RECAP: Cindyisms!

Here are some Cindyism that were said from July -September 2008!  Of course these are not all of them!

~If Casey cannot trust the authorities with the truth then the people have to find Caylee so that we can sort the truth out after Caylee has been found.

~There was a bag of pizza for, what, 12 days in the back of the car, full of maggots. It stunk so bad. You know how hot it’s been. That smell was terrible.

~She’s leading me to a place, but she’s not telling me to the right exact location to which apartment it is because she’s afraid, if someone walks in, that something may happen to Caylee.

~My daughter may have some mistruths out there, or half-truths, but she’s not a murderer.

~Get off your arses and look for my granddaughter. I don’t care if this is on the news or what. She’s out there.

~We’ve all made mistakes. But right now, she’s not making a mistake. She’s protecting her child. And no one can say or second-guess what you’re going to do to protect your child when you fear for their safety.

~Here is what she says about the media in one breath:  I’m going to do whatever it takes to take advantage of the media, and if it continues to drag our family through the mud and whatever, as long as Caylee’s picture is out there every day and that picture gets ingrained on everybody’s brain and they look — as long as they don’t give up, she’s coming home. She might come home this afternoon. She may come home tomorrow. I hope she’s home by Saturday. If she’s not, you know what? I’m not giving up just because her birthday’s Saturday.


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  1. GM all, its amazing all the energy Cindy expended in those few shorts months. One come to Jesus talk with Casey could have resolved all of this on July 15th. What a waste…a total waste….

  2. What also amazes me, Cindy has the nursing degree, and we have to take several psych courses to be licensed etc. Yet, Lee is the one presenting scenarios to Casey regarding what will happen when the police arrive. Cindy can just yell, very ineffective, I figured tht out with my kids long ago…whisper and they listen, yell and they go on automatic ignore and defensive mode.

  3. I was over reading about the latest motion from M&M on Sept. 11. I didn’t know about that. I got caught up reading the entire part 2 of Dominic Casey’s interview with LE. Boy, that guy is a sleeze ball. Every time he answered their question with a repeat of that question, I had to laugh. That is such an absolute tell tale that he needed time to make up his answers. It is an old trick that LE is quite aware of.

  4. I’m surprised she didn’t mention “pizza”..
    .cause this folks, on murder mode (keep pizza leftovers in trunk), on bailing daughter out (padilla said was “raining pizzas” inside the house), even on suicide mode (George last meal order…
    what’s going on??aren’t they just a bit obcessive-compulsive, maybe?

  5. It continues to amaze me that all the people attracted to the Anthony’s like magnets are similar to them in their arrogance. I do know that I can say that George must have been one lousy cop if he didn’t understand what the job of LE was in the investigation into the murder of his granddaughter. Seems like the Anthony’s priorities were elsewhere.

  6. Muesli, I was thinking yesterday of victims families, murders families. The ones that stand out from history that acted like the Anthonys on both sides of the fence, are Nicole Simpsons sister and Petersons mom. Seems like most of the others supported their child/family member, without all the face time and denial. The most gracious I thought were Dahmers parents. Its sad that a man who is obsessed with people to the point of keeping their remains with him, repeatedly felt compelled to kill, takes TOTAL responsibility for his actions and even goes to the trouble of adamantly clearing his parents etc of any wrong doing ends up dead in prison. Can anyone question this man ws extemely mentally ILL. He offered to let them do any research they wanted on his brain etc. Casey Anthony cant take any responsibility and hangs out in jail eating pork rinds and peanut butter cups in protective custody. Seems totally sideways.

  7. Good morning (afternoon) Filipa. How are things in Portugal? Eating pizza has been spoiled by the A’s. Every time I see pizza, I think of Caylee. How dare Cindy compare Caylee to the remains of pizza. For, isn’t that what she actually did?

  8. I was thinking, one of the things prosecution should do at the trial is have the jury go to the morgue and smell human decomposition, then ask them if they will ever forget that smell. You know, we all know when a skunk has been killed on the road. A smell we never forget.

  9. In Cindys world, lying, thieving, doing whatever you have to do to ” pretty up” the situation is OK. Yet, she worked and supported the whole gaggle over there. The martyr complex, which I dont believe will ever go away, just strengthen when Casey gets convicted.

  10. Musli
    here in rural portugal, it’s the same “old fashion murderes” going woman with mustache or abusive husbands!!!No Zenaida, no chloroform,hot body contest,NOTHING sophiaticated like that!!!!
    sama old boring MO’s! lol!

  11. Filipa, it was really nice, good friends, good food and two very good martini’s (with olives). Today, I shall continue reading old transcripts and watching old videos from back in July 08. It is so different reading these old docs. than it was when I originally read them. Now we can see the lies.

