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  1. Eyes…Zenaida is only asking for 15K. I do hope if she has to wait they can up that.

    Is this lady crazy that is going after Jaycee and her friends.

  2. Hi Steph
    Good news eh,from the state? I dont mind so much about the zanny case being put on the back burner..although i feel ms.gonzoles deserves her day in court,she will get a substantial claim in the end i feel.

  3. I don’t think it matters if they were in the house or outside…I also think there was plenty of evidence they lived outside because LE is the people that told us this.

  4. Wouldn’t that be fun Eyes…I am still cleaning, more like Spring cleaning so I am going slow…staining an antique dresser and watching all the shows. Okay I probably will only get to a bit more cleaning, lol.

  5. Eoar did you see where Humble left us a pic of the car and I think it was Earmark said later in the blog that john had proven his theory that pic was not true. Hmmmmmmm I know he isn’t doing his blog. I would like to hear from him about it though.

  6. I do sleep Eoar…try to more so on the days I have to work. Last night we lost power so it made it difficult, lol.

    I missed it all but the beginning. I believe it was a neighbor with a junk yard. They are searching their property maybe. It will be on the beginning of the next show

  7. I did read that, but I don’t remember JIF discrediting his photo. If not a car, then what?? Is it something that we WANT to see? Like images in clouds?

  8. Mike is talking about the bank robber he hit here a week or so ago and I am glad he is off to another state and they catch him soon. He robbed a place in Caseyvill…lol speak of the devil…haha

  9. Eye! I’m okay, planning my trip down to socal to visit family and friends for a couple of weeks in October!
    I like wine and shots! Not at the same time, though!

  10. I spent a lot of time watching old videos today (from Humble’s list above on the right hand side). I especially liked the one early on when Cindy accused the Attorney General, the entire Sheriff’s office, everyone, of using Casey for Political gain. What? This was just another of the many missing children cases at that time. What influence did Cindy think Casey would have on the careers of these people. Cindy really gets my goat. It is time for my favorite Anthony song folks:

  11. Mama…I was thinking about you when they showed the bank robber yesterday.

    Eoar…I know what you mean and feel the same about being here with everyone. 😉

    Hi Gods

  12. Tonight is my stressful night, two trucks, by myself!!! that will be a challenge. I just need to remember its only 8 hours LOL Maybe that drinky and smokey would help LOL

  13. Kinda of Eyes, everytime you go to your local Wally world, and buy something, it needs to me restocked, and/or put in the back room in a assigned spot. i am the one who assigns its spot. Or gets it out of assigned spot for the stockers. 2 trucks = lots of over stock

  14. Oh God. she has had this for some time with her kidney’s and bladder . Seems like someone should of figured out why this is happening to her. Will keep her in my prayers.

  15. Angel
    Didnt she have that before or am i thinking of someone else?Oh my,in any case its got to be painfull…poor sweetie.What are you doing for her?

    Ive been known to have a pina or two

    Hey wheres Humble and Mikka?

  16. Eoar my husband did this for Kohl’s for some time. And he worked a full time job and went to Kohl’s and did this too. But he had helpers. Sounds like they are working you to hard . Tell them I said to stop it!

  17. Gods…I am so sorry to hear that. Does she have pain with whatever is going on?

    Eyes…Did you ever think your kids would grow up and become your date?? 🙂

  18. Hi God, sorry your baby is having problems. I’m sure it is just a hiccup in the developing stage. Baby’s are strong, and sometimes things take time adjusting. My son suffered as a baby, and I was devastated, but good doctors and good ole mother nature kicked in, and he is a gorgeous man of 35 today (my unbiased opinion). Stay strong, I’ll be thinking of you both.

  19. My best friend Mary and I took my 20-year-old to Tijuana
    on time. omg. It was really bad. My daughter told me later she has never laughed so hard in her life. I will spare you all the details.

  20. Dang mue im Jelouse!No plans for me tonite…have fun be safe!

    Steph i love going out with my kids!They are young adults that have a good time and like to share with there dad and me.They both are good cooks to and have us over for dinners.

    Eoar i should have known…i have been a receiving manager for 16 years,my staff is all men though.

