For you reading enjoyment!

Baez to State about Evidence

Destroy the videos

NO attorney Client videoing

Evidence contaminated

Change of Venue

Have fun and don’t read anything into these!  Why a change of venue if the client is “INNOCENT” and now all of a sudden the evidence is contaminated!  All I must say is, GOOD LUCK with THAT dd-team~


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  1. Good Morning Nanna…Hope you have a good Friday

    Good Morning Everyone else.

    I have just read the first motion on discovery…they are so full of crap. I had a feeling whatever they had to show Caylee was put there while Casey was in jail…was just what they would do at trial with raising reasonable doubt. It isn’t going to happen.

    bb going to read the rest of the motions.

  2. I can’t read these…I’ll get sick. These must be the motions Lyons said would be coming after Labor Day. Some have already been ruled on…they had a motion to get to see the crime scene and the judge said no. The video whining was also addressed, either by the jail or the judge I forget. They are just grasping at straws. But it shows some of their strategy. Wah wah evidence was contaminated, they wouldn’t let us on the crime scene, (who is?) wah wah.

  3. OK I read part of the video one…her emotional well being? WHO CARES? SHE KILLED HER BABY. Why would they care about videoing her visits with Bozo…it can’t be shown anyway. That’s highly suspicious

  4. I haven’t finished reading the motion on destroying jail visit video. As much as I understand they will have a slip of the tongue…I don’t see how this can keep someone away from visiting their child. I know more then likely it is Baez that has done this.
    But, didn’t we hear last week or so how they don’t care what he says…they are going to visit their daughter?? Lyons saying they should.
    I would like to know why they haven’t then?? Instead the defense is filing a motion to destroy and videos if they do visit.
    I would think if this was a family that just wanted to show love and support for their family…maybe the state would go along with it. But, seeing how this isn’t your every day family, but one that has done their share in covering up…the state isn’t going to want to destroy after the visit. They may need some of these video tapes for trial and for the sentencing phase, imo.

  5. GM Livid…It is sickening, but it is Lyons job.

    I am laughing as I read their motion on the evidence. I don’t recall any time in history where the defense got to observe the crime scene.
    They say in this motion the state dismantled the crime scene so Casey’s people couldn’t diagnose or something the crime scene.
    Lets see that would be a big NO!! They dismantled the crime scene because Casey threw Caylee away like trash…Caylee’s poor little body was dismantled by animals and dragged in many different areas…That wouldn’t be the states fault. That would be Casey’s for throwing her baby away like trash.

  6. Steph
    GM on my way off to work just a quick comment.I do find it interesting about the video motions only because this looks like a set up.Knowing the ants want to vist, they want to set this ridicules motion into effect before that takes place.Also with tossing all videos there go’s the one of casey and baez…we know that is something they are trying to cover up.

    Gotta run…missed you yesterday!

  7. Good morning steph, livid, and anyone else here.. I think the funniest thing with the motions, was the part about, “according to Joy Wray”.. I found that after getting home from work late last night.. Thought I’d die laughing.. How did we know they were going to use that idiot as a witness?? *ROFL*

  8. The prosecution.. “Now isn’t it true Ms Wray that you have been Baker Acted a total of 5 times?”
    Joy Wray: “Yes sir, that is true”
    Prosecution: “That’s all I have for this witness your Honor”..

  9. GM Eyes…I agree and it is just ridiculous

    GM Justme…I haven’t gotten to that part yet, but did see your post on it. I would think they had enough sense then to use Joy Wray, lmbo

  10. I like this part…the release of the family videos would make them gaurded in their conversation.
    Why do they need to be gaurded in their conversations? How about Hi Casey…how are you doing? We love you and support you…letting her know what is going on in their daily sitting on their arses all day lives.

  11. *Tosses Steph her oxygen tank and mask*.. You’ll need that when you come to that part.. You just may lose your breath laughing.. I know I did.. 😆

  12. Yeah.. I can understand them wanting any future videos destroyed.. After all, one of them may make a freudian slip and it would be caught on tape.. But for God’s sake, destroy the old ones?? The jail destroys them, they pop up all over the internet, worse than they are now.. It would take an act of Congress and God himself to destroy all of them… I thought that was utterly freakin ridiculous.. They have lost thier minds.. Running in circles chasing their tails.. Maybe Bozo’s next motion will be this:

    “God, I need your help to destroy all of this evidence against my client, and I expect a ruling on this in 15 days”.. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  13. Thank you Justme…ROFLMBO.
    They are grasping at straws, lol.