  12. eyespy, good morning. Yes, thanks for the link, I already read it this morning. Good move M&M. I still have to review Dominic Casey’s part 1 of the interview. Don’t know why I read part 2 first. I think Judge Rodriquez is really going to lose sleep now. He has made some major mistakes by not doing his homework and reviewing all the facts pertaining to the contempt issue.

  13. Well, I hate to sound OLD, but even the assault and battery I see at work is all motivated by greed. In many places you dont kill your child with a video game controller, becasue you are too busy working and taking care of your family, not playing video games when your child comes in from school at 3pm. Its amazing, lately these murders are sooo unnecessary. Boyfriends killing GF’s for no reason, mothers killing their children becasue they are IN THE WAY of them finding their own percieved well deserved happiness. Ive worked with people who spout that” I need to put myself first”, ” I cant be a good mother if Im not happy and complete and having MYneeds met” BS. I didnt get the privacy to enjoy my own Bowel movements for about 10 yrs raising three kids by myself. Why dont they teach parenting as a required course in highschool, so everyone knows you will ALWAYS come in second once you are a parent ( or fourth in my case lol).

  14. Musli
    on that “docstock” you’ll find the interview Dom Casey gave to the Fl bar.where he describes the terms of his deal with Baez…pretty illustrative of both characthers, and clearly shows up what thay are after!!!!

  15. musli
    check it out
    what I like the most is after the money deal, Baez (at paying time) goes “What money?thought you were doing this pro-bono!!” lol

  16. azrenee, I have to laugh at your bathroom reference. Now that my kids are grown, I still don’t have privacy in the bathroom. Dog, cats think it is an open forum. 😆 I loved being a mother, with the good, the bad and the ugly. It was a fun, wonderful time in my life. I miss it.

  17. Filipa, which link was that with the FL bar? I have only read the new motion and part 2 of Dominic’s LE interview. And I thought it would be a boring day here.

  18. Mue
    I think d.caseys lawyer is going to turn out to be the female version of bozo.Looks like she has no intention of working with the plaintiff.Will there be sanctions i wonder.This is what will happen in the murder trial, they will go back to original statements to LE and expose these liers for what they are…

  19. Azrenee
    I agree. I have a “motive” also!I ‘ve watched “cheeta girls movie” thousands of times!!!

  20. Musli
    humble passed me some doc’s that were on a thing called “docstock”. then at the side there’s “related doc’s”, that’s where I found his interview with the FL bar

  21. Thank you eyes for the updated M and M . I didnt realize that was a new one. They should make the D Casey pay half the expenses and Rodriguez pay the other half for being a dense judge.

  22. GM Everyone

    Thank you Eyes…I hadn’t seen that and I love it. I also hope Conway gets a bit of a smack down on this. He had no business being in the D Casey interview with LE…It is a COMPLETE conflict of interest being he Anthony’s attorney. Who’s interest is he going to watch out for in something like this. This has always bothered me.

    Thank you again Eyes…

  23. What is odd, as in the case of TES and Nejame, it seems to me Conway is trying to cooperate with other attorneys. Dont get me wrong, he has lied with the Anthonys etc etc, but I think he is at least smart enough to know the Anthonys are one blip on his career radar. I dont think he wants to make enemies with either the judge nor the other attorneys involved, JMO.

  24. Ha ha cheetah girls, for me it was the fraggles, I can still sing every song, Iknow the dialogue to every episode, I just thank God Barney and the teletubbies werent out when my kids were young lol.

  25. Azrenee
    I think so to.These lawyers have to work togeather at some point in the future and do not want to lose respect in there world.Dont get me wrong i feel a lot of back door deals go on all the time but the ones that dig in there stilettos and dont play nice get a bad name.

  26. Good Job Filipa and Thank you…

    AZ I would agree he doesn’t want to make enemies. But, I also seem his as having a swollen head from way back. He continued to get in front of cameras, speak for Lee when Lee has an attorney…which is a no no. But, to think he can go in and represent another person that is involved in this case is also another big no no…He had no business at all and he knew better.

  27. This states irrevocably that he discontinued service with them in september wooot!!! If this document is real, he is sooooo screwed!!!!

  28. One thing confuses me..
    IF baez did not fullfill contract expectations in the 1st place (not paying), couldn’t D Casey break it also then, and forget about the “confidentiality” part..
    If Baez did not pay me…I would start singing!

  29. You would think they would have included this in their latest motion…thanks Filipa, I sent it to Mitnik, Im becoming a nut for justice!!!

  30. Steph if you read D Caseys declaration to the bar, it clearly states he QUIT working for Baez and notified him of such. Its an easy read, very quick. Very telling.

  31. see, told you I had connections!!!
    Since my cousin BO is living at the White House (the portuguese water dog)no one’s messing with me!

  32. LOL Filipa, dont underestimate yourself. I thought this document was confidential. Im not sure how they got it. Now that its out, it could be material I would think. It looks real…even the Todd Black reference jives with the time frame.

