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  1. from orlando

    What evidence do Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys have that someone other than their client dumped Caylee’s remains in woods near the Anthony home?

    WESH-Channel 2’s Bob Kealing explored that issue tonight after the state filed a motion yesterday to see that information and learn what witnesses will support it. Casey Anthony is charged with the first-degree murder of her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee.

    Volunteer searchers might be the focus. If the defense team has “a mystery Texas EquuSearch witness or witnesses,” the attorneys “must bring them out of the shadows and reveal their information to prosecutors” under the state’s rules of discovery, Kealing explained.

    Orlando defense attorney Mark NeJame praised the state’s motion in the WESH report. “I think this motion is very well taken,” NeJame said. “If, in fact, they’ve got somebody who says different than all the others I’m aware of shows, put up or shut up.”

    Defense attorney Jose Baez has not indicated what evidence he will produce in response to the state’s motion, yet Kealing speculated that “undoubtedly” the defense will use videotape of the Anthonys’ private eye searching the woods in November. A month later, Caylee’s body was found in those woods

  2. No worries Mikka, witnesses can be cross examined. And a witness saying something that they didn’t bring to the police a year ago is hardly “substantial evidence”

  3. this is a joke d casey was 200 feet away

    yet Kealing speculated that “undoubtedly” the defense will use videotape of the Anthonys’ private eye searching the woods in November. A month later, Caylee’s body was found in those woods

  4. Why would they be able to use D Casey’s video yet him not have to answer how he knew to go there? That’s just wrong! Although that’s what the civil lawyer said..not Strickland. Perhaps if they used D Casey’s tape he would have to say how he knew to go there. And it’s something he doesn’t want to reveal..or he would have done so. The whole thing stinks worse than rotten squirrel pizza

  5. mikka – I am sure some of that 3D rendering held up against D. Casey’s video will prove that he was (as you said) not AT the scene. Within a few hundred feet, yes, but not AT it.

    I am sure some close examination of the video, the trees and shrubbery held against the 3D will show roughly where DC was.

  6. Hi everyone! On for a minute!

    I see the A’s went out and did a walk for the 11 September! Oh goody they go and walk with true victims, no ones that are making money off their granddaugthers name, KILLED by their daughter! I assume they are sympathy seekers!

  7. seems to me d casey may be in a jam and le are going to nab all the guilty parties.look out for the domino effect d.casey, bozo,lee, george, cindy and of course casey herself.

  8. Hi Humble and evening everyone , Thanks for finding that picture today. I saw later on the blog earmark said that JIF has dicounted those pictures of his theory. I had never read that do you think that is so?

  9. Guys and Gals, please do not waste any time, calories, or even the electrical energy used to fire your synaptic cells on that one. The Crown had about 1/10th on me that they have on her and I was grateful for a plea. Any other defense attorney would of advised her of the same. I ended up becoming pretty good friends with my lawyer and sometimes I try to get him to talk about KC. Once he did say that Jose has lost pretty much all his respect and credibility in the field over it and he offended lots of folks on the other side of the aisle that he is going to need in the future. And once he actually laughed out loud over some legal development I told him about. Sadly I can not remember just what that was. Finally, way too many ‘web sleuths’ (uhhh, yeah) have seen way too many ‘Matlock’ episodes. 95% of ALL evidence is circumstantial. The only time relying solely on circumstantial is shaky is a capital case with no body. Well, we all know they have a body now and there is a mountain of evidence producing a chain of events from that little girls remains being in that car’s trunk to the final dumping off point and all parts in between. I apologize if this post inadvertently offends or hurts anyone’s feelings but it needed to be said. I have had a crappy end of summer Pittsburgh day and may be just a wee bit too sensitive right now. I will wish everyone a nice weekend before I hop off of me rickety soap box.

  10. lol eyespy, colhere le knows that only the killer could give directions to the body.d. casey worked for all of the family and bozo.he got instruction from one of them.could have been coded could have been from bozo and where would he get such information.its clearly illegal,goes beyond coverup.le is forcing their hand because they know some laws are and have been broken.

  11. Thom – I actually find your contribution insightful and is among the lines of most folks thinking here. Though what is said here has little impact, it’s infact a pastime really.

  12. thompson, though I agree with you that certainly laws HAVE been broken, personally I don’t think the conspiracy theory or “daisy chain” holds up. It’s been explored and in one scenario, we had someone at the jail overhearing information passed between WF and bozo. This could prove to actually have been damaging to the prosecution as, though the body itself could not be thrown out (as has been brought up) but some of the items found around and as a consequence of the searches of the Anthony home thereafter could potentially be thrown out, thus weakening the case against WF.

    I just don’t buy it..