    Maybe John should send his pictures of the area to LE or the state. I think he has some real good pics too on how thick the brush is at the time many searched in Aug.

  14. Right Eyespy..what are they hiding? We know from the Padilla motions that when they file these things it’s cause there is something damning there…and I like how they say videoing Casey has a chilling effect on her communication. Sounds like they are going to say that’s why she clammed up, and sounds like a setup for an appeal. These motions make me hate KC and lawyers even more..who the F cares about her emotional wellbeing? She seemed emotionally fine in the months that her baby was “missing.” She wasn’t worried about her baby’s emotional wellbeing when she was allegedly with the nanny.

  15. From the news blogs:

    Is Bozo and the scheme team nuts? Oh, I forgot the dead squirrel ate all of Bozo’s nuts.

    Cindy, two questions. Was Casey ever involved with ACORN? Also, is it going to be the same speal on this 48 hours ordeal, poke yourself in the eye to get it watering, and if the interview starts to get too heated and incriminating, talk about how you and Georgie made a suicide pact? He, with his “overdose” of a 6 pack of O’douls and Midol, and you with your unclear “thoughts”

    I have never watched 48 hours but isn’t that the show where they say they have to collect as much evidence in the first 48 hours after a crime is committed and after that things start to go cold? Seems to me that if a child goes missing on June 16th and no one reports her missing for 31 days, 48 Hours has no show. Why would they choose this case to talk about on the show? Maybe they are changing the name of the show to 744 hours.

    MAN.. People REALLY hate this bunch of losers don’t they?? Wonder if Cryin Lyons is reading any of this stuff?? Throwing her hands in the air, slinging that nappy head of hers around, and screaming.. “I’ve tried EVERYTHING.. I Can’t get ANYONE to believe Casey’s lies”.. 😆

  16. Baez and Lyon WILL BE Baker acted for paranoid bahaviour if they push it too far…

    to ask for DP, L Lamar had to call attorney general for opinion..(it’s NOT Burke’s or the others call!!)
    these are Not “stay- at -home mums” on the internet, it’s very experient ppl in criminal ceses apprecciation…along with circunstancial evidence precesses by FBI lab crew…& OCSO personel!!!

    you’re an embarresment to the hispanic community…
    a”renowned layer” wanname, whose latest dream is to move from Kisseemee to Miami Dade …and for free!!!

  17. I have to run.. Time to take the kiddos to school.. I’ll be back though.. you working today steph?? If so, I’ll see you ASAP..

  18. in his most childish dreams, Baez believes he’s one of those “latino good looking lawers” that fight against HORATIO CAINE E the system to defend ciminal suckers…

  19. Steph
    havent you read my coments from midle to end of previous blog?? I read them just enough, to get a rough idea of what they’re after…Acctually, I think the Judge might get offended, for them making him waist time, reading all this!!!!

  20. it’s made to compete with Dateline, and shows of the sort, that brief ppl on crimes (enphasys on story, not so much on forensics)

  21. Steph
    Sure!no offense BTW thanx for posting it!

    I’m not staying here, talking to myself, or posing for lurkers…so…I’m leaving too! bbl

  22. Late leaving.. I know that the 48 that the blogger is talking about is called “48 Hours”.. I know that the one Cindy is on is NOT 48 Hours.. But the blogger that I copied and pasted that from obviously didn’t know the two were different.. Cya’ll in a bit..

  23. hey…does the word Sh… qualify to send posts to moderation?? just happened in OT.. ans was preety important to me…I dont get how it works!

  24. just me
    ok,no offense!sometimes cause is in english i have to read more than once to get the right meaning of posts!
    just trying to help…

  25. Filipa…Cuss words will send you into moderation. No F words in any form. When writing something like the word you said…many do it like sheet or sh*t.

    Hi FU…I can’t wait to see the hearings on these motions…especially the crime scene.

  26. Me either I want to see their faces.
    You know I have a friend her son was in prison.
    His attorney meetings were videoed but no sound.
    Most jails I thought used the same pratice.
    Maybe not.

