RECAP: Baez, Attorney or Forensic Expert? Sept08

Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, filed the motion Wednesday asking Circuit Judge Stan Strickland to order a halt to all forensic testing so that he can have a say in where and how the evidence is tested.

A source close to the case said, “Baez needs to go back to law school.”

While many question what Casey Anthony is doing at her lawyer’s office all day, every day, one of the things he’s done is file a motion to force investigators to stop testing evidence. Attorney Jose Baez is trying to convince the judge that forensic testing can damage so much of the evidence that there wouldn’t be enough left for the defense to test effectively and that mistakes could prevent them from doing their own testing.

Baez wrote to the judge: “The cost of a given method/procedure could involve cost and timing that are not of paramount interest to the defendant who seeks unbiased and scientifically objective testing.”

Baez wants the judge to force investigators to let him weigh in on all testing before it’s done. 

I never heard that forensic testing can damage evidence.  As far as I can tell testing is proving Casey GUILTY and this is not what they want.  This is one of the dumbest things I have heard!  And I am sure it will not be the last from this attorney.


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  1. I hope they set a date for the fraud trial soon. Don’t they know I’m busy getting ready for my trip, and I need it done before I go. I do so want to see Casey’s friends in court with her (although I really feel sorry for these young people). I wonder if she will have the guts to make eye contact with them. Isn’t she ashamed of what she has done? Aren’t her parents ashamed of her thievery not to mention the death of their grandchild.

  2. I agree Humble…I wonder what is in there they don’t want to share. Didn’t they say there was more forensics?? I wonder if this is repeats or something new?

    Hi Hvf

  3. Another thing I was thinking, if G&C haven’t worked for a year, what about health insurance. They must have made a killing in those tv appearances to be able to go from nothing, to independently wealthy. Well, it can’t last forever. Wonder if people are still donating to them. How come we never hear anymore about who is supplying Casey with money in jail. Has anyone ever asked them why they never went back to work. Other people have suffered tragedies in their lives, but have to go back to work. What leeches, no job, no insurance, no future, no life. I just realized that I described Casey.

  4. Moring Humble morning all. Humble I am just so ticked off at myself, I had that pic of John’s saved on my computer at one time. I surely must of deleted it off my favorites. I would like to see the pic again myself. Sure hope J sends you one that we can save again.

  5. Steph or Mue do you happen to have the pic of casey’s car in the woods that J had posted at one time in your favorvites or anything. I looked for it last night on the internet but got tired and found nothing.

  6. Stephanie, thanks for the link. The only thing I could see quickly was about no guns on the premises and no alcohol in the house. The rest I would have to see the handbook they refer to. I would have thought she would have been instructed not to have contact with children. I would have thought internet would have been off limits. Anyway, I bookmarked your link and will check further later today. Have to get ready to go out in a few minutes. See ya all later.

  7. Bye Muesli…I am thinking there was additional conditions put on Casey for the release. This looks to be the basic release or maybe not, lol. I don’t know, but wish I did.

  8. Hey Steph maybe you saw or heard that in one of the hearings when she was first released . Where the judge tell her that. I seem to recall that a judge told her not to have contact with anyone under 18 and to stay off computer I think. I could be wrong have been before…lol

  9. Mama…I can’t remember where I heard the computer thing and the children, but maybe it was in the court, lol. I do know Cindy told Lois about the contact with children…it was a no no

    bb phone

  10. When the car was impounded by police, there were scratch marks on the inside of the trunk lid, along with Caylee Anthony’s Dora the Explorer backpack and other personal items as well as a “washed” table knife.

    this was what was in the article that Filipa was referring too last night.

  11. exactly, I posted it, because i read what filipa read, and you had said you couldn’t find it. It was there, how accurate it is i don’t know.

  12. Humble, if you go back to one of your old blogs, did he ever post the link on your site?? maybe you can find it that way?? is that possible

  13. ok going to ask a difficult question??? with the way the shadows are on the trees, can someone figure out what time of day this is?? maybe JIF

  14. Muesli…for some reason, I thought I remembered too, that she was not allowed to use the computer…I thought to myself….boy, that is going to be “tuff” for KC…..

