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  1. mikka
    could not help but read it…I’m speachless!
    iguess they’ll also ask for a bungalow, detached from the prison main facility, equipped with private pool and screening room…lol

  2. mikka
    if they want to change the place on venue due to public opinion to Miami…CONGRAT THE PERPETRATOR FAMILY!!!since they’re the ones attending tv shows and attracting further publicity to the case!!!


  3. And here we go afain with the special treatment in jail. no taping visits,and get rid of previous tapes. LOL She must be some kind of special!!!!

  4. HURRY!!! Someone get me my oxygen tank and mask.. I’m losing my breath here.. Laughing at the Ditz teams motion.. Someones balls just grew 1/2 mile long.. What in the heck are they thinking?? *ROFLMAO*

  5. i imagine there will be a special drawing for the deputy’s at the jail. on who gets the honor of putting the mint on the princess’ pillow

  6. Well Mikka.. Here goes our Caseygraines again.. GRRRR.. Bunch of idiots.. I’m getting real close to hopping a plane, and dragging a cooler full of brains to Florida to pass out among the Dream team and associates.. I’m sure the vet has put a few dogs to sleep this week.. Those would fit quite nicely.. I know MY dogs are smarter than this bunch of tards..

  7. Yeah, I know Mikka.. Gets you right in the pit of the stomach.. But still I can’t help laughing at the audacity of these clowns.. Unless there’s been a miracle that happened that we haven’t heard about, (and I don’t think there has been), then Casey is still GUILTY of murdering her baby.. Those of you in Florida, start looking under those buses to see who’s under there.. Something strange has happened.. 😯

  8. I guess this stops Lyons and Baden from wearing those skirts to court.. Obviously their balls have dropped WELL Below their knees, and would be available for all to see.. They’re probably laying in their socks about right now.. 😆

  9. This is really turning into a game for these people….or more of one.Im sure the state is sitting back laughing their buts off on this!Strickland better get control of this fiasco of a case or he will be facing charges.Eoar your right the defense is wanting to barter here….

  10. eoar,just in case when strickland not dissmissed,aahhh here i know now,lyons will talk why she dont cant charge her!oh lordy,i think i through up!

  11. you know I’ve been saying and thinking for a while. Is there something out there that can really leave a person with doubt. would i be capable of looking and listening in an unbiased opinion??? Well bring it on.

  12. Well, well, well.. Another one unavailable.. Only this time it’s on the civil case.. Hmmmmm..

    9/14/2009 Notice of Unavailability for ATTY Tennis

  13. I would direct the judge to the multiple Baez, Baden, Anthony family National news shows to demonstate that changing the venue will have no effect. I guess we now know what Lyons has been busy doing for the past couple of months. Her and her students that is. Like they would have any say in where the venue would be changed to pffft.

  14. Here are the last two filings on the criminal case.. Nothing about the dismissal.. YET!!


  15. Mark says its not gonna happen, Lee and Mallory together, No one seems to know. But he is betting his 401k money, that the case will go on

  16. Mikka on the face of it, it looks scarry.But wait untill Steph or ECD comes they will explain it better.But im sure Eoar is right.Splash cold water on your face….

  17. Im sure Lyons has all these motions ready, just fills in the names and dates for each case she is on. Its her cookie cutter get the client off death row package. The problem is, most of the clients she deals with are no one any one knows, and unfortunately, no one anyone cares about. They are usually the ” lost” in society. Mentally challenged or in such bad state from drugs etc they get railroaded through the system to the DP. She is dealing with a horse of another breed this time.

  18. This is the time we all are to be happy Judge Strickland has been copious about following the rules, and aggravatingly sometimes erring on the side of the defense. It will pay off in the long run.

  19. The only proof he could have is Casey’s word. If casey has come up with another story, she better have some real good evidence. And it better be easy to see, cause they are not going to mess with her and her lies

  20. Azrenee
    Why does lyons go through all this when basicly her position is all about the penalty phase.I relize she is chair # 1 but could she potentially be causing damage to the trial strategy?I hope so…

  21. I will be p’d if they change venue. That would be ridiculous. I hope the state has a montage of all the def appearances on national shows to demonstrate that a change in venue would be a waste.

