Casey Anthony update 17 Septmeber 2009

Looks like the defense is trying to pull a quick one!  They have filed a motion for all charges to be dropped! 

The defense is claiming that the evidence was not properly preserved!  According to the motion:  “the state deliberately misled the court and delayed formal identification of remains so it could obtain exclusive control of the crime scene through Dec. 19, 2008”

Her defense drama team wanted to hire off duty officer to secure the area, but according to the defense drama team they said the state would not let them! 

The d-team is also saying that Anthony’s rights are violated!  And that exculpatory evidence supports a defendants claim of innocence. 

SOOOO it looks like they are trying to pull a quick one. If it is just the evidence at the scene, they still have the car evidence.  They make me laugh!  And if my memory is any good, the D-team waited a few days, or was it weeks to go to the crime scene.  So what ever they got as evidence, they are the ones who let it get contaminated!



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  1. Hello!

    First off they had to find where they could pull some dna out to be tested. With Caylee being thrown out like trash…it wasn’t like there was much left to do a quick dna test.
    Second it took that long to find all of her little bones…or at least most of them.

  2. When LE gave them the crime scene after they were finished they didn’t want it…Then I am thinking a good couple weeks later they wanted it. Dumb arses, LOL

  3. are you kidding me ! i thought then she would go to jail , please tell me there isn’t a chance in he!! that this could happen , it makes me sick that they asked for this

  4. Chlry…I don’t think there is a chance in hell. If the murder charges are dropped all they have are the fraud charges, but again no chance in hell.

  5. Evening Humbel and Steph , I think they are throwing all these motions back in cause they are mad at the state for wanting Baez to show the proof that someone put Caylee in the woods while casey was in jail. Since when do defense att. get first crack at a crime sence. That is just plain stupid cause how did they know that it was even Caylee at the time. There was no Id on her yet.

  6. They think there is some back door, but that is crazy. The defense NEVER gets a look at a crime scene until it is processed. Plus Caylee was alive from what they said…so why would they need to be in there in the first place??

  7. i agree humble , so the mother who partied after her child was killed and rented movies the night after rights were violated , my a$$ they were , oh and the one who lied directly to the le and fbi , palease !

  8. I also believe they lied during one of the hearings about the trunk. They said dr lee was never informed about the bag of trash in the car. If he wasn’t informed how did he talk to NG about all the trash and food in the car??

  9. jesus…
    How could that be???
    we’re the living proof that prejudice towards that cow, comes from all parts of the US AND ABROAD!!!only in the moon he would find a jury that did hear about this case, witch BTW is famous for its cruelty NOT HER LOOKS…
    Also the photos he mentions in motion WERE NOT FABRICATED in photoshop,instead they illustrate the defendants attitude ONLY (blame it on her!) Plud her own family fuels the circus continuously publiciting tha case (as the def team does with obnoxious motions…) and appearing on tv shows…

  10. Someone needs to get a big bus for all these clowns and the motions they are putting out there. I believe they are pushing their so called luck bringing this stuff up again. The state at first wanted a gag order on this case but Baez didn’t want one. Now he don’t want the public to see what a mess he has made out of this. They need to get ready for the fraud trial and stop this bull.

  11. So I am wondering with all of these motions…will we hear them together??

    Also this motion of unavailabiltiy…do you all know what it was for??

  12. someone is going to be out of town is what it means steph , so no depos are to be done i guess is what it means

    my show is on , see you tomorrow 🙂

  13. so instead of moving the court case ,I suggest moving the A’s out of FL ,in order to get a fair trial. Furthermore, The whole bunch that proclaims to be “the defense team” should be dismissed and replaced since their continuous senseless motions and unfundamented rumours (the “inoccency proff” etc)remove the focus and steal real time for preparation of Miss Anthony’s defense!!

