is getting famous from this casey anthony case!!!!! I wonder if he is sending a few bucks to her commissary??

  50. probably not Mikka, i would assume if he saw a body in someones car, they’d tell them its a blow up doll and he’d let them go telling them to enjoy their pizza

  51. Maxi
    I told you early on! KC is already saying if this David Maus does not get off my case, is cause HE DID IT! or knows where Zenaida is!

  52. thanks ss.. they need a coach????? idiots,,
    I have to go and get some dinner going… bbl…

    I feel like the newest motion is calling boze bluff.. produce or quit saying you have proof casey didnt dump her babys body …

  53. Maxi…I don’t think they have squat…they are trying to use that TES was there…they were but couldn’t search because of water. Than they are going to get some experts to say it doesn’t mean this and that about the growth of the vegitation.
    I do hope this gets them to shut their mouth

  54. you see in the motion from the prosecution,bozo dont have the papers ready for dr.lee.dr.koby does both can be a expert at trial,i think both wait to get paid from bozo before she do anything!

  55. I agree Humble and Mikka

    I don’t think anyone can do anything to change the course George has decided to take. It seems he has decided to go down with the ship.
    Plus, it doesn’t seem he has to worry about always looking for a new job anymore.

  56. thompson,i hope strickland granted the motion,bozo have nothing to proof cma dont did it,because he want the papers from the 4000 searchers

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