The results of the Pick the Cast polls!

Casey results:

Winona Ryder 24 44%
Juliette Lewis 14 25%
Sissy Spacek 6 11%
Other answer… 11 20%
Reese Witherspoon
Paris Hilton=2 times
Holly Hunter=2 tims
Elton john
Christina Ricci
Tiffany Amber theissen=2 times


Cindy results:
Meredith Baxter 27 45%
Cloris Leachman 11 18%
Rosanne Barr 8 13%
Other answer… 14 23%
Jennifer love Hewitt
sandy Duncan=2 times
Jane Lynch
Judith Light
Kate Gosselin
mini pearl
m. streep
Cybill Shepherd
Judy dench
Shirley McLean
Jane Fonda
George results:

Leslie Nielsen 18 33%
Pa Kettle 11 20%
Steve Martin 11 20%
Other answer… 14 26%
George Clooney=2 times
Michael Douglas
Robert Blake
James Brolin
white hair guy from family feud
Ernest Borgnine
George Hamilton
Ray Liotta
j. O’hurly
Robert Conrad
Robert Blake
ray ramano


ZFG results:

Liv Tyler 17 34%
Angelina Jolie 13 26%
Halle Berry 8 16%
Other answer… 12 24%
Rosario Salazar (from Will and Grace)
jennifer lopez=4times
Roseanne Barr
Rosa Maria Perez
Selma hyack
America Ferrera


Lee results:

David Schwimmer 21 38%
John Bobbitt 16 29%
Zach Braff 5 9%
Other answer… 13 24%
Eric McCormack=2 times
George Clooney
Eddie Munster= 2 times
Ben Stiller
any moron off the street
Jim Carrey
josh Hartnett
Shaggy from Scooby
Vince Vaughn
mark Walberg


Baez results:

PeeWee Herman 27 52%
Alec Baldwin 20 38%
David Spade 1 2%
Other answer… 4 8%
George Lopez=3 times


Conway results:
Brad Conway himself 24 49%
Jerry Springer 14 29%
Geraldo Rivera 4 8%
Other answer… 7 14%
Larry Flynt
David Spade= 2 times
Christian Slater= 2 times
Jim Carrey

114 thoughts on “The results of the Pick the Cast polls!

  1. I voted for the Christian Slater Chlry and HI!! Been missing you.

    I also wanted Liv Tyler for Zenaida…I just think she is gorgeous and it would kill Cindy, lol

    Hi East…I agree

  2. yeah humble , maybe lee is smoking the doobie like shaggy , otherwise those giggles make him a strange , strange man …. no little boy 😉

  3. lol eoar , i think those would make lee sleepy

    i love judith light , that show was a favorite of mine when i was young ” who’s the boss ” and i remember her on general hospital long ago

  4. Well maybe this week will be a big week for docs and for them setting a date for the pre-trial.

    Did we hear the docs contained more forensics? I wonder if this is a bunch of repeats or some bomb shells?

  5. I no longer believe that docs are supposed to be bombshells. I think they are just recylced former docs with a new phrase or sentence inserted into a thousand pages of repetitive drivel

  6. ok your right eoar , i knew it was abc

    steph i hope there are docs , no fingers crossed

    my hbo shows are starting , see you tomorrow , nite 🙂

  7. This could be true East, lol.

    Who all are we still waiting for…Mark Hawkins, now Jim (George’s friend). I know there is more then just that.

  8. Only if you all can remember…when they tested the duct tape, do you remember seeing any other kind of tests because looking for finger prints??

  9. Do you know what bothers me more about George’s statement of what Caylee was wearing?? Statement on seeing Casey and Caylee together for the first time that morning when they were leaving. It isn’t like a big house and I think it is just kind of a very strange statement to make.

  10. It is strange Steph, and what’s stranger is that no one has spoken about times people awake in that home. It’s impossible to not see someone unless one of you has slept away the morning or elsewhere.

  11. It is East…We have a pretty small house. You know when and where everyone is. How did it work out that they woke up around the usually time…or at least in the first story yet they weren’t seen together until leaving??