  33. I sent it Humble, I am now officially a stalker in this case lol. I gave my email but not a phone number, Im sure they dont need it. Didnt you think this was confidential Humble?

  34. Thank you AZ…I will read now. I know he had stated publicly FOREVER he no longer worked for Baez as of Oct first and couldn’t understand how this privilege keeps getting thrown in after that. BRB going to read

  35. LMAO Filipa, whatever you got exploit it I say. See if Bo could find time to talk to the Anthony pets, because they are probably the only ones who know the WHOLE story, the truth and nothing but the truth…

  36. Seeing as you referred to yourself as a peasant, you meet MY requirement as an interesting person, small ego big heart, you can be in my lil club of people I respect. ( of course that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee, but its the thought that counts!)

  37. Seems ligical to me Filipa, but with this dang DP hanging over her head it seems common sense and the usual rules dont apply, at least according to the pompous and self invested Judge Rodriguez.

  38. I guess since D Casey just lost in some kind of big housing ivestment ( scam probably) I dont really see him having the money to pay sanctions and lawyers fees etc, but hopefully they can garner his future wages. That was an expensive piece of azzhe supposedly partook of, and all he got out of it was steak and crab puffs!!!

  39. Glad you’re all happy and that i could contribute somehow…
    “minding other ppls business” is an asset in my country!
    I’ve even listen to the horrendous song, that the Mcwoman says KC and mum were disputing as the “original Sountrak”of their lives!!

  40. Hi Humble…Did you see the motion up above on Eyes post?

    Filipa…I don’t think he could sing about all even though Baez didn’t live up to his part of the contract. I believe but not positive Casey would still have her right to the privilege because she is the defendant and Baez is her attorney. But, I don’t know for sure.

  41. I think reporting Baez to the bar may put a damper on his future client list. He will be investigating cheating spouses from now on. Then he can refer the parties to Baez for the divorce proceedings!

  42. LOL Mcwoman . I give Tracy credit staying there for all those days. Sounds like handsome Rob was her life line through it all. It will burn Casey to know Rob was so concerned about Tracy and his concern for her came in a distant second lol.

  43. It seems to get convoluted doesnt it Steph? All the chips are on her side of the table it seems. The lesson, never work for a defense attorney with ” show me the money!!”.

  44. Steph
    I often wonder how much of all the goings on casey really knows.It would seem like a 24/7 job to brief her on all the details.I think bozo tells her what he wants her to know.Hope she is enjoying her sunday breakfast of beefsticks and oatmeal today.

  45. I watched the video right after C got arrested, sitting in the interrogation room for half an hour. OMG it was torture!!We were drinking Mohitos and laughing, making bets whether she would pick at the skin on her palms, adjust her blouse over her chest or run her two fingers through her greasy hair. You must be mildly intoxicated to view that half hour of video lol.

  46. I dont understand how he can get away with not paying hisbils, or making contracts with people based on imaginary money sources. That whole thing is hinky to me.

  47. Isn’t it funny that even when it is boring and nothing is happening in the case, it is never boring here. We must continue to keep on reviewing all the information Humble has for us on the right hand side, to try to better understand where this case is today.

  48. Bye Filipa

    Humble…Baez did do it before…this is one of the reasons he couldn’t get his law liecense…unpaid bills and CHILD SUPPORT.

    Eyes…I think he tells Casey what he wants to tell her. I also think he had given her reason to believe they could beat this long ago…he wanted his trial

  49. Eye, and that not paying is what kept him from getting his attorney’s license to practice! He had to prove he was better! hahahaha, the only thing it has done is made him be a Nasty attorney who won’t pay!

    It was a memory test! 😉

  50. eyespy, do you think that Humble is doing exactly what LE said that they were doing to Dominic in the interview that they were asking questions that they already knew the answers to. It was said in Part 2 of the interview. Humble is truly testing our memories and to see if we are really paying attention.

  51. I wonder how Lyons is going to pull Macalosers azz out of the recent fire. Im sure the state carefully considered this motion, they are not motion addicted like Baez.I wonder when Lyons is going to release her 90 page affidavit of why Casey deserves leniency. How can she do this before the case is even tried?? It makes no sense to me.

  52. I’m going to leave for a half hour to get my pot roast braised and going for supper. Then I have the whole day free to have fun with you all. Please don’t type too fast. It’s getting difficult to keep catching up.

  53. Mue
    Yeah Humble would make a good lawyer…ask a question and we spill our guts!!We are like the ants that way ha ha

    Humble you are an excellent topic generator ….

  54. I think she wants the DP off the table NOW eyes, but I could be wrong. Anyone else know what this macro-document is supposed to entail?