  15. Thank you Humble

    Eoar…I just watched a show you can figure out what time of day. But, you need to know the direction of this and that. Like what direction say the car is facing.

    Hi Jojo…I remember something about that too, lol. I wish I could find it.

  16. well I was thinking if we got a map of the location. we could figure out N and S and whether or not the street is running East or west. But I am directionally challenged

  17. Eoar…I would think we could do that by looking at the google map of the street. Now we just need one of those people that know how to read the shadows. Or whoever has sunny skies today (not us thank goodness) can continue to go outside until the shadow is the same. I bet that would work, lol.

    Humble…So true

  18. Yeah the pic of the car, wonderful I have been looking for that Humble. But the pic I saw the first image of was blurry so this pic has been cleaned up since john first posted it?

  19. Looks like to me the sun is casting a shadow from the west to me. As I picture the road in my mind on was Caylee found on the side of the road that is heading south and that would be on the right and the shadow seems like it is coming from the west and look like it could be late afternoon. Just my feeling anyway that is all. lol

  20. gm everybody 😛

    steph,no contact with children under 17 years,it was the judge who told her when she was arrestet for childnegolect!

  21. I remember hearing no contact with children either..I think it was in an early hearing. Cause I remember thinking that’s why she was so mad at her mom for emailing people in her name. And I wondered if her mom signed her name to the stuff to that little girl but I guess it really was Casey that sent her the bracelet and stuff.

  22. Thank you Mikka

    Okay the link doesn’t open to where I set it. Just put in her address and than click on satellite. Then drag map over until you see Suburban Drive and zoom in a little bit or a bunch if you want, lol.

  23. Ok Steph as I look at it from you street level the way the sun would cast looks like it could be in the morning. Since florida does not make their streets north and south the car angle looks like it would be she is backed into the southeast kinda of.

  24. That was one thing I hated about florida their grids are always like northeast northwest or southeast or southwest. Haveing come from a state where the grids are set up from north to south and east to west. lol

  25. after a good night sleep,i was thinking about the prosecution motion.when the staate is really sure cma did it,she dont must make this motions,or ????

  26. Well back to the car image I wonder how J got that pic , I know he is a wiz at computers. I loved reading and looking at pics about his life on the Island that was so interesting.

  27. I will talk to you all later…I need to get somethings done around here.
    Lets keep our fingers crossed we hear a date set for pre-trial or get some new docs for the weekend. Both would be nice too..

  28. If they found someone else that is responsible or actually proof that someone else put Cayle there. They have to turn it over. But, I don’t think they have any of that and they are using the search…which is not proof and should be used at trial for reasonable doubt. The state is calling their bluff on this evidence they have.

  29. Yeah what Mama said, lol.

    Okay Mikka…as soon as I am done here I will be over. It might take a while because it is bad here, lol.

    bbl for real this time.

  30. mama,i dont know,when bozo bring witnesses and show the body was not there in august,this dont means she dont did it,this shows somebody was helping her!but mama what is when bozo dont bluff???

  31. comment on wesh

    Now he wants to try and blame a searcher for doing it. How low can they go?”
    – User comment from yankee
    Comment on: Prosecutors: Show Us Evidence Of Who Dumped Caylee

  32. Dr. Jan Garavaglia, who is also known as Dr. G, has remained quiet about the case since she confirmed the remains were those of Caylee in December.

    SHE Stills remains quiet! She didn’t say anything really about the case! So, this is a misleading statement by Bob kealing!

  33. anchor Martie Salt summed up the development this way: “The prosecution said it wants to see all the evidence to support the claim Casey didn’t kill her 2-year-old daughter. Casey has maintained that someone else took Caylee last summer and dumped her body in the woods off Suburban Drive. Today the state asked the judge to force her defense to release all the evidence that supports that claim.”

    WKMG anchor Jacqueline London said, “In a motion filed today, the state says either the supposed evidence of innocence does not exist or defense team members are violating rules that require them to share in advance whatever they expect to use at trial.”