  12. Steph, everything they have said is strange! They are strange people…but act like they pay ATTENTION to detail! Wonder if they saw their UGLY faces they made in the Morgan and Morgan depos?

    ECDeb, from Casey sleep pattern, they don’t sleep! 😉

  13. I bet you when Cindy watched her depo she thought she was very courageous…With all she has been put through and then to allow them to ask her questions the way she did…Especially in the manner they did. After all of that courage she showed…Then they weren’t going to allow her to pray…how rude, lol.

  14. YOu could be right Humble, George said he spent every hour 24/7 searching for Caylee. Apparently he never slept in six months. What perseverance on his part. He’s just amazing in his quest to find the truth. 😆

  15. Steph other than when Casey was on the computer, there is nothing stated about what went on that day. Some have wondered if George slept late because of his late shifts.In my home, it was impossible to get some sleep with kids running around. I would think it would be impossible if the mother didn’t care for the child at all.

  16. Do you think after Casey is not proved to be guilty when we all learn the truth and she is given the mother of the year award…we should maybe get an award ready for the most amazingly courageous parents/grandparents??

  17. East…I don’t have kids anymore at home, but the dogs keep me awake. Many people sleep with fans, noise machines or tvs to keep the other noises out. I do, lol.

  18. It would be hard for George to sleep in that day when he fed Caylee breakfast…LIE.
    I would have to go back and look, but didn’t he say they got up around 10 their usual time? How does he know this and again if this is when they got up…how was it when they were leaving it was the first time he saw them together.
    I am not saying George didn’t see them and I am not saying he did see them. I am saying that he wouldn’t have a clue either way and is just pulling some memory out…

  19. Now that you mention it, Steph, I think I recall something about 9:30 cuz someone commented how late that was for a child to get up.
    Since it can be proved that Casey was on the computer and it’s only a one-story home, there is no way George wouldn’t have seen them together. Even if Casey wasn’t watching Caylee properly, she would have been back and forth to and from Casey.

  20. I agree Steph, there would definitely be noise withing the house. Even watching cartoons was very loud in my home. It’s a given.

  21. Exactly East, but again I am not saying that because I think he is lying…it is this family doesn’t appreciate and love each other like a normal family would. They didn’t appreciate what a little angel they had running around that house and take in every minute of it. I know there is many things all of us don’t remember. But, you would think after not seeing her for one day then two then three and so on…you would think about the last time immediately. I think George really does think he saw them that morning…but not because he did or didn’t. Just because it was another morning..
    Same with Cindy how could she not remember Fathers Day. I know you think it is because of the fight. I am back and forth on that because of the email. In the email she didn’t know the last time she had seen Caylee…she thought it was over a month…How did she not start counting the days and remembering then long before the email or calling LE??

  22. That is it East…there is no way in that size house not to hear the goings on…especially cartoons and laughter. Or Dora…you know children laugh and talk to or about what they are watching…

  23. The way I look at it Steph, Cindy is a master of lying – to herself as well as others. The email could be stating what Cindy prefers to recall and have knowledge of. I think she remembers Father’s Day because it was the last time she saw Caylee. When wondering for over a month (if her love for Caylee is to be believed), I”m sure she became aware of the circumstances and times that led to the event and would have gone over it in her mind.
    I think if George would have remembered Caylee’s clothing, he would have stated it the night LE was called. They had too much time to change their stories. I don’t think their lies are ever innocent but usually have an ulterior motive.
    Quite honestly, I don’t believe Cindy enjoyed sitting with Caylee (cuz she couldn’t call the shots with CAsey)as she would have us believe. I think she wanted both of them out of the home but perhaps under more agreeable circumstances.

  24. Hello all. I am new to this blog. Have been following this case from the beginning. Has become totally addictive. I have been reading your posts and decided to join in.

  25. Ok, I got unexpectantly called into work for tomorrow and have a million things to do first. Good nite Steph, and I’ll likely see you tomorrow. 😆

  26. Hi Rayray…nice to meet you. It is a little quiet tonight.

    East…I don’t think she wanted either one out of the house…In CIndy’s mind Caylee was hers and nobody else’s including Casey’s.
    I also don’t think she really remembered…the first date that came out of her mouth was the 7th.