  55. Az, Musli
    if you’re talking to Mitnic PLEASE congrat him on that “piece of conversation” during interview with George…I was LMAO

    you can check it on U tube,justfoolingaround, in a video called “George gets no respect”
    I could not believe he said that to Mitnic!!!lol

  56. Azrenee
    Well it would be a simple thing then to get the DP off the table now…..just give them the PROOF malcuso says they have…BAWHAAAAAAAAA

  57. steph,mitnik is smarter than the hole bunch of nutshead,and he have proof dcasey was lying on this day,better rodriqeuz do something now!

  58. Mikka have you seen Caseys complaint to the bar? the link is obvoe. I hadnt seen that before, but states clearly that he quit Baez Oct 1.

  59. Rodriquez is having sleepless nights now, knowing he completed fricked up that hearing. He needs to get back in the law books and quit pontificating on how wise he is. Just do your job Rodriguez!!! Referee not quarterback!!!

  60. Good morning all.. Don’t know how long I can stay.. I’m kicking a migraine around this morning.. GRRRRRR.. I saw this on another blog and thought it was neat… Copied and pasted:

    If you re-arrange the letters in her name, CASEY ANTHONY, you get “hey, a nasty con”.

    And this one was funny too.. At least the A’s and their everyday intelligence, NOT, gives us something to giggle at.. And to thank the good Lord above that he gave us a brain.. *L* Also copied and pasted:

    Okay, I have this all figured out. Zanny kidnapped the baby. In order to cover her tracks she kidnapped Jeff Hopkins, Juliette Lewis (before she made the sequel to Natural Born Killers), her sister Samantha, her mother Gloria, Jeff’s son Zack and a roomate named Raquel Farrel. Nobody has reported any of these people missing because she was so rich (to prove it she drove a Ford Focus-The preferred car of the rich and famous).Then she paid all the families and friends of these individuals to be silent and not report them missing. All to frame Casey because she is the mother of the year is the victim in this case. Wow, how come nobody else can see this?

  61. Steph
    Would this allow mitnic to ask for a new (real) judge.His incompetence really shouts out his lack of experience.The first hearing way back when he did state he was “new” to the civil courtroom remember?

  62. azrennee,how can the florida bar,let bozo go,i believe he told dcasey call him first when he find the body!but i am glad L.E have dcasey phone records!

  63. Thanks Mikka.. My having these darned things is becoming too often.. I told Doc somethings got to be done.. They drive me crazy..

    You know how the OJ trial had, “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit”.. Well, another blogger on the news site blog came up with this one.. “The duct tape is rare, send Casey to the chair”.. And they’re calling Zanny, “Zanny the Imaginanny”.. *LOL*

  64. Gatorade or power drinks sometimes help, new research seems to indicate it might be mineral deficiency in the body. Lots of people get them from food allergies and premenstrual, both effect your bodies ability to regulate mineral absorption. Sorry occupational hazard. Just an FYI.

  65. Hi Justme…Hope it gets better

    Eyes…I don’t know, I think it is still difficult to get another judge. If this judge doesn’t make D Casey answer the questions after this…I would think they could request another judge and show them the record of this judge on these proceedings.
    I personally think they would be better off requesting a new judge…I think the standards are pretty high though.
    Casey also requested a new judge didn’t she? I think she wanted Strickland out of there.

  66. folks
    is “event manager” at universal a ghlamorous job?
    Why would she invent that?? why didn’t she say she was an intern at the White House, or worked at NASA r even that she was Walt Disneys unkhnowun daughter???

  67. I agree Steph, it would be nice if Rodriguez could get dumped, but I dont see it happening. If he keeps messing with Morgan and Organ he might find himself in family court adjudicating custody battles. Im sure Morgan and Morgan wield big money and power in fla based on the size of their practive, and most of it appears to be civil cases.

  68. Filipa.. Casey as an intern at the White House?? That’s a good one.. She could be the present day Monica Lewinsky.. She’s had PLENTY of practice.. *ROFL*

  69. Just
    Thats how i get them..i wake up out of a dead sleep.At that point ive allready gone over the edge and into vomiting mode.One eyed tunnel vision, the left eye.I use imitrex injections.

  70. Mikka.. I think that these judges should pile it on fast, hard, and continuously.. May just be enough to break her, having to deal with all of this stuff at once.. I’d set court date, after court date, everyday of the week.. That would cut out her “eating, sleeping time”, and would weigh heavy on her after awhile.. *L*

  71. Hopefully has more class than that lol. Im sure she could find a senator or congressman though. Lots of skanky men in Washington DC to chose from.

  72. I agree AZ

    Mikka…I thought Casey filed a motion a long time ago requesting a new judge…I could be wrong but will see if I can find it. brb

  73. I said I’d behave, but I have to say one more thing.. My doctor thinks it’s hormonal.. Time for the change he says.. It does happen every month, right before.. All I can say is, CHANGE DARNIT.. I’m so sick and tired of suffering.. Get it over with already.. *L*

  74. Mikka
    noooooooo Strickland will not delay the check fraud trial repeat after me Strickland will not delay the check fraud trial…….

