RECAP: More whoppers Cindy has said!

~If they had something to charge her, why wouldn’t they do it today, with everything else? So I mean, hello? That’s — we’ve known this all along. Why else did they go and handcuff her and put her in jail? Because they feel that she — she needs to be there. And again, once Caylee is found, everybody’s going to know that she doesn’t need to be there. She doesn’t belong there, and she doesn’t deserve what everybody’s doing to her. No one knows everything. I don’t know 100 percent, but I sure as heck know a lot more, but I can’t say a lot of things.

~Today is actually very hopeful day. You know, I just found out that, you know, they did charge her formally today, which actually is a good thing because look what they charged her with. They didn’t charge her with anything but with, you know, voluntary child neglect and withholding evidence. If they had anything concrete on her, I think they would have used that today. Today was the last day that they had an opportunity to do so. That is in essence, a victory for us.

~I’m too trusting of people I’ve just met. I’ve gotten burned by all of you guys. So again, I can look you all in the eyes and you can say how you feel sorry for me, but then you can go back to your stations and allow them to make me look out to be some horrible person that had something to do with Caylee’s disappearance. So think about that.

~Casey gave me an explanation where she was, and it was very — it was very, you know, believable. And I had no reason to ever doubt my daughter. Casey has lied to me in the past. And when she’s lied, she’s told me the truth. We’ve always gotten to the bottom of the truth. The only thing that raised a red flag to me is the fact that Casey could not tell me where she was at. I never tried to find out where Caylee was because I didn’t have a reason to find out where Caylee was. She was with Casey. Every time I spoke with Casey, I asked if I could speak with Caylee.

~Well, again, the people that have her — the whole reason Casey is behind bars is because she’s protecting Caylee’s safety. And I cannot say that enough. Unfortunately, you know, I can’t say things that’s going to jeopardize what we’re doing looking for this child. And I refuse to do so. And I’m not going to waste my time worrying about justifying pictures that you’re showing on your show every night that are two and three years old.

~Casey’s telling us that Caylee’s life is in danger. If we go in there someone thinks that she’s going to tell me something more, then her life’s in danger. And I believe that.

~Well, I hope that’s the case. I mean, every day, I feel like we’re getting closer to locating where she’s at. It’s — Casey’s maintained all along she doesn’t know where Caylee’s at. Casey’s maintained all along that she doesn’t trust the authorities. And you know, as much as I want to say I can’t blame her for certain things…

~People don’t know my daughter. Anybody that knows Casey knows that she is a loving mother and she would do anything, including sit in the jail cell to protect her daughter.


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  1. ~People don’t know my daughter. Anybody that knows Casey knows that she is a loving mother and she would do anything, including sit in the jail cell to protect her daughter.

    Is that what she’s doing now Cindy?? Sitting in jail to protect Caylee?? You BONEHEAD.. She’s sitting in jail because she murdered your granddaughter.. IMO, you and Georgie Poo should be sitting right there beside her, IN THE SAME CELL, because IMO you and Georgie helped her cover it up.. Would be good enough for the three of you to be stuck forever together in ONE CELL.. You three could off each other.. Save the taxpayers of Florida a little money.. *LOL*

  2. Alright.. Stay asleep then.. I see how you are.. *LOL*

    I have to run.. Time to make the donuts.. Uhhh.. I mean time to take the kids to school.. I’ll be back.. (In my best Arnold voice).. Cya’ll soon.. I hope.. *HUGS*

  3. Good morning. I’m up, but not awake yet. Sleepless night watching ID channel. Very interesting about narcissistic criminals. It was like hearing Casey’s life. Now I am sleep deprived. Wonder what is in store for us today.

  4. This is a good post because it lines up all the lies together. It’s interesting to get a recap of specific dialogue side by side to show the discrepancies. Not just Cindy, but George and Lee, Annie, D.Casey, Baez, Hoover, whomever.

    I realize some are victims here, but accountability demands a line between grief and deception.

  5. Good morning!

    Hi ya Justme, I am up just not as early as you!

    Hi ya I’D Claire, thanks! I have many post like this! And more to come! 🙂

    Hi ya Muesli, I have no clue, but will search it out! Cindy has said many things, most whoopers!

