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  1. Do you all know that Annie told one of the Daly’s…that Ricardo was the last one to see Caylee. This is right after, because his interview was on the 17th. I could be remember this all wrong too, lol.

  2. So true Humble…that is one girl I don’t like. I couldn’t care less what drugs she did or does. Her arse should have been right in there answering questions…a baby was missing and needed to be found. They couldn’t care less what she did with her drugs except for giving them to Casey…they wouldn’t have charged her. They wanted to find Caylee and I think her attorney would have told her this…I don’t like her

  3. Sean Daly is being all helpfull giving Annie’s number and all not realizing she wants nothing to do with LE…she just wants to help throw the blame on others.

  4. I am hoping they can keep Jaycee’s kids out of the court room. They are so young and they will have to testify against their piece of sh*t father. This will be really hard for them.

  5. MIKKa
    it’s the stupidest idea on earth, well all of them have been, since she pleaded NOT GUILTY. But it looks like Mr Baez finds KC’s lies preety credible (just enough to shamelessly allow them to come out in the open…for public descission)
    I would have used the duct tape long time ago!

  6. person of interests always indicated the guilty party. I can’t think of anyone who has been labeled that, and not charged. Can anyone else think of anyone

  7. My brothers, my x, my x sister in law and one brother’s x mother-in-law all worked at the same place years ago, lol….It was an seismic data place for oil companies.

  8. his GF Mspace pages have been taken down also. she appearantly wrote last year about how she didn’t believe the rumors of him cheating on her.

  9. do they know whom those clothes belonged to, from dna??
    since lab people wear those “white things” on top, it would be difficult to get it from camera footage, I guess…

  10. sorry but his fiancee does not look from this world either…that could explain why she hasn’t notice anything on him!!!(weird behaviour ,i mean)

  11. there clearly is racial descrimination. But its not as broad as it once was. But of those people who keep using that as an excuse, it only exists because they allow it to. My opinion. make sense?

  12. ok to help you out filipa, hln=headline news, talks about all different things, topics change, tonight part of the show is about a former president, throwing race into someplace it doesn’t belong (in my opinion)

  13. now whenever anyone of another race says something another race doesn’t like, they object using “the race” as a reasoning to their opinions/actions. a.k.a racecard”

  14. you’re wondering how do I know that? right?
    well remember that i speak 4 languages preety fluently, and after serving meals onboard…all the time in the world is to READ (or I would shot myself in the head, otherwise!!!LOL

  15. there are mag’s from allover the world…and I have to entertain myself…since I CANT GET OUT!!!
    so…that explains how i know about this stuff

    gets a bit to my nerves. when ppl from developed countries preach about “helping out Africa”
    when Africa’s REAL problem is the level of corrupted governments, cause by the way, THEY HAVE more resources than most coutries & are in fact richer, do u get me?

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