  21. I don’t drink very often, but for some reason when I do I can drink a lot…I think it is the German blood running through me. One night we went to watch a friend of ours play at a club. My oldest daughter and her friends came up to meet us. They thought they would have some fun at mine and a friends expense…thought we would be drunk. I had Larry that night as my date and designated driver. Well my friend and I had the last laugh…these little girls tried doing shots with us all night. We ended up with a couple in the bathroom letting it all go and taking them all home. Yes my friend and I were feeling good, but no problems walking and looking like fools. My daughter and her friends are a whole other story, lmbo.

  22. Eoar…I missed it because, but will watch the next hour.

    Eyes…I love my daughter being my date. We went the other night to a place after dinner for her birthday. All her friends were there and it was so much fun.

  23. Eoar…I sure would like to know what this teams record is as far as football. It is sad to say how many politics go into school sports…especially when kids get into high school.
    My daughters first high school coach was one of the cruelest people I had ever seen. Of course that never happened in front of the parents. She was only with us for that one year.

  24. Steph
    My sons soccer coach was like that.So much venom and mean.Everything was kill kill kill ’em.It was crazy it was fifth grade kids.He didnt last long either.LOL

  25. Eyes…that is the way her high school coach was but it was 9th grade. If that didn’t happen she would say such cruel things to them…we didn’t have the best soccer team. At the new school she was at when they would win by only 7 points…she also said very cruel things.
    Often parents in high school won’t complain about how cruel a coach is if the team is doing very well and or if their kid is one of the favs. It is all about standings or at least often here in the South where football is very important.

  26. Steph
    Thats true about the politics of sports but it can make or break a younger kids self esteem also.My kids allways excelled but i saw some that just fell apart being screamed at.

  27. Politics are so bad around here…my daughter is excellent at soccer..high scorer and fastest on her rec team. But they only picked the tiny girls from the expensive club teams to be on the school team (we’re talking 6th grade here). Talk about a self esteem breaker. Girls made the team who did poorer than her in tryouts.

  28. Eyes and Livid…it is horrible. My daughter did play on the club teams. She was higher up for a long time. But, then things changed on her team and this one went that way and others the other way. Many teams in the upper leagues asked her to play. But, she couldn’t leave those on her team that stayed and her coach. As much as she wanted to play back up in a higher league again…she also felt her obligation was to her team…at least those that stayed.
    It is horrible because parents teach their kids to sh*t on people that have become their friends. In these club teams they spend all year round together for years. I understand about wanting that scholarship for college…my daughter got one, but she didn’t do it by sh*tting on her friends. She did it because she earned it with her skills and academics.

    Livid…if you ever think about going to one of those teams, they do have scholarships. Also you don’t have to be a club to be a club team. Many parents have started a club team and the parents paid so much less.

    Eoar…the woman is a bad bad word imo. She needs to leave Jaycee alone. She is bothered with LE bothering her and wants Jaycee to come clean. I believe the pics we see with the girls at a bd party it is her house.

  29. Soccer is getting so bad they know have academy teams. I am at soccer practice with my daughter that is a jr in high school. We see these little kids…I mean very little and they are out at practice about 6 hours a week. This is CRAZY and the parents putting them in there are CRAZY.
    My daughters old coach that is like family to us also has an academy team…they practice about 1 1/2 hours a week.

  30. Hi livid!
    Thats a shame.Gos to show some people working with children really know nothing about them.I hate when its about the popular ones instead of the most qualified,it just crushes them.

  31. Eyes…we would be out at the park longer because our girls were in high school and my daughter and I helped with the other team. The little ones were there the whole time we were there every time. I was shocked.

  32. My son is thirty four now.He has allways been involved with sports.He would play soccer with friends just in the yard for hours and baseball.But practice was never that long. Now he pracitices Aikido ha ha like a part time job..fifteen hours a week!

  33. They were there 4 times a week for about a 1 1/2. Which was ridiculous. Maybe the parents thought no big deal…they will be tired and sleep good when they get home.