    WESH’s Bob Kealing described Macaluso’s claim as a “bombshell” that “stunned” everyone and “the first indication of what the defense’s trial strategy would be.”

    Kealing added: “Under the rules of discovery, prosecutors say they’re entitled to know what the evidence is and who Casey’s defense will put on the stand to support it.” Prosecutors expressed “strong skepticism that this evidence even exists.”

    Defense attorney Jose Baez’s spokeswoman told Kealing that the attorney will follow the appropriate rules. “Presumably, he is going to turn over whatever evidence he has,” Kealing concluded.

  34. humble,i think he will bring somebody who say the remains was not there in aug and will fight the forensic evidence does the body was only a couple month there.the bombshell is when bozo bring cindy on teh stand and she say it was no body there!

  35. Well if they have that keith william or that Joy Wray how can they stand on their word alone. Keith says he heard it from his girlfriend mom who is a psyhic and Joy is just nuts. They would have to be fools to use these witnesses imo. And plus that lawyer from california is the one who stated that Boze will probably say he misspoke, kinda like cindy and her mistruths…lol

  36. mama,when williams say,the psychic told him cindy know it does cma killed caylee.its shows me the psychic was right,caylee was there! and joy did this BS on another case too,and she was lying!

  37. Have we ever seen any of Annies cell phone records. It’s makes me wonder if somehow Casey got to a phone other than hers and has phoned Annie and got her connected in this any way shape or form. jmo

  38. hello all…I finally got a chance to offer my take on some things. First, John discredited his theory of the picture containing the car by placing a car from same source next to the image and it did not dimensionally correlate. However, The pictue, taken from the orlando tax assessor’s web site, is from 2008.I don’t know what date but it is oriented north, south, east, west, therefore would indicate it is slightly before noon around 11:00 AM and the northern shadows indicate it’s probably late summer, possably September. Ruling out Casey’s car.

  39. Wellcome Steph…That spot, if you Google Caylee,s birth date, 8-9-05 is the address of this lot 8905 Suburban Drive. No coincidence. Casey search it to accommdate her intricate scenario. Premeditated.

  40. I agree Earmark…it was totally premeditated. The night of the big fight just set everything in motion that Casey had already been researching, imo. It was premeditated cold blooded murder.

  41. Casey’s new Password was timer 55. Told Cindy “she’ll be home by her birthday”, 55 days from her death.” She told Cindy she’s close to home, I feel it. Coincidence? Her body was behind Gonzalez and Zenaida houses. Casey spent a lot of time constructing this complex plan. “I’ve given them clues.”

  42. The only thing about being home by her birthday…that was one George made up after seeing Casey in the jail visit…He needed to say something to the media when asked what Casey said. This is when he said Casey said she would be home by her bd. At the time they didn’t know all the jail visits would be released. Casey didn’t tell him that. I can’t remmeber exactly what they said, but they did talk about her coming up bd…Just not Casey saying she will be home by then.

  43. Earmark…I am sure they had many fights. I also see fear and sadness in videos and pics. I believe Caylee knew that she was a pawn between these two and it was a very scary place to be…especially when you are still a baby.

  44. Only very evil people would help Casey. She has no friends as she has thrown them all “under the bus” by making accusations that someone else is the killer.

    So lets think…could it be Sindy and George who threw the body in the woods, if not Casey? Many of us feel that the A’s are up to their necks in this crime and the cover-up. They knew long before Caylee was found in the woods that she was dead, imo. All they wanted then was to save Casey no matter what they had to do to make it happen.

    Sindy and George have a way of playing real “stupid”, however, the evidence is going to come out.

    Whatever Bozo has as evidence, is just a pack of lies. He’s looking for some nitwit who will say they looked in that area of the woods and did not see a body at that time. Hog wash!

  45. Cindy deluded herself into thinking that Timer55 meant that Caylee would be out by her third birthday, then George lied and said Casey said that. Casey really did play crazymaking games with her parents making them think she was giving them clues and Cindy thought Zanny was code and Jeff was code.