  27. I believe they all do use the same practice. But, you know how Cindy is…their family is entitled and above all others.
    They are trying to use that she has not been convicted yet, but again they do this to everyone and even though Cindy thinks their entitled…THEY ARE NOT!

  28. Sorry my point being why are they afraid of videos without sound?
    Why do they want that ceased HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!
    What are they afraid of someone seeing????

  29. g’Morning!!!
    I haven’t read every ones comments, But in reading the motion about the visits being taped. It states that her family has not visited her because of the tapes.

    Correct me if i am wrong, But they knew going in or very shortly after that their conversations were being taped. And wasn’t it Casey who stopped seeing them when they came to their scheduled visits????

  30. Now this motion is stating that the family quit going because of the taping. The family quit going because I am sure Bozo told Casey quit giving them clues! If you can’t do that, don’t see them!!!

  31. EOAR
    they quit going, cause she does NOT even bother to smirk or look to their “answering-begging-frustrated” faces in court anymore…

  32. …and also they FEAR she might “just mention” the big argument and “choking gate” that went on in “the” day in June 2008!!!!

  33. If I could just dominate the english language like I used to, when I was younger…I would take the time to write a “small note” to prosec’rs and NG!!!

  34. karma
    IMO this judge must also sef the record straight, once & for all. Cause the defense is abusing time & money (for all the others involved in court,tax payers, and fans like us precios time at home!!!

  35. gm friends! 😛 sleep so bad last night,must think about this idiots.strickland will say,i know it was a dead body in the trunk,i know you did it,but oh well you are free to go home ! 😆 😆

  36. filipa, i agree with you. enough of this foolishness. its time to get on with this case and bring it to the end. time is money and they have wasted plenty of both

  37. Karma
    OF COURSE they continuously want to delay trial date!!!cause instead of real preparation for court , they’re playing “Motionary”!!!!lol

  38. karma,i dont worry,but how dear is this motions,he look for trouble with strickland,strickland ruled already on all motion and denied it,and to say in the docs he see,cma dont take the body there,i see only she take it there!

  39. I guess this time around Baez levelled his intelect to G. A’s standarts… and it’s quite possible Stan Strickland will use his middle finger to push up his glasses in court!!!!

  40. mikka, strickland must be tired of this. he has to set it straight once and for all. i thought he made it clear to baez but now lyons is on board so he may have to repeat the denied denied denied.

  41. mikka, so much wasted time on these motions and when do they have time to prepare the case? NOT. no wonder they want it dismissed. I only hope strickland puts a stop to it and tells them to get it in gear and get the case ready. He needs to put the hammer down on this circus

  42. mikka, they are pitiful. to say this after all this time.
    yes, get on with the fraud charges and then on to the bigger case. and yes, it is a homicide and yes, she will be guilty

  43. karma,bozo pressure to much strickland,he say when you dont dismisse the case,you give us teh change of venue,hope strickland tell him,he is the boss!

  44. the experts say about bozos move ahhahahhahah

    What do the latest motions in the Casey Anthony case mean?

    They “may actually show what the defense doesn’t have,” WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Bob Opsahl said last night.

    Reporter Kathi Belich highlighted one point in the motions: “The defense says its claim that it has evidence Casey is not the one who put Caylee’s remains in the woods was merely an attorney’s opinion about the evidence that’s already out there.”

    That was a setup for blunt analysis from WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.

    “They got nothing,” he said.

    Otherwise, Belich explained, the defense would have turned over the evidence it had to prosecutors. Casey is charged with the first-degree murder of her daughter, Caylee.

    Sheaffer blasted a defense motion asking the judge to throw out the case because its experts didn’t have access to the site where Caylee’s remains were found in December.

    “The defense has no right to do that under any theory whatsoever,” Sheaffer said.

    What of the defense’s quick response to the December find — before the remains were identified as Caylee? “It really strongly suggests some inside information,” Sheaffer said.

    Sheaffer’s sharp, succinct analysis has added depth to WFTV’s coverage of the case. I would have liked to hear the defense’s response in the report.

    But it’s clear that defense attorney Jose Baez doesn’t care for Belich. She and WFTV have taken the hardest-hitting approach to covering the defense.

