RECAP: Another picture of Casey with Lee

Lee escorting the Casey!  Not long after the high-five! (Notice Kathi Belich in the yellow shirt!)  You can tell Casey LOVES the attention!  I wonder if she realizes that murderers are not celebrities!

Tomorrow I will put the results of the cast members, don’t forget to pick the cast


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  1. It wouldn’t prevent Casey from being prosecuted. I am not positive exactly how it works. But, if they use Casey’s mental state I believe they have to then prove she was insane…the defense does. I don’t think they are taking that route at all. But, during sentencing they will use her menatal state and her dyfunctional home to get LWOP over the DP.

    Hi Mama…Thank you

  2. Steph – When I think of a person who is so mentally ill that they are not criminally responsible, the guy up here that mutilated the fellow passenger on a greyhound bus.. Now HE was so mentally ill that he could not be found criminally responsible, however society requires protection, as he would (unmedicated) be at risk to do something similar again.

  3. As Livid pointing out yesterday…this public defender seems much more competent than Baez…by a loooooong shot. Casey should have stuck with her and she would have been better off.

  4. Hi Eye and Steph, Seems like the judge in the video thought she had a problem didn’t he. And it strange that she says she would take a public defender and they talk about setting that up for her and bam she is with Baez. Wonder why she changed her mind. At first george didn’t even like Baez but I guess that has all changed now.

  5. In this pic, KC is probably thinking:

    “good Lord, If I knew this would work out so well,I could just as well shot my parents in the head, and got a HOLE IN ONE!!!
    – celebrity status
    – Europe & Middle East news coverage
    – A f… new house, to be happily bymyself ever after!!!”

  6. I know Colhere, but many defense attorneys like to throw out there that their client was mentally ill…that they couldn’t appreciate the severity of their actions and blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong I do believe there are probably many people in prison that should be in a mental hospital. But, when they use certain dyfunctions or client being drugged up…IMO, they are still responsible. Everyone has some kind of dysfunction…at east I believe this, lol. In other words we all have issues.

    I don’t see them heading down this road because they are still saying Casey didn’t do it. To take this road they would have to have their client admit she did it first…that isn’t going to happen, imo.

  7. Colhere…there was a 19-20 yr old kid her convicted recently. I am not saying he was innocent, but he had many many mental issues and records of it. Not sick enough to be put in the hospital, but too sick not to be watched all the time. I have to say I feel bad that he was found guilty of murder and not put into a mental hospital where I think he belongs.

  8. you recall Casey said she dropped Caylee off at Sawgrass between 6:00 and 9;00? Those are the last digits of Zenaeda and Gonzalez addressers.

  9. Well i also have to go,need to get motivated its still overcast here, makes me want to go back to bed.See ya all later!

    Bye Steph have a fun visit with your offspring!

  10. I think they’ll always try the “mental issue”..
    Garrido was preaching like a loonie also, yet, carefull and “rational” enough to hide what was in the backyard and running a printing business…

    See, real “loonies” are NOT “selective” in this manner

  11. All of the clues Casey gave reveals that only she put the body at that location. If it stayed there or did not does not change that fact….anybody!

  12. Filipa, I don’t think I was here when everyone was talking about it. At one point, the Judge talks about Casey being evaluated for Baker Act criteria. then we were jumping to joy wray, she has been Baker Acted also. Joy Wray was the one who says she searched for Caylee, with TES (tim miller). Her statements are kinds of out there.

    I hope that helps to answer your questions

  13. Filipa…I am not positive, but I think it was when we were talking about Joy. Don’t quote me on that I have been on the phone while blogging so I could be wrong.

  14. George is ridiculous…
    his morals are from Lillyput and his perception from Disneyland!!!

    Who on earth wouls choose pizza for last meal?? (probably cause it was free)
    whose man, asks his wife for house + alimony?
    rides throught town with that huge “thingie” when one everyone knows your daughter is a sociopat/murder?

    …and ends up praysing Cindy for being “so strong”???

    I’ll take all the answers

  15. Eoar
    the answer for your question is probably “chloroform” “neck breaking” I would put them in the backyard with the pool on top, if I got KC’s mind right..


    I read an article where a defense att. (Richard Hornsby) said that” IF the key person/proof, that Baez says proves KC’s innocence comes from the doc’s the prosecution released…they have all the right to keep it to themselves”

  17. I think I can Filipa. If I understand it right, this attorney is saying, if the evidence is within documents that the prosecution already has, the defense doesn’t have to reveal what they will use as evidence. I’m sure they’d argue that they shouldn’t have to tip their hand about what their strategy is. I honestly believe their “substantial evidence” will amount to nothing. They probably have one searcher that will say they were in the spot where Caylee’s remains were found, and saw nothing.