  46. why would Casey even be giving “clues”. She should have been telling truths! Casey was flabergasted that LE didn’t believe her stories, so she just had to make up alot of stuff on the spot. Giving “clues” my a**! They’re all crazy. IMO LOL

  47. Mue and Steph that video is for you that is all I could find about some of her conditions to abide by. I couldn’t find any web page that stated her conditions, sorry.

  48. Doesn’t that public defender in that video seem about ten times more competent than Bozo??!! WF should have stuck with her! Notice he found WF so bizzare he figured she must be crazy…had a Baker Act evaluation done!

  49. I just watched the 4 o’clock wesh news and they are saying that if Bozo and his dream team find something in the docs that has been released they have no obligation to turn that over. Otherwise ? do they have anything else they might.

  50. Good Afternoon Everyone!


    Comet..She was giving clues to her family. She was telling bold face lies to the LE

    Thank you Mama

    Livid…Took a nap and just read the comments real quick before watching the video. I guess I am not awake yet, because I thought you said the public defender “wasn’t” as competent. I read wrong, lol.
    You are sooooo right she is more competent. I always thought we wouldn’t be here today if Casey had a public defender/different attorney. I also believe Casey would have been better off as far as jail time. Now she will be facing the dp…Oh well, lol.

  51. Mama…I am not really understanding how that works. I would think they would have liked to keep all the docs that we have seen so far including the fact Caylee had duct tape wrapped around her face out of the public…You do mean turn over to the media right?

  52. some pizzas just arrived here at work free from someone….. thought about them being laced with something so I didn’t act like a vulture like everyone… Everything reminds me of this case 😯

  53. The news said that if Jose found anything in the doc that the proscuting atty. overlooked they do not have to disclose that to them or the public. However if there is something else they know beyond the realm of that they might have to disclose that to the proscutors. That is what I understood just now on wesh news live. It was that Bob Kealsing or something like that who said that.

  54. Hi everyone!
    The defense has “substantial” evidence! Ha-ha-ha!
    Nothing the state has released to them would include anything substantial in regards to this. The state is calling them on their blatant lie to the judge!
    They will have to provide the evidence or say they lied- in so many words of course!

  55. Mue you can watch live on the computer at 4 the news live But I have lived in Florida. I once lived there when Trenton went missing just south of where I lived and Milinda Duckett killed herself in the villages. Trenton was last seen in Belleview at the wendy’s about a mile and a half from my house. I have run all over Orlando and Florida…lol

  56. I tried to do a friend request and use my old email…kept telling me I needed a correct email. I used my current email and it still told me I needed a correct email, lol.

  57. Hi Nanna…Too funny, lol.

    Tans…Hi, we have been missing you

    Mama…That sounds right to me.

    Hi Muesli…did you light that fire under their butts to get moving on a pre-trial date??

  58. nanna! lol
    Hi steph, mue, mama,livid.
    Am getting ready to visit my family in San Diego and L.A. for 2 weeks! Have been busy trying to co-ordinate everything!
    I still can’t believe those fool Anthony’s ate pizza someone else sent them!

  59. Mama…I am not in my right mind yet…need some coffee. So yes I did and someone is watching out for me because I couldn’t make the request work right, lol.

  60. MEOW!!!

    MY MY MY I could not be more pleased with the states new motion!And i feel we owe it all to Malcuso’s flapping pie-hole!

    How are all today???

  61. I did Mama…I am going to try and friend request him again later. I don’t know why, but just curious. I doubt with all of this he will be my friend, lol.

  62. Mama
    OMG that link for lee is so creepy…he reminds me of our ice cream man when we were growing up.And yes we found out later the guy we bought our big sticks from was a pedophile!

  63. We had a creep in our neighborhool we called him Seymore he was some old geezer who drove around offering us candy to get in his car with him. I know a creep when I see one…LEE…lol

  64. Hi Steph
    Good news eh,from the state? I dont mind so much about the zanny case being put on the back burner..although i feel ms.gonzoles deserves her day in court,she will get a substantial claim in the end i feel.

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