  27. I saw on an earlier post. What do you think this will mean for the lawsuit? I still think it will be delayed until after the murder trial.

  28. The way it sounded with the judge…he is going to delay it. I do think he will okay D Casey answering questions…I would think D Casey could be charged for lying under oath, too.
    I wonder though…with the suit delayed does that mean the rest of the people to be deposed will be put off??

  29. Padilla and D Casey…I don’t remember anyone else either. Let me see if I can find a list, statement or something.
    Were they going to depose some more of her friends?

  30. i was working yesterday night ,so my sleeping patterns are screwed,and I cant sleep!!!

    I wanna get my hands on Jim Campbell’s depo. !
    HUMBLE, have u seen his name in any witness list?

  31. I was wondering about Jim today too. Seems he was around alot during Casey’s time at home after being bailed out. He is only George’s friend. I don’t see any conflict there.

  32. He will depose them about the mysterious nanny that none of them have ever seen along with Casey’s behavior…I believe he will get to ask those questions. He already did Annie right?

    Hi Filipa…thought it was kind of late for you

  33. I bet you are right and they don’t call all of them…this is going to be a long trial though. I bet Cindy takes most of the day on the stand if not longer, lol.

  34. I have a feeling it’s going to be a chore getting G&C to just simply answer the questions at trial. We’re probably going to hear a lot of, “I don’t know” and “I don’t recall” from those two as well.

  35. I think Lee is interesting. Especially with the immunity deal. I would love to know what was said in the recent depositions with prosecutors.

  36. Hi Gigs…How are you? It will be a chore…I think the judge will be worn out from asking them to please just answer the question. At times I could see the state also letting them go on…they just hurt Casey the more they talk, lol.

  37. I still am very conflicted with Lee. I noticed today when listening to the car audio something I didn’t notice last time. I could be wrong, but I think Lee talked about the laptop and how “they” tried to make it work. I am not sure and would have to go listen again at some time. But, I had thought it was just Lee messing with it.

  38. Hi Steph! I’m doing okay – hope you are. They are ridiculously arrogant, acting as if the rules don’t apply to them. You’ll hear the phrase “contempt of court” more than once during this trial.

  39. Gigs…they are the most arrogant people I think I have ever witnessed.

    Mama…Did you see Morgan and Morgan filed a motion about D Casey

  40. Yes I did Steph, and we all knew d. casey was lieing through his teeth when he was on the stand. JOSE R was to stupid to rule that fast and not getting the facts wasn’t he.

  41. Mama…I would still like an explanation from Jose R on how this works that there is all this confidentiality…every one is covered, it was most ridiculous thing I ever heard.

  42. Steph I think JOSE R. is going to have to eat this one cause he is dead wrong imo. If I was M and M I would request a change in judges if he can. And I think after this is all brought out that could possibly happen.

  43. Well I just dunno what to say.. Leslie Neilson is a hometown boy.. Although he can be comedic and dumb enough as a comedy actor.. yeah.. maybe I see it..

  44. I sure would like to see them get a change of judges…

    Hate to go with you just getting here Mama, but I have to. THank you for the OT link…I had a feeling on that.

    You all have a good evening and I will talk to you all tomorrow…

    Hope to see you tomorrow Rayray.

  45. I think this JOSE thinks he is important and grandstands alot to much myself. He should have asked for those contract right on the spot to see if it was all true and the times match that dom worked for all of them. We all know there was a report to the bar on Baez and that he made it and there is bad blood. I guess he doesn’t keep up with the bar or something.

  46. Cindy reminds me of the annoying kid in school who stirs up trouble and blames someone else. Then just as those folks are just about to retaliate, she runs and hides behind the teacher. That annoying kid always gets what they deserve at some point…

  47. You know guys, there will be a movie made out of this!!! Humble, please keep our results so we can see how close we come. I like Robert Blake as George when Robert’s hair was white. He can lie really well too!!!

  48. good lord!
    here I am after i trip with child to the doctor,then school,then butcher,then supermarket, then gas…
    and these cowboys still sleeping like babies!!!
    ..why do I get “the slave” lifestyle??

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