  14. Let’s pray that they have a smoking gun to shut Baez and all company of his team and her family up once and for all. They have enough right now to send her directly to he– as it is. To have a change of venue and for cma to go on national tv at this time could bite them in the butt. They need to tell the judge just like they did when george was crying…fake crying…when he didn’t want the autopsy report out.

  15. THere isn’t a hearing tomorrow morning or anything is there? I didn’t see one! Usually Baez files these motions last minute, and they get pushed to the next one! Remember the emergency hearing he had…didn’t it take a few days! hahahahahaha

  16. Steph Doms att. she don’t want to be there since m and m has filed a motion on what Dom said to Le. M and M know they lied about privilage or work product when he clearly was not working for Baez and the whole clan at one time.

  17. He also filed a motion for change of venue, right?
    I thought Strickland wanted to wait until it was close to the trial date to worry about that? In the motion did he say he wants to know in 30 days…sorry I am playing catch-up and don’t have long to do it in, lol.

  18. Yes Mikka I think Strickland will not take to them to keep asking for things they have no right to ask for or have been turned down on before. This is plain stalling. There is no reason to change venur or to dismiss, They are throwin things out there to see what might stick.

  19. humble,when strickland rule on this,but i believe the jail chief will be at court too and will tell,cma have no special treatments!i believe all this jail guards hate her!

  20. Thank you Mama…On one of the shows today they said this confindentiality only normally goes with attorneys, clergy and maybe doctors or something…Not PI’s.

  21. I agree Mama

    He is an idiot if he thinks because he is hispanic…that going to a community with more hispanics will get his client off. First off they care for their children…second it doesn’t matter what he is, the defendant looks like a spoiled white girl to them, like she does the rest of white, hispanic, african american, indian, asian and so on. We all see her the same way…a spoiled screwed up white girl that murdered her defenseless baby so she could party and do what she wants.

  22. Dom and his lady att. have now put themselves on the hot seat with telling the judge that he was working for the whole clan at one time. Cindy told in her depot when he started working for them. How can they over come this by saying it was verbal just not contracted yet. That is bull to me.

  23. Mama…This whole thing with D Casey bothers me. It was said long ago he no longer worked for Baez as of Oct 1st. It is all a bunch of b s…they all have been working together from day 1

  24. All these defence att. are spinning everything they can it their job to spin. I wish they would spin themselves right out of Flordia and into the ocean. What a tidal wave that would be. If they want to defend these people do with honesty not lies and coverups. These are the type of lawyers who don’t deserve respect imo.

  25. Well either she is innocent, or the evidence is contaminated! It can’t be both can it? Think about it! If she is so innocent, then all the “JUNK” science they have done, should prove her innocents! I am thinking the evidence is proving her GUILTY! 😉

  26. That is right Mikka…she blamed a hispanic woman to top it off. Go ahead and let them take her to a community that he thinks will side with him…they don’t give a flying sh*t about him.

  27. bozo must be kidding,look c and geo up too,and everybody is where she belong!

    Anthony’s attorneys argue that she needs her family support and providing video of visits to the media could be deemed as an attempt to punish Anthony. Her lawyers also say that without family visits her defense team can not adequate prepare for her death penalty case.

  28. Remember George tell le that he did not like Baez and din’t trust him and now look he is deep in it with him and all his cronies. The facts will convict casey, she is in big trouble. She has no feeling for anyone but herself. It is plain as the large butt on Baez…lol

  29. I sure hope when they face the judge that he is told about all the times Baez and his team went on National tv and talked about this case. Then the judge put the hammer down and says denied for change of venut. Wouldn’t that be sweet!

  30. The only reason I don’t want to see them move the trial is…the tax payers are already paying enough for this trial. To move it will be a huge expense they shouldn’t have to bare.

  31. bozo thats not a proof cma dont did it,

    Her attorneys also filed a response to prosecutors’ request for evidence supporting a defense claim that someone other than Casey Anthony placed Caylee’s body in the woods. Anthony’s attorneys wrote that their claim was based on documents, pictures and video provided by the state.

