Casey Anthony week round-up 6-12 September 2009

The Prosecutors wants the Team Baez to turn over documents that claim that someone other than Casey disposed of Caylee. A motion filed by the state asked a judge for the team Baez to turn over the names and address as well as any supporting documents about their claim! This claim was made in court in the past month.

Here is what Todd Macaluso said in the hearing:  “There is substantial evidence that we’ve found … that the body or remains of Caylee Anthony was placed there after Casey Anthony was locked up.  It proves that somebody else placed the remains in the area.”

The state says they have the “RIGHT” to review the evidence. Read the MOTION

The Morgan & Morgan team dropped the motion against the Anthony’s to have them finish the questions. They said they will get the answers elsewhere in the documents that have been dumped in this case.

DCasey started working for the Team Baez on 27 July 2008. He started working for Casey/Cindy and George in early September.  He was out searching for the remains of Caylee in November. He said he was under contract, which were NOT produced at the hearing. He did take the stand. The judge made the decision to DENY the depo as he worked under contract and it is privileged. So this means DCasey will NOT be deposed.

The Judge said he would not make a decision today in the ZFG case.  Casey’s attorneys want the civil suit filed by Zenaida Gonzalez thrown out.  Of course the Judge said he will have sleepless nights until a decision is made!  The Judge at the end did ask how ZFG was holding up.  She did say fine.  WE still wait on the decision by the judge!

Of course the hearings seemed to be a big circus.  RATE the Judge
And lets not forget RATE The Baez

Baez was being investigated by the Florida Bar over accusations he was “receiving fees on the Casey Anthony case with an agreement to publicize her story.”  He has been questioned and cleared for, once again, “insufficient evidence”. Shannon Stoy filed a complaint in February. She is president of Blink Development Group, LLC, in Pennington, N.J. Read the letter

AND LAST:  I hope everyone had a great Labor day!  Today we were talking about a cast for a movie for the Anthony’s.  A bunch of bloggers here gave names, and I put them in a poll!  Go to the page  You pick the cast and you can cast your vote and even put in a name of someone not listed. It might take a minute to completely open!  Results will be listed tomorrow night!


154 thoughts on “Casey Anthony week round-up 6-12 September 2009

  1. Well, there’s everyone – hi ya!

    Hey anybody else notice how C&G were yukkin it up in the court room last time?? WF looks destroyed and they’re laughing like crazy. What a strange group.

  2. hi everybody 😛

    steph thanks,i think she is lying,i read her interview with L.E and she said she feel brainwashed from geo,geo make her believe zanny-nanny excist!

  3. I’m not even convinced that it’s the same woman Steph.. The picture I posted above was the one she originally had on her myspace page, and I saved it from the cayleeismissing website a LONG time ago.. I don’t see many similarities in that pic, and the pic of the woman on the page I saw today.. Maybe she’s incognito.. She’s become so popular she’s taken on a new identity.. *LOL*

  4. *Runs to look in the mirror*.. YEP, it’s me Suzie Jane.. Do I know you though??

    Steph.. Hasn’t Humble been on today?? Mikka thinks she’d know who it was..

  5. Mikka…she doesn’t remember it, but I am searching.

    Suzie and Justme…lmbo
    When you look at the pic it looks like it is you justme because of your name underneath the pic, lol.
    I knew it wasn’t you, but it took me a few seconds

  6. Oh.. I see.. I’m a little slow tonight.. No Suzie.. That’s not me in the picture.. I couldn’t afford a set of those.. Don’t know where I’d put them if I could afford them.. That’s supposed to be Joy Wray.. She has the face and body of a chameleon.. She keeps changing.. Will the REAL Joy Wray, PLEASE STAND UP???*LMBO*

  7. Justme, I’ve seen that pic before as it was compared to the one where Joy is carrying the sign that says, Caylee is alive. It is the same person I believe.

  8. I know there was something very significant happening at the time Humble posted that link.. I just don’t remember exactly what it was.. Dang it.. THINK THINK THINK..

  9. WESH reporter talking to someone that searched w/Equusearch and searched w/another group. He says they’ve gone through this area twice– he says the vegetation was VERY dense and they didn’t see anything. He says that he believes he recalls even LE cadaver dogs being in this area. He believes the remains are Caylee– says it may be raining on us right now but the sun is shining on Caylee today. That’s so true– his name was Drew Tate. Today a light is shining on Caylee– we have all prayed that she would be found.

  10. It was the last hearing…for the tes records. But we have it now and maybe I can eat dinner, lol. I was a bit obsessed with finding that link.

  11. It was such a good day but also sad when Caylee was found. We all knew she wasn’t with us anymore, but became so more real when her remains were found.

    I think even though he says these things about searching…he also believes Casey put her there. He isn’t going to be this witness that can prove Caylee was put there while Casey was in jail, imo.