  18. Filipa, I also think the defense’s evidence is worthless, because if it were so “substantial,” then why not reveal it to get Casey set free? Why withhold it and let Casey sit in jail?

  19. Gig,sure they do not have it..
    but under the above premise,if true,he’ll go “well. I cant say who!”

    ..and this will probably leave whoever they’re “buying” to speak for the defense,in peace until trial!!!

  20. Quote from George…”There’s some individuals out there that they think, ‘this will never happen to me. I don’t have to worry about it,'” Anthony said. “But when it does, we’re going to be there to help them.”

    Okay, first of all….help them with what??!! G&C aren’t qualified to help anybody with a missing child or a dead child. They waited 31 days before they called anybody about Caylee. They compounded the problem by lying and covering for Casey. Secondly, what is with “we’re going to be there to help them…” It’s as if he is saying, whether they like it or not, G&C will show up. What if they don’t want G&C’s help? I still don’t ever recall seeing any report about G&C actually looking for anybody missing yet. Isn’t that what their fraudation is supposed to do?

  21. I am so sick of G&C.. they are unemployed freeloaders.. have nothing else to do to attract the media..How can anyone put up with them.. gag

  22. Gig
    you know, my impression from what those idiots said is for us to read “see, we’re good people!we’re not resentful!despite the fact everyone is blaming us for the sit.and mistreating us,we speak the language of love, we praise the Lord. And are here for missing persons relatives when needed”

  23. so religios are PI’s values that in the statment he released…forgot to mention “praying”
    (declaration of Dominic Casey to the Florida bar)

  24. Hello Everyone…I feel like I am nit picking, but you know what phrase bothered me in that statement??

    “There’s some individuals out there that they think, ‘this will never happen to me. I don’t have to worry about it,'” Anthony said. “But when it does, we’re going to be there to help them.”

    This might be small, but wouldn’t a person say normally say…We didn’t think it would happen to us either…nobody every thinks it will happen to them. Or I pray it doesn’t happen to you, but if so we will be there or something like this.
    It almost sounds like I can’t wait until it happens to you so you can feel like we do…and we WILL be there whether you like it or not.
    Lets see many people that have been there…last people they wanted there with them was Cindy and George.

    I hope I made sense there…good nap with no coffee yet, lol.

  25. Gig
    that wasnt a message for missing ppl relatives…
    IN REALITY IT WAS FOR US!!!(you suck…..who blog about the truth, and have relatives and family, that “might”go missing one day!!!

  26. they are trying to pretend their WF didn’t do what she did.. trying to show there is doubt ..they are so pathetic & desperate.. what are they gonna do after WF is convicted? I don’t think they will do anything to help anyone… they are too selfish..

  27. Hi steph! Little Adji Desir is still missing G&C. I don’t see you out looking for him, or offering to help his family. Me thinks it’s because Adji is getting little media attention. That, and AMW has been involved…G&C are allergic to legitimate missing children organizations.

  28. It didn’t happen to G&C.. Caylee was murdered by their daughter.. she didn’t disappear..

    Filipa wf=Whore Face casey
    Hi steph and Gig..

  29. There is no way for them to claim disability is there?? There are many people that lose loved ones out there that have no choice but to go back to work…if they want to come a roof over their head.

  30. You are right Nanna…Caylee wasn’t taken by a stranger. Caylee’s murder was premeditated by their daughter. I wish I could find what Jennifer Keese’s mom’s statement about these people.

  31. Now that “a job” means nothing to them…gotta make it somehow!!!
    so, after the conviction, and to keep things going, I predict KC marryin g in jail (the book deal must be very atractive for her fiancee!!!)

  32. What disability are those two going to claim steph? “Mental anguish” is not a disability. You never get over the loss of a child. You grieve and keep on living your life the best you can…which includes going back to work. G&C are just con artists and deadbeats. Even the neighbors said George couldn’t (wouldn’t) keep a job.

  33. Jennifer k’s mom said “Please DO NOT pay one cent for this reported upcoming movie. This is the most bizarre of all missing person’s cases. The multitude of lies, mistruths etc is insulting to those of us with missing children, who do everything we can to find our children. Our daughter, Jennifer Kesse, age 24, abducted on January 24, 2006 from Orlando, with the Orlando Police Dept. as lead investigators, remains missing. This case will ultimately desensitize our communities when the next child goes missing due to this families actions or shall I say, lack of pro-activeness.”

  34. This is not what I was looking for, but it is from Joyce Keese.

    In related news, Jennifer’s mother, Joyce Kesse, has allegedly signed a petition that was started to stop the Anthony family from profiting from an alleged movie deal. The message that is attributed to Joyce reads in part:

    “Please DO NOT pay one cent for this reported upcoming movie. This is the most bizarre of all missing person’s cases. The multitude of lies, mistruths etc is insulting to those of us with missing children, who do everything we can to find our children. Our daughter, Jennifer Kesse, age 24, abducted on January 24, 2006 from Orlando, with the Orlando Police Dept. as lead investigators, remains missing. This case will ultimately desensitize our communities when the next child goes missing due to this families actions or shall I say, lack of pro-activeness.”

