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  1. If they release while the D-team is on their little “vacation”, the prosecution can say they had a “Peaceful release”.. 😆

  2. It can Mikka…I was thinking it was premeditated much longer then 1 minute though. My brother saw a girl get her head blown off a little over a year ago…She dated this boy one time and they were outside in the parking lot. My brother doesn’t know any of this…just doesn’t look right so he sends the girl he is flirting with in. He follows them and they go behind a van…my brother hears shots and runs over. He killed the girl and himself. I guess he had been stalking her and she never told anyone.

  3. steph,you are right,he was watching her for months or years!

    oh my god,thats terrible steph,i hope your brother is o.k now,he must have night mares!

  4. He had nightmares for a long time Mikka…He is better now except for when he thinks about it. He felt a lot of guilt for not just going over when he thought there might be something wrong. But, he was pulling the girl or hitting her or anything like that…my brother just thought there was something up.

  5. They said they are still looking at motive right?
    I remember hearing she didn’t feel comfortable in the lab…I wonder if this person is why she didn’t feel comfortable.

  6. I know Mikka…I am real curious how she was killed. I am kind of surprised we haven’t heard any of her friends say so and so made me nervous. It is good they don’t, because it doesn’t help LE to investigate when telling the media. But, I am still surprised.

  7. He is Mikka..

    Did you see the news that a man they tried to put to death they couldn’t…they couldn’t find a vein to use. I wonder what they will do now??

  8. Hi everyone
    Garrido may have abducted two other girls in l988 and l989..look so much like Jaycee…same car was described in the other cases that he was driving

  9. steph,hahahahha saw it she dont find the vene ahhhaahah i think his laywer say,its like he survived and she dont cant make it a second time!

  10. Me too Mikka…they are good together. 🙂

    Hi Mema…I hope they can find something and give these families some kind of news or even some remains.

  11. Thanks mikka. My question, why Nov. 12. Why not tomorrow or next week. I just don’t get what the delays are for. I think Dominic is in deep doo doo. Wonder if Mallory will try to claim privilege.

  12. muesli,prosecution talk already with dominic month ago,i am sure because of what he say to mitnik,she will talk with him again,and we dont cant forget prosecution is busy!

  13. Well, looks like they are going to finally get the DCasey on record! Interesting! Guess they are tired of the lies he has too!

    Muesli, maybe november, the prosecution could be trying to get ready for the fraud case! 🙂


  14. Steph
    My thoughts also(about mallory) but you can bet she will also get representation, this case is turning lucrative for the economy as far as florida attys. go!!

    I think mallory has info on the fraudation also…isnt she on the licence or something ?

  15. Can’t stay for now. Another birthday celebration on the beach this time. See ya later this evening. I still don’t understand that last motion filed on 14th about unavailability.

  16. Okay…I think I missed something. I clicked on the link and read the top. Then I listened to the hearing and thought that was all that was there. Was there more??

  17. That was it …a trustee i couldnt remember.Well!! Hope they get some info on the opening and closing of the suntrust bank account.Thats what started the money rolling….

  18. Eoar
    Either that or their credibility.Could be that was the ants picks because they are above suspicion…

    How are you feeling? Off tonite?

  19. eoar
    sorry, for not joining earlier.. but going on about “it” being an “accident” was a bit too much ,for me…a looong strech!lol

  20. Sounds like the State agrees with WFTV that D Casey is wither lying about working with the defense OR that the defense lead him to the area. But did you see this?

    Prosecutors also filed another discovery notice today, outlining what items will be released to Casey Anthony’s defense team. It includes a one-page document and a CD of Casey Anthony’s tattoos.

    This morning they said 1000 pages. Does that mean they have a one page document and 999 pictures of Casey’s tattoo?

  21. I read she was a nurse too but I don’t know if she was an RN, an LPN, or even an aide…sometimes people refer to them as nurses. Scary, huh?

  22. I hear this, and I go “wow!! sounds like the poor heath care assistence my american friends complain about…might have SAVED LIVES, afterall!!!!” (thinking of Cindy & Nancy)

  23. I have a question concerning Jaycee, how do we know those girls are hers with him, how do we not know if they were kidnapped. They say everyone he was interested in looks similar to jaycee.

  24. I’m back .. But just for a second or two.. Time for the night shift.. I’m thinking.. I’m starting me a fraudation.. That way I can stay home, not work, and order pizza all day.. What do you all think??? Any ideas for a fraudation?? *LOL*

  25. Wll I have another Q
    Since JC’s the Star witness in prosec (and probably defense also, that would say it was a”love story” from the start) can she testify and maintain anonimity? or are all trials open there???
    when I hear talk shows (like oprah) are already fighting to get her, I thing IT MIGHT BE cause she has to “ome out in the open” anyway…..

  26. livid.. I saw that too, and was confused at first… Until I re-read it.. That’s stuff that the prosecution just released to the defense.. Is nowhere near being released to us yet.. (Bozo will file a million motions to be gone through first).. The 2000 pages is stuff already released to the defense from the prosecution a while ago, and bozo has already motioned it to death.. *L*

  27. Marsha.. Casey wouldn’t last here in prison long enough to go visit her.. Some redneck big bertha would eat her for lunch.. (Then gag and puke afterwards).. *LOL*

  28. Eoar.. Yep.. That man has a motion to file a motion to file a motion.. *L*.. He’s the Motion King.. Worship him!! (And spit on his shoes while we’re down there).. *ROFL*

  29. JVM…needs to shut up. I understand alcoholism…this isn’t Kayne he is a jerk off and has always been. JVM wants to sell her book.

  30. you notice everyone is selling a book saw a interview with serena Willimas this morning, she was selling a book also. when ever she mentions the word book, the title followed, got real old, real quick

  31. I didn’t see that Eoar, but I would really like to see him take responsiblity for himself and not blame the fact that he is a jerk off on anything else. They were also giving the passing of his mother as an excuse…he pulled this kind of crap long before she passed

  32. Steph I was waTching something and ROFL,thinking of our “late cast” but cant post this links just yet!!!sotimes it works ,some not…

    speking of drinking and stars, watch this PLEASE (Cant post) GO tmz.com and check the video”whitney Houston: Bobby’s agutter rat!”

  34. I can remember two days ago i was happy to hear about him rather than janet being MJ. now I am not so sure. media needs to move on. and quit giving him the limelight.

  35. Eoar…I agree, I understand anger, but he behaved like this before he lost his mother. But it goes back to him drinking…I also have experience in this and JVM is deciding everyone that has a problem must be an addict.

  36. I’ve just noticed since her book, she is talking about her addiction. she never mentioned it before. I might have possibly been interested. but not no. I’ve heard enough, I don’t need to read it.

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