  22. I dont think it matters about the pretrial motions, they wont be seen by jurors, or remembered a year from now by most, just us lol. I think this is SOP. No worries. I still think by the trial the whole strategy could change, to accidental vs intentional death. I really think its their only shot.

  23. have you ever heard of doing a year in the slammer, while your lawyer does motion after notion, then decides to give info that would set her free.

  24. I dont think they will get the jail to change their policy. They may get the tapes suppressed from public view, but they are not going to be able to talk without being monitored and taped. Who do they think they are?

  25. I have a feeling all this with the taping and family visits etc, is a sign that Casey is getting stir crazy. You know she probably at least wants to meet with some of her admirers that write to her. I doubt family visits is what she is after particularly. She will never make it out of the spotlight for another year. I think this is a good sign that there is trouble brewing between Casey and her lawyers. Im pretty sure trouble came in the form of a 60″s throwback with barettes in her hair, giving Casey the real down low finally.

  26. I think the state would take a plea for 40 years, not counting the fraud trial. That would give her like 25 behind bars. Not enough, but a good start considering she may not last 5 years in prison.

  27. I wish I didn’t know so much about this case.. I would be able to put it in the back of my brain and forget it.. as for right now it is making me sick.. I really wonder if justice will be served.. Little Caylee’s life meant nothing to so many.. still at work.. 😦

  28. lyons will say by the next hearing,honor the staate dont know ,how,why,where,who,murdered caylee,she have no right to charge cma ahhahaahahhha

  29. The truth is, her life would be over with 25 years behind bars. You age quickly in prison. No celebrity status either 25 years late, no playboy centerfold pictures, no interviews. I would be sick if she pled for anything less than that though.

  30. Azrenee
    What could they possibly want with Geo’s grand jury testimony?I dont have any thoughts on that other than they want to load their guns on any possible dammning statements.

  31. No idea eye. They might want to undermine his testimony since it has changed over the past year. Wealways think it will hurt the defense that they keep changing their testimony,but maybe the defense wil try to spin it that the family made her hide all this when she told them about the ” accidental” death. You never know.


    The motion filed Thursday afternoon seeks dismissal of all charges because evidence was not properly preserved.

    According to the motion, “the state deliberately misled the court and delayed formal identification of remains so it could obtain exclusive control of the crime scene through Dec. 19, 2008” the date the medical examiner announced the remains belonged to the little girl.

    The skeletal remains was discovered Dec. 11, 2008 by a meter reader.

    Defense lawyers said exculpatory evidence was not preserved and that violate Casey Anthony’s rights. Exculpatory evidence supports a defendant’s claim of innocence.

    Anthony’s lawyers contend the state erred by tampering with the victim’s remains and excavation location before the defense could bring in it’s own experts.

    Her lawyers wanted to hire off-duty police officer to secure the area, but the state attorney’s office wouldn’t permit it.

    The motion says the only evidence suggesting a homicide are conflicting reports of where the remains were found and without evidence the defense cannot challenge the opinions the state is bringing to court.

    They contend Casey Anthony’s rights were denied because lawyers can’t effectively confront and cross examine witnesses.

    Another motion asks the court to block recordings of Casey Anthony when her lawyers are present and when she receives visits from her parents, George and Cindy Anthony.

  33. Back.. For a few.. Have you all seen this?? Updated from the Sentinel:

    The defense asked that Strickland rule on the change of venue within 30 days, that he give the defense 10 days to reply and then set a hearing date on the motion.

    Also filed on Thursday were motions related to the videotaping Casey Anthony has endured since being in the Orange County Jail.

    The defense asked that the jail “immediately cease and desist from monitoring and/or disclosing any communications” that Anthony has with her attorneys and that it “destroy all video or audio tapes or reports” of meetings between her and her attorneys.

    And it wants the jail to destroy videos of Anthony and her attorneys.