  75. Me too Mikka.. And I think these judges are being too soft on her.. My God, she’s accused of murdering her child.. Wouldn’t do for me to be a judge.. I’d say, “You didn’t do it, PROVE IT, and you have such and such time to do it, so you’d better get with it”.. To heck with all of these motions.. She should have NO RIGHTS.. If she didn’t do it, it should be easy to prove, right??

  76. Someone posted yesterday KC’s 1st hearing when she had a lawer other then Baez (a woman) by her side.
    Is that Stan trick talking to her on that video?

  77. You know its been a long time since my kids were young.I have no grandchildren YET.I am wondering if caylee was alive this christmas comming up, what type of toys are popular these days for a four year old.She seemed to have alot of things, except peers her age.Her mother had an imaginary friend, i know i did at four years old.Sorry off topic

    Justice for Caylee

  78. My Swiss neighbor always made me drink a strong espresso with a twisted piece of lemon rind. Then a dark, quiet room. But, guess it doesn’t work for everyone. To keep this subject on topic, it is all Casey’s fault that we have headaches.

  79. Mikka…I think after searching for the video of the man that said he searched last night…my skills are not as good this morning, lol.
    It might have been in a letter also. I think it was about the time she made a complaint against either LE or the state…not sure. I am not as good as giving clues as Casey is…or so that is what I was told, lol.

  80. *L* Muesli.. That’s it.. Well call them Caseygraines..

    Well, I have to go.. Hubby is up ripping and tearing again.. Just what I need to add to this already fabulous morning.. Cya’ll ASAP.. Have a great day everyone.. *HUGS*

  81. mikka in that hearing u think is strikland or someone else??whoever mentions to her not reporting daughter missing, lying to LE,,Do U think it’s fraud charges??

  82. Mikka
    Didnt tracey say in the interview that casey told her she borrowed the shovel to get the ladder out of the pool.Or am i dreaming that? Mabey the psycic is right?

  83. eye before,its sounds terrible,she did it does nobody her caylee scream,and the truth,this ladders are heavy and to use a shovel to take the letter out thats impossible!

  84. So in theory C&G through out the pool story in case later casey could claim an accident….Well they are far beyong claiming that now,should have fessed that up from the beginning!

  85. remember Sinday in one of the jail tapes tells Casey people thinking she drown in the pool, Casey’s statement “surprise, surprise”

  86. Good Morning Eoar!
    I agree…it would be to tainted for me to get in.But then again cindy and geo are sporting nice tans latley…..

  87. morning eyes,

    don’t need a pool to sport a tan, they live in florida. outside is enough, tanning beds ect. Even if I just thought she drown in the pool I couldn’t get back in it.

  88. but what i dont get,cma on the 16th make a lot calls to cindy and geo and nobody answer,thats weird,teh defense will say after caylee was kiddnapped she try to call them,and i think ,thats was the start for the cover up!

  89. I wonder if they still have caylees things.With all the company they have milsaps,lee ect.Do you think they have cleaned out her room?

  90. also if she placed her in the pool, a coroner would be able to tell if she was alive, or dead when in the pool (water in the lungs, chloroform). Months later, nothing left but bones. Still no answers.

  91. morning everyone
    Im with you eoar..why do you need a shovel to get the ladder out of a pool..did it tip over
    been trying to catch up this morning on everyone’s comments…you guys are too fast for me anymore.

  92. Well what I get from that Keith… (is that the guy Baez will use to say body wasn’t there?)

    1# the “pool ladder” is also interesting material
    2# Cindy might have recognized the toys and told D Casey afterwards,” she dumped stuff in woods, go there!” or could have told Baez also!!

    what you think?

  93. Mema, even if it did tip over, why didn’t she just jump in and get it. would have been so much easier, and no one else would be involved (neighbor’s statement)

  94. I know that Humble, just trying to figure out why Casey, Sindy thought they needed to explain the use of the shovel with the pool, makes no sense

  95. Filipa
    chloroform is a BYPRODUCT or “reaction product” given off by the chlorine that was put into the pool it is a gas that is created as part of a chemical reaction as the chlorine breaks down chloroform itself is not put into a swimming pool – ever.

  96. eoar
    my first above ground pool had a ladder you inserted into the pool (like a t pee) and you pull the whole ladder out…I think the A’s had a similar ladder

  97. Im not so sure the “pool gate” is Cindys invention…
    an d on those early days i think a neighbour also mentioned “noises” on the pool yard…am I wrong?

  98. why would you use a shovel anyway, shovels are sharp. If this was their regular use. makes no sense, why risk a hole in your linning with a shovel?

  99. Humble..maybe while Caylee was drowning she pulled on the ladder and it went into the pool..Crazey maybe needed the shovel to get the ladder and Caylee out without going in..

  100. Mikka, thank goodness, I jump in too! That could have been her cover up! All wet, Caylee drowned. Child neglect could have been the only charge against her!

