Chit Chat JVM and NG 15Sept09

Chit chat JVM and NG are on………


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  1. Does that OJ Simpson ex girlfriend look just like Nicole Brown Simpson or what??!!! Isn’t that the girlfriend who helped him out or something weird? Now she’s admitting he abused her

  2. Well, Karma, 2000 pages coming hopefully next week, the State is going to depose Lee’s (ex?) girlfriend and D. Casey, and the tatoo pictures were given to the defense but I would think Bozo would be familiar with it already 😉

  3. JVMs screaming about violence against women which is very valid but she’s being a little over the top. She says when a woman gets murdered women curtail their activities and calls it “psychological burkas”

  4. speaking of wig…Baden’s could NOT SAVE Phil Spectors wig!!!let alone someone’s life!!!(did you see his mugshot?…be prepared…)

  5. Oh, no doubt eye, I’m sure sindy is holding class on a regular schedule, smacking Mallory’s fingers with a ruler every time she gets the wrong answer.

  6. Marsha
    It will remain to be seen how well mallory follows instructions.D.Casey failed, i think they are all only as good as their lawyers

  7. I hope Mallory is scared enough to be TOTAL HONEST when she is deposed. Which if she is being deposed…doesn’t this mean she has been questioned and we haven’t seen her interview yet, right?

  8. all these idiots should be shunned,kenye,whitney ,oj etc why do we give them the time of day or days?the news should be about good people do good things for humanity

  9. I will not wtach oprah anymore been done with her for years..some people think she is God,they do everything she says on her show,buy the things etc..when are people going to use their own brain?

  10. Hi Mazew
    Her fifteen year old daughter was with her on oprah, pretty girl.I can only imajine what that girl has witnessed.Prolly can wait to turn of age and hit the road…

  11. Mazew…I am not the biggest Oprah fan at all. I do think she deserves a lot of credit for what she has built. But, I haven’t watched her in years…I am just not a fan.

  12. to me its almost ,like Larry king and all these other who have been on tv for ages, give it up have enough money for the world ..let someone else have a chance..

  13. Yeah i hear ya!But i did make some good cornbread muffins the other day…with green chilis, But you know what i was thinking.LOL

    Well its time to eat BBL

  14. Enjoy Eyes…I have to go in a minute too.

    Filipa…I heard last week they found a bone, but hadn’t said yet if it was human. Did they find another one?

  15. Hi folks. I know the defense will bring up the fact that we don’t know for sure how Caylee died, but that doesn’t mean Casey didn’t kill her. If they suggest it was an accident, they will have a tough time explaining away Casey’s behavior. Why would you go to the lengths she did to lie and cover up if it were an accident?

  16. Gigs…I agree. They can throw up there is no cause of death. But, that is with them looking at that and only that. They are not looking at her behavior or where Caylee was found or the duct tape around her mouth or the parents cover up and on and on and on. This is the only thing they have to say that with…oh well the jury will be looking at ALL the evidence and I really believe convict her on the top count. BTW HI!!!!

  17. Steph, it was the son of a previous Gov. (the mid to late 60s I think??) He died a few years ago, and this is his son. They found him sitting at his father’s grave with his wrists slit. If he really wanted to kill himself he would be dead 🙄

  18. The girl that he killed lives probably less than 5 miles from me…sad. She was only 29 and had such a bright future. They showed the funeral home on the news tonight and people were lined way out the door to pay respects. BTW…I think he’s 52.

  19. Steph, no I didn’t know her, but I have heard a lot about her the last couple days. I did know the murderer’s dad as my Dad is involved in politics.

  20. Steph
    yeah! i read somewhere “bone likely to be human”!!!!
    Anyway, I cannot imagine Garrido, the bast…innocently chewing chiken wings, on his yard…..I don’t know why!?!?

  21. that sucker should be given a free day with JC for punishment purposes only…for her to let imagination run wild…THAT would be a good preable, for his years to come!!!

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