  6. Good Morning Everyone

    I believe Cindy, George and Lee all started out as victims. But, when they chose to lie as they did…when they chose to not cooperate to help bring the real victim, Caylee home. They removed their selves from being a victims.

    Many can say this was just a little lie here and a little lie there. It doesn’t matter how little the lie…NO lie was going to help bring Caylee home.

    I am thankful that I have never been and pray never to be in their shoes. But, the fact remains as hard as it is…they are all adults and their was an defenseless innocent child out there that needed to be brought home whether she was alive or dead. They took this child their grandchild and put her on the back burner…Put what they wanted on the front burner.

  7. Humble, in your post above, paragraph 2 was the most unbelievable to me. Having your daughter charged with voluntary child neglect and withholding evidence was considered a victory by Cindy. This woman is as sick as her daughter. Boy, doesn’t George have a nasty temper. That guy is scary. Also, if his statements are to be taken seriously, then he wasn’t a cop, he was a “flunkey”, as he called Orlando officers.

  8. Why hasn’t Lee gone to visit his beloved sister. Where is that guy? Is there any way we can find out if the A’s have requested a visit and been turned down by Casey. Also, can we find out if Casey has received any mail (officially sent) from Cindy, not smuggled in by Biaz?

  9. I’m back.. For how long I don’t know.. Father in law is supposed to be here this morning.. Whippee.. I’m thrilled to death.. Can you tell?? *L*

    The ONLY reason I left Lee out of the post above, (about them offing each other) was because I’m kind of riding the fence on him right now.. My gut tells me he’s still the same, but there’s a SMALL part of me that says he did the right thing while under immunity.. You notice I said a SMALL part.. I’m just waiting a little while longer to pass the sentence on him.. 😆

  10. George is a tough one for me…I know Cindy wears the pants in that home. We watched how much pain George was in. He seemed to be honest with LE…even though at times he blamed others and made excuses for Casey. He still let them know many things. I thought he would be the person in that family that would do the right thing.
    What is hard for me is while he is being mostly honest to LE..he isn’t to the media (We are watching the people that have Caylee-Caylee is coming home for her b.d.). Things like this don’t help bring Caylee home. You have the public out there looking or trying to remember things. How is saying these things to the public helping? You also have George sneaking around to talk to LE. No matter how much Cindy runs the house, he is an adult. Caylee was a baby and George as an adult and Caylee’s grandfather needed to say, this is ENOUGH and do the right thing. I so wanted to see him do this, but instead he too put Caylee on the back burner.

    Long night…mind all over the place so I hope that all made sense, lol.

  11. I hope that the date for the fraud trial will be announced this week. Also hope that the prosecution’s request is addressed by the court. I think Judge Rodriquez had better get out of bed and start reading before he makes quick decisions without all the facts. I feel that Judge Rodriquez is prejudiced against M&M. He gives the impression that Zenaida’s civil case is only about money and not the clearing of her name and reputation. I hope that Zenaida is only the first of many who will be suing Casey and C&G for defamation of character.

  12. But didn’t he have a choice whether to use the immunity or not?? That’s one thing I’m a little confused about.. If he could deny using it and lie, would he have?? Or was he FORCED to use it and tell the truth?? I guess I’m just wishing that SOMEONE in the dumb azz family would stand up for the baby.. and in my desperation for that to happen, I just may be hoping where there is no hope.. I don’t know..

  13. Muesli, me too! Amy deserves it!

    Just me, I believe had he not either been involved somehow, or some way he wouldn’t have needed immunity! Or maybe he should have spoke up from the beginning. HE had to get immunity, or he would be in jail next to his sweet sister! jmho

  14. That’s it exactly Humble.. Caylee is the victim, and for the life of me I CANNOT understand how they can put Casey above that innocent baby.. I’m desperate to understand how one can be that low.. I’m not saying they have to hate Casey, or that they have to turn their back and abandon her as their daughter.. I’m just saying they should accept the fact that their daughter murdered her child, and stop trying to cover for her…

  15. Justme…I think it was because it was what Cindy wanted that they put Casey above the real victim Caylee. Not that I am giving them an excuse at all. They are all adults and able to make their own choices. Caylee was the only one in this home that had no choices.
    I also don’t think it is because Caylee is gone they are going to save Casey or they love Casey more. It imo, is all about CIndy and what her image is.
    That interview last night I watched with the courageous Cindy made me absolutely sick…She has no courage at ALL…Cindy is a coward.