    Exactly Mikka, an accident, then jump in be all wet, call 911 the cover up is there! No she made up some nutty nanny big long drawn out story!

  101. humble
    I dont think she was drowning, I think she was BEING DROWNED or placed inside pool after dead (unless you sneak in ,u would not see it!
    if you saw it- it”was an accident”
    …but better thought…”lets take her out and put in woods!”

  102. Filipa, I don’t believe the pool was involved any way shape or form! I believe she died, what was the time..between 12 midnight and 3 am on the 16th June, not at the A;s house! I believe Casey put her in the back yard that day when everyone was gone! That is what made the dogs hit on decomp!

  103. Filipa – knowing how that particular brain works might be a scary trait..

    Mikka – I had never seen the Casey kid pics. Unbiased opinion, I think she was a very normal looking kid and just a reminder to the folks like NG, your own twins could grow up to do the same atrocities. Cute baby pics don’t put your kid at any different level..

  104. we’re back to the pool again?

    I still am firm in the belief (and that’s an opinion) that Caylee met her maker within 5 hours prior to the “Blockbuster” surveillance video. It COULD have involved the pool, but the shovel was borrowed, what? the next day or the day after? Perhaps there was some sort of evidence in the pool that Casey borrowed the shovel to grab?

  105. Boy, how she can just figure things out. We, of course, as every family would, we’ve had to childproof everything and she’s smart enough to take it off,” Lee Anthony said.

    Fact #3: A neighbor says, right around the time Caylee disappeared, Casey had backed the car up to the garage, which the neighbor said was unusual, and borrowed a shovel for about an hour.

  106. humble,i think caylee was in the trunk,borrowed the shovel,will go to the woods and burried caylee,but her time was running out and she tthrough caylee in a hurry there!

  107. mikka – I agree, as we see the same disturbed person that we have come to know through the media as a child. Personally, I see a child not unlike any of my own, which brings me to the reality that any of my kids could be responsible for this atrocity. Everyone that ever did anything wrong was once someone’s pride and joy.. Dahmer, Bernardo, Olson, Picton.. it’s weird to picture and when you see these photos, you see a glimpse of a person that you have come to despise today.

  108. Colhere
    I think we want to believe we could look back and envision these people growing up to be what they are today.EVIL.But the fact of the matter is …they look normal.I wish is was so easy to tell by looking at someone that they are a murderer or whatever.

  109. or she killed her somewhere else,brought caylee back to teh house,and she take her in the backyard,to look like an accident (pool,and may she find out ,this dont works!

  110. mikka – I have thought the same about the shovel, as well, LE noted a “Depression” in the sod near the pool in the back yard. It’s been tossed about that she contemplated burying her in the back yard, but Casey is not known for carrying any difficult task to completion. It was too much like work and she quickly abandoned the task, carried the body around for a couple of days in the trunk until she couldn’t stand it any longer and did the quick and easy. She just dumped her in the bushes after randomly driving around looking for places.

    After realizing the smell wouldnt leave the car, despite how many “Bounce” sheets she crammed around the car, she left it at Amscot with enough gas in it for someone to steal it.. she left her purse in the car to make it look more enticing. The theft never occurred and it ended up impounded..

  111. I think she killed her that night when she was running after the fight! She did bring her home and tried to bury her! jmho! LP also said she was seen driving through a hotel or at a hotel that night without Caylee! More than likely she was already dead, but she was in the trunk!

  112. What are those ridiculous pictures supposed to prove, that despite Cindy acting like a reptile, Casey indeed was born not hatched? I dont get that. Im sure Charlie Manson didnt have tatoos on his forehead when he was a baby, and Im sure Ted Bundy charmed women with his baby smiles, with no ill intent when he was a child vs his criminal nature as an adult. Those pictures are meaningless…

  113. azrenee – I agree about the pictures.. put together an album of serial killer’s baby pics and show them to anyone and they will say “Oh what sweet children”..

  114. in Summer, 1st thing my kids did when arriving home was through shoes to the air!!!to play around

    have you seen her sleeping patterns(KC) on Jun 14-20?

  115. Hi folks. Glad the NFL season is finally here. I read where Morgan and Morgan has filed a motion stating D. Casey’s claim that the information Morgan and Morgan sought from him is privileged, is false and he should be compelled to answer the depo questions. I’m not surprised. D. Casey is a liar too. It will be interesting to see what he’ll say at trial.

  116. The only way I would believe the pool was involved, is if Casey were not watching her, she drowned, then Casey realized the drugs in her system would be noticed. I cant completely rule that out in my mind. I doubt it is the case though, more likely she may have overdosed her intentionally or not, hurt her in a rage after the fight, then thought to try and make it LOOK like a pool accident, but when she couldnt reach Cindy and George changed her mind.

