Here is the picture of the high 5…do you remember it? 












What do you think she is thinking here?  I think she thinks she is cool, and out of jail!  She has NOT been charged with murder yet.  She was arrested 14 October for murder.  I bet she wasn’t all happy when she was arrested!   HOW disrespectful to have a Caylee shirt on!


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  1. I was so appalled at this high five. It no longer surprises me though. With the insight that Casey was unconcerned about anything when she got home and Lee’s disdain for the media I’m sure the high five was that they made it to the place. The way Casey threw out the words “scumbag cop” at least three times is appalling too. Did she have that opinion before her arrest or just after the LE framed and railroaded (not) her?

  2. The look on her face is sickening! Sure has changed her face lately, infact she’s looking a little unhappy now. (good, good)
    Oh Good Morning!

  3. I can hardly wait to see Lee and casey high five when the jury comes back with a verdict of guilty
    Oh I am sorry…that would be prosecuttion

  4. love bill,

    LEGAL ANALYST- SHEAFFER: You know something, I`ve had very little doubt in my mind from the very beginning that the prosecutors are not going to — are going to get a guilty verdict. I had doubt in my mind until now that they could get a jury to return a recommendation of a sentence of death. …I believe she is facing the real possibility that this jury is going to return a guilty verdict “and” recommend death.

  5. Ok Mikka
    I do not have TV anymore and I used the computer to get any info(great source of course) but I certain things right preventing me from spending too much time here on the computer as well. THis blog is where I get most of what is going on.
    So thank you and will ask again but you people are great for getting us the info

  6. i’m not surprised. that is a classical action of a psycopath,high fiving while displaying to the worldthe pictures of the precious daughter she killed. she believes she really believes she put “one over” on over on those “scumball cops”. however, being a psycopath does not mean that you are intelligent. noone mattersin her selfish , delusional world except KC. BOMBSHELL! she will meet her Maker, and believe me, she will not be giving Him a high five! JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!

  7. qick,
    read the show *in session* the courtshow,was talking about judge rodriqez,and she dont was impressed with him.its not a surprise to me! 😆

  8. hi there!
    sure, she’s thinking “we’re the best hun!they ain’t gonna get me!”

    About the Oct 14th I find her interview with LE very “eloquent”…speccialyy part II, when she spends the time in the room, taking the dirt out of her black trousers,looking at her nails,and pushing the hair backwards with two fingers only…

  9. the t-shirt is as funny as those saying:
    “I invested all my money with Bernie Madoff and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!”

    Wish I could break her face in two

  10. One of these days…
    she’s gonna say that, “that David Mauss guy doesn’t get off my case and he’s probably Zenaida’s relative!!”

  11. Here’s a great comment about yesterdays hearing:

    Judicial Disgrace were the first words that came to mind after yesterday’s hearing in the Gonzales v Anthony case presided over by Judge Rodriguez. This Jurist seemingly fails to grasp the need to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Never in all my years have I witnessed a Judge decide HE has an objection to under oath testimony, attribute that objection to defendant counsel who never uttered said objection, and pronounce “sustained” to a stunned courtroom. Never in all my years have I witnessed a Judge lead counsel into an objection she was not making on her own. Never in all my years have I witnessed a Judge take personal stabs in the courtroom at the accent of counsel. Never in all my years have I witnessed a Judge allow testimony based on information not in evidence. Never in all my years have I witnessed a Judge render a decision based on such unsupported testimony, given by a witness who perjured himself on the stand in this Jurist’s courtoom – had the Judge been prepared, he would have realized this. Shame on Rodriguez for relying on perjured testimony, based on information not in evidence, as his sole basis for Dismissing a Motion to Compel. Take note of said witness’ statement to local Law Enforcement and FBI. Never in all my years have I witnessed such a Judicial Disgrace.

  12. Good Morning everyone!

    You know what drives me crazy about her, well amongst the millions of things, is how she keeps calling the police scumbags. She is such a stupid stupid freakin moron.

    Apparently, anyone who tried to help her find Caylee (even though we all knew she killed her), she found fault with them.

    She is so screwed, lol.

  13. Bees someone needs to send that to the idiot judge, so he sees what we all saw. A pontificating judge, leading counsel on BOTH sides, to his own determination of how events should go. He is the referee, but acts as though he is the goal keeper for both teams, not to mention the quarterback, calling the plays. I hope someone slaps him for his behavior yesterday. We will know if the hearing goes forth today and he is more circumspect in his ramblings.

