Chit Chat JVM and NG 14Sept09

Chit chat JVM and NG are on………………………….


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  1. Whatever happened to the girl that was walking up the road and on the phone with her boyfriend??
    I felt bad wondering right away if she was a run away bride. I mean the girl walking.

  2. back burner Steph, out with the old, in with the new.

    you have to look at all aspects, maybe she is runaway bride, she still deserves to be found for the family’s sake if nothing else.

  3. Hi HUMBLE & Friends
    just stopped by to say hi and to let you know I have been trying to keep up (don’t tell Mikka but I have been lurking lol)
    read the last doc dump and watched the hearing of D Casey glad M&M are not going to let him get away with his lies
    I have found it hard to keep my focus
    so I read for a little bit and move on to doing something else.
    but I know it takes time ,and one day i will be back I miss you all. love Wanda

  4. Oh sorry steph
    Its just that deb cant count past four,so some nimrod said.I forgot about you.Now she will have to be # 4 on the next bloggie…♥♥

  5. Humble…It was about a month ago and I feel bad I don’t remember her name. But, she went out for a walk and I think it was like a country road. She was on the cell phone with her BF and he heard her say No don’t take me or something like that. I will see if I can find it.

  6. Eyes, my migraines are worse the next day. first day is blind spots, numbness, nausea, vomiting. 2nd day, head feels like its gonna fall off, can’t bend over. completely drained.

  7. Eoar…LOL
    I do agree she needs to be found and I feel bad that I even wondered that.

    Hi Wanda…How are you doing. We miss you too.

    Eoar…It is okay I can count to 20, lol.

  8. crime is everywhere. and its crazy they think it wouldn’t happen at Yale.

    Steph, your right, Yale is pretegise school. And money talks. they should have excellent security.

  9. I think our children need to be number 1…they are suffereing more then ANY women or men…mostly by the people that are supposed to protect them.

  10. Steph
    do u know what happened to that woman? I heard they found the mobile she was using when abducted, but have no news ever since!!

  11. Humble…That is really weird…I wonder if they can charge him with anything??

    Filipa…They haven’t said much about her and they haven’t found her yet.

  12. Eoar…I think you are right. Plus as sad as it is there are many others…even more children, every time we turn around one is gone.

  13. Steph
    I wonder if back in the days there were as many missing children and it just wasnt so publicized.I know the big one way back was the lindberg baby,but they were high up in the social set.

  14. Night Filipa…Have a good evening.

    Eoar…I have a feeling it is going to be premediated. I think the fire alarm has a lot to do with it too.

  15. Eyes…I think there are two things going on. We do hear more about things because of the national news and internet. But, I think the bigger thing is that people don’t have as much respect for others anymore…they don’t take their responsibiliites as serious, they throw out their rights all the time while stepping on everyone else’s…there just has come this sh*tty attitude that everything is about me and nobody else matters, imo.

  16. Wanda
    80% of life for you now is just showing up.The other 20% is trying to keep it togeather.Hopefully you will slowly learn to live again and enjoy your new life. ♥♥♥ Thanks for stopping by

  17. I don’t know what I think of the Amanda Knox story…I think some children are different when away from home and maybe not what you think they are.
    There are things from her own words in her diary that are very odd.

  18. steph,the another man in the house he plead guilty already and she and her boyfriend was helping him,thats what he say,it not looks good for both!

  19. I know everyone is different, but my girls would be in tears to be taken to the LE station….guilty or not. I find her behavior really wierd…almost like she felt she was untouchable and it was no big deal. By the time you are her age you would know the severity of going to the LE station especially in another country.

  20. Did you all see this:

    Kesse’s parents and Florida lawmakers pushed legislation through in honor of Kesse and another missing woman, Tiffany Sessions.

    The Jennifer Kesse/Tiffany Sessions Missing Person’s Act requires law enforcement to put out an alert on a missing person to the rest of the state at the two-hour mark.

    ~which means they better report immediately and not 31 days later and then expect a alert put out there!

  21. humble,yes teh roommate is already locked up,he had his trial already,she give him 20 years,and he say knox and her boyfriend killed the woman too!

  22. Okay…this makes me mad, JVM is the only one I heard today…earlier and now ask if it was the alcohol that made him do that. B.S. He is responsible for his own actions.

