No update, RECAP: 11 September 2008

Here is what was happening on 11 September 2008:

The Florida State Attorney’s Office has officially filed charges against 22-year-old Casey Anthony.

There are 10 charges filed against her, including grand theft, three charges of fraudulent use of personal identification, three counts of forgery of a check and three charges for uttering a forged check.
The charges were filed after she allegedly stole checks and money from a friend.

These are just formal charges and that Casey already bonded out on these alleged crimes. No arrest will be made. Other charges could come out later today. If Casey is to be arrested, her attorney will bring her in. The attorney does expect more charges.

According to Dr. Schurman-Kauflin, Anthony is manipulating everyone, including the media.

“She knows everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear about Caylee, so she is punishing everyone by being silent. To her, it is unfair that people are more interested in Caylee than her, and she will punish investigators, her family, friends, and the public. Not cooperating and staying quiet is a way of ‘getting even’ for perceived wrongs. Remember, it is all about her, not Caylee. When you make it about Caylee, she will stop talking. You have seen that already. Right now, Casey is feeling hurt. Her pain is her priority. No one should make the mistake of wondering why she doesn’t seem to care that her baby is gone. The truth is, one must look at this from Casey’s perspective. She is free now. She thinks if she talks to police, that freedom could be taken away.”
Here is the link:  Dr. Schurman-Kauflin

Protestors were protesting!

According to Leonard Padilla, the George, Cindy and Lee Anthony were asked by the FBI to do a polygraph test. They did say they would do it. But 20 minutes later Lee went outside to the FBI and said they would not. Sure makes you wonder what they are hiding. I have believed from day one, that they knew something and if they know nothing, then they need to prove it. I remember when the Polly Klaas case came out; Mr. Klaas was all over everything he could do to help find his daughter. He did polygraph test, searched for her, etc. I am really not sure if the Anthony’s are searching or not! The large trailer in the front of the house has been moved, and I am unsure where it has gone.


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  1. Colhere…I don’t know that it will stop any testifying when it comes to the criminal trial. It may be different with the civil because Cindy and George are not being sued. I still think it is wrong and a bunch of b.s.
    But, I also think the state is keeping a good eye on all of this and will be ready. What I don’t understand is how they got to use privilege with Baez in Nov when he didn’t work for him. He said Baez told him not to call LE if he finds Caylee. But, when he was out there looking he wasn’t working for Baez…at least not in Nov.

  2. steph , could there be a contract that bozo then moved into cgland caseys name , and that’s why it would still be privileged , i really don’t know what i’m talking about lol

  3. Oh gosh, my sister in law calling…shes watching about the missing colledge student.My neice is up at Chico State.I told her to log on…heh heh heh

  4. Steph, I do see your point but I thought the foundation of the courts, civil or criminal was supposed to be transparent.

    holy, the responses are coming quickly!

  5. Chlry…maybe, but how does he then get Cindy, George and Lee under it too. They are family and not part of the defense. This is fustrating me so much, grrrr.

    There is a link to the doctor above that talks about Casey…she had made another statement either before or after this…thinking before. One thing she said is (paraphrasing) once Casey sees the family is not going for her stories or something like this…she will tell. Well her family didn’t just go for her stories…they are helping with them and throwing people under the bus.

  6. Eyespy – I honestly don’t know about the release of discovery, but if the A’s don’t receive anything, they probably get something word of mouth through Conwheels.

  7. Mikka…I do think Cindy sent D Casey there. But, I think they all knew.

    Gap…I am sorry, I think you need to relax with us, 😉

    Colhere…I thought they were supposed to be transparent too. I am trying to think of anything I can for this to be allowed. Maybe it is because of the judge…Mitnik sure seemed confindent and he seems to know the law. So maybe that is what it was…they are up against a judge that thinks it is all about what he feels that day and not about the law.

  8. steph i think after kiomarie told everybody,when caylee is dead,she is there,where she and cma burried the pets,after this i think everybody running in this woods!

  9. Chlry…I do think there was a good chance if they would have called LE right away and didn’t back her lies up…didn’t support them and help with them, she may have come clean like many others do. If you don’t have anyone to support you it is a lot tougher. But, as one of the doctors said…this type of dysfunctional family is taught to only trust each other…not anybody outside the family.

