Chit Chat JVM and NG 16Sept09

Chit Chat JVM and NG…………………


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  1. Could be seen that way…personaly I think he’s a hypocrit sucker, that knows very well in who he can step on!!!I would NOT imagine the same scene were he would have the nerve to interrupt Beyonce (along with jay Z 1 the most powerfull in hollywood!

    Idiots come in every color!!!

  2. Hi Mikka and Mema

    Thank you Mikka…I had thought they had something with Haleigh. I don’t care about this theft, unless he knows something and tells LE.

  3. As bad as it is that they didn’t shut down the building. I think the dna that they may find behind the wall where they found Le…along with what they find on the clothes will be fine. Plus if the person they have been questioning is the person that killed her…sounds like she will have his DNA under her nails.

  4. they might as well be checking trough dna if she ever was in his car or had intercourse with the sicko…and then his hubby might come to play, i dont know

  5. this is reminding me of that military case , the girlfriend wanted her boyfriend to kill the girl hr cheated on her with and they did , maybe ten years ago , anyone remember

  6. Chlry…I remember that and now they are both in jail. They were able to go on with their lives and join the services, but I can’t remember how it came back up. I think she said something to someone…they went to LE. Or something like that. When they did it they were just like in their jr or sr year in high school, right?

  7. Hi Eyes

    Eoar…i was reading that earlier after reading your post. I still think if they keep this pressure going the cracks will just get bigger with them all…then we might find out what happened to Haleigh.

  8. hahaha eyes they do

    steph thats right but i think they were in military school and maybe she had graduated , i can’t remember but she was the smarter one , until she opened her mouth

  9. I bet Annie wasn’t cheating…maybe she was, but I bet she wasn’t. There are people that think their other half is cheating with many or that many are after their other half.

  10. Thank you Chlry…doesn’t that sound like more blood then just scratches? It is probably my imagination, but when I first heard this I thought there was blood all over the clothes…I still don’t know if they were hers or his either.

  11. I thought I heard either NG or JVM say that she had been cut up and stuffed in the wall. I might be wrong, but I THOUGHT I heard that. If so, there would be lots of blood.

  12. steph that’s what i thought , then when i heard she was choked or smothered i don’t understand all the blood , maybe they banged her head as well

  13. Hi Marsha…there would be lots of blood and the person would have to change. So this would probably be his shirt and there will be sweat stains…maybe some chest hair. Does sweat have dna in it??

  14. eoar, I only heard “specs” of blood in the lab. I’m not sure what kind of tools, but I would suspect there would be knives and so forth??

  15. Chlry…I still don’t understand how the stain in Casey’s trunk doesn’t have dna in it. I know the doctor explained what this fluid in and saying often it doesn’t. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  16. I can’t explain why decomp doesn’t have dna but all human decomp is similar and this is why it’s so easy to train the dogs. I think it’s the gases given off all bodies and is not actually a part of the body itself.

  17. Thank you East for the info on decomp..

    When looking at the pictures one of them said he sent her an email about her treatment of the mice…did I read that right?

  18. I read that urine doesn’t contain dna Chlry. I don’t know why other than it goes right through the body and is transient. The same with defecate. It isn’t actually a part of the body, I guess.

  19. yep steph you read right , and he was going from lab to lab which wasn’t normally part of his job , please tell me he didn’t kill her over a mouse , i love all animals but gawd

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