  12. I can remember EXACTLY where I was when I heard Caylee was found. I was on my way home from work. I was so happy because I knew she was gone but needed to be found. At that time, I held no hope that she was still alive.

  13. doesn’t really prove he searched exact spot. remember there was water there. doesn’t prove she wasn’t there, just proves they didn’t find her

  14. Mikka, if Bozo wants to use Tate for his case, he won’t have much luck. He said the woods were dense and covered in vines so he feels it was possible they missed her. He has no doubts either about the Anthony’s insinserity.

  15. I was at lunch when I read the news about Caylee’s remains being found. I knew she was gone from day one, but it doesn’t really hit you until it’s confirmed. Casey hyperventilating after hearing the news, is a prime example of that.

  16. Humble….Thank you, lol.

    Eoar…it isn’t proof that they searched that exact spot. He doesn’t seem like a Joy or anything to me, but if the defense is depending on this guy…they are stupid. He seems to know even though they searched it was Caylee and that Casey put her there.

  17. I be good eoar.

    Steph, what are you talking about, I’m a bit behind. Do they think they have someone who is trying to *lie* and say that they searched the woods?

  18. Steph.. Maybe in Bozo’s way of thinking, since Drew Tate seemed to know for sure it was Caylee, maybe HE put her there.. He was just setting Casey up to take the fall by putting Caylee in the woods behind their house.. You never know what that Azzwipe Bozo will try to pull.. Maybe this is the evidence he has.. Who the heck knows anymore.. *L*

  19. CT…we were all talking about this evidence the defense said they have to prove Caylee was put there while Casey was in jail and what it could be. There are a couple nut cases out there that said they searched the area. But again they are nut cases…we were looking for the link Humble has just above with Drew Tate that said they searched there…wondering if this might be their witness or evidence?

    Humble…Yes it is the interview…thank you again.

  20. Justme…I could totally see that. They are going to say look at Mr. Tate. The remains hadn’t even been identified and he KNEW it was Caylee without a doubt. How else would he know that if he wasn’t the person that placed her there….I could see that, lol.

  21. Again, even if they have evidence that somebody else put Caylee in the woods, that doesn’t mean Casey didn’t do it. I guess they think we are all stupid.

  22. Maybe this guy is one of Casey’s ex lovers that no one knew about until she decided to tell Bozo about it after seeing him on the news.. And since he knew it was Caylee, he HAD to be the one who put her there.. Casey had just forgotten about that one, until seeing him on TV.. He’s mad because she broke up with him, and he’s trying to get revenge because she’s such a WUNDERFUL CATCH ya know.. He just couldn’t stand the thoughts of living without her, and figured that if he couldn’t have her, no one else can.. So instead of killing Casey, (because he loved her with all of his heart and soul) he killed Caylee and framed Casey so that she’d spend the rest of her life in Jail, and unable to have a relationship with another man.. Problem solved.. *ROFLMAO*.. Nothing would suprise me with this buncha nuts anymore.. Of course I’m just kidding about the whole scenario, but stranger things have happened with these idiots.. And I’m sure we haven’t seen the worst of it yet.. *L*

  23. Gig the funny thing is with all Casey’s CLUES,(Holt, close to home, north) they were all directed to the Anthony family. Ergo, if the body was placed there, it was done at behest of Cindy, George or Lee. Idiots- all of them

  24. And I swear those breastacles on that woman from the link I posted above aren’t the same ones that’s on the woman that I saw on the myspace page today.. NO WAY.. *L*

  25. Exactly Deb. Didn’t Cindy say she sent D. Casey out there? Whoever instructed him to go out there when he was poking around with that metal probe, knew Caylee was out there.

  26. Gig, Cindy said she sent someone there ‘to walk that area’. She said it to a cop after the remains were found. She also said the Winnie the Pooh blanket was missing too. I believe she’s recanted on both. It won’t do much good since it was said to LE.

  27. ecdeb…Mr. Baez, why did you allow your client to go on record to completely confess she and only she put Caylee’s body exactly where it was found? She insisted to lee her computer pass word is timer55(55 days between caylee’s death and birth day). She told her mother she was close to home. She said she dropped her off at Sawgrass between 9:00 and 1:00 with Zenaeda Gonzalez(Zenaida address 4709 and Gonzalez adress 4701 Hopespring dr., the two properties next to caylee’s remains). She told lee to look to places they’re familiar with to the north(the body was exactly north of their house). When she told Lee that Caylee was “close to holt” she was referring to those woods. I originally assumed the pond had always existed and theorized she was giving the clue to Lee of HOLT(hidden oaks Lake trail). I posted this to Humble three days before D. Casey and Hoover searched holt which means the woods or lair of a fox. There is a picture on Casey’s photobucket of a baby sitting in the woods next to a fox. She placed Caylee on the lot, if you google Caylee’s birthday 8/4/06, you will get the address 8406 suburban drive. She googled “lost numbers” along with chloroform etc.(the highly acclaimed 18th episode of Lost, exploring relatinships of numbers). Casey put a lot into this and on her photobucket she claimed she would soon be famous. I think all these admissions through code have guaranteed a conviction of premeditated murder. I have no reasonable dought of her guilt. AS I said, if the body stayed there the whole time or not will not change these facts. Refer to post 4 pages back today 06:54. Thanks.