  34. Yeah, a parent did start a club team in a small club and my daughter is playing that now but it’s an inexpensive team with local travel. The coaches eye up the other clubs for years so they know these kids names before they even hit middle school…they pay thousands and go to Europe, Canada. I’d rather my daughter just have fun and have a life instead of 6 days a week practice as a kid so I probably wouldn’t have done it differently even if I could have but it’s a shame for the good players who don’t get a glance. There are two middle schools in our town..the rest of the girls on her other team go to the other one and four girls made it. She’s as good as 2 and better than the other 2 so if she went to that middle school I think she would have made it. The one she goes to tends to be more elitist…of course we’re from the working class part of the boundaries!

  35. Livid it is a neighbor…they took her computer to see what else is in there. I believe she is a neighbor, but she is real bothered with LE bothering her because they came to a party at her house. She said Jaycee needs to tell the truth…what a biotch that woman is.

  36. HB Eoar

    Livid…it is very sad and I know exactly what you are saying. I told my daughter if I ever won the lottery I would scholarship a few teams of the less fortunate. It is all about politics for many many of the parents and coaches.
    My daughter traveled with her team but not out of the country. There is so much they can do with a inexpensive team…as they get older it is all about a good team and contacting schools.
    Our coach had her players email 15 school coaches from the top pick to the bottom. Send them each a email how they would like to attend their school and give them their schedule. When they would do showcase tournaments which I don’t think starts until 9th or 10th grade…they would email again a couple weeks before hand and let the coach know along with their schedule.
    Also they did resumes/profiles with their academics and whatever with sports/athletic ability (like running time and such) and community service.
    They have a place on line that many of the college coaches go to and look at the profiles. You daughter is still very young and I know that the politics with sports really stinks. But, as she gets older and if she should decide one day she wants to play college soccer…there are many things to do for these college coaches to see her just as much as the elite teams.
    BTW…I did many fundraisers for the kids on our team for traveling to out of state tournaments.

  37. I love the State’s motion! And they are always so much better written than Bozo’s. There’s a logic to them..Casey signed a discovery agreement…law is must be made public within 15 days…they haven’t gotten anything from the defense…it’s been at least 15 days since Maculuso said that, therefore..there either isn’t any evidence OR they’re not filing discovery as required. hahahahahaha I want to see this hearing!

  38. eye,i was exicted,after a good night sleep ,i am confused.i think when the prosecution really,truthly believe cma did it,she dont must make this motions!

  39. Livid…Maybe you can light a fire under whom ever makes Strickland’s calendar…They need to start setting some dates for us, lol.

  40. Thanks Steph…I played sports in school and really wanted her to have the same experience, I think it helps kids with making friends, learning discipline and time management. But things are a lot different than when I was a kid. She says she is going to go out for track so I hope she does..she is tall with long legs and very fast. She hates distance but is good at sprinting..and I see hurdles in her future with those legs!!

  41. Right Mikka! George and Cindy must be excited that Casey will actually get a chance at her side of the story! They’ll even “let her talk” if she would get on the stand! Maybe they’ll award her Mother of the Year right then and there when Strickland hears the compelling evidence, drops the charges and apologizes!

  42. Livid…what ever she decides to do with sports and should she want to do it in college. Make sure she contacts the college coaches, don’t count on any school coach or club coach doing it for her.
    I agree things are much different from when we were young.

  43. Mikka
    It works both ways.The law says they have to show what they have,the state and the defense.The state has evidence we havent seen but most they have turned over.It seems pretty serious if the defense says shes INNOCENT they didnt say not guilty.So the state wants to know if thats what they believe…show us!

  44. If they bring someone in saying that Mikka…I believe the state then gets to give them a depo too. They will see that they are full of sh*t.

  45. Eyes…they said they have evidence that Caylee was put there after Casey was in jail…time to show the evidence or shut up. I bet they shut up and if it is a witness…the state will shut them up after the depos. I can see many coming in just to get their piece of the 15 mins of fame. If this was a true case they would have gone to LE long ago, imo.

  46. Seems to me it will be a hearing where they would have to have a witness testify if they are claiming that! Then the State would get to cross examine them! Seems to me the State would have access to satellite pictures of the area back in August…I’m sure NASA wouldn’t mind helping the FBI out with that! Or Google!

  47. I wonder if they could get in that close with the Nasa pics. I mean close enough to see through all the brush how high the water was.

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