  45. BBL I better get to work, I dont have anyone elses check book to use and I’m not even writing my book yet so I better make a motion and get in gear!! will check back later to catch up on the circus behavior! Have a great day you all

  46. Hi Eoar and Filipa

    Eoar…I thought the judge also goes with the trial, but I really don’t know

    Bye Karma…I have to go in a minute too

  47. this sounds good too

    They “may actually show what the defense doesn’t have,” WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Bob Opsahl said last night

  48. “the media has mischaracterized information that predjucises Miss ANthony”

    Ok…explain 31 days of partying while your child is missing and not even acting like she even cares.
    Ok…Explain lies about working and misleading LE to stupid places and making up one scenerio after another without any emotion whatsoever
    ok…explain an uncaring cold bit– that only talks about herself and pretends she has no child.
    ok…explain a fake hispanic nannny that is rich and has nothing better to do than sit around and watch the child of a ungrateful, self-centered, manipulating, theiving white girl.
    ok…explain why ms anthony has NO witnesses for her character (except lying mom and dad and sweety-pie-closer-than-you-should-be brother)

    Bozo, defense and anthonys think people are stupid and everyone have their noses stuck in the b***s of media and can not think for ourselves.

  49. I love BILL .he’s my man! (how do you say in english those things he wears to Fix trousers in place (like Larry king & Mitnik)?? Bill’s cool, BILL ROCKS!!!

  50. Yes, that sounds right, mikka…
    Okay so let me know if you hear anything more. I am dang curious to hear his comments on these money-costing motions. I love Kathi and Bill.
    Let’s get on with the trial already
    you crack me up and mikka. your comment about the body in the car and judge says “oh well, go home, casey” is funny!! Judge might as well say….”and I hope you make it home(tehehe) too because you are so loved,casey.” (tehehe).

  51. EOAR
    i might listen to Simonb radio show this week on BNN, it might be funny!!!do u listen to it regularly?
    I used to, then had a break during some months..gonna check it out this sunday

  52. well thanks…..maybe Kathi will read this and go do that interview with Bill………..PLEASE Kathi PLEASE!!!
    I can’t wait to hear what Bill has to say.

  53. hvf
    I understand it might be very simple..but..(sometimes those sillky words are difficult to make some sense from…I’m portuguese (like Bo Obama)!!

  54. Bill Shaefer Talks Baez 5/12/09Noon
    on youTube Schaeffer says….as a good defense lawyer, you should not only know what questions to ask but what things to stay away from……
    BOZO…..DID you LISTEN?????????????
    apparently NOT

  55. MIKKA
    the Schaeffer link from U tube I was trying to send over (check title I posted, and u might get lucky) WAS ABOUT him dissecting the fact that BAEZ was unqualifyed for DP trial….try to see it cause I tryed but could not post it right for u guys…..

  56. Filipa
    see……funny! well, I can tell you this. I know many many people that do not know much about this case. Maybe they need to move it here to Utah where I live. Maybe we most of the people here are hicks and do not have TV I don’t know…. but I do believe there are plenty of people from EVERYWHERE that don’t give it much thought. So I do believe she will get a fair trial.
    Problem is….casey killed her baby. plain and simple.

  57. hvf
    thanv for claryfying “hicks”,had no idea.
    I 1st got into this case cause of similarities with Mad Mcann case at beginning. No one hears about this case here either, even CNN Europe does not give a sheet about broadcasting it!!
    but it got so absurd…that I cant let go!! my twisted humour, also feeds on the bizarre, the ugly and human nature inner cruelty…To add to it, whenever i think the defense team cant get any lower…Baez has this ability to surprise, like he did last night.!! And while I’m here observing them and entertained, i get the bonus of being distracted for a while from my own problems and worries…
    so, this blog for me ,is a WIN-WIN situation!!lol

  58. So I guess that any murder suspect should be set free if his or her defense attorneys don’t get to inspect the crime scene?? On what planet?? What about murders that occured years ago? What if the person doesn’t have an attorney at the time?