  10. Steph – I wonder about G at the news conference too! perhaps he told him that she would be exonerated by the information in the news release. That would explain Nejame’s remark following his meeting with them.

  11. mikka , and i bet her family knew and remembered that was her old hang out place

    steph , true , but i also think if casey in any way told cindy at one point , i killed her because i blame you mom , etc , that was a reason for cindy to cover up , like she has always done

  12. Colhere…I sure would like to know Baez’s purpose for telling George this. I think he had some purpose and knew George would take off down there.

    Chlry…I really don’t think Casey knew how far her mom would go to cover up and keep the family image. Even knowing all I do about this family…I still have a hard time wrapping my head around bring the car home and not calling LE because it had decomp in it. I know she was doing damage control or that is what I believe…it is the only thing that makes sense. But, it is still hard to believe…it is a cold hearted family..

  13. eyespy – He stated it was something to the effect that George misinterpreted something he was told by Baez.. (my memory might not serve me correct, if someone else can remember?)

  14. Here we go

    WKMG-Channel 6’s Tony Pipitone explained that Casey Anthony’s defense team had been talking to her father, George.

    George Anthony “was told by Casey’s defense team today that it felt the release of the photos was inappropriate and that he should demand that [Mark] NeJame, who once represented George and Cindy Anthony, stop releasing the information.”

    Anthony and NeJame went behind closed doors “and shouting could heard for some time,” Pipitone said.

    WKMG showed both men after they came out about a half-hour later. “We all want to know what happened to Caylee,” NeJame said. He said there had been a miscommunication between the parties.

    “I want to know what happened, I need to know what happened,” George said.

    Pipitone reported that a defense spokeswoman told him that attorney Jose Baez “told George Anthony that the defense believes it was improper for NeJame to be releasing this information today, that George Anthony should assert his privilege.”

  15. lol eyes he sure was

    steph you know what i think , it was what was said on the nite of the fight between casey and cindy , we will probably never know what was said , but cindy knows. this is a clod blooded family , only because they are out for themselves only

    and one thing that has bothered me , what the heck was lp talking about that one time , that the family is afraid a secret will be let out , what would it be

  16. Steph – I would really like to have been the fly on the wall there too. It was meant to be theatric and it was to an extent. It don’t matter nuthin.. he gave us the goods!

  17. Here is the rest of that

    WKMG followed that report with anchor Lauren Rowe’s in-studio interviews with NeJame and Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch. NeJame said there was no privilege, and George Anthony acknowledged that later.

    Miller said his group couldn’t search where Caylee’s remains were later found. “We were close to that body,” Miller said. “The water was way too high. … People were in water up to their knees.”

    Miller said he didn’t want to risk pushing the tiny body into the mud or running over the remains.

    NeJame said he wanted the truth come out about Caylee and that the news conference was not designed to help the prosecution or the defense.

    But if the defense argues the spot was dry when Texas EquuSearch was looking, NeJame said, today’s release of information “corroborates that it was, in fact, wet.”

  18. hehe.. message to Geo.. here is what happened. YOUR DAUGHTER MURDERED YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER..

    Get over it and lets see the state give her the needle…

  19. Chlry…I don’t know what secret LP was talking about. There might be a secret…but I think the big secret is how dysfunctional they are and that the dysfunctional daughter(that was modeled after Cindy) of theirs murdered their grandchild.

  20. I”m wondering if D Casey taped all his investigations regarding the tips that were ‘pouring’ in (no doubt via Cindy) If not, I imagine it proves they were on a mission to prove or disprove something. Thompson makes a good point. Why videotape nothing?

  21. Hi East and Humble…now 6

    Colhere…I would have loved to be a fly on the wall the Anthony wall…at least the first few months. I really don’t want to see Cindy with her men, lol.


  22. Steph
    What privilege? see thats what pizzes me off.Geo is a witness!And he can just barge into the law offices like that.I think it was to late for bozo to file any motion so he sent geo in to shake things up.

  23. hi humble

    i don’t know steph , that was all pretty obvious in the second week the case came out in the media that the family was strange, i feel it’s something else but don’t know what

  24. mikka – I certainly would like to see it too, however despite being die hard right winger politically and living in Conservative heaven here in Canada, I honestly am not a proponent of the DP. I would rather see her locked up so she can witness her own withering existence without any freedom.. Freedom for her should be a chain gang cleaning up highway garbage.