  13. colhere hears my problem d.casey was searching thats what pi,s do but what they don,t do is hire someone to videotape them searching when nothing is there.very odd and now the defense wants to claim they body was not there at the time just hits me as very unusual thats all

  14. Humble – I just don’t see it in the unaltered photo?

    One thing I did notice, the photo is pretty much North to top and then to bottom. The shadows cast at a significant angle northward toward the west, indicating that this photo was probably (and I am no expert) taken near fall/winter solstice somewhere between 8 and 10am. (Like I said, I am the ultimate pessimist.. show me somethin and I will pick it to pieces).

  15. Thompson – a licensed PI is bound by ethics to record EVERYTHING that he or she does in the course of his or her work. In most work cases, it’s governed by Sarbanes Oxley (in corporate investigations).

    Dominic is not what anyone in the industry would call an ‘expert’ investigator and dorko with the camera was a tagger alonger hoping for 15 minutes himself.

  16. thx colhere. What you bring up cover’s why I like it here and at the caylee daily. It is more a past time with us, everyone’s respectful, and no one person holds court or is truly obsessed. Like attracts like and I do enjoy it here. Humble’s open-mindedness shows through out. Finally, I think everyone here truly remembers the victim.

  17. checking the fire alarm for prints is what jvm said…she could have set it off to call for help.I bet it was an ex boyfriend or someone that wasnt happy about her upcomming marriage.

  18. eye hahaahah in the prosecution motion standing bozo dont have the papers ready for dr.lee.dr.kobi for experts at trial!better he pay him soon!

  19. I know Dr.lee is famous but after the spector case i think he has lost credibility.And your right Mikka,he wont say diddly untill they pay him.

  20. Yeah. I do believe the A’s had him look there, despite any contact from the psychic. Not as though they had any DIRECT instruction, I think they knew.. and yes, Ironically, the PI hired by them is looking for a “LIVE” caylee by poking the antenna from his 72 Chevy Nova in the dirt..

  21. Colhere
    LOL What a nimrod that guy is!And you know you mentioned that his work video is bound by ethics somehow.How professional is it that he also had family video on there as well….ha ha ha

    Hi Chlry!!

  22. eyespy – That is definitely a thought.. I believe they can ask him about his issue with the Spector case upon cross examination (toward credibility). That, and they will ask both him and Kobe about how much experience they have with body decomp air sampling and I am sure all they can say is that they read an article on it.

  23. Colhere
    Enter the “junk Science” that will be the response.Nobody ever heard of it so therefore nobody can trust it blah blah blah

  24. I thought so Chlry, but D Casey and Cindy’s flunkie they thought they could control had his own agenda. Plus they technically were his tapes, lol.

  25. eyespy – From what we have heard, his record keeping is rather shoddy. He has very little in the way of records of following up on these hundreds of leads. You cannot disregard any without record, otherwise the investigation never happened. I am sure he has no notes either about his episodes in the woods. When you “search” you certainly map areas and clear them. It isn’t rocket science by any means, but when you are dealing with lots of information, I would think he should keep records to prove to his clients that he has in fact burned up some shoe leather.

  26. true steph , im just wondering if he left the family on his tapes incase d casey wanted a look , then he could say , see i told you i taped over what we did lol

  27. i believe bozo send dcasey there with the camera,dcasey moved the body on the side make the video,moved the body back,i am 100% sure he did this to help cma and the anthonys and bozo!

  28. eyespy – I kinda laughed when I heard that Baez remark. The science they use to examine the air samples has been in practice for decades upon decades. They ARE using it in a different way, but it’s proven science. In fact, in 1977, when the first mars probe landed, it used the same technology to examine air and soil content on the martian surface.

  29. Colhere
    Is it a possibility the ants are paying for his lawyer? And i agree if i contracted a PI for whatever, i definatly would want to see some organization ,times, places ect.And not a family video with a little bit of laural and hardy….

  30. Mikka…I thought they said he wasn’t where Caylee’s remains were…that he was off a bit?

    Chlry…i bet you are right and that is what Hoover did.

  31. mikka 🙂

    steph does the defense have to show the info , i thought since it was a dp case they didn’t have to release all info to the state , ty i’ll read it now

  32. colhere,teh defense dont cant say air test dont work,she find in the air gas and cleaning products,we all know c and g was cleaning teh trunk!

  33. Chlry, don’t quote me, but I think it is called copulatory(not sure how to spell) evidence…if it is evidence that points at someone else’s involvement they have to.. Plus Casey signed something that she would turn over discovery or her defense did, lol.

  34. Mikka…I think if D Casey would have known for sure where Caylee was…he would have moved her so nobody could find ever. They would have been better off when going to trial with no body.

  35. I think that is why the state took the dp off the table the first time…no body. In the back of the jurors head they would think with no body, but what if? Even there common sense would tell them Caylee was killed by her mother…with no body I don’t think they would go for the dp.

  36. very true mikka lol

    steph so they will have to turn over witnesses and what ever they have to prove that the body was there , will we be able to see this as well

  37. Notice mistys mother is saying tell me, not LE what you know. She I think Is worried her brother might have something to do with it also. IMO

  38. eyespy – I wouldn’t be surprized and I never did think of the A’s paying for his legal fees.