  16. Seems C&G’s goal is to go out, lie, lie and lie. TO try and sway the public from believing that Casey is guilty! It is so sad that they think that they have this power. Sorry Cindy and Goerge, the states evidence isn’t junk and your just talkin smack!

  17. The only thing I’m saying about Lee is that IF he did tell the truth, and even though he may have done it to save his own azz, he may at least be the ONLY chance for a set of balls in that family.. *L*

    Yeah.. I know Humble.. They will never accept it.. And that’s what I don’t understand.. There comes a time in everyones life where things happen that you don’t want to believe at first.. But after all of this evidence coming out, a normal person would see it.. Of course, a normal person would know something was wrong after 31 days.. But we all know they’re nowhere near normal.. *L*

  18. humble,i am sure she will interview bozo too,he try to make damage controll after teh last doc dump,why dont can everybody wait and let make the jury the decision!

  19. Did any of you watch the video of Dr. G the other day?? The reporter was asking her about prosecuting this case with no cause of death.. she told him it wasn’t all that unordinary, and that these kind of cases were prosecuted successfully all over the US everyday…

  20. Thank you Mikka…I think they are wrong. When you take all the things she said and done before Caylee was killed. Then you take all the things said and done after Caylee was killed…I see it as premeditation.

    I know I have said it many times, but what is going to hurt the defense really bad is not being able to put Casey on the stand. No matter what the jury will want to hear from Casey what happened that day. Not from her experts that they can’t say exactly how Caylee died or how long she has been there. They want to hear from Casey what happened that day whether an accident or kidnapping. They WANT to hear what lead up to the events that took this innocent child’s life. ONLY Casey can tell them this.

  21. Along with the 31 days if it was an accident…why NO grief. They can say all they want that it was ugly coping, but her behavior didn’t change from before Caylee was killed. Oh wait it did in the fact she was more free to do what she wanted.

  22. I agree Mikka…I do believe they have enough to win a convition on 1st degree. Remember a long time ago the judge on the Today Show said, the state doesn’t need to go for a plea. They have enough to convict her imo on 1st degree. I feel the same way no matter what the defense attorneys say. JMHO

  23. I’m back.. For a few.. Things are starting to pick up around here.. People in and out.. Normal busy day.. EEKKK.. Give me a break, I sure deserve it.. (Nell Carter again)..

  24. Mikka
    You know that guy Bill Shaffer,that used to comment the “moves” by the def and prosec. in the case??(in wesh or wftv) is he still commenting on this?haven’t find it lately..cant even remenber where it was, that I did so…

  25. Mus
    hey ya!!
    never seen him there!!!I guess it was where that Belich woman works…is that a guy with grey hair and beard(??hair on face??)

  26. mus
    here, i only get to watch NG show pages and the little traillers they put online there..
    sometimes you find a show on utube,that some mercifull soul has the kindness to post there!!!

  27. AZ
    is it?
    i was pretty sure it was on one of those 2 networks…but lately, the guy is a no show! maybe he’s working somewhere else??
    cheers anyway!

  28. AZ
    you rock!thanx.
    probably changed job…so I’m not getting him anymore…if u catch him in little videos, let me know,ok? Cheers

  29. i think most of his interviews are on utube Filipa, I watch them there sometimes. If you put his name and Belich you probably get them all.’

  30. I do get cnn on cable, but they only “cnn international” only us local news give dear kc the coverage that “we got used to”lol!!

  31. H-LLS B-LLS this woman is the most bizarre woman. SHe need medication and should have taken it years ago and then medication given to every member of this sicko family.
    I am still wondering if lee, george and WF are nuts by blood or just driven totally mad because of this insane woman.

  32. I think media is kind of tired of the spin. It was interesting early with all kinds of bombshells, but now it seems its minutiae we are dealing with, comparing depos etc. Just the die hards left interested lol. Im sure closer to the trial the circus will come back to town…

  33. Hi hvf, Its amazing, but really were getting to the point it is all so obvious to the average person, the medi acan barely pretend there is any possibility of another suspect in the case anymore.

  34. Az!
    i’m having such a blast with Bill! Bill’s my man! lol
    love it when he says pearls like:
    “seems like the defense loves drama…”
    “ Baez is unqualifyed for DP…Orange County has the highest # per capita of expert criminal lawyers and there’s a lot of talent there, why he hasn’t reached out for them, is a mystery to me!!!”