  25. Eyes…because Nejame was originally his attorney. Beaz was telling him to go and insert his privilege. But, he wasn’t his attorney anymore and they signed they had no issues with him being Tim’s attorney

  26. Stephanie
    Keep in mind that NeJame is a cool, calm sort of guy and he has to appeal to the one thing that everyone SHOULD want…..the truth about Caylee. Nejame is a very cool dude and I respect him but the truth is that he knows that casey killed her.

  27. @humble – I would like to see the high res one, but one Q? who took the pic? Is it being contemplated as evidence by the P or the D?

    I never saw it before…

  28. Oh thanks Steph! You all had me lost! lol

    Col, I am not usually for the DP, but there are exceptions to the rule. I am also believing that anyone who kills a helpless child, they should get what the child got! In most cases the children die..

  29. Eye, no clue I am Lurch! 😉

    Col, It was a picture JIF posted a while back! He changed his files to private, so all I got was that one! Most that were posting here back when, saw the car there! It was right where it was in the small pic, you could see it through the trees~!

  30. hvf – I couldn’t agree more about your Nejame comment. I thought that was really classy the way he dumped the A’s and the way he put the brakes on NG on one of the appearances when he was working for the A’s.

  31. Colhere
    He said somewhere that I remember that the reason he did not represent them was because they would not shut their traps(he said it in a nicer way of course) and because he could not support their ideas about casey (which means he knew she was guilty as H___)
    Hi ya Humble.

  32. Hvf and marsha Meow!!

    your running them out of the woodwork!Im good with casey on lwop i think death would be to good for her.She would only wish to die to put her out of her miserable life

  33. @humble – there are a few ppl up here that I could care less if the crown put them to death.. Bernardo, Olson, Picton.. a few others.. I do agree with you there, but society makes it so costly an undertaking so that a group of people can cheer when the lights flicker.. My biggest issue is that we as a society deserve to be safe and keeping people incarcerated that are dangerous is paramount.. (see the Dugard story)..

  34. i know eyes , i just want her to know death is coming , she could have done millions of things different then killing her , if she wanted to punish cindy , then she should have given her to someone , dp will take years anyways

  35. More and more, I like the idea of Casey becoming morbidly obese in jail (and maybe needing a larger cell to accomodate her) and becoming more of a parody than she already is. I think she’ll be a cult hero if she’s executed.

  36. HVF, yeah they still have support. Charlie has become even more insane and is good for a laugh every now and then. I’d like to see Casey’s hopes built up every time parole rolls around and see them smashed to smitherineds everytime they say, PAROLE DENIED.

  37. Mikka – I agree.. by the shadows, I get the feeling that it’s mid to late morning and it’s not near the summer solstice (the shadows are too long)

  38. HVF…Earmark said 2008 something from the tax office.

    Humble…I am confused the pic I had seen long ago from John I could make out what looked like a white car. Are either of these pics the same…sorry my mind is somewhere else, lol.

  39. Mikka
    One brothers name is paulo, ill put him up sometime.

    It does look like late morning to me too.How does that fit in with the timeline on any of our days in question?

  40. Hi everyone,hello all…I finally got a chance to offer my take on some things. First, John discredited his theory of the picture containing the car by placing a car from same source next to the image and it did not dimensionally correlate. However, The pictue, taken from the orlando tax assessor’s web site, is from 2008.I don’t know what date but it is oriented north, south, east, west, therefore would indicate it is slightly before noon around 11:00 AM and the northern shadows indicate it’s probably late summer, possably September. Ruling out Casey’s car.


    Friday, 11 September 2009 at 09:15
    Steph this is what she wrote.

  41. Has anyone look at the big picture in the woods. If you put your cusor by the tree you will have a circle with an x just click on it and it will enlarge the picture. I had to use my slide bar to see the one shadow of the first big tree shadow. Then you can see the hint of a car. Hope it works for you.

  42. Hi Mama…Thank you. I don’t understand this part of the post.

    First, John discredited his theory of the picture containing the car by placing a car from same source next to the image and it did not dimensionally correlate.

    Was there another picture I am not aware of??

  43. East…that is what I thought. But, don’t you then need to make everything the exact same including where you take the pictures to be able to really tell.

  44. Okay I know I have seen a picture that I could see what looked like a car, but niether of these pictures look like the picture I had seen long ago.

