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  1. But, even after that they can still do a plea…I hope they don’t and I hope Amy wants to face her and let her know what she thinks of her.

  2. steph,for sure it was somebody,who know the building very well,may the maintance man??she say one man failed the lie detector test!

  3. I didn’t know anyone took a poly. I wonder which one failed.

    I hope they don’t do a plea…my concern is the state or even the judge asks them to see if they can work our a deal like they would do with anyone else…Sad to say, but the state prosecutors office ALWAYS work out deals especially with a first time offender.

  4. It is just crazy Mikka and so very sad. My heart goes out to her family and her fiance and all that loved her.
    Her poor fiance finds out on their wedding day they found her dead…how sad.

  5. Hi Eye…My dresser turned out really really good. It wasn’t what I started out doing and pretty much finish. But, the new direction I went with it…worked out well. Now the frame of the mirror, lol.

  6. Meanwhile, at least two news agencies were reporting that police have a suspect in Le’s slaying.

    Citing unidentified sources, NBC News and ABC News reported the suspect has defensive wounds and failed a lie detector test. NBC reported the suspect is a student, but not necessarily one who attends the Connecticut university.

  7. I agree Mikka…I also think there needs to be more severe consequences for parents or gaurdians when it comes to their children. So many parents put their children in harms way and they should have to face the consequences when something like this happens.

  8. Oh sorry didnt relize your talking about the student murder….ill go back and read havent kept up with that case.

    glad the dresser turned out…oak stain?

  9. Hi all, Got back from hip being broken,and of all things dumb computer hard drive died! So happy to be here,have been busy reading and trying to find out all that I’ve missed!!

  10. Eyes…Even though I treated it so the stain would be even…It didn’t work. The top was also a different wood and the stain they used a 100 yrs ago you can’t buy now, lol. Oh wait you can because I called around and they would make me some at a ridiculous price.
    I painted it and then took some steel wool and took paint off in places…Looks good

  11. “I’ve seen you do some pretty sh*tty things, but you just keep amazing me with your tactless, arsehole ways. It’s absolutely fascinating how much I don’t like you. I like everyone. I even like my arse hole ex that cheated on me over you… which is pretty odd since I don’t even personally know you,” Clarkson wrote on her IAmKelly blog. “The best part of this evening is that you weren’t even up for THIS award and yet you still have a problem with the outcome. Is winning a moon man that much of a life goal?? You can have mine if it will shut you up. Is it that important, really??” Clarkson was nominated in the Best Female Video category last night, but added that she was “excited” when Swift was named the winner.

  12. Mikka
    Thanks for the link.That would be 8 pm my time.Dont worry though…that guy is pro anthony

    That le student…she wrote an article for the university magazine on campus saftey.How ironic, and sad…

  13. Humlbe…I am sorry I changed the bad word in there after copying, but I didn’t see the second bad word…just the first and last bad word.

  14. Pink, who also lost in the Best Female Video category, reportedly had to be restrained by security from approaching West after his rant. Unable to lash out in person, Pink instead turned to her Twitter to attack Kanye, MTV reports. “Kanye West is the biggest piece of sh*t on earth. Quote me,” Pink wrote. “My heart goes out to Taylor Swift. She is a sweet and talented girl and deserved her moment.”

  15. Eyes…It sounds like they have their person or they know who it was that killed the student. I really don’t beleive it was random or someone outside the facility

  16. Very True Mikka…But, Kenya is such a jerk. I told my girls long ago that I didn’t like him. Last time he had a fit because he didn’t win and said he is the next Elvis…NOT.
    He is a jerk off.

  17. Steph
    I read they have something on her clothes connected to the suspect and he had defenseive wounds…good she went down fighting and it sounds like they have a direct connection.

  18. It just makes me sick this college girl, not even safe on campus what is wrong in this world we live in no ones safe!! The courts just give them to many do overs and thats what these sick people do is just keep on killing and lord only knows what else they do!!

  19. Eyes…She was awful little, but little ones are tuff as H*ll…Much tougher then most think.

    Mikka…probably so, lol.

    I don’t think that is all of Kelly Clarkson’s above to Kenya…They read part of it earlier on HLN and she had asked why he is like this…did he not get hugged enough as a child, lol.

  20. Same news…
    ORLANDO, Fla. — Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez filed a new motion Monday asking a judge to force the Anthonys’ former private investigator to submit to a sworn deposition.

    In their new filing in the civil lawsuit against Casey Anthony, Gonzalez’ lawyers claim work done by private investigator Dominic Casey is not confidential.

