Casey Anthony update 14 September 2009

Looks like the attorney for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzaleaz, are trying hard to get the Dominic Casey to provide a deposition for them. According to Morgan & Morgan, DCasey is telling different stories! WHAT? Another liar in this case? Say it isn’t so!

At the hearing last week DCasey said that he worked for Casey, Baez and George and Cindy since July 2008. But in the January interview with OCSO, he said he had ended his contract with Baez on 1 October 2008 and had not spoken to Casey since 12 October 2008. He was working for George and Cindy from that date on. DCasey also stated to the FBI that he was not working for the defense.

What this means is that DCasey was free to answer questions about conversations he had with Cindy and George!

Let’s all remember who the Judge is in this case!  I have a feeling he has already made up his mind about this whole case!  LETS all RATE the JUDGE!

Today was a Family gathering in Florida for Missing Children’s day! Doesn’t seem that Cindy and George were there, since their new donations only job is to go out and start looking for missing children! I guess the supporting the families is out of the question also! 

Here is a blurb from the foundation page:
the organization will undertake a variety of activities to provide support to child victims and their families. Organization administrators will work closely with families of missing children to provide needed support, which will be focused mainly on the collection and dissemination of information about the missing child in an effort to facilitate widespread awareness.


54 thoughts on “Casey Anthony update 14 September 2009

  1. Steph
    I believe the guy is gonna have to do the right thing…especially after strickland outright cleared him of being under the priviledge umbrella.

  2. Chlry…I am not crossing my fingers either.

    Eyes…I hope he does, but again like Chlry, I am not crossing my fingers.

    You all have a good evening…I have to work tomorrow.

    Hi and Bye Nanna

  3. Nanna
    You are moving fast …if your there why can i see you here?

    LOL Well mabey when you aquire a gaggle of pool boy followers,it will give you the confidence you seek…heh heh heh

  4. Me either.But she got a little place for herself by the nursing home and walks there everyday to be with him.That is devotion you think?

  5. Yeah, I do Eyes. When they’ve been together that long, they are like one person.
    Tan, I’ve never watched a football game in my life. LOL

  6. Ok Eyes, I guess I’ll be back to cleaning my basement soon. I’ve stalled long enough 😆 See you tomorrow and enjoy your book

  7. I saw the blurb from the fraudation at the top. What a joke. When they mention “helping” families of missing children, what they mean is, helping themselves.

  8. I know Gig, they are the lowest of the low. There’s nothing so low that they won’t stoop to. They make me sick. I wish the law would catch up to them and wipe the arrogant grins off their faces.

  9. I think their foundation should be called, ‘How to keep your missing children missing.’ The only thing they are any good at is covering up and manipulating.

  10. Yeah, it’s hard to describe how despicable those two are. They wasted no time setting that fraudation up…what was it, a few months after they reported Caylee “missing?” Why would you do that if you know Caylee is still alive?

  11. Apparently it kept the money rolling in and with all the love they felt for Caylee, they had so much more to spare for money. They are disgusting. I just wish they knew just how much they are hated.

  12. They either know how much they are hated or they are the most oblivious people on planet earth. They dismiss everyone that disagrees with them as being stupid and honestly feel justified in every selfish thing they do.

  13. I am so sick of hearing all of their nonsense about ‘missing children’ SHE. WAS. NOT. MISSING!! She was murdered! And Casey never reported her missing, Cindy did – Casey wanted ‘one more day, mom’ to do god knows what (leave the country? Kill her family). I really wish the media would get this right. We hear all this stuff about missing kids – when Caylee was murdered. Also, generally speaking, IF your kid is missing, you report it as soon as you know something’s wrong, not 31 days later. I am so sick of this family and their distortions. They are paving their own way to hell on this.

    The only one who seemed salvageable was George, but he sold his soul too. I thought he was close to ending the BS, but he is a weak, cowardly man who will have to live with this forever, when he had a chance to at least do the right thing.

    Dominic Casey is just a low-functioning slack-witted liar. What’s this rubbish about a psychic?? Can we get real here?? Good lord Hell better be making space for a lot of people because there is a lot to answer for with all of the degenerate scumbags involved in this case. Sheesh!!

  14. Hi there!!
    anyone knows hot news on the Yale Asian girl??
    I had to take a Xanax to sleep…was relly disturbed and impressed with the story…

    I think she watched/got aware of something going on in that “research” lab. that she shouldnt…THAT OR some pervert anti-animal cruelty activist

    I GOT THIS FEELING…it has to do with the “research/pharmacology lab” NOT WITH her personal life,marriage & stuff (not crime of passion)

    what do You think? gimme your thoughts folks!!!

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