  45. Steph earmark was saying that john discredited his theory that the car was not there. But I have read his post before and saw the first pic. And I have never saw where he did that. So unless john can tell us that this is true or not I don’t know what to believe.

  46. How about instead who took these pictures. I know when we look at our house through the satellite…it is always a different time of the year.

  47. STeph in the other pic, the car was barely visible. All that could be seen between the trees was specks of white. It wasn’t really noticable as a car until it was mentioned, and I think it was from a couple of years prior.

  48. These are not his first pic steph. The first one was kinda of blurry remember. Unless he got it cleaned up somehow. What do you think? And Humble said she got these pics off john today. Why would he not disspell it then. I don’t understand .

  49. Colhere…The other day I watched LE go to a professor and he figured out what time of day it was from the shadows…instead of the time the video said to put this guy away.

  50. East…That was it..the last thing they needed to prove was his time stamp was b.s and they did it with the professor that could tell what time of day it was with the shadows. Earlier this is why I asked what direction the car was facing…

  51. East and Steph if these pics where true wouldn’t you think Le would have them to show casey’s car was there, that is what I am thinkin. They would have to know who took them, how did they take them, and what time of day where they taken. All those questions they would want to know wouldn’t they.

  52. Chlry…A killer went out on a fishing trip and video taped the whole thing. But, he was really going and did kill a woman he assualted that was going to testify against him. He was able to go in and change the time stamp on the video.
    This of course made me think of D Casey and Hoover…why did they video tape??

  53. Steph, it’s interesting that they only tapes a possible remains site rather than all the searches they did on this missing,live child. They were setting up things to come,but there was something more. I wish I knew. Maybe only Cindy knows the reason.

  54. Do we happen to know when they count the 90 days for the speedy fraud trial?? Will it be from when they filed for it…if that we are running out of time. Or when Strickland made the decision?

  55. hmm steph , sorry i missed that show

    because i think maybe they wanted to beat someone else before someone found her body , this way they could say look the body was here on this date , i have no clue why

  56. I think that’s a very valid point Chlry. They may have intended to move the body or even gotten bad directions. I don’t think he was talking to Casey. She could have given better directions and her call would have been taped. I think her references to Lee about ‘north’ were referring to it and he got the message to D Casey third hand and somewhat confusing. I think they wanted to plant or take away evidence, or even see if the waters washed it away.

  57. I tell you what…in that video he looks like an arse not out there to bring any remains home intact. He looks to me like he is out to find something and then destroy. I do believe if they found Caylee they would have gotten rid of her for good. But, it doesn’t make sense to tape it. Unless the tape would have been turned off if they found her. I don’t get it.

  58. ecd , could it be casey was maybe blaming cindy behind back doors and cindy told them where to find the body before that could come out , my brain is thinking too much into this lol , it could possibly be simple but i can’t figure it out

  59. I’ve even wondered if D Casey was intstructed to open the bag so the animals would scatter the remains even more and solidifying the defense’s theory that the body didn’t rest there.

  60. You know it is probably something really simple, but all of these people with their dysfunction have no common sense…so it is always like a puzzle for us trying to figure it out.

  61. I thought they said with how far the bones were scattered…the animals had been at it for a very long time. Also I would think the tape would no longer be there…that is very damning.

  62. I think D Casey got his nose in this case for the publicity…Then for some reason he and Cindy hit it off…probably because he is a weasel. But, he is up to his eyeballs in all the b.s. imo

  63. Hey folks.. so far, here are the facts SO FAR.. with some explanation.

    a 100 foot pole will cast a shadow less than 7 feet long directly north in Orlando at the time near high noon (physically, when the sun is in the center of the sky) on June 21st.

    More specifics to come.. there is a lot of calculation with this and I have yet to calculate longitude.. It might be correct, but in this case, it would have to be quite early in the morning.

  64. More on this picture.. if it’s mid June, then the time is approximately 11:30ish in the morning, BUT That would mean that tree that is making the shadow just north of the car would have to be about 200 feet tall.. so the photo’s a fake. This is all really interesting, I will continue and make an estimate on what time and time of year this photo was taken..

  65. Doing fine steph, chlry and deb. Got distracted with IM. Does anybody think D. Casey will be truthful on the stand?

    After all these months, I just got put in moderation for the first time.