    They also cite an 80-page transcript of an interview Dominic Casey did with detectives earlier this year where he spoke freely about certain aspects of the criminal case against Casey Anthony. She is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of her daughter, Caylee, who was 2 when she was reported missing in 2008.

    Gonzalez and her team want Dominic Casey to pay for their attorneys’ fees, costs and “any other sanctions” the court feels is appropriate.

    Dominic Casey worked for a time as an investigator for the Anthonys and their defense attorney Jose Baez. Dominic Casey says he should not be forced to testify because the information he has is protected under the attorney-client privilege.

    But Gonzalez’ attorneys point to his talk with detectives to show Dominic Casey was “dishonest” in asserting he could not testify in the civil case because of privilege. (PDF: Detectives’ Interview With Dominic Casey)

    Gonzalez is suing Casey Anthony, claiming she was defamed when Casey Anthony said a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez took Caylee

  21. I agree Halfspot…I am always worried about my daughters. My oldest is usually with her friends when she goes anywhere. But, I worry about my youngest when she is out walking on campus back to her room at the language house. It is scares me.

  22. Hi Filipa…we are on chit chat and they are talking about civility and how there doesn’t seem to be any. Kenya and Serena(don’t know how to spell)

  23. how are you folks hanging on, without fresh doc’s?
    I’m telling you, I’m allover the place…
    they better release something soon!

  24. I was told dinner is waiting for me, be back later!! When you don’t have to do the cooking you don’t want to keep them waiting!!

  25. basically,like the Mcwoman herself notice,it’s saying:
    “hope I won’t get caught!!” (along ,of course with a lot of “I this,I that,I,I)

  26. I wish so much I could piss off that womnan, get into her nerves somehow…
    I hope Jesse finds a hot,rich,clever girl and shows up in mag’s happy with their offspring on luxury vacations…” that MIGHT JUST DO IT!!

  27. Filipa
    Yes its good to show our most humble moderator our respect.You never know if she has cement shoes somewhere tucked away in our size.Humble 🙂

  28. Mikka
    The maintence man sounds like a good candidate…she was put in the wall with the wire/water pipes area.He could know this hiding place.

  29. i am ggod,

    one can reasonably conclude that the Annie Le suspect knew Annie Le (or knew of her) and may be anyone from a lab maintenance worker to a fellow student (or possibly even a Yale University professor.)

  30. oh, i see
    I would vote on some geek..(remember the Unabomber?) this very intellectual/science ppl, can be rather wild, other then brilliant!!!

  31. Thank you Humble…If the judge doesn’t grant this motion…I would think they would have grounds for a new judge, at least I hope so.

    Hi Eoar…I was wondering where you were all day…Where have you been??

  32. If they’re not saying who the person of interest is…the Univ reputation must be at stake!
    I guesss if it was a poor soul in maintanence,we would know by now…

    (do you ppl undestand what I say??I’m not sure it comes across in understandable english)

  33. Hiya Steph, eyes, been on the go all day. Ex called first thing, my youngest was in an accident at school. then took him to er, That was a fiasko. He’s ok, car is not. then i decided I needed a nap.

  34. Filipa…I understand your English. It might be someone at the college. But, often they don’t tell the public until they have more.

    Eyes, lmbo

    Eoar…I am glad your son is okay…what did he go to the er for??

  35. he was t-boned, jerked, and started with a headache, and also hit his knobby knee on the dash. neck strain, bruised knee. just a precausion.

  36. University lobbyes dont apprecciate being related to such things as “murder”…so there must be someone “intelectually remarkabke” involved, I guess…

    are all of u voting for a simple “maintainance man”?

  37. My son for some reason always calls his dad first. His dad is over the road truck driver. I am in town, and he calls his dad first lol

  38. THey will have to make the eyebrows look like they are growing from his eyeballs but Jack Nicholson has a certain “evil” look to him that he play cindy well and he would not even have to act feminine either.
    Think of Jack with a Muffin Head…….it works!

  39. remember agirl murdered by some dudes from the lacrosse team at Duke???
    If it wasnt for undiniable “dead body”, they would say it never happened…

  40. sad that a teenager, is considered simple run a way. which i understand most are. but one never knows. still on the search here for 20yr old girl here, she has ms, muscular dys. And has been missing 6 weeks, And not much searching going on. i guess if its not a national story, all is quiet, and typical.

  41. eoar34
    I hope no one thought I was deminishing children by referring to teenagers as run-aways because they all break my heart to hear about.

  42. even with this young bride to be. media turned it into runaway bride. I know you have to look at it from all angles. But she is missing doesn’t matter how she is missing

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