Chit Chat JVM and NG 18Sept09

Chit chat JVM and NG are on!


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  1. wow, just noticed the time of your post eoar! cant believe nobody posted in between then & now. must be all busy tonight. I just finished up with my dogs and thought i’d pop in and see whats up

  2. if this guy cleaned their cages. what could he possibly be ticked about. They are saying he was upset about how the cages were left. I don[‘t get it. isn’t that his job???

  3. Hi Eoar
    Im back…you know i think there is more to the motion to dismiss.I posted OT and its pretty long.Mabey you can take a peek.I was hoping Steph could interperate it for us.

  4. hi steph , could you hear us calling lol

    well what did she die from , blood and cuts or suffocation , the guy went crazy on her geesh

  5. Well, what a compilation of motions! I am thinking that 2000 pages that we have not yet seen refers to some information that they do not want out! It certainly seems to be knee-jerk and it appears as a frantic response to recent discovery.

    It also seems that the accused must be going stir crazy without mommy and daddy and perhaps wants to better orchestrate their stories! hehe..

    The only thing of worth seems to be the COV and the response to the demand for reciprocal discovery (ie: the “We don’t really have anything, but we have an obscure theory based on UFO’s and the state’s discovery” response..)

  6. Eoar
    It looks like its something the defense does to preserve an appeal or something.And a blurb about inefectual counsel protection..”i dont cant figure it out” mabey steph can….

  7. Eyes…I understand them asking for this, but I thought it was something they did at trial. Is that what it said in that article…there is something in my eye and I am having a bit of a hard time reading, lol.

  8. Colhere…lol

    Chlry I think we are there with you.

    Eoar…What is her book about?

    Eyes…are you still here??

    East…did you get to read the motions?

  9. No Steph, I read some of the comments on them and they were stupid to be honest. I know that’s not a very professional opinion, but right now, it’s mine. 😆

  10. Tonight when JVM was taking about the kids that threw their new born away she brought up pot smoking…They could really verify it, but I swear she was going to go into her book about addiction…everything is about selling the da*n book.

  11. Hi folks. I see Baez is whining about the bloggers analyzing every detail of what is released. Sounds like he has taken a page out of Cindy’s book. That bunch is just mad because we catch all of their lies and aren’t fooled by their nonsense. It’s not our fault Casey is in jail.

  12. Lalala..

    Anyway folks.. an interesting commentary on the motions from Orlando Sentinel..

    What do the latest motions in the Casey Anthony case mean?

    They “may actually show what the defense doesn’t have,” WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Bob Opsahl said last night.

    Reporter Kathi Belich highlighted one point in the motions: “The defense says its claim that it has evidence Casey is not the one who put Caylee’s remains in the woods was merely an attorney’s opinion about the evidence that’s already out there.”

    That was a setup for blunt analysis from WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.

    “They got nothing,” he said.

    Otherwise, Belich explained, the defense would have turned over the evidence it had to prosecutors. Casey is charged with the first-degree murder of her daughter, Caylee.

    Sheaffer blasted a defense motion asking the judge to throw out the case because its experts didn’t have access to the site where Caylee’s remains were found in December.

    “The defense has no right to do that under any theory whatsoever,” Sheaffer said.

    What of the defense’s quick response to the December find — before the remains were identified as Caylee? “It really strongly suggests some inside information,” Sheaffer said.

    Sheaffer’s sharp, succinct analysis has added depth to WFTV’s coverage of the case. I would have liked to hear the defense’s response in the report.

    But it’s clear that defense attorney Jose Baez doesn’t care for Belich. She and WFTV have taken the hardest-hitting approach to covering the defense

  13. Colhere
    Im not so sure if that motion is what its all about.I like Bill, he is the logical voice.But i posted OT off a legal site about the “Motion to Dismiss” i still dont understand it.

  14. Eyes…They always ask for the judge to dismiss…I just always thought they did it at trial. I didn’t realize they do it before hand like Baez did.

  15. eyespy – I don’t either.. The state had charged her with murder 1 prior to the discovery of the remains, so what specifically about the remains discovery would warrant the motion to dismiss? They have admitted having nothing in the response to the state’s motion.

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