  66. Hi Colhere…The light post at the corner of the Gonzalez property is casting a long shadow to the north/northeast. This means the sun is in the southern hemisphere, closing in on winter solstice(Dec 21, the shortest day of the year) but not quite there. In florida we keep green lawns and leaves well into winter but it looks like September or October to me. Think of that shadow as the hand of a clock. If it were straight up it might be 12:00 noon except daylight savings time ends Nov 1st, so 11:00 O’clock on this shadow is really Noon. This shadow is closer to 10:00 so it’s really 11:00 AM. The shadow will shrink ’till noon then will grow again as PM will lengthen it to the right.

  67. Easrmark – I took my guess from the lamppost as well. I examined crime scene photos and did note that those lampposts are rather tall, drew a radian around the perimeter and estimate about 34-35 degrees, which would put it very near the winter solstice if it were at the high noon azimuth, but given the angle, it HAS to be morning and using a neat tool which allowed me to literally print a sundial, placing in on the screen at the proper degree west of the nearest meridian, that’s roughly what it gave me. It definitely was taken after the fall equinox or before the spring equinox.

    Either way, we have proven that it’s Uber fake. The great detectives we are..

  68. I did post a link to another image (as I was hunting around) but it is awaiting “Moderation”.. It shows the last two houses on the east side of the street at the corner of Hopespring and Suburban. One has an occupant named “Peter Gonzalez” and the other has an occupant named “Zenaida Almodovar”..

  69. Good morning.. (If anyone is here).. I was searching the Orlando news sites, and found an interesting article about the evidence that Caylee’s body was placed there after Casey went to jail, and about what evidence Bozo could have to prove that fact. It said that undoubtedly he would use the video of DC in the woods in November. Well, wouldn’t that open another whole can of worms as to WHO he was on the phone with, who sent him there to start with, etc.. He may be cutting off his nose, to spite his face. *LOL* Here’s the article, copied and pasted:

    What evidence do Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys have that someone other than their client dumped Caylee’s remains in woods near the Anthony home?

    WESH-Channel 2’s Bob Kealing explored that issue tonight after the state filed a motion yesterday to see that information and learn what witnesses will support it. Casey Anthony is charged with the first-degree murder of her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee.

    Volunteer searchers might be the focus. If the defense team has “a mystery Texas EquuSearch witness or witnesses,” the attorneys “must bring them out of the shadows and reveal their information to prosecutors” under the state’s rules of discovery, Kealing explained.

    Orlando defense attorney Mark NeJame praised the state’s motion in the WESH report. “I think this motion is very well taken,” NeJame said. “If, in fact, they’ve got somebody who says different than all the others I’m aware of shows, put up or shut up.” (NeJame is a former attorney for George and Cindy Anthony, the parents of Casey Anthony.)

    Defense attorney Jose Baez has not indicated what evidence he will produce in response to the state’s motion, yet Kealing speculated that “undoubtedly” the defense will use videotape of the Anthonys’ private eye searching the woods in November. A month later, Caylee’s body was found in those woods.

  70. WESH, in an updated article states that “Baez has not said specifically how he plans to respond to the motion”, and that “Defense Attorney Richard Hornsby said that if the evidence Anthony’s defense team discovered came from the state that they have every right to keep it to themselves.

    “There’s thousands of documents, hundreds of witnesses, it’s not unusual for a defense attorney to take that evidence and use it against them at trial,” he said.

    Anthony’s defense has said they have evidence from Texas Equusearch suggesting the area where Caylee’s remains were found was dry when it was searched in November. Texas Equusearch attorney Mark NeJame, however, said he knows nothing about that”

    Now, if it is evidence that the state has that Bozo is using as his proof, WHAT COULD IT BE?? We have seen all of the documents that have been released thus far, and nothing I’ve seen suggests that there’s proof that Caylee was DEFINITELY placed there AFTER her nutball mother was in jail. Can you guys think of anything?

  71. Good morning Marsha, Eoar, muesli, (if you’re still here), and anyone else who may be out there lurking in the shadows.. You here this morning Cindy?? If so, that good morning isn’t for you.. I hope you have a TERRIBLE morning.. *LOL*

  72. Good Morning Marsah…

    Justme…The only thing I can think of is someone came forward saying they were there and Caylee wasn’t. Maybe you all can help me remember…Didn’t they bring up this evidence they have that shows Caylee was placed there while Casey was in jail at the last hearing…the hearing where they wanted TES records? I would think then it wasn’t someone with TES…unless they contacted them and are trying to get their records for others to confirm this person. I don’t see that happening. If there is some witness out there, I believe they want their 15 mins and inserted them selves in this. Otherwise they would have went to LE long ago, imo.

