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Chit Chat


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  1. I’ve been in and out all day. Just checked in here and, voila, I’m first. Watched about 20 old videos beginning last July 2008. Absolutely fascinating knowing what we do now. Especially Cindy’s ridiculous comments along with George’s temper tantrums.

  2. Hey mikka. Only have a short time. All of our friends who have a birthday this month are going out for a Virgo birthday dinner tonight. It’s a rainy weekend here in Sarasota (we love it for a change), so I am planning on watching as many of Humble’s videos as I can.

  3. I’m well, mikka. Had a fun, busy week, but am always lurking in between. Didn’t have much time to post. It is difficult to keep up with you all when we miss just one day.

  4. I read Joy Wray’s interview with LE today. I cannot see that she would be much use to the defense. She was a bit iffy about whether there was water near the site or not. Also, she went out searching alone most of the time, no witness that she did. If I read correctly, she has a child abuse accusation against her earlier. One of the things she said that I found outstanding was that George had brainwashed her into believing about Zenaida.

  5. Hello Filipa. Sorry I can’t stay but for a few more minutes. Have to get ready to go out to dinner. But, I will come back in when we get home. I’ll go easy on the martini’s.

  6. See murders here are very oldfasion regarding M.O.
    just plain “get a knive and ripp him off”, nothing sophisticated like there!
    no Zenaidas, no chloroform, NOTHING!!!

  7. Has anybody actually called G&C to help search for anybody, or do they just show up uninvited (not to actually search, but just to have their faces on camera)? I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that question.

  8. gig
    I think like I said above, that message wasnt for missing kids next of kin…
    IT WAS FOR US!!(like,hope it happens to you, and I’ll be there laughing suck ers!!!)I mean.”helping”

  9. Hey gig
    I think you got that right.They would def be the last on my list.NORMAL peeps dont mind dealing with LE when they have nothing to hide…

  10. I really would have liked to hear the attorney on Prime News now on Friday after the hearing. I would have liked to hear what she thought of the judge.

  11. Eyes…I don’t even want to talk about the stupid dresser, grrrrrrrr
    But, enjoy dinner…I am going to see if Larry will be home to take me out to dinner

  12. Folks
    you know what was hilarious the most??
    when during the dep George said to Mitnik:
    “I would apprecciate you not showing me the finger, again!”
    (even my daughters heard me laughting and came over, cause I was almost roflol with Mitniks answer!!!)

    they did NOT believe it was about a murder case!!

  13. Eyes…between their suit depos and LE/FBI interviews I think it will be okay.

    Fipila…that was hillarious. I really like Mitnik and his attitude.

  14. STEPH
    in the utube link u posted, there’ one named “george A has no respect, that contains thet little bit, CAN YOU POST IT PLEASE???for all to see?

  15. Do you hear the dr on the tv…she has high hopes for Jaycee and her girls. From what she has seen with the family and how they are handling things…they are doing everything right

  16. Steph
    I said before i feel bad for zenida but the bigger fish IS the fraud.I know that was your secret wish all along also…to get that to trial before the murder trial starts.

  17. Eoar
    One of my guys went out with kidney stones for about two weeks.It was such a relief having him back i bought everyone breakfast burritos the day he returned.

  18. steph
    I wrote the link down ENTIRELY and when ported came out underlined and ready!! i could not find link address in this case…and the depo is too long!

  19. So i am not sure if you guys know this, but my mom lives two doors down. She is here.. well lets just say often… I know when she is gone, I will miss her. But man right now, she is driving me crazy. I haven’t figured out if I moved here to babysit them, or if they are babysitting me. I have my own garbage people, security detail, chef, And even brings in my mail. in exchange I am the taxi, and keep up the yard work.
    sorry not sure where that all fits in, Just venting.

  20. Eoar…I could see where you would go nuts I probably would too, but appreciate it. I live 12 hours from mine and only get to see her once a year.

  21. well give me directions steph, and MOM will visit YOU!!! LOL. True Mom story….
    she has a computer. No internet. She calls me down there at least once a week, to “fix it”. And she is thinking of the internet. right now she just plays solitere. Can’t even imagine what kind of trouble she would find on the good ole www lol

  22. Filipa…when you go up to this page here in the address bar where it says http://www and so on…click it and it will highlight. Then right click on your mouse and a box will open. Click on copy in that box and go to where you want to put it. Say the comment box and put your cursor in the box like you are going to write a comment. Right click again and the box opens…click on paste in the box and there you go.

  23. well eyes, I haven’t come across that problem yet!! But i can tell you my ex has been here a couple of times, and as soon as the car pulls up, shes down here QUICKLY!!!

  24. Eoar…lol
    My mom sometimes does drive me a little crazy with looking things up on the internet. Usually it doesn’t bother me at all. But some days she has this long list for me to look up, lol.

