RECAP: Casey….the saga continues 15Sept08

This was on 15 September 2008:

Casey is still getting special treatment in jail. She is in solitary confinement and not having any contact with any other inmates. She could get about 67 years if convicted of her charges and as little as probation. If I remember correctly she did state that she has stole from her friends and family. So I am hoping this will be a conviction.

It is said that Casey is no amateur liar. She has done this for years. She can make up lies faster than I can even think about a lie! I guess I didn’t realize that the Juliette Lewis she was talking about is the one who played in ‘Natural Born Killers’. How stupid is this girl.

The longer this goes on, and IF Caylee is deceased, the evidence is getting harder to confirm. Does this mean that they will not be able to prove how she died, and that it was an accident at the hands of her mother? Casey is the last one to see Caylee, Zeniada is no one, the car wasn’t stolen, and there was a dead body in the trunk of the car. Holy cow this girl is in over her head.

Leonard Padilla stated something about a William Water who worked somewhere is linked to Zeniada Gonzalez, and Lee Anthony. He also said something about Laura Rhodes (sp), whoever she is, is also linked somehow. He also does not think the Anthony’s are getting any tips. These are tips that Cindy is making up. Padilla also stated that the Anthony’s attitude has changed once they got the air samples back from the car. Wonder what this family will do once the OCSD has enough evidence, if they don’t already, to charge her with murder?


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  1. good morning eyes and humble
    too bad they dont still use “old sparky”…the amount of fat she has put on would fry just a little longer..
    must of been from all the “extra’s” the jail guards give her

  2. Good Morning MEMA
    This is my late day in to work.Late in, late out, late blog.HaHa.Im usually not on early, i like the chit chat in the afternoon anyways.

  3. Humble
    There is an interesting article about brad in the “florida today” i didnt want to drag the whole three pages over, but if you get a chance read it.Sympathy for the devil……

  4. Humble
    I think poor william was caseys next bootie call.She was setting up the dialog to get a back up if things failed with tony….

    yes i just have a little time before i get ready for work.But i do like the casual week ends also..

  5. Humble
    What struck me also about that is he ran for judge in 2008 and lost.Mabey the outcome of this case will make or break him next election

  6. I think all those guys that spent time with casey under the sheets need to RUN not walk to the nearest testing facility and find out if they have any gift that keeps on giving…..

  7. I think steph is working this morning, but ill bet shes gonna get on this “laura rhodes” person….Mabey ill see something on her this evening.

  8. Protesters* humble
    Conway said he was brought in to get the protesters under control at the house.He said they stopped when geo attempted suicide.But mikka stated that they stopped because casey was no longer at the house.She was in jail

  9. Well its time for me to get ready for work.Humble if you see ECD today tell her i said hi.I missed her yesterday.

    Everyone have a great day,Mikka stay on it!!

  10. Yeah the bragging about how people treated her in jail was really over the top. I remember listening to her whining about how ‘she can’t do anything!’ ‘she’s in here, she can’t find caylee when she’s in jail’! So she gets out and it’s just one big party! Slumber party time with the preternaturally unprofessional tracy ‘giggles’ mclaughlin, braggin about getting food (I know most moms who lost a daughter and were in jail would have food as their first concern). Then she kicks everyone out of ‘her’ house and doesn’t help find caylee.

    Can people really not see that she murdered her? Is this how an innocent person acts? Is this how a person who let their kid die in an accident act?? You can tell she thinks she’s an attorney now – with her absolute and confident refusal to talk about caylee – Baez no doubt told her ‘if ya don’t say anything, they can’t put you in jail or convict you’. Well that must have given casey great strength and resolve, because good lord, she didn’t lift a finger to find Caylee. Pray pray pray for the death penalty for casey…prison for cindy, george, lee, and dominic casey, AND a permanent disbarment for Baez.

  11. that KC, is so stupid, and her intelectual and cultural level so low, that she’s quite the caricature of herself…and in that sense, quite predictable!!
    I tell you, was the MURDER to be committed today…and the moron would try to get propofol from Gentiva,or wherever…

  12. In those early days…
    everytime Cindy opened her mouth, she would keep a low and descreet profile, comparable to Lady Gaga brand look…

    Had she kept her mouth shut, or took a sip of “common sense potion” and hundreds of blogs would NOT have a reason to exist…

  13. tania i find this,

    Aug 7, 2009 … The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, which the Anthonys started last year, just got its tax exempt status this year, so it doesn’t have to file any financial statements

  14. Hello all.. Just jumped on for a few to see if anything has happened today.. Won’t be here long.. I have another one of those Caseygraines.. *whines*

  15. Humble
    They might not make money out of it (since they’re probably having zero donations) however, if they maintained it, IS MOST PROBABLY for tax benefits (meaning,”evasion”)

  16. after reviewing some of Mitniks interviews,it is my perception that he does not always push up his glassed in the same manner!!!
    your gut feeling was right, I guess. HERE’S THE FINGER GEORGE!!!!!

  17. folks, only now ocurred to me that OT might mean “off topic”….you have to respect my condition here!!
    I even thought it meant “over there”, and looked to my left side, trying to find something…

  18. sorry filipa! ot=off topic, there I told you. lots of info to the right of the blog. check it out. Humble has everything at just a couple clicks away. Thanks Humble.

  19. Hello Everyone…

    Mikka…Has your gang headed out to get us the docs. 😉

    Filipa. lol, like Eoar said on the right you will see lots of links. If you go up to the top and under Caylee’s pic you will find them all…just keep going down.

  20. hi Steph!!!
    sorry for not spending much time reflecting on the usual saga, but “Sept 11th week” is special to me still…It could have happened to anyone…I feel sad.

  21. I will talk to you later Filipa…We do have docs to look forward to. While waiting you can go look through all the interviews and forensics you might have missed while gone. They are in the case documents above on the right with all the other links.


  22. ppl from FL
    dont forget to give a fake email in case they call u for the jury!…(Baez will probably check if you are a proffessional humble opinioner….

  23. Bradley A. Conway
    Born: September, 1965
    Education: University of Florida, Bachelor of Arts, December 1988; University of Florida, College of Law, Juris Doctor, December 1991.
    Occupation: Lawyer
    Political experience: Ran unsuccessfully in 2008 for Orange County Judge – Group 15.
    Family: Parents Austin and Jean Conway of Suntree, sister Erin, deceased brother Jeffrey.
    Marital status: Engaged once but never married.

  24. humble,i will know whats going on,defense is way to quiet,strickland set no date yet,sometimes i think the trial dont will be start before 2020! 😯

  25. humble,you must watch by the hearings cma,when the name caylee comes,she start writing wild on her paper,she dont cant look straight no more,sign of guilt!

  26. “Now, straight out to humble’s opinion headquarters,where NG special correspomndent HUMBLE, president & lobby manager, awaits us…Now,
    what do you think of the alleged Caylee Anthony suicide, and how could it have affected tot mum’s psichologically?”

  27. Here is one thing about the murder trial, everything Casey has told investigators, they can be questioned on…all her lies. She won’t be taking the stand to justify her lies! I would like her to take the stand though and see what lies she can come up with next!

    dont asnswer me just yet… I wanna go to MIKKA, present in our pannel today, are you there MIKKA??
    what do you think of this new twist in the Case against Casey Anthony…is prosecussion ready for this??(cause Mr Baez surely is…)”

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