  73. Meow!!

    Did you sleep well after huffing all the stain fumes yesterday? Ha Ha

    Morning Just …you are too funny!But that news about using states evidence might send mikka over the edge!

  74. Eyes…this morning when I put another layer on I used a mask. That really was stupid for me to do that in a closed room with no mask…I don’t like masks, lol.

    I am not an attorney, but I did’t see anything in the discovery either that the defense could use. But, again I am not an attorney

  75. Steph
    Looks to me like it will boil down to TES testimony and photos.BTW i wonder if Bozo has moved on looking into those file over at Nejames…Prolly has to scrape up some cash first!

  76. Could it be the guy who was in the video that someone posted who insisted that that area was searched extensively and she wasn’t there.. The one who was on camera the day the remains were discovered??

  77. Eyes…the only thing about that is they stated they had the evidence before they had a look…so it can’t be the TES or it shouldn’t be. But, they could be counting their eggs before they hatch. I guess if you can go through enough people you might be able to find someone to contradict everyone else.

  78. I didn’t save that link, but he gave me a weezy feeling.. Came across as someone who wanted to put doubt out there.. Although he did state that the property was right across from G & C’s and was just a walk across the woods.. (Paraphrasing)

  79. Yes Steph.. Someone from a news station interviewed him.. He couldn’t stand still.. Kept looking back into the woods.. Reminded me of a speed freak.. *L*.. He kept insisting that area had been searched excessively.. Said he’d searched it himself I think twice.. Someone posted the link here, but I can’t remember who it was.. Grrr..

  80. Eyes…this is where I get a bit confused…i would think mental was for Casey, but maybe not.
    When they put the dp back on the table it was said the state didn’t have to turn over everything now because of the dp. I was excited, but surprised because the defendant normally has a right to know what they are fighting when going to court. Then the next night the blond prosicutor form FL said the defense didn’t have to turn everything over now with the dp on the table…things like mental if they get Casey evaluated and such.
    But, I hear Casey/defense signed a paper that the defense will turn over their discovery.

  81. Good Morning Chap…got my coffee too. Well it is almost time to refill for the third time.

    I think that is Keith Williams…he brought a bag to Cindy including a fathers day balloon. He called Baez to give it to him because Cindy didn’t want it and said it didn’t belong to Caylee. It was his girl friends physic mother that sent him there, The state would have fun there too I bet.

  82. Marsha.. I don’t remember if he said that or not.. I wish I could remember who posted the link.. I’d like to see it again..

    Good morning Chap and Filipa, and anyone else I may have missed.. 🙂

  83. If I disappear…the power went out. I hear the transformer outside, but maybe it will survive this small storm, lol.

    Eoar…Where you be??

  84. steph humble send a link here,and this man say when she find caylee,tes was there and he was a couple times there and saw nothing,and he told c and geo are in californien,want to make peoples believe,caylee is alive and he say its a good day for caylee,she find her!

  85. Mikka…because it isn’t real evidence…it is really something to use at trial to raise reasonable doubt. Every big trial like this has their crazies…Remember Wanda from the airport that insisted after the FBI checked it all out that they didn’t. She went on and on…blah blah blah.

  86. Mikka…so not Kieth Williams. I don’t remember the other one….

    We can all yell really loud at the same time and maybe Humble will hear us. Although it is only 6:30 in CA, lol.

  87. I don’t get it either Mikka.. Maybe he’s letting her sit in jail because he knows if she gets out, it’s over for them.. She’ll have nothing else to do with him, and in jail, she can’t get away from him.. She needs him.. *LOL*.. Just kidding..

    Steph.. I think the paper Casey signed was called a “Reciprocal Discovery”.. I’m pretty sure that’s what one of the news sites called it.. Which means that both the prosecution and the defense must share evidence.. That may have been her undoing.. I HOPE..

  88. Chap…I think I am getting to the point I stay confused, lol.

    Mikka…I bet if Caylee’s remains were never found they would put Wanda on the stand. They would also find others to say they have seen Caylee here and there. Every trial I have seen for murder with no body…the defense has witnesses to say they have seen the victim.