  23. ppl
    there’s an horrific thought that does not allow me to sleep..
    WHY they did NOT say imediatly that the body was her’s??since she was asian and quite easy to identify by pics..was she headless or something???face destroyed beyond recognition???
    I dont get it..

  24. i love kathi

    Later, WFTV’s Kathi Belich explored the state’s demand to see the evidence that Anthony’s attorneys say clears Casey. “If nothing is handed over, it backfires on Casey Anthony,” Belich said.

  25. Hi eye! Bye eoar, filipa,
    Are you still here Steph Humble?
    Am trying to catch up!
    I haven’t had much time lately, I miss you all so much!

  26. I think JVM is talking about the addiction because of herself and her book.
    Kenya is an big ARSE and that is all there is too it. Maybe he is even a bigger one when drinking. Hard to imagine he could be a bigger ARSE then he already is.

  27. Filipa…Whether there was a lot of decomp or not…they normally take about 24 hours to id to the public. Like they found a little boy not too long ago and they knew it was him, but they still waited until the next day before telling us.

  28. steph, as usual, I couldn’t agree with you more!
    I really could care less about all their little envy and attention getting behavior at the MTV awards.
    We need to protect our daughters in this country and I can’t begin to figure it out. The only thing we ever seem to do is after-the-fact! Oops, our sons too.

  29. i know they check, but since ppl were wondering about cold feet or murder…and then they say…Well,not sure it is her!!!I guess the family had imediate access IF IT WAS INTACT,at least the poor groom…. this is chilling…
    guess I NEED a “Zanny” to be able to sleep after this…

  30. Filipa…Yes I think the family is available right away and LE talks to them before us.
    I think everyone knew it was her…nobody else was missing from this place except her. It was just a formality

  31. I just got kicked off – I wo not know why!
    I think that LE has to have dental or dna or physical evidence before they can make the statement of full identification. How many bodies are hidden in a wall in that lab. It is the law and rightfully so. It makes me so sick to see this beautiful young woman lose her life.
    I thought I was against the dp NOT anymore.

  32. Mikka, the one that failed the poly was a student!

    As for telling if it was Annie Le, I think they, like all cases, are verifying it is her! OK they verified, but they just can’t say it is someone and not take precautions!

  33. Yes she does Mikka…I don’t understand why people even go on there. She hasn’t been rude to Kathi yet…I bet Kathi would put her in her place.

  34. Filipa…I think there will be a motive. We are the last to hear, but it is better that way for trial.

    Hi Chlry…Maybe they took a dog through there again, I don’t know. But, I thought she was hidden in there somewhere or they some how got her in the out going trash.

  35. mikka, yes! I think you are right! They have him. It will never bring her back! I hate this stuff!
    I can’t stand jvm selling her book! She thinks like everyone should blame everything on drugs and alcohol!

    People make choices – I love good wine and to go out with friends to drink sometimes! I will never hurt anyone or blame it on that to sell a book! Ha-ha

  36. steph i thought i heard earlier that she was in a wall with wires , something like that . do they know if it’s her clothes , this is really strange , they need to go over all the tapes and interview everyone in that building that day

  37. Tan…When I have drinks I am funny…I wouldn’t hurt anyone either. I think AJ Hammer was a little put out with the blame game…He knows Kenya is full of himself…AJ is the celebrity guy on HLN and he knows better then JVM…She just wants to sell her book

  38. Hi Everyone!

    Why didn’t they close the building until they found her?? What kind of evidence has been tainted with all those people in and out since she was murdered??

  39. chlry! HI
    I do believe that I heard today that possibly where she was placed could have caused her decomp a while to alert the dogs. How many times did they have to cover that huge building before the dogs could identify a scent before the natural scents could be hit on.
    This gut deserves to stand in line for the dp, I am done.

  40. Filipa…I don’t think she caught anyone doing anything. She said to someone that she didn’t feel comfortable in the lab or something like that. I am thinking maybe a stalker that was either in love with her or jealous of her.

  41. she was on fb too,sometimes is not a good idea when people show her face ,friends,family on the internet,the pervers have a field day with this!!

  42. she was on FB too,,sometimes is not a good idea when people show her face ,friends,family on the internet,the pervers have a field day with this!!

