Chit Chat JVM and NG 10Sept09

Chit Chat JVM and NG are on………………


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  1. Those officers on the college campus that new something was up with Philip Garrido…they deserve a paid vacation for a big thank you. If is wasn’t for them Jaycee and her girls would still be in his control.

  2. Eoar…Isn’t it amazing, a couple officers that had nothing to do with this man…knew nothing about him still went above and beyond. Than you have the LE that knew a lot about him that investigated and went to his home…that were told their were children in the back yard. They didn’t go above and beyond.

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  3. Humble…you are right it is very odd to have those docs that are all lies on his website. He is a creepy weasel…and those are the nicest words I can think of for him.

  4. I know they are Humble and I was really surprised when I had seen them. Especailly with him being so tight with Cindy. Why would he put all of these on there…many lies and all out to get Casey.
    I wish we could ask him WHY?? I am sure whatever he would say would be a lie.
    I still love that Hoover got him and Cindy.. I bet when Cindy and D Casey heard about the video they went into shock. They thought they could control the little flunkie Hoover. But, Hoover got the last laugh didn’t he, lol. He had his own agenda like everyone else.

  5. Hi folks. Looks like the state is gonna make the defense team put up or shut up with their so-called “evidence” that proves Casey’s innocence. They filed a motion to force them to turn it over. Excellent!

  6. We will once they formal charge and they have their defense attorney. Like the couple that was murdered…discovery in that is coming out.

  7. Well, it’s good to see a motion demanding disclosure. like, why wouldn’t they disclose it? heck, the prosecution might realize they made a terrible mistake and set their client free!!!

    Heheh… yeah right.

  8. I bet you Misty put them to sleep and went out for the night. When she came home before Ron got home…that is when she saw the back door wide open.

  9. Gigs…It is either her step dad or dad that said this. They are talking about it on NG. They said Ron called her that night and couldn’t find her. He also called her sister-in-law looking for her. I don’t know how they know this, but this is what they are reporting.

  10. @humble – yep, I would hardly think that they would let their client sit in jail if they really had anything. Of course, they will likely contest disclosing discovery because of the imminent danger of her family. They would rather wait for her ‘day in court’ to spill the beans so she is set free after a lengthy trial and only THEN will the real killer hurry over to the Anthony’s and slaughter the whole family.

  11. I think she is hiding the fact she wasn’t home. But, she also needs to tell who all she was with. I am sure the people she was with knew she left the kids at home alone.
    Misty might have done something. But, I think it is she knows more than she is saying.

  12. hi Steph! how are you?

    Wish I could watch Nancy and JVM like you guys!! I just get to watch little bits and pieces from utube now and again OR read the transcripts…but those BOMBSHELLS on paper, do not cause as much destruction!!!

    the graphic detail of her eyes wide open, plus the screaming make all the difference!!!
    You guys have all the fun!

  13. Steph, I agree. I think Misty had a habit of tipping out and partying after putting the kids to sleep. I remember Ronald saying he was the only one with a key to the trailer, so Misty probably didn’t have a key. She probably left the door unlocked so she could get back in. Just my guess, but I am convinced she wasn’t home.

  14. Gig, everyone – I agree, two days after this broke, I was convinced that either one of the two scenarios:

    – Misty wasn’t home.. she was out partying.. my choice.

    – Misty had guests in the home, one of which took Hayleigh..

    How did she expect to pass a poly saying that she ‘looked under beds’ as the only beds are ALL matresses on the floor.

  15. So the prosecutors want the defense to show the proof someone else dumped our baby girl? Good for them!! Didn’t that guy say they have evidence…?

  16. In this last voice stress test she did…she said the kitchen light was shining in her eyes. I was watching NG the night after hearing this test. I noticed where the bed is against the wall…the kitchen light would NOT be shining in her eyes.

  17. ? if misty left and someone took her, and misty didn’t tell anyone (that she left them alone) what kind of trouble could she be in?

    but if misty left and someone took her, and she told (that she left them alone)what kind of trouble could she be in.

  18. Eoar…In your first question, did Misty leave them alone knowingly?

    The second question she could be charged with child neglect I believe and should be.

  19. eoar – I am going WAY out on a limb, WAY OUT, but still within the realm of possibility.. Misty has a ‘guest’, said ‘guest’ administers the date rape drug and she awakens (it’s all a ‘blur’ right?).

    On the NG thing, I wonder if the D will counter with a demand for all culpatory discovery to date?

  20. That one (Misty) when finnaly there’s no way to deny anymore that she WAS IN FACT with someone else at the night the girl “desappeared”. She’ll tell the father of the child: “OH

  21. Colhere…I think they will or at least should ask for all to date. From what I understand they haven’t handed anything over. Maybe that is because they have NOTHING!!!! lol

  22. As soon as she started lying about not being there in the very beginning it was false statements. But, if she would have told the truth…it would have been child neglect

  23. so folks,
    when do we expect further “hot developments” on KC saga? is there a deadline for Baez to deliver “the proof”.
    is any gig scheduled in court soon. for Zanny or fraud??
    What to expect now?

  24. Mikka…It is Misty not her age. My girls watched children when they were much younger and would NEVER have done this. Misty is a partier…

    I think Ron also needs to grow up and if he wants a female…how about dating someone his own age?

  25. Did any of those “chickens” in Orlando media or out have had the nerve to come up to George and ask
    “Mr Anthony, is there any truth in the fling Cindy was having with PI Casey, during the “search ” for your grandaughter???(in the woods)

  26. Or Now PI Casey is gonna say:
    “You know what, I was thwre in the woods, cause that’s the place Cindy & I ussually hang out.And find inner peace to “bond”

  27. I believe there was an agreement. But, when the dp was first put back on the table they said the state didn’t have to show. The next night the blond prosicutor always on Prime News from FL said with the dp the defense doesn’t have to share all. Things like if they have her evaluated and things like that. So I am not sure and not sure what was agreed to.


  28. Hi, I’ve been away this evening. Has anyone else seen this and if so do you think it’s credible.

    Katie Rendon Anthony Diary
    Casey Anthony Diary – A secret diary kept by Casey Anthony includes a confession that she killed her daughter Caylee Anthony. The Casey Anthony diary

    Darn, I don’t know how to bring over the link. Could someone please help.

    Thanks y’all

  29. Hoover said,in the early days that he opened his mouth, that during meals together, he noticed that PI Casey & Cindy were “very close”

  30. Humble, they are saying that they have a diary that they found after Caylee was found and that Casey admits her guilt. Don’t know if it has any merit. Not familiar with “” Do you think it is reliable. I’ve checked with most of the other stations and don’t see anything on them.

  31. Mikka, enjoy. Dental work today,so liquids and smokes
    only. lol. Now, after reading this I think I may still be under the influence of the meds.

  32. Joan
    I posted KC’s “eloquent” interview this morning, I don’t even know how!!!pure miracle..

    right now, this is getting too much for my brains,I guess you people are already in some other room, while I’m here speaking with myself…

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