  117. Filipa – yep, kids ignore footwear at certain times of the year, however a two year old is at the mercy of how their parents dress them.. BUT, that is an interesting note that you and Mikka raise..

    Where are the shoes? were they in the pool? I don’t understand the mechanics of death or trauma, but if anyone has ever seen a car vs pedestrian accident, the victim almost always loses their shoes, no matter how tight they are tied.. not as though this is how Caylee died, it just has always been a curiosity to me.

  118. Filipa – Some of the folks here have tossed around the thought that the duct tape may have been applied post-mortem as WF was unaware that a body begins to expel all kinds of things after about 8 hours post mortem…

  119. from her sleeping patterns I guess that week was about how to conceal, clean up her act!
    after it was done, thats when the nightmares and swets in the middle on night start (lazzaro says it)

  120. Filipa – Yeah, although really we don’t know! Some have come up with that she may have been alive and reacted (vomitus) to attempts to sedate her by WF.. Angry WF wants to go party and not have to clean up puke, so she angrily tapes her daughter’s mouth shut..

    Here is an interesting vid on decomp using a pig, similar in size to a toddler of 2 years or so..

  121. Yeah Humble, that was a doozy. Those aren’t urine dogs…they are cadaver dogs Cindy! They hit on human decomposition, not PEE! She must have missed that day of class at nursing school.

  122. eoar…I think some dogs are trained for scent and then their are ones trained only for decomp…some are trained for drugs…even dogs have been trained to spot cancer on humans

  123. Humble she got her nursing degree same place George got his law degree(thats not relivent) and bozo got his law degree. Scratch off, match 3 degrees and win that prize

  124. Gerus(name of the policedog) and another cadaver dog both alerted to smells of human decomposition in the Anthony’s backyard, Forgey testifed. That’s one reason why cops began digging in backyard.

    But no body has been found yet — Baez points out.

  125. this judge was so right,

    The judge scolded the mother, saying she had “no regret or concern for her actions,” the Sentinel reported.

    “You left your 2-year-old child with a person who does not exist at an apartment you cannot identify and you lied to your parents about your child’s whereabouts,” said Judge John Jordan. “You cared so little about your child.”

    He ordered a mental health evaluation be done on Anthony, according to the newspaper

  126. hhaahahahha 😆 😆 look what cindy say 😆

    She just lucked into a photography job at Universal Studios, not at Universal Studios, but for Kodak, and she has a plaque. She was the employee of the year,” Cindy Anthony said

  127. been lurking alot myself nannab…by the time I catch up with all the posts Im too pooped to blog
    cant wait to find out what the defense is gonna come up with now that the state has told them to put up or shut up after Maculso (sp) statement at the hearing

  128. eoar
    in Mad Mcann case, they use 2 dogs
    i for decomp, 1 for blood stain(not visible) like when you spray the cleaned blood and the “fe”(chemic sign for iron)contained in hematography turns blue…the dog through scent also picks up that

  129. colhere when you come back,about caylees shoes,you remember when cma lie and was saying zanny-nanny called her and she was talking with caylee,and caylee told her she have new shoes!we know this call never happens.but why cma talk about new shoes ,and by the remains it was never her old shoes found!

  130. hi all got a few min. to lurk but the shoe thing got me thinking, i wonder if its any connection to caseys statement they havent even found found her clothes.

  131. ~There was a bag of pizza for, what, 12 days in the back of the car, full of maggots. It stunk so bad. You know how hot it’s been. That smell was terrible.

    –Wesh news did an experiment bu putting a large meat lover’s pizza in a trunk for 2 weeks to see what the smell would be like. The result? It was dehydrated, looked like cardboard and smelled…like pizza. No maggots, either.

    ~She’s leading me to a place, but she’s not telling me to the right exact location to which apartment it is because she’s afraid, if someone walks in, that something may happen to Caylee.

    –If she’s afraid that something bad would happen to Caylee if someone found and walked into the apartment, then why would she even ‘lead’ you there? Either you want ppl to find the apt or you don’t.

    ~Get off your arses and look for my granddaughter. I don’t care if this is on the news or what. She’s out there.
    –It’s not the media’s job to locate missing children. If you’re so concerned, why don’t you cooperate with law enforcement, OR, god forbid, get out of your house and off of myspace, and join in the searches, or do your own search, since you seem to have a problem with Texas Equussearch

  132. in thje pig example, one can clearly see the fluids coming out of it in day 2
    the idiot might have added the plastics then,on top of laundry bag…when car was already stained!

  133. They’re tucked in bed!(the offspring)

    oh lord what a day…My job is sooo boring (like sending fish to seals!)
    Wish i was a REAL DETECTIVE or an “event planner at Universal”,that’s interesting stuff!!! Preety exciting, hum?

  134. Great discussion guys. I’m with Humble that Caylee was killed in the early morning hours of June 16 and away from the home.
    Lee was gone to Chicago and his roommate was supposedly with him.