    I’ll tell you why! cause he loves the fresh gained “fame status” and he would NOT serv it on a trey to THE REAL COMPETITION!!!

  35. What amazed me the most, was learning that forensics ALSO performed an autopsy on them SNAKE that Kronk mentioned, and that lately was run by a car…just in case it might have swollen some evidence!!!!
    that’s brilliant (do we have the results on the snakes autopsy yet, on the docs dump???)

  36. In the land of OZ Muesli, the wonderful land of no responsibility, where ” theres no place like home” to murder your child, then be cosseted by family and a top notch ( huh) defense team, willing to sacrifice time form their book tours to defend you.

  37. muesli you remember when geo was saying,this “kiddnappers” are watched.why watch him,call the cops!its a cover up from the beginning!

  38. mikka, I know lots of cops, detectives, police chiefs, etc., and they believe he must have been one of the stupidest cops out there, and an embarrassment to the force. And George calling Orlando officers f…ing flunkies, was way over the top.

  39. mikka, when are we going to hear anything on the prosecution motion and the M&M motion. I want to see Dominic Casey go down for his “mistruths”. Does anyone know if Dominic has ever received any money from either Biaz or G&C? Wasn’t he in financial difficulties last year and about to lose his home?

  40. Today is Missing Childrens Day in Florida.. Wonder if Cindy and Georgie Poo are there?? They mention it on the CMA fraudation website, but it didn’t state whether or not they were going to attend.. Also, I know where Casey got the idea that a child missing 31 days is okay.. From Orlando Sentinel.. Copied and pasted:

    Changes were ordered. The agency started generating a daily list of children who had not been seen by a DCF caseworker in 30 days. At one point, the number reached 6,000. No one knew if the numbers were accurate because they weren’t being entered correctly and caseworkers were also lying about visiting children.

    Now they carry handheld GPS units that stamp a date and location when they visit each child. The information is automatically updated into the state’s database, making it easier to see a missing child’s last whereabouts and adding more oversight for caseworkers.

    The units also notify a supervisor if a child hasn’t been seen in 31 days. If the child hasn’t been seen a few days after that, the device alerts a regional director and eventually an alert will make its way directly to Sheldon.

    Now, I KNOW it’s virtually impossible to track each and every foster child, but waiting 31 days to notify someone is a BIT FAR FETCHED don’t you think??

  41. mikka.. I’m sure they will be.. Out there whining and complaining about their missing granddaughter THAT WAS NEVER MISSING AND WAS MURDERED BY THEIR DAUGHTER.. Trying to drum up donations for gas for the boat, and for their fraudation.. Another can’t find a kid scam.. CAYLEE was NEVER missing.. CAYLEE was DEAD from the start.. GET IT GEORGE AND CINDY?? ACCEPT THE TRUTH ALREADY..

  42. Well, I just finished my puff puff, (cigarette), so now I must go next door and fix that water line that I was supposed to fix last week.. Geez, I dread it…. Cya’ll later.. Have a great day..

  43. aaahhh,linda baden was on the court show in session show,the court show,she say everybody deserve the best defense,i miss what she say about cma! 😡

  44. Mikka
    I ‘m still amazed with the autopsy performed on the snake!!!
    THAT’S the kind of interesting doc they should hand over to Baez, so he can burn his brains & time analizing it with the D -team… (acctually they’re so different in sorts, they start to look like “the Village People”!!lol

  45. please!!!
    another note that does not cesse to mystyfy me, is the “desapearance” of Jim Campbel of docs/depo’s and witness list..
    Do you think HE IS THE REAL ZENAIDA? lol

  46. humble linda baden was on teh show in session,she talk about cma and i missed it,what she say,her last words was,everybody deserve the best defense!

  47. Thank you Humble and Mikka….Do we know anyone in Orlando? They need to light a fire under whomever sets Stricklands calendar.

  48. So with the criminal case we have docs, a motion hearing on discovery and a pre-trial hearing, right? You would think they could give us one of these things.

  49. Do you think Strickland would tell the state to see what they can work out as far as a plea deal. I know they have her on camera and such…an easy case. But, they might also expect them to do what they do with most other people that do this and are first time offenders.

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