    In addition, the defense filed a document asking the judge to grant a previous request from the state, which asked for a transcript of Casey Anthony’s father’s s testimony before the grand jury. George Anthony’s appearance before the grand jury preceded his daughter’s indictment.

  34. that proof, she knew it was caylee when they took her to sick bay. If she didn’t know, and bozo didnt know it was her, why would they want their own security at a crime scene they didn’t know who it was….

  35. hahahahhahahah she is sooooooooooooo guilty! we are safe strickland make all the right decision!

    The motion says the only evidence suggesting a homicide are conflicting reports of where the remains were found and without evidence the defense cannot challenge the opinions the state is bringing to court.

  36. Anthony’s lawyers contend the state erred by tampering with the victim’s remains and excavation location before the defense could bring in it’s own experts.

    Her lawyers wanted to hire off-duty police officer to secure the area, but the state attorney’s office wouldn’t permit it

    Was it, or was it not Strickland who ruled to deny the defense team access to the remains site.. Said he didn’t want them trampling through there, destroying evidence.. Or something to that effect…

    The motion says the only evidence suggesting a homicide are conflicting reports of where the remains were found and without evidence the defense cannot challenge the opinions the state is bringing to court.

    DUH.. Where the remains were found have NOTHING to do with whether it was a homicide or not.. What do they think Caylee did?? Crawl in that laundry bag, tie herself up, and hop through the woods to die?? DUMBASSES!!

    They contend Casey Anthony’s rights were denied because lawyers can’t effectively confront and cross examine witnesses

    WHY?? Because there are no witnesses who want to testify for this lying piece of scumbag shiot they call a client..


  37. I hope he’s mad too deb.. Denies all of the motions, STRESSES HEAVILY his denial of the change of venue motion, then tells them if they file another stupid motion, he’ll lock them all up with Casey.. *L*

  38. Wether or not it was or wasnt caylee at that scene, the defense believed what? That they could barge in on a crime scene that MAY have nothing to do with their client?The delay i thought was for identification purposes.What a bunch of slimeballs!!

  39. Funny that they are “unavailible” for states motions for hearing.But they put time frames on decisions for change of venue/(30 days)and a 10 day response time. Whos making the fricking rules here?

  40. Yeah.. I saw that too eyes.. Now they’re telling the judge what to do and when to do it.. That in itself should be enough to piss him off royally.. I hope he lays it to them.. *L*

  41. another update from the sentinel:

    Without access to crime scene before the state removed the remains and topsoil, Miss Anthony was unable to gather evidence regarding the precise arrangement of the remains and the surrounding landscape,” her attorneys wrote in the motion. “Without this evidence, defense experts cannot effectively examine or challenge the conclusions made by state experts.”

    DO WHAT?? Miss Anthony was unable to gather evidence.. So because they wouldn’t let Casey out of jail to go gather evidence, Dismiss it judge.. Okay.. They have lost their ever-loving minds..

  42. and this:

    Anthony also wants to visit with her family without fear their meetings will be recorded and released to the media.

    Shortly after her arrest last year, telephone calls Anthony made from jail and video visits she had with her brother, Lee, and her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, were released to the public.

    “Because all the videos have all been released in their entirety, many blogs, newspapers and radio stations have analyzed every detail of their conversations,” her defense attorneys Jose Baez and Andrea Lyon wrote in the court document.

    Her family has not visited her at the jail in a year. Her parents attend court hearings in order to see her.

    Anthony’s attorneys argue that she needs her family support and providing video of visits to the media could be deemed as an attempt to punish Anthony. Her lawyers also say that without family visits her defense team can not adequate prepare for her death penalty case.