  35. Steph
    that’s exactly what they mean by that!
    “cant wait till it happens to u!! and then we’ll be there! (to say to you in a low voice; here u have it suck…!!)andhelp in anyn way possible!

  36. I know Gigs…but scam artists always find a way. I am sure they are getting lots of donations. Probably from elderly people that think they are giving to a organization that are helping people. They are probably using the little money they get from ss. But, do you think that is enough for them to continue to pay mortage/utilities along with a couple house payments. It might be, but if not I am wondering how they are scamming the rest to be able to do NOTHING they way they are?

  37. Didn’t they get an advance on a book deal Steph? If they did, they are probably living off that as well. I don’t see them getting enough donations to allow them to be total deadbeats. I’m sure entities that want their story are probably bankrolling their life of leisure.

  38. Dear George
    To kill a daughter????I HAD A MOTIVE TOO!
    Do you know how many times I watched “Cheeta Girls,the movie”??????

  39. We have a neighbor down the street on ss disability. I know the family real well and there is NO WAY she should be on this. I dont’ understand how she pulled it off and no she has no physical disabilities. She is a spoiled 50 some brat, but nothing real mental…she is also very narcissistic. But, seriously I don’t know how she was able to do this.

  40. Steph
    like we were talking on top of blog..
    think the Baez “proof” is hot new OR recycled from the doc’s dump and to be kept secret??

  41. I don’t know if they got an advance…I thought everyone is saying they didn’t make a book deal with them. Of course I know many companies will lie about this. I think there is still a movie deal out there somewhere we just don’t know it.
    I also wonder if Baez has deals going on out there we don’t know about.

  42. Filipa…I think Gigs is right they probably have one searcher out there that will say they searched there…It is new and will have to show.
    But, I also think if it isn’t Joy that they have it will be someone like this…someone for 15 mins of fame that called the defense. There are many crazies out there that the defense doesn’t even have to search for. I don’t think it will be a problem. Like gigs I think what they have is worthless

  43. there is a girl i worked with until she went out on SSD.. only 43.. claims to have headaches.. I don’t believe her.. also disability retirement which is she is getting about 100%..

  44. Regarding the photo at the top, to me…that posture is more expected from a girlfriend and boyfriend, not sister and brother. Lee and Casey’s relationship has a creepy and inappropriate feel to it.

  45. Steph
    in Dom’s Caseys statement to Fl bar, he states the terms of financial ageement with Baez…AND THEN when the time came to collect, Baez answewred ” What? I thought you were doing this pro-bono!!” and the other got furious…

  46. Filipa…I don’t think that is the case here in the states with cancer.

    Nanna…I hate when people do that. I have known the girl down the street for almost 20 yrs. Never liked to work and was spoiled by her parents and still is by her mom. She is going non-stop running around doing whatever she wants…NO disabilities. That is why I was wondering if they could have pulled it off somehow.

  47. when Casey meet’s someone, she goes “he’s the key to my house/car!”
    when Baez meets anyone, he goes:”here’s the confidentiality contract”

  48. Nanna…I should shouldn’t I it makes me so mad, it is just so wrong…It is just wrong and people like this know how to work the system. The last job she had she got workman’s comp for 1-2 yrs. She worked there for maybe a month and had carpel tunnel…She hadn’t worked in about 3 yrs before this.
    I could see George doing this kind of stuff…I can see it with Cindy now, but she seemed to work steady before this. But, George went from job to job so I can see him pulling scams like this.
    So many things or situations or shows make me think about this case all the time.

  49. Humble has a link they were talking about this morning about someone that said they searched that area and Caylee wasn’t there…I believe they said this the day Caylee was found. I either don’t remember or missed this interview.

  50. I think it means you need to make sure you have plenty of really good chocolate sweets so you can sit and veg on them while it rains…At least that is what I like to do, lol.

  51. Gigs…I thought Keith Williams that found the bag also said that, but they said it was someone different. Are you thinking of him or someone else. They said one of the stations filmed his interview and Humble had the link on the blog.

    I kind of feel sorry for Joy…she is so young and so very off…at least it sounds like it in her interview.

  52. WHY these Anthony’s continue making statments to the press??cant they shut up?
    since theyr demeanour is as descreet as Lady Gaga…I would rather digg my face into a hole and try to disapear!!!!
    I just can’t get it!!

  53. Filipa, I think G&C, especially Cindy, likes the attention. They think they are celebrities, but all they are is infamous. They also have to remain in the public eye to scam for their fraudation.

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