  25. How long does it take to go from pending to stationary.
    They didnt even have this for the hearing!!

    FRI, September 12, 2008 – Private Investigator Dominic Casey, D & A Investigations claims Casey Anthony signed a contract including a confidentiality agreement (Letter of Engagement) for his services – “to investigate the circumstance surrounding the disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony,” [Note: confirmation of this signed contract is pending]

  26. Eyes…I think it is still pending for him to turn a copy over to Morgan and Morgan.
    This is something that still just makes me crazy in the head…this confidentiality thing is insane.

  27. eye
    that statment on the financial agreement with Baez so & so is on the “dominic Casey declaration to the FL-Bar” and then Bozo did NOT PAY HIM, said “thought you were working pro bono!!”and Casey got furious

  28. Filipa…Also, you can only post one at a time on your posts or they go into moderation.
    BTW…it is bad words that you are not allowed to say. I saw you ask on the other blog. At least I think it is bad words. Many have their own way of saying them like biotch and so on. But the _ bomb I believe we are not supposed to use in any form, but not postivie.

  29. Steph
    Yeah kinda makes cover your azz take on a whole new meaning.But in any case he didnt have it then and doesnt have it now…where is it if it exists?

  30. I dont think its just bad words though.I posted some german stuff for mikka and a portugese salutation for filipa and they went to moderation.

  31. I’m short hauled now cause my 6 year old is insulin dependent, ANd too litlle to shot herself..
    just Europe, and try not too stay out long

  32. I think it is wordpress again…I couldn’t post earlier if I had a link…It wouldn’t go into moderation. It would just disappear, lol.

  33. NO I guess you don’t have a choice. i guess your doing what any of us would do for their children. and sometimes money isn’t always a good reason for us to do the jobs we do. (although its the only reason i do my job) LOL

  34. Filipa
    Be carefull what you put out on any site…lurkers who arnt part of this group can gleen info and make your life miserable.People have had to shut down their page because of this.

    But you are very pretty!!

  35. Filipa
    Kind of.Its people that snoop and watch others conversations.Sometimes they post evil stuff and start trouble.We ignore them.You will know when one stops by.But they gather info also for later mischief

  36. sorry all…Larry turned on a movie and it is pretty funny, lol.

    Filipa…You would think I was a computer geek with sitting on two computers half the time. But, I really am far from a computer geek. I like listening to things and my email on my desktop. Blog on the laptop and always googling something on both, lol.

  37. Hi East…Do you remember or happen to have the link Humble posted where they interview a woman that said she searched the area where Caylee was found…this interview was the day the remains were found.

  38. Aw that’s too bad Eoar. I was hoping when your test came back on a positive note, you’d be feeling better. Maybe you shouldn’t be working yet? (I know easier said than done)

  39. I don’t think so Eoar…they were all talking about this person this morning and it wasn’t joy…at least I don’t think so because we were talking about her too. I remember her going out there and saying she looked and then played a video tape saying her dog wanted to go there…it looked like the dog wanted to get back in the a/c car, lol. But, I would think they would remember a physic. Gig said he thought it was a women.

  40. not sure then Steph, dare I say it… but i didn’t read all of the posts to get caught up. sorry

    And that dog did want back in the a/c and a drink

  41. Hi Gig 😆
    Steph I remember something about Gale St. John and her dog being hesitant to go into the woods, but I think that was in August.

  42. There was at one time some controversy about that dog even being fully trained to search. And alot more controversy over her finances for searches.

  43. Hi Humble…maybe it was Gail the physic. Did they interview her on the day Caylee’s remains were found and she said she searched that area??

  44. By the way, Gail is from this area, I’ve never heard of her before this case. And where is she now, we have a girl missing around here wonder what kind of vibes her or her dog is getting

  45. Here is Gale on

    Gale St. John said she had a vision of a place in Orlando near a lake, surrounded by trees and wildflowers. That is where she believes Caylee Anthony can be found, but not alive.

    “It’s just a feeling that we have. We don’t like to talk about it because it hurts us,” Gale St. John said.

    St. John was the star of a planned cable TV show, The Body Hunter, and now she has a team searching an area near Lake Conway with cadaver dogs. Gale said that she was not just doing it for TV, she was also asking for donations on her website.

    Since the low budget show has not debuted yet, St. John said donations were the only way she could afford to travel.

    “Geez, I wish I wasn’t losing my house right now. So if I’m making a profit somehow, it’s not doing me a lot of good,” she said.

    St. John has not promised anything, but said she had something to offer.

    “Can we be wrong? Yes, but we’re doing more than sitting around talking about someone missing,” said St. John.

  46. Let me go get a description of this person from the last blog..I didn’t even think about the physic. They did say Humble had a link to her interview the day the remains were found.

  47. Hi Humble 😆
    Eoar, you’re right. I heard several times that Gale’s dogs were ill equipped as cadaver dogs and had no idea what they were doing.