  43. justmee you are so cute ahhahhahhaahh sounds like bozo want the anthonys go there to hug cma for teh last time before she get the death! 😆 😆

  44. Mikka.. The prosecution will be so sore from laughing, they won’t be able to go to work tomorrow.. I bet they’re having a field day with all of this.. Wish I was a fly on the wall.. *L*

  45. Iguess they wanted Henry Lee in there stealing evidence and planting more hair. What a crock.The defense is NEVER allowed on an active crime scene, regardless of who the defendant is. They think Caseyshould be a special case since it is her daughter, the fact is she should be the one determined not to screw up this investigation if she was innocent. I say all will be denied including change of venue, as the news is nationwide thanks to Baez and company. Take a survey of bloggers, how many are from Fla.? A minority from what Ive seen. We only have a few. Im sure the state will have all the tapes of national tv shows the defense have been on, as well as the upcoming 48 hours show.

  46. They allready ruled on that last year…just changing up the reason why.Mikka im glad your feeling better cause now I wanna choke lyons and her butt buddy bozo!

  47. As well as this.. So it looks like they’re not going to turn over the “put out or shut up” stuff..

    The defense team also responded to the states request for documents supporting the defenses claim that someone else placed Caylees body in the woods.

    Anthonys attorneys wrote that they have logically interpreted the states own materials provided to the defense and learned other timing details from depositions taken so far.

  48. The4 defense wants the previous tapes of Casey with her family thrown out. That is all they are trying to do. Cindy expresses concern in those tapes, including the phone calls, that Casey is lying. They cant get enough thrown out to make a difference. There is still the letter on my space of Cindys, the texts on the phone, the conversations with Jesse and Ryan Paisley saying Casey is a thief, no good etc etc.

  49. i would love to see the prosecutions smiles right now. LOL They have a hard time containing themselves in court, can’t imagine how it is in their own offices

  50. Justme..then they should have to show the depositions! In other words, they are going to say that Sgt. Cain checked the area and she wasn’t there. Cuz he’s such a reliable guy. Funny how they come up with the exact opposite conclusion than the rest of the world. In other words…they have nuthin

  51. Mikka.. When this hearing comes, EVERYTHING in this house is getting shut down.. It will be MY DAY.. And they’d better not even think about asking me to cook, clean, or anything else like that.. *LOL*

  52. what means this

    Anthonys attorneys wrote that they have logically interpreted the states own materials provided to the defense and learned other timing details from depositions taken so far.

  53. Just
    Well how are they going to interperate caseys fingerprints on the duct tape.I firmly believe there is more, and that is why the state seems so confident.

    They are grouping ALL the tapes in my mind still just to get rid of the video of casey in jail w/ bozo.

  54. Probably true. I think they are trying to hide her demeanor on ALL the previous tapes. She did not come out exactly angelic, or mourning, or grieving.

  55. As a juror, the original phone call tapes are as telling as anything else. In casey usual manner, the only thing she was concerned about was her twomonth old relationship boyfriend. sick b.

  56. Not to mention, her joking manner regarding eating the jail food, when her daughter is supposedly kidnapped, maybe not even being fed or taken care of? The jurors will not be able to help forming an opinion about her with all that.

  57. Nighty Just
    Mikka i think they timed this motion also to deflect the attention off the fraud trial also.Strickland needs to set that date before all this other crap comes to a hearing!!

  58. The ugly coping should have come to an end with the clink of the jail door Im thinking. Im not a psychologist, but Im sure ugly coping doesnt last forever…

  59. I want to know why they treat her with kid gloves??this really pisses me off.She doent want to see geo and cindy its obivious when she is in court ..she avoids looking at them..unless its now in their plan to make her more human..geo and cindy think they can make their daughter interact with them.the had better get a clue.!

  60. I dont believe for a minute she will agree to see her parents. I believe Judge Strickland will allow the jail visits to be sealed, but they WILLbe monitored and videotaped. She deserves no special treatment. The only changes in the laws should be immediate felony charges for parents not reporting crimes involving children within an hour. period.

  61. seems to me bozo is desparate. they have no defense plan only motions with no legal basis or repeate motions.it really makes mad,what about justice for caylee.Ihave 14 grandchildren a 1 great grand child and one thing i can tell you a 2 year old is just about as pure and innocent as you can get.they were just made to love .no one is even bringing up her name, hey defense team why dont you do news conference and talk just about caylee.sorry for the rant this case just gets to me

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