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  1. Hi eoar34. I thought we would hear more about the motions by today. Wishful thinking. This case seems to drag on and on. At least we had a bit of info this week. I didn’t blog much this week. Just did a lot of lurking all over the place. Some of it was quite entertaining.

  2. I guess we won’t be able to discuss much about all these motions until we see what Judge Strickland decides to do. Sometimes, what seems dumb to us, is, in fact, legal. It will be interesting to see. I think we all should be reading up on the laws of the land to try to understand it all. Wish we had a resident lawyer (preferrably DP qualified) on our site.

  3. Posted on the last blog….What a time consuming, money consuming mess Bozo is making of this case. Makes you wonder what a convoluted mess the trial will be.

  4. EDRN, I don’t care so much about the time. It is the money I care about. A change of venue would cost the state of Florida an enormous amount of money. A waste, a huge waste. This woman is not worth it. Jose just wants to get all the Jose’s he can on the jury. It is so obvious that he is trying to play the race card in this matter. He wants a change of venue, come on over to Sarasota. Almost no one that I have ever talked to on this side of the state has the foggiest idea of what is going on in this case. You could pull a jury in no time here.

  5. just by taking a poll on this site alone, not many from florida. you either follow the case and know alot of detail. or you don’t follow and don’t have a clue, only what make national news. If you are not watching HLN nightly, you don’t know about this case!!

  6. mikka, use your mute button. How horrible, JVM used car salesman voice for 2 hrs, plus her hour, then maybe replacing NG because NG is usually not there on Friday night. Actually, that would be a nice punishment for Casey. Force 4 hrs. of JVM on her in her private dorm room

  7. I have no idea of the makeup of the different counties in Florida. But I do understand the money issues. With all the money, and time is money, being wasted, it would be in the best interest of the state finances to stop all this foolishness and have the trial.

  8. Have to go feed the dog and cats, not to mention my husband. See ya later tonight. Yeah, it’s Friday night, martini’s at the club. Why don’t you all come and join us–my treat.

  9. lwop is just as good as the death penalty. I would be happy with that for Casey. actually would rather see her suffer years, behind bars, and having nothing but her memories of what used to be, and what she had. And hoping Caylee haunts her sleep!

  10. stupid womans

    He also receives numerous letters from female admirers who send him checks for his commissary account. “He has a significant amount of money in his account from people all over the world,” says Robinson. Peterson can spend $180 a month on items such as soda, candy, cookies, toothpaste and deodorant.

  11. Well…just got back from reading the link SS left, it was long but VERY encouraging! Reinforced the fact that , breaking down each paragraph strickland will surely see he is being put on the spot to set a presidence of law.That wont happen.And some issues have already old rulings.I feel better!

  12. eye ,you can feel good,strickland ruled already on all this motion a long time ago and denied it,for me looks like bozo declar war against strickland,but bozo will loose!

  13. I’ve been out of touch for awhile and I’m trying to catch up. Can anyone tell me if the video of her breakdown (when caylee’s body was found) was ever released and if so, can I have a link to view it? I sppreciate all your help.

  14. hahahahahahhah ,the grandjury dont want long to make her decision,and on this time without a body!

    10 women and nine men — deliberated for about half an hour after hearing from police, … to Casey and Caylee’s grandfather, testified before the grand jury. …

  15. Thank you all for the updates. Can you tell me if Bozo ever had to disclose how he’s getting paid? And has a verdict came back about the ZFG case yet?

  16. Hello to everone, nice to be back. I have soooo many questions, but I tend to get very reapped up into this case and I’m trying not too. But lately I’ve been thirsting for more details. If you would be so kind can anyone answer these?
    Have the Anthony’s taken a poly yet?
    Has Cindy been charged with obstruction yet?
    Have Cindy or George returned to gainful employment?
    What’s up the the PI the Anthony’s hired, do they believe he planted the body while KC was in jail? Do they believe Lee planted the body while KC was in jail. Has Lee been tested as the father of Caylee?

  17. Mikka
    That chief in the video looks mad when talking about caseys lies.He was close to the case, i bet they are all pizzed at her!

  18. I went through a minor crisis and then had computer problems. But I’m back now. Nothing worth telling besides that. Please help me catch up.
    One more thing, did they ever test George as being the father?

  19. Mary
    Lee was tested through dna..he is not caylee’s father

    Dont know if george was tested but the father is known and the results are sealed

    Anthonys refused the polygraphs

    No obstruction charges YET with the anthonys

  20. Thanks for the updates. I remember them saying they knew who the father was and that it was sealed til trial, just hoping something leeked out already. Did George and Cindy have to finish answering questions in the ZFG case? When is the judge going to rule on it and if she’s guilty does that mean she will have to go to prison and wait their for her trial? That would be GREAT if true.

  21. Mikka!
    The ants didnt go back to work BONG lose 3 points!
    They are still milking the foundation and sit their lazy arses at home>>>ha ha

  22. Mary
    The ants dont have to finish the questions for the defamation case.Morgan and Morgan said they will get their answers from prior interviews with law inforcement

  23. Eye, the probably expect that both G and C would lie about the answers anyway. Their creditable has been shot anyway. Don’t think it would even be permissable at this point. Besides they should have enough evidence for a conviction without it.

  24. Mary
    I just think that in the end or after the trial both G&C are gonna get knocked down with some type of charges.The state will prolly get them on the stand, and others testimony to nail them.

    Do you think geo is the daddy/grampa?

  25. I think maybe there is some truth to the george/casey thing. maybe they are holding this info and hoping they can scare the truth from george. I dunno.

  26. i gotta go and plate up dinner (bar-be-que ribs). Thanks you all for bringing me up to date. I hope to spend more time with you tomorrow. Good evening.

  27. The Prosecution Wants The Secret Grand Jury Testimony Of George Anthony

    you know what i think,prosecution want this,because geo was lying in the deposition with them,i see trouble for geo!

  28. Casey’s defense team is unbelievable. Remember way back when Baez stated that the State was putting out all of the info just to make his client look bad? Since the beginning of this tragedy, she did a great job of doing that all on her own.
    With the new motions, it is as if the defense is accusing the prosecution of “framing” Casey. In my heart of hearts, I believe that prosecutors do not want to convict an innocent person; they follow the evidence. Baez seems to think this case is a game of cat and mouse. He has done nothing to show her innocence and is now trying to use “technicalities” to get her freed. You can bet your bottom dollar, if there was evidence of her innocence, Baez, et. al. would present it to the court and she would be freed. If it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck and has feathers like a duck, it certainly ain’t no spring chicken!!! Look at the prosecution’s evidence and look at what the defense has provided. I really don’t think the prosecution is out to “get Casey”. They are trying to solve Caylee’s murder.

  29. Was there something missing on item #3 in the “No video taping of attorney visits”

    “3. Immeadiately cease and desist from to anyone anything that occurred in the meetings or communications with counsel;”

    Cease and desist from WHAT to anyone?

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