  14. BTW Dominic Caseydidnt bring those documents to his talk with LE either. I doubt he has them, or his attorney would have had them in her possession. You notice she did not EVER defer to those documents, as she probably already knows he doesnt have them. Not to mention, Baez designs some pretty questionable privacy agreements, so they probably only say that Dominic cant make money, sell rights, to this story. Mitnik was on the right track, if Casey discussed anything with a third party it is no longer privileged. The judge wouldnt let him ask that question, even though he admitted yes he had discussed things. Bunch of BS.

  15. azrenee, I did send it to the Judge. I’m also sending it to the Orlando newspapers. I don’t know if any of them have a Reader’s Comments section but I guess I’ll find out.

  16. Hi Bees, Last night Humble put up where you can vote and give your opinion on Judge R. and Judge S. it is two pages back about half way down the page. You can go back and vote and it is an offical page for judges that the public and attorney’ can express themselves. Hope you and everyone else will do this. Just fill it out after reading and marking circles. If you do not understand what it mean just mark the circle on the far right for the answer. If you want you could past it around to other blogs I suppose and let them express what JOSE R. did in court yesterday and the day before. And you can rate Judge S and his performance. Just thought I would let you know in case you would like to do this.

  17. Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone remember this?

    MON, December 29, 2008 – P.I. Dominic Casey said he went to the area in mid-November and Mr. Hoover videotaped the area where Caylee’s remains where later found. He says the tape shows Caylee’s body was not there at that time, but now investigators want to know why he was there with a camera.
    Prior to working for the G & C Anthony, P.I. Dominic Casey worked for Atty. José Baez on the Casey Anthony case.
    Atty. José Baez filed a new motion. He is afraid detectives are trying to get privileged information about the case from a private detective who used to work for his defense team, so he’s asking a judge to intervene. Baez requested the judge to appoint a “special master” to oversee any questioning of the private investigator (Dominic Casey) by law enforcement.


    When P.I. Dominic Casey was interviewed by LE, he was accompanied by Atty. Brad Conway. So, does this mean Atty. Conway was wearing his SPECIAL MASTER” hat that day? 😉 J/K

  18. Here is the truth, Humble. Even if a mother did not kill her child but her child was missing and someone else did it (not the case here) then a grieving mother would never act this way

  19. Something that is VERY damning to her is the statement she made to Tracey M. ….when casey said something about chloroform and that was before it came out about it being in the car.

  20. Humble
    FOR SURE!!! it is more damning than I thought even.
    But the truth is….casey damned herself when she took the precious life from a beautiful child.

  21. Now now now Humble…….maybe she will get mother of the year award. I know this to be true because C said so and my name is really Lee and I believe all the Lies of my family.

  22. I think I am glad I did not watch the ZFG thing. I would probably be mad. Is Baez and that judge old golfing buddies or something along with HURL-aldo?

  23. I think so even though I did not get a chance to watch…….maybe I should be thankful I did not. I have enough things to deal with right now.

  24. I just want the sickos to clear the ZFG name! And from what I see, they d-team nor Casey could careless! Thank goodness the fraud trial will move on, or Amy would be in the same boat as ZFG! (And that is not Georges recreation boat)

  25. hi everybody,,, I dont remember when it was taken, but I do remember being STUNNED when I saw this picture..I mean your average murderer would try to put a more somber suffering face on, rather than this high five, the party is on demeanor..

  26. In a motion filed late Thursday, the state attorney’s office asks a judge to order Anthony’s attorneys to turn over “the names and addresses as well as all supporting documentation” about their claim, which was made in court as recently as last month.

    Prosecutors said they have the right to review the evidence as part of the discovery process, where each side turns over evidence in preparation for a trial.

  27. people, that’s why I’m joking about this folks most of the time…

    POETIC JUSTICE is perfectly crafted. Just Wait till they see it coming…

    IT’S KARMA (you can hide ,but can’t run!!!)

  28. Hi mikka. I wondered if I’d get in trouble for the name…but I couldn’t resist. I usually follow things on websleuth too…

  29. I was really surprised with Strickland here. D. Casey comes across as a slow-witted sleaze and I don’t understand why Strickland was so obtuse. I saw his point to an extent, but he was letting D. Casey’s attorney get the Mitnik in a sort of catch 22. Can anyone do the right thing in this case? Once??

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