  89. Thank you Justme…I am not throwing words out anymore. I know what certain things are from reading/watching trials for so long. But, last night some of the words I throw out…I am keeping my mouth shut, lol.

  90. Just
    I wonder, could casey by law have refused to sign that dicovery release?

    And wanda draged he teen age son in on it to like he could validate her story…

  91. Eyes.. The article didn’t state whether she could or couldn’t, but left a hint that possibly she could.. Or that’s the way I read it.. I’ll see if I can find it.. 🙂

  92. Any hot news to brief me folks??
    I’m so sorry, but my daughters (6,15) do not allow mw much spare time..
    Acctually, they’ve reach those ages, when a murderer mind (KC) is a bit more interesting!!

  93. Colhere…I understand…good work. Those names I believe were found by Caseys’ computer search or she new they lived there and are the source of here original name for the immaginanny. The Zenaeda at Sawgrass was the coincidence.

  94. Bozo would have to be certified crazy to use Joy Wray to prove anything.. From what I have read, she’s been Baker acted 5 times.. 😯

  95. eyes..been missing you too..lurking…eyes are good now…glad to see the state is going to make Malacuso put up or shut up..interesting to say the least

  96. Filipa
    This will be a work in progress for a long long time.Tidbits are disected for a while and new news and humbles recaps keep us going.Are you in for the long haul?LOL

  97. Eoar…I can’t remember all that she said. The main thing I have in my head with Joy was she is crazy and the pillow she tore up,, lol.

    GM Mema

  98. eyespy
    friend, I started off BEFORE the body was found (when Cindy was “searching” and “spreading the word”
    Then I had my 1st Anthony detox,cause the story was SO DISCUSTING, that my life was almost unmanageble!!!
    Got back to the saga couple of weeks ago…and I’m already humgry for juicy news!!!

  99. Thanks Steph…Mikka..When she told Lee that Caylee was “close to holt” she was referring to those woods. I originally assumed the pond had always existed and theorized she was giving the clue to Lee of HOLT(hidden oaks Lake trail). I posted this to Humble three days before D. Casey and Hoover searched holt which means the woods or lair of a fox. There is a picture on Casey’s facebook of a baby sitting in the woods next to a fox. lEE is quite a poet as is Casey and were probably familiar with Chaucer-The Canterbury Tails “inspired hath in every holt(woods) and heath(meadow)” and Tennyson poems “that smells a foul agaric(mushroom) in the holt(woods).

  100. I found it.. It was stated in the Motion the prosecution filed.. It seems the way it reads that Casey could have not participated in the reciprocal discovery… It states that if a defendent ELECTS to participate in discovery.. Here is the link:

    It starts at the bottom of page 1 under #5, and continues to page two.. 🙂

  101. mikka – Yes, actually I think he stated that they had “DISCOVERED NEW EVIDENCE”. When you discover something, it’s umm… basically “Discovery” right? that would mean they DO have to disclose it.

  102. her Colhere
    A Baker Act is a means of providing individuals with emergency services and temporary detention for mental health evaluation and treatment when required,

  103. Filipa…There is a lot that has happened. If you go to Humble’s case docs you can listen and read many interviews along with forensics.

    Thank you Justme

  104. justme – I think it’s common practice to elect to discovery. If there is no agreement to discovery, then the state can hold their own cards close to their chest as well as the defence. This makes it hard for a defence as they do not know what the prosecution is holding.

  105. steph
    thanks dear, my lack of info is not that bad!!lol
    I’m just trying to guess who on earth is supposedly going to be “baker acted”, cause Btitney Spears was the last one I heard about!!!!lol

  106. It seems like the case goes slow for awhile, then something happens then it picks up again. Lyons is trying to keep things low, and I think the prosecution will try to keep Casey’s name out there.

  107. Yeah.. I agree Colhere.. I’m sure it was in her best interest to agree to do it.. It’s just that AT THIS TIME, it’s probably not looking so sweet to her.. *LOL*

  108. Eyes.. It appears that way..

    Well, I have to go.. Hubby is up, ripping and tearing his azz… GROUCHY BEESTERD.. I’m gonna slap him into next month, then I’ll try to come back.. *LMBO*

  109. Macaluso is assuming California laws regarding disclosure.. There, if the person is on the prosecution’s list, it appears there need not be reciprocal disclosure, however in FL, he has tipped his hand and indicated an alibi. This necessitates team Anthony to disclose who they are and what it’s anticipated that they will say.

