Chit Chat JVM & NG 17Sept09

Chit Chat JVM and NG are on………………


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  1. darn Just left comment on other page .I was saying casey does not want to see those 2,she does everything to avoid eye contact when she is in court.cindy and geo just do not get it..she does not want to see you!

  2. I think the bozo team should be called to the principals office. they’ve done nothing but filed motions. If they spent half as much time defending her as they have pulling motions out of their sleeves, and hats.We would have a date set already!

  3. i find this and i 100% agree!!!!!!!!!!!

    GET OUT! So this is yet another stall tactic to not have to produce this “exculpatory” evidence, that the defense has found through discovery, that Caylee’s body was put there when Casey was in jail. This little tactic proves that they don’t have that evidence, and ding dong Macaluso really screwed up by saying so! This is like Moe, Larry and Curly representing someone in court….how hilarious! Casey is so screwed. Good job, Bozo!

  4. bozo choice of the change of venue,where it is,you know all the most hispanics live there,of course,bozo forget cma acuse an hispanic woman!

  5. JUDGE Strickland:

    In case Mr Baez thinks FL’s spindoctors may influence the jury decision…
    Do you mind breaking the news to him, that the INTERNET brodcasts the info to all the US? WAIT!!!! IN FACT, TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!! And therefore, the so called “opinion-makers” would would prevail OUTSIDE ORLANDO????
    …and unfortunately, it applies to ALL .com SITES!!!(local news included!!)

    what a moron!!! is Baez with PMS or something??
    he’s disturbed…..

  6. Mikka
    if that’s his thinking…they might eat paella and listen to Juanes,Alejandro sanz or Shakira…BUT these ppl ALSO have moral values…

  7. Baez wants it changed to those areas, larger hispanic, latino population. He thinks they will admire him. He is forgetting one thing, casey is trying to pin this whole murder on a hispanic woman (the imaginary nanny). “10″ or not, I don’t think the community will care for that too much.

  8. as soon as word gets out that this case is being moved (if it is being moved) wherever it goes, people will read up on it. if they don’t already know about it, THEY WILL

  9. No wonder Baez needs all this time. He wastes more on these senseless motions. He reeally has nothing else towork on does he. He’s got nothing to prove she didn’t do it, so this is what he does.

  10. Hi all, someone said about 2 pages back if there might be any blogs out there on Caseys side,I also wanted to know so this am up early could not sleep. I looked and looked and keep looking I could not find one that was for her, you can find one person here and there that maybe drinking the kool- aid but not one blog all for her!! That right there speaks more truth then any of the Anthonys will ever know!!

  11. he’s underestimating the hispanic community intelligence and moral standarts…
    they are clever ppl,and will not aprecciate being publically portrayed as low lives,like himself.

    I can forsee any hispanic distancing him/herself from Baez performance, for fear of being ostracized or ridiculed in the future…

  12. G&C just don’t know when to shutup, do they? So now, they are going to tarnish an otherwise decent show with their lies. I used to like 48 Hour Mystery. So much for those two being “emotionally fragile.”

  13. Hi gig

    So why did Baez wait all this time to file this motion? why didn’t he do it right after december? cma been sitting in jail since they discovered the remains. If this is a normal thing, he obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing. Lyons must have come up with this. also to take focus off of them producing their “evidence” that she is ya know…..innocent.

  14. Here is the problem that the D- team has… is this:
    casey is guilty, they know it, tons of evidence points to it,no other person possible to have done it, liars are desperate about it and defense has no defense………..
    so……. their ONLY defense is
    minimizing the evidence and witnesses.

    hahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahah like that is gonna happen!!!!
    love ya all!

  15. Filipa
    I understand you, sometimes your all over the board but so am i at times.Its hard with so many conversations going on at once.HA HA..everyone talking over each other.

  16. “the hookers Union” page or the online group for “untalented pole dancers” , or “pimps united against competition” might favour KC on their blogs…I guess

  17. eye
    I DONT HAVE THAT!!!!it’s sooo fact, i have to say something (and post it) to get an update on the posts!!!!thats why I HAVE TO say something stupid most times!!!!to keep it going!!!!lol

  18. Filipa
    Your not talking stupid.Do you have a refresh or f5 button to update the posts? I do that alot to just read and not post like when im tired.

  19. Good evening MR.MA heh heh heh

    That because those are the days lyons dedicates to this case.Thursdays and fridays, you will see motions filed by her.