  43. Hi Marsha…I don’t understand why they didn’t block it off either.

    Mikka…I will buy your book too. 😉

    Chlry…I saved it and now when ever we talk about decomp I have it ready, lol

  44. mikka – sweetheart! You just prove her point! You are a wonderful person who has no vice1s – uh-oh you smoke ciggies- jvm need a book on that

  45. aww patrick died , ty marsha for letting us know

    filipa i can’t even imagine who would do this , they had to know the building well , and to kill her there and take a chance of getting caught

  46. mikka, tell jvm you will write a book and be a ghost writer about all these OTHER lying murderers! Make her pay you lo$$ of money! She is like that and NG too!

  47. Thank you Humble, Marsha and Mazew

    Mazew…How are you??

    Did anyone ever watch the Beast?? You couldn’t tell he had this cancer eating him up.

  48. Chlry…I would think it had to be someone that new the building with taking a chance like that…I am wondering if the fire alarm was pulled so he could change hide clothes and get out.

  49. Mazew…Hurry back down here, please.

    Pancreatic cancer is one of the most curable cancers and one of the most deadliest. If found early it is very curable. The problem is there are no real symptoms until it is in the later stages and that is what makes it so deadly.

  50. who ever did this had to clean up , if the clothes had blood then there had to be a trail of blood somewhere , they really need to watch the tapes over and over

  51. I agree Humble

    Chlry…He was thin and frail, but when acting he still gave it all and did a really good job. You would never have known he was really sick.

  52. chlry
    that’s my thinking,,if he knew where to hide body in that manner,is familiar with “concealing/hiding potential in the building! that’s not very nornal…

  53. hi ecd and eyes 🙂

    not sure humble , i think when those things detect heat the sprinklers go off

    i never watched it steph , but he was handsome

  54. Hi East and Mema

    East…I could see he was ill, but I still think he did an amazing job acting. I wasn’t really into the show, but wanted to watch because I knew the out come wasn’t looking good for him.

  55. Hi all. Even when I’m not here, I’m here. Always lurking, here and everywhere, between trying to do other things. Humble, you mentioned before about who do we write to. Wasn’t it you who posted the name and address of the top judge in Florida. I think it was yesterday or the day before.

  56. mikka, steph love you both
    Patrick looked emaciated to me- Hollywood can do wonders with make-up! He was a brave soul and gave us a lot of entertainment! Remember him and Chris Farley on SNL! He will be missed!
    Why do people like Casey Anthony even exist in this world!

  57. I saw that Eyes. I’m taking special classes to learn how to count. I hear a so called ‘journalist’ learned his ABC’s at the same school. He’s all the way up to P – I guess that explains his arrogance.

  58. I can’t believe NG wants to have Dr. Lee on her program as the “expert” in all things forensic. My translation is as follows: “blah, blah, blah, blah………. Thank you Dr. Lee for that very informative view.

  59. Mazew…Did you read Morgan and Morgan filed a motion?? I think that is about all there is. Tonight on Wesh there is a specail though…it might be over by now, lol.

  60. hi mazew
    eyes, I wish Jim was here..I love that guy.. forget to mention that they usually walk around the biggest part of their life with one too

  61. MeMa
    Yeah women dying of breast and cervical cancer but WHOA! Better get a cure for guys that cant perform…Big bucks and brains went into the viagra invention….

  62. Eye!!!!! Yes I am going to be in LA for a week and then at my daughter’s new house in SD for a week! My favorite time of year on the coast-fall! PURRRR!!!
    Won’t be ’til mid-october!
    I would love to meet you when I am there if possible, Whenever I am there I never seem to have a moment of my own! I would love to just sit down and watch the sunset in Laguna again- no guitar players allowed!I am too old now it might just work!

  63. Good people, I am tired tonight, so I’m going to get on my favorite couch (have to get the dog off first–he weighs 103 lbs), and watch ID channel. I’ll see you all in the morning, and hopefully we have some news on the motions then. Sleep well, may the lovely angels watch over you.

  64. deb, Oh how much I have missed you! How amazing it is that we have all come to depend on you for sage advice and a loving voice.
    I can’t be on as much as I used to be. I am going to be with my aging parents and my grandsons in the next month- end of October. Lots of work and planning!
    I love you all so much!!

  65. eye- you got it! I would love to catch ya for a drink!
    Wow! Would that be a dream come true for all of us – but mostly me~ Will keep in touch!

  66. mema, thank you! Hugs!
    chlry, I will find you wherever I am – there is no escape! Love ya!
    I will figure it out no matter what!
    Maybe eye and I will be able to communicate with you while I am there! What a great thing that would be!

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