    Heh, as far as “Ding and Dong” moving the body, mehh.. As a reasonable person, I just can’t imagine that. Remember what condition it was in and how far scattered it was. Remember the vegitation that had taken place through the skull. I just don’t see it.. C’mon, these guys are DORKS acting on a hunch. The point is, the A’s knew Caylee was deceased and gave him the hunch..

  39. LOL no steph, I did not, I kept thinking I need to sleep, but was worried i was missing something from JVM, and here,. so I never did get to sleep.

  40. Chlry…I don’t know if we will. But, I would think the state gets their chance at giving depos on the defense witnesses just like the defense does on the state’s witnesses. I sure hope we get to see the discovery the defense has…I bet it ends up being nothing.

  41. i was remembering my biggest highlight in this remember c and g will go to oprah and we all write oprah dont have this rats on her show,and good oprah canceled the anthonys! 😆 😆 i will never forget this!

  42. Eoar
    Bend your knees when lifting!!
    See ya tomorrow

    I think ecd is still taking some time to herself, i miss her too.

    Not sure about gap i really havent seen her

  43. Chlry…I don’t think they have anything at all. I think what they might have is some things they can use at trial to try and raise reasonable doubt with the experts on how long Caylee was there. But, nothing concrete that would be considered evidence. If they have someone saying they were in that spot and Caylee wasn’t there…it will be someone for their 15 mins of fame. I would think the state would be able to show them for what they are. Plus if this is the case, why didn’t they go to LE long ago??

  44. colhere i about died in my seat when tracy said she said that in front of everyone , just goes to show casey is one class act , and then again she always has some truths to what her mouth spews out

  45. mikka 😆

    steph i agree , the only ones that knew she was in those woods was cindy and g and lee , that’s why they kept it up with the she’s alive bs

  46. Mikka…did you see the word I accidently wrote above colpulatory?? I was doing some of Chlry’s drugs and I also inhaled a bunch of stain while doing the dresser, lol. This word is for Baez and Casey…Baez getting some.

  47. Steph 17:54
    Absoultly true!But it will be fun to watch the sweat roll, and yet some other fantastic tale.Then malcuso gets fired…

  48. Mikka…It makes a person wonder what Casey did for 6 hours a day at his office. I know the defense attorneys that are not all about spin that have been on tv…all said no way could I do that, it would drive me crazy.

  49. Steph
    I just cant wrap my brain around casey telling bozo the truth.At least at first.HE may have gotten it out of her somehow but i dont think she ever wanted to fess up.

  50. Chlry…I think he was freaked, but I think they ALL have been working together this whole time. I would LOVE to see D Casey also charged. It is a bunch of crap that all of these people can have this privilege. It is one thing if you are with the defense, but the family isn’t with the defense. Did you see how by the end of the hearing Lee was even included? This whole thing with D Casey and privilege with EVERY ONE is really bothering me.

  51. steph,play teh sunglasses game and i am sure she was flirty with bozo,and this was making bozo feel younger an dhe liked it too!but by the last hearing,when i watched him both,it was tension between them

  52. Eyes…I would agree that she wouldn’t have come forth with the truth real easy. I think she may have told him it was an accident. But, I do think he knows and that again they all worked together to get Casey off.

  53. eyes maybe she didn’t but her family told bozo

    steph , i agree , this is way out of hand here , it’s unbelievable what is going on and someone needs to stop it , i hope they all go to jail , start with cindy and they all can follow

  54. Chlry
    That makes sense,bozo spends a lot of time washing his hands of any complicity

    STOP! dont get your self worried…i know what your thinking!!

  55. Steph – I just don’t get how a confidentiality agreement prevents testimony?

    If that were the case, if I were a criminal, wanting to work with a group of criminals, perhaps I could get them all to sign confidentiality agreements. That way, I can be SURE none of them would testify against me..

    That is a ridiculous legal precedent that needs to be overturned.

  56. Chlry…I find it so odd that she wasn’t seen leaving the building. Like someone knew she was heading over to the other building.

    Mikka…I worry about my girls all the time.

  57. Colhere…This is what has me completely fustrated. I can understand that there is privilege with Baez up to Oct 1st. Everything from June until than. But, after that even when working for Casey should not be. Somehow they are rolling it all into work product with this agreement and the privilege with Baez. It is crazy and I would love to see someone go after D Casey.

  58. Colhere
    Being a relitive of caseys..does that allow her parents to get all the evidence in the case before the public?Is that right?They get all the info and have time to plan responses ect?

  59. Steph – I think the judge is in error. It is far too overreaching to assume A/C priv. Otherwise, it might have been a good idea for Bozo to sign as many contracts with as many witnesses as possible to limit testimony. This judgement only serves to allow the defendant to “buy” people off. It’s not a good judgement at all. As much as I don’t claim to be any kind of expert in law, I think the judge should lock himself up and study up on the law for a bit..

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