  110. Colhere
    I dont believe Bozo knew exactly that malcuso was going to use that particular terminology when he stated so brashly that they have PROOF

  111. Eyes…we are waiting to hear a date for 2 hearings. Pre-trial and motions. I asked Muesli to light a fire under them to get them on the calendar. I guess the fire wasn’t hot enough

    Bye Justme and HB Eoar

  112. colhere,strickland will in the end granted the motion.i think may bozo have a plan to make a lawsuit against L.E,fbi,fbi lab,prosecution,staate attorney and …….

  113. Wow…Joy is only 30. For some reason in my head I had her much older. I hope she has someone in her life to get her the help she is needs.

  114. mikka – Yep, the D can lie, but when you say in front of a justice that you have something of an alibi, in FL you have to disclose it.

    He opened his mouth and inserted foot..

  115. Mikka
    Yes they can!!
    Malcuso was brought on the case i think to cross exsamine the witnesses at trial.Apparently this is what he is good at.I dont think he should have got up there at the hearing and argued ANYTHING at this point

  116. EOAR
    I’ll give you today’s example, to make it clear to you.
    Q- what to do this afternoon,girls?
    A 15 year old- Mum, I wanna go to see “Titanic artifacts,the exabition”!!!
    A 6 year old- What??that’s sh…! It’s all wet and stuff..who cares???

    And “Dialogue” between them, takes off from there…got it? (Ah! and pump it’s volume up cause we’re portuguese…)

  117. Steph
    Will Bozo even be able to cross exsamine at trial or is that all about lyons? Will he just have to sit there like an obnoxious blow up clown and smirk?

  118. She is screwed up and she is still so young with many screwed up years ahead of her. I really do mean it when I say I hope someone in her life gets her the help she really seems to need. Life will just become more difficult for her if not.

    Talk to you later Mema

  119. mikka – I have no idea. They don’t seem to be too good at strategizing. He got a bit too wordy and that burned them a bit. A different spin on his wording and the prosecution wouldn’t have beat down their door like this, something to the effect that “we are pursuing the likelyhood that evidence does exist that supports our theory” would have been enough..

  120. Eyes…I am not sure how that will work. Lyons has to be lead attorney and run the show. I don’t know that means that Baez can’t cross anyone. But, I have seen many many trials when the lead attorney and maybe one of the others do direct and cross. With the other one to 3 attorneys just sitting through the trial with them.

  121. Sneaking.. For just a second.. Hehehe.. I have another picture of Joy, and this one on the latest site is NOTHING like the picture I have.. Remind me when/if I get back, and I’ll upload it and show it to you guys/gals.. You won’t believe the difference.. L*.. Cya’ll later..

  122. mikka – definitely.. in FL, if you say you got something, you have to say what it is once it has been revealed that you HAVE it.. Todd said they “HAVE DISCOVERED” in front of a judge.. that means put up or shut up in FL. If he said “we are pursuing information that supports our theory” then there would have been less drama..

  123. some mercyfull soul who still happens to be online-
    P L E A S E
    think they’re going to say KC’s a loonie? like “voices” made her dio it?
    what was that “baker act” ting about?

  124. So true Eyes…I don’t see him doing much questioning. He should sit and learn.
    I am going to see if I can find anything on the rules with this..

  125. Mikka…FL is one of the only states that you depose witnesses before trial. All know what the witnesses will say before trial and if they change they pull out the depos.

  126. Filipa…I think they may use her mental state from her dysfunctional home when it comes to sentences to save her from the dp. If they try to use at trial her mental state they can pull in her jail visits that show she knows right from wrong. At least this is what the attorneys said.

  127. Filipa
    I think caseys days at a shot for mental incapacity are long gone…We know she has a personality diorder and is EVIL but she is not hearing voices…

  128. Thank you Colhere…I just can’t see the defense counting on Joy. If they are i bet they are looking in TES records to back up her story. I don’t see that happening

  129. eyespy – I think, like Steph was saying, that her dysfunctional upbringing will save her from the DP, but not from prosecution. She knows right from wrong, but her upbringing has enabled her to believe that she could get away with anything by lying. She has been doing it for so long that she lies for no reason.

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