  32. I would bet everything in my bank account that this case will go on. No way will Casey go free. I wouldn’t be surprised if the venue changes though.Baez is a moron. I guess he thinks circumstantial evidence isn’t evidence-I mean what on earth is he thinking-This case ain’t going to go away.

  33. Nite Mikka sleep well , Humble it does test ones soul with all the lies they spew and spin. They think they can bring all these lawyers and do whatever they want and ask for everything like casey is special. She is where she is cause she has no way of knowing how to tell the truth. And seems like they don’t either.

  34. I said earlier, i would love to see the prosecution when all that was breaking. They have hard time keeping a straight face in court. Can’t even begin to imagine their faces, laughing in their own offices.

  35. The defense team does not have a case — pain and simple! Casey is guilty, and they are “defenseless” as overyone now sees.

    Hello everyone!

  36. I bet everytime Baez files a motion the prosecution laughs their butts off. Especially this one. Casey’s craziness must be viral as the swine flu!

  37. OMG.. I wish someone was here.. Those idiots have referenced JOY WRAY TWICE thus far in the motions.. WE KNEW IT.. Miss Baker Acted 5 times is a key witness.. I think I’m going to die laughing.. HELP!!! *LMAO*

  38. Yeah.. She’s special Humble.. I can’t believe these dumb azz so called attorneys are relying on HER for ANYTHING.. I can’t wait till Mikka hears this.. *LOL*

  39. They also make reference to the “evidence” that Keith Williams found.. Was that the guy who found the stuff by the school, took it to Cindy, and Cindy said it wasn’t Caylees??

  40. I have to go to bed anyway Humble.. I shouldn’t have came on here this late.. Was just checking the latest news after coming in from work, and saw the links to the motions on wftv.. Got started reading, and here I am.. Hubby’s gonna think I’m nuts.. I’ll be laughing in my sleep.. IF I CAN GO TO SLEEP.. *L* Cya in the am..

  41. HAHAH!!

    This is hilarious.. Firstly folks, It’s not incumbent of the state to permit everyone and their dog to conduct their own investigation everytime a body is found. if they found 12 bodies, there was no proof it was Caylee at the time?!? when was the last time anyone was ever permitted to investigate an active crime scene?!? That’s like me, if a body was down the street, insisting on investigating it, even though there is nothing indicating who it is?! They got a LOT more given to them than what anyone else would..

    dorks.. total dorks..

  42. Why don’t the DEAR LOVING PARENTS go and visit their DEAR MISS PRISS???? HA They know she murdered Caylee and the whole thing is a big Fiasco! The defense is a big mistake. It is all a big joke. They are sooooo doomed.

  43. Yes it’s written in true functionally illiterate Baez style. He misspelled spoilation, and didn’t sign and date everywhere he was supposed to. DISBAR THIS DEGENERATE PIG.

  44. Dear Baez,
    So you need some more “privacy”,visiting your client?? I wonder why, hun? are you that horny??

    BTW, in ref to your allegation that “public opinion” in Orlando, is already viciously “molded” against Miss Anthony…”www” stands for “World Wide Web…so, wherever you “move to”, the problem will follow, I’, afraid…

    In order to prove what I’m saying…a MOTION TO COMPELL WordPress blog users email list, will show to WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, how Miss Anthony’s public image is already established throughout ALL the USA,CANADA, EUROPE and God only knows where else….
    (it may be possible however to move the court case sessions to Africa or Vietnam, following your porpose!!

  45. UNLESS…

    you would like to change your office from Kissemee to Miami Dade…and the free publicity stunt would suit you….I cannot undestand what the real benefit would be here!!!

  46. just read one of the motions(link above, justme post). This is lyons work for sure, she’s doin her thing. oh boy……just shake my head

    One interesting thing though. It states that one D. Casey who was under contract to G&C Anthony in Nov did his search, blah,blah. It states he was under contract to G&C, no one else, not casey, just G&C !

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