  135. On July 16, George was driving around the airport. I think he was discarding some of Caylee’s clothes (or shoes)ergo the statement ‘they haven’t even found her clothes yet.’ It almost sounded like she EXPECTED her family to understand the implication.

  136. Hidie Ho Deb!!
    Just got the boys all set with football food so’s here for a bit

    I also believe caylee was murdered in the early hours on the 16th.The one reason is because of the fight with her and cindy.She would have has enough rage in her system at that point to take it out on someone….

  137. Hi East and Anyone else that is here

    I still believe Caylee was killed at home after George went to work and that is why she is in the laundry bag from the home.

  138. Stephanie – That is one of the things that I have believed up to now, it happened shortly after G went to work, either in or around the house (with the cell records supporting that) and then only shortly later, caught on video at Blockbuster with TL and no sign of Caylee.

  139. Hi Steph! I still don’t believe George’s story about when he saw Casey and Caylee last. I think they left right after the fight.

  140. Hey Steph and Gig
    I have to seperate those as two issues.I can only compartmentlize one at a time.Where and when….ha ha My computer is not all thats is running slow today!

  141. @humble – I heard that about the 16th, but if JG actually heard Caylee in the background on the afternoon of the 16th, then it does sound feasible.

  142. I’m here for a few minutes. I was just thinking about Caylee’s clothes. Remember the mini mouse dress that Cindy supposedly held up for the cameras, saying the one that was found was a size 6, too big for her. Well, in the one picture I did see of Caylee in that dress, she could have worn it until she was 4 or five, it was too big for her. Wonder if they checked out that dress for dna (hair, etc.). Also, wonder if they checked Cindy’s receipts to see if she bought a new one. I know it sounds far fetched, but everything is so convoluted in this case, anything is possible.

  143. hi Stephanie i agree she was killed at home for your reason and the dogs hit 2 places in the backyard so a dead body was in the backyard and the rare tape was at the home too.i also believe she thought about getting rid of caylee when she found out she was pregnant but when cindy refused to let her give it up the thought at some time to kill the child to get even with cindy came to a head after the argument with me that is how casey justified the act

  144. Hi Humble…I don’t think that because of what George said, but everything else from the computer and her cell pings. Also the laundry bag and that she might have been angry the night before. But, all that did is convince her that she will go through with what she had been contemplating.

    Colhere…i agree

    I do adore LP, but the only thing about him saying George didn’t see her the next day…Was it fits his theory. Not at all that I think George saw her…I think it is more then likely George doesn’t know if he saw her or not. I think he pulled out a memory from that day or a week before that or even 6 months…he doesn’t have a clue, imo.

  145. TUE, June 24, 2008

    1:19 p.m. Jesse G. (Casey’s ex-fiancé) called to tell her that he resigned from the OPD today. Casey invited Jesse G. to Fusion Night Club on Friday, June 27th and to the beach on Saturday, June 28th to help cheer him up.
    Jesse G. thought he heard Caylee in the background saying, “look at me, look at me!” Yet, Casey said Caylee was with the Nanny. Later, Jesse G. said he was not sure about hearing Caylee on this date. However, it was not uncommon to hear Caylee in the background on various occasions when he spoke with Casey on the phone.

  146. No I don’t believe for a moment George saw them leave on June 16. They had plenty of time to get their stories straight. It’s odd that Casey ‘thinks’ she left Caylee at Sawgrass between nine and one o’clock but can remember EXACTLY what she was wearing down to her ponytail just like George. These statements from the two of them were made just hours apart.

  147. The other thing is I am not convinced Casey even took Caylee with her after the fight. The neighbor saw 2 of what was probably many fights. We don’t know if one of those were on the 15th. But we do know the 2 fights she had seen Casey left without Caylee.

  148. Folks – I have looked at the timelines and the cellphone has her at or around the A home for all day of the 16th..

    12:50 – G thinks that this is the last time he saw KC leave with Caylee. This is not true as according to cell records, KC never left the area, unless she jumped in the car and circled the block until G left for work.

    2:20 – JG call with KC.. he MAY have heard Caylee in the background.

    7:58 – KC and TL on video at Blockbuster.. no sign of Caylee..

  149. Muesli yes he did recant and I found he seemed confused in other issues as well.
    Humble, yes, he could have confused it with another date.

  150. Humble
    Well in my mind jesse is above suspicion in any case.I could see how he could get mixed up if he talked with her often.

    Thats a good call on the clothes description, never relized casey didnt remember what caylee was wearing….

  151. I actually don’t remember if Lee even told LP about it or if it was Jesse that told LP.

    I would think Caylee may have been in bed by then…myabe. I am still not sure that she even took Caylee with her.


  152. ECD – I just looked back and G arrived home after 11 on the 15th and said the Pontiac was in the driveway. Take that for what it’s worth.. G’s concept of events is pretty blurry at best..

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