  28. Also remember Caylee’s memorial was not for Caylee, but was a Cindy’s production. For Cindy’s production this church allowed her to exclude people from a home of Gods that ALL should be allowed. Especially those that had been in Caylee’s life and loved her. I don’t think it is right to exclude anyone from a public memorial. But, especially the Grunds and Amy that Caylee knew and had been around and I am sure loved…we know they all loved Caylee…this is shameful. Even more shameful to have their pictures kept at the front doors like if they were wanted people.

  29. I hope G&C had something to do with moving Caylee (although I think Casey put her in the woods), so they can spend some quality time with Casey behind bars.

  30. I would love to see some other smoking gun with her finger prints…I think that would be nice. But, I really believe with everything we have seen they have enough to win a conviction on the top count. I know a lot of people talk about no direct evidence, but most cases don’t have that. But, most case also don’t have nearly as much very very strong circumstanial evidence as they do in this case, imo.
    Not that I won’t sit and pray they do find her guilty of the top count…can’t ever think anything is going to be easy. But, I do have complete confindence in what LE/FBI did and the state…they will win and Caylee will have her justice.

  31. Steph, I luv your thinking. Yes they will.

    3 things I want to know –

    Who was the mystery young man who joined the A’s for Sindy’s yummy chili on Caylee’s B-day? And oops, G&C almost forgot about him being there??

    Did WF leave prints on the duct tape?

    Is Geo the baby daddy?

    Haunts me….

  32. Mikka, the trunk is the glue that holds this case together in pointing to Casey. That’s why the defense would have idiots believe it’s ‘junk science’. They just can’t get past it. It’s like the missing link. (just like Bozo is Darwin’s missing link)

  33. gigs…Lee and Casey’s high five. I think Casey’s reaction the day Kronk found the remains had little to do with Caylee but her astonishment and anger the body was still there. And she is snubbing Cindy and Lee now.

  34. Well guys/gals, I must go, again.. I feel like a bad case of the squirts anymore.. All I get to do is run run run.. *LOL* I have to go pick my daughter up from work.. Hubby was supposed to but I guess I really did knock him into next month, because I can’t get him on his cell phone.. Hopefully I’ll get to come back here when I get home.. Talk to you all then.. I HOPE.. *HUGS*

  35. Poor Caylee was down to bare bare bones. Doesn’t that pretty much prove she had been there all along? I think that is why all the “searchers” missed her, there was nothing left of the poor lil thing.

  36. As much as I am anxious to hear a date set for the fraud trial…I am just as anxious to hear one the motions from the state for the defense to put up or shut up….I really don’t think whatever they have they found in the discover.

  37. Suzie…Very True, plus the vegetation growing through her bones that were there.

    I don’t know who the mystery man is.
    We are not sure yet if there are finger prints on Casey’s on the duct tape.
    It depends on who you ask if George is the father. They tested Lee and he is not. Many think George is the father and many think he is not. But we don’t know. I am not positive but I think the paternity is under seal. If they know who it is and has nothing to do with this case…our nosy butts will never know.

  38. It would also be sealed if they know who it is and he has nothing to do with this case…if he doesn’t want it out there. Can you imagine the media blitz he would have at his home??

    My nosy butt wants to know too

  39. I think if George were the father, surely he would have disappeared by now (of course in that warped family it could be a source of pride) but I do believe from the bottom of my toes that George is a pervert.
    I do think we’ll find there will be fingerprints on the tape. If not, I think Casey’s hair will be on it.

  40. The way these characters play, every body on the planet has something to do with this case. They don’t care who you are, they slander ya!! I would think Bozo and team would love to blame the daddy. 🙂

  41. I totally think they would love to blame the daddy…the closest they got to that was Jesse. Of course being under seal doesn’t mean they don’t get it or do they??

  42. Yeh Deb Geo definitely has the look of a perv. Maybe the “Oh now I get it moment” will be George was getting to close to Caylee? Ick

  43. maybe the comment to george about acting like a father and not a cop. And georges comment about living a lie is the truth in a backwards sorta way

  44. I’m not sure nanna. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was George. It is definitely somebody that would cause great embarassment to the Anthony’s. Cindy boldly proclaimed that we would never know who it is.

  45. GM Everyone

    Gigs…We all know I don’t think Goerge is the father. But, I do think this family is very sick and wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be.

    Nanna…I do hope you are right and we do find out one day…Tomorrow would be good. 😉

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