Casey Anthony update 15 September 2009

The prosecution will be questioning Dominic Casey and not to mention Mallory Parker.

The state will he questioning both on the 12th of November.  DCasey at 11 am.  it is unknown what time Mallory will be in the hot seat!

I assume the State is tired of the lies that DCasey is putting out there and it is time to get his lies on record!


25 thoughts on “Casey Anthony update 15 September 2009

  1. I don’t know gig. They are so self serving they think they can get away with anything. The irony of the whole thing is that all the things they have done and continue to do to cover up for WF will be nothing but extra nails for her coffin.

  2. This guy is an absolute degenerate scumbag. He comes across as very low functioning/low iq. Are we really supposed to believe that a psychic sent him to that site? We know it was cindy…I just can’t figure out why so many people are protecting the anthony crime family. Evidently, leonard padilla is buddy buddy with baez and tony padilla defends the anthonys and bashes nancy grace. What a world we live in. Don’t know how any of these people consider themselves human.

  3. G’morning everyone!!

    I am very interested in the Lee/Mallory relationship. did they break-up so now she is free to say what she wants. Will she say things out of spite? maybe her telling the truth, was the only reason lee “told the truth” and used immunity. Too many things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

  4. Great!!!that will update us on “facs”!
    I guess That will leave only Jim Campbell and the yorkshire terrier unquestioned…

    ps Cindy has probably invited Mall for lunch today!!(with rehearsal in mind…)

  5. Good Morning Nanna 😆

    Good Morning Eoar and Filipa

    I would think they already questioned D Casey and Mallory. Now they will get their testimony or what they think their testimony will be when going to trial.

    Eoar…I am also curious if they are still together. I heard that they just watched the house together when Cindy and George went out of town.

    Have a good day everyone…need to get ready for work. Talk to you later

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