  48. It was a few months ago Humble. I think G&C showed up at a vigil and Ron said he didn’t want their help. Later on, I believe he released a statement, urging everyone to help find Haleigh and clearly stating that G&C’s help is not wanted.

  49. Humble…The conversation I had either in my sleep or here on the blog…I thought they said the interview was done with this person the day they found Caylee’s remains. I thought after she was found Gail went on to show her video and how she searched the area. But, I don’t know this is who they are talking about. But, they all said you posted the link.

  50. Gig I think it was shortly before they went to Crystal’s vigil. It was a ‘tit for tat’ thing and was soon after Ron blasted them. I think they went to Crystal’s to save face.

  51. I think George was having a beer the first time he went out there…the second time is when Ronald wanted him to leave. Did Haleigh just have a bd recently. I am thinking it might have been that.

  52. ECD, that is from May! thanks! I just thought their hearts were set on looking for MISSING CHILDREN! Guess that wasn’t what was going on! Nor have they looked for any of the other kids in FL that are missing! They go to race tracks and walks for sympathy, they are big celebrities now!

  53. Yes I remember that Humble…But that was the first time they went down. George made a slip and said Caylee’s name instead of Haleigh…

  54. Shame on her Steph! i hope someone sent her to her room! 😉

    Chester was good! He came back numerous times! There was another one that people were very suspecious of! Wrote a big old long post, with posts from this board…..other people’s posts!

  55. G&C couldn’t find hay in a haystack, what makes them think anybody would want them to search for a missing child? Searching is actually hard work, which is something else G&C are allergic to.

  56. LMAO Gig They have got to be the most useless purposeless people on the face of the earth. 😆
    Nanna, who sent you to your room. 😡

  57. Nanna…when you were smirken today did you see the conversation when we were talking about a witness the defense might have saying they searched the spot. Even though we were talking about Joy…I didn’t think they were talking about her. They said the person did an interview the day the remains were found…did I dream this, lol.

  58. Steph.. I don’t remember.. maybe it was a mere… sometimes they are like real.. just don’t be disappointed if you wake up..

  59. I want to see them put a lot more pressure on Misty and Ronald. I don’t think they had anything to do with what happened to Haleigh, but I think they know something that could help bring her home.

  60. I agree Steph. I don’t think they harmed her that night other than through neglect. Misty knows something and Ron knows she knows it. It must lead back to drugs if they are both keeping quiet.

  61. East…They need to throw them both in a cell and let them sit until they talk.

    Nanna…how cold does it get there in the winter and fall?

  62. she has been down here 4-5 times today, eachtime asking me what time to see it. I just found her out there. She has an hour to go before it is visable!!!!

  63. Yep ol Casey’s on her way home to check the myspace page for clues (and flirt with guys), talk to tracy about the howard stern show, and look at pics of herself! What a day she must have had! Good lord can we get this case over with soon??

  64. I could literally scream my head off when Cindy says Casey was sending clues. What the h*ll did anyone need clues for when Casey had the freaken FACTS.

  65. IF someone were laying on the ground with a knife sticking out of their chest, I doubt very much people would need to wait for CLUES to call an ambulance. What idiots.

  66. Because they were being video taped…she wasn’t going to give the facts to LE when interviewed, she certainly wasn’t going to on the jail videos.

  67. Stephanie, It was a guy that a news station interviewed the day Caylee’s body was found. He had been on one of the search teams. I remember someone posting the link here but I have no clue how to find it.

  68. LMAO Eoar. The funny thing is that if we gave clues as to where an injured person was, we’d be arrested pronto. Casey knows her child is dead and is supported by the family morons in keeping her in a watery grave so that they can play CLUE

  69. East…whenever we need an ambulance we play the hot and cold game instead of giving them our address, lol. J/K.
    I know you don’t give clues but they were all working against the LE…they were not going to give them facts that would put Casey away. If this was the case Cindy and George would have called LE right away. Or when Cindy first called 911 Casey would have come clean and since she didn’t Cindy should have told them the truth right there.

  70. LOL Steph. Well they should have just continued lying. What did they expect to accomplish by suggesting ‘clues’. Enough with the cloak and dagger horse crap. They are idiots who thought they were coming off as clever.

  71. Okay…I am not sure if Dennis Martin was part of the search or just worked with Nejame and Tim…Now I think he might be the cowboy…or maybe not, lol.

  72. Me too Eoar…so I am not sure if he was the one…thinking maybe not. I couldn’t see him saying they did when Tim said they didn’t. But, maybe he was just there to help and is a nut like Joy. I am going to check youtube real quick with his name

  73. steph thanks,i think she is lying,i read her interview with L.E and she said she feel brainwashed from geo,geo make her believe zanny-nanny excist!

  74. Steph, I don’t think you will find much on this guy. I don’t think he’s a major player, but one of the peoplet that came out to search.

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