  20. did you see Clark face on the arrainment???looking around like a traped rat himself…
    I hope those folks among prison generral male pop make a “guinea pig” of his ass…LOL

  21. Hi Filipa, me to I cant see anything sometime have to go away then come back!! I did not try looking up blog for C&G they may have one where they talk to each other to make it look like they got peeps!! LOL

  22. Filipa.
    Thank you but not.It just consistantly updates others posts,including yours.Btw dont feel bad if peeps dont allways respond to you.Topic starters are hard to do.Thats why humble gets us going and we run with it.But on the chit chat wher you are now anything go’s!

  23. Eoar, I just read the motions. I can’t begin to explain how ridiculous they are. Let’s see…dismiss the murder case because the defense didn’t have access to the crime scene? Baez whined about this when LE were out there investigating initially and the judge told him his people couldn’t be out there impeding LE’s collection of evidence. Once the site was released to the defense, they weren’t interested in going out there. Allow Casey to visit with G&C and Lee without being videotaped? That’s county jail policy…why should the Anthonys get special privileges??!! If Casey just wants G&C there for “support,” then why can’t the visits be taped? Change of venue? Miame-Dade? Well, Baez thinks he has fans there, but since Casey blamed this on a Hispanic woman, I doubt they will have any sympathy. It’s amazing how Baez has all the time in the world to file these frivolous motions, but not enough time to prepare for a 2-day check fraud trial.

  24. could all this circus vargas be because we are going to get 2000 doc dump very soon???arent they always up to some kind of antic to sell there wares

  25. gig
    well,the prosec ussually illustrates their petitions with case examples (like “the people X blah blAH) and I’m preety saure there’ll be thousands of cases where def DID NOT have access to C scene and ,BY THAT did exclude LE competency to process it itself

  26. Well you just did it on 17:17

    EYS 1 up, 8 down
    This means that you are really unhappy with someone (single person) or the world as a whole.

    This word can be applied to books / buildings / vehicles / persons or groups – and you are easily able to simply point to the phrase – without even having to say anything !

    The letters mean – Eat Your Sh*t
    Because you are an idiot you can simply “EYS

  27. I say let C&G go on all shows that will have them, they just put the noose tighter around Caseys neck makes one wonder if this is the real out come mommy dearest wants!!LOL I”ve wonder about this since they don’t go looking for the killer, they think they fool everyone but they only fool themselfs! LOL

  28. folks
    my humour is a bit twisted, but i dont intent to offend any of you…(sometimes words might come to mind with a dif weight from yours, got me?)
    speccially f…. and words of thaT sort.

    with this folks, like Baez, i cant help it!!!

  29. 1/2 spot
    exactly. Mr Baez must bear in mind thet is the defendants own family, that still goes on tv and fuels publicity to the case (NOT spindoctors fault!!)

  30. Eoar
    Im not sure why but i do have the feeling G&C are desperate to get or receive info from her before the fraud trial.Hense the video motion.I also think its not for bozos ears….

  31. casey barely looks at them in court, i think she could care less if she sees them.

    there is no audio recording when Baez meets with her, so what is his problem with that? is he afraid of something??? hmmmm

  32. Espicially with mallory on the scene.They prolly didnt factor she would be a big player, and viola! shes up for depo.She has got to have a ton of info nobody knows about….

  33. Baez is getting ready to step on the A team to portrait KC as “their victim” (with consequent dysfunctional behaviour) to caught them off gard is valuable to suceed…

  34. Maybe they want to beg Casey ( the boss) not to throw them under the bus and keep your mouth shut and we will keep you in good eats and lots of money while your on your vacation(after all you are looking so good) ok my dear Casey, after all mommy knows best!! and we are in the money now!!

  35. Mema
    baez will prevent it from happening (i think the censorship he asks to be applied to tapes /meeting with lawer also follow that purpose!!!

  36. Do we know if Lee and Mallory are still together? I’d like to know what she was doing at G&C’s right after Caylee’s remains were found.

  37. I knew it. Today I posted that I thought it was funny that Cindy said she would not obey Baez’s laws and visit Casey, but that she still hadn’t set anything up. Now we know why this was done. What a bunch of creeps. Maybe they would like the jail to serve tea while visiting and maybe, just maybe, guards were told to keep an eye out on Baez and Casey if what we heard is true about the touchy, feely.

  38. eoar – then they’ll want special priviledges to visit each others jails or jail cells! hahahahahahaha
    oh yeah, & don’t tape it either

  39. Im eating dinner, all of you off to bed !!!! Mazew I am enjoying the weather, my pool finally below 90 degrees! I assume you are here in the beautiful valley? Felt like bathwater for a month there. Well off to swim, catch up with everyone tomorrow.

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