    I’d really love to see the anthony family and their cohorts at the crime scene. Wouldn’t you guys? The psychic whore girlfriend could be channeling Caylee’s spirit, Lee would be conducting his own investigation while trying to figure out the bones from the branches – Cindy would be telling the cops how to bag and organize evidence while accusing them of trying to convict casey because it would be used against her – George would be shouting ‘how dare you, sir’ every time a bone was found and picked up – Dominic Casey would be stumbling and mumbling with his crappy video camera – well you get the picture. Waste huge waste

    Furthermore, Baez HAD access to the site in december of ’08, but the lazy piece of garbage declined to do an investigation and just opted to say the evidence was contaminated. What a degenerate scumbag. I’m very hopeful that judge Strickland will reach a breaking point with this one. Strickland is the only ray of truth and hope in this sordid mess.

  59. Lee & C
    exactly! I notice that prosec’s ussually fundaments their premisses is court with a precedent example (the people X blah,blah) So, surely there’ll be plenty of previous cases in FL, where Defense did NOT had access to crime scene…plus they are calling “incompetent” to the FBI lab staff and other INDEPENDENT AGENCYS, for that matter , that DO NOT BELONG TO OCSD
    got it, Baez???

  60. I guess Baez’s problem is that he’s inpersonates the caricature of himself,and comes out to be quite predictable, at the end of the day…



  63. I can understand that Baez is a bit dizzy and not aware of the ridicule of it all.
    He’s excited beyond mesure…it’s probably the 1st time he gets to speak in court with an audience of more than 5 ppl listening to him…
    it all has been a “dream come true”, a “God’s gift”, he’s awaited breakthrough…..

  64. “Not a bit of useful information has been provided by Ms. Anthony as to the whereabouts of her daughter,” Strickland said. “And I would add that the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers.”

    I believe July 22 hearing when bond was set this is what Strickland said.

  65. I guess this motions were the only thing that occured in this D team mind, sordid enought to take the news agencies spotlight AWAY from YALE, and BACK to the “boring old news” that Kc’s case provides.

    Make Note that this is the exact SAME PEOPLE, that complains about the excessive media coverage, and yet tries to fuel it BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE!

  66. Those are Lyons motions for sure. she’s doing her thing.

    One interesting thing though. It states that one D. Casey who was under contract to G&C Anthony in Nov did his search, blah,blah. It states he was under contract to G&C, no one else, not casey, just G&C !

    I also can’t beleive that they attached as evidence of their claim a video from Greta VS show!!! I don’t think they want to open that door up, gonna start pulling things from the media, boy can that get crazy!

    I didn’t notice any documents attached to their claim that the FBI notified LE or ME of the results of the testing on the remains & the identity. They state that LE,ME knew way before the 19th of Dec. (can’t remember what date it said) & held that info to hold on to the site. I didn’t see anything to back up that claim………..

  67. their situation is very bad. They’ve got NOTHING ELSE to loose by filing these and EVERYTHING to gain if by any chances it works!!!!they might as well give it a try…I guess

  68. so baez team star witness is Fay Wray! their evidence is a “clip from the Greta show” !! Everyone agrees that lots of people were near that site, but not near enough to the exact spot to see anything clearly. they don’t have enough to even put doubt out there.

  69. molly
    its forensic evidence of roots growing through bones (proving IT WASNT MOVED, against a loony thats trying to recognise a fish by it’s face,along all the Pacific! b(it wasn’t there, it was there!!!pointing)

  70. if the’ll show her some woods in Lisbon,set to look like the crime scene…she’ll suear on her mothers grave it is in Orlando!

  71. Hello all.. Here for a little while..

    Hey Mikka.. How are you liking the newest motions?? I told Humble last night, when I read the motion, that I couldn’t wait to hear your take on the whole thing.. *L*

  72. Bozo does not really give a sheet about KC’s defense. I bet when he’s not playing “motionary”, he’s at the Gym preparing for his nest appearance in court (remember that cameras bring on about extra 5 kilos!!)
    THAT’s what really matters here!

  73. justmee :shock:,motions are stupid,dont cant sleep all night,so baez team star witness is Fay Wray! their evidence is a “clip from the Greta show” !! strickland will be so pissed!

  74. Mikka.. I think her full name is Joy Roseann Wray.. and I’m almost 100% positive this is her..

    Phase: Initial
    Defendant: JOY ROSEANN WRAY Count #: 501
    Offense Date: 3/25/2008 Citation #: 5170FZW
    Complaint Date: 3/26/2008 Information Date:
    Statute: 316.1935(2)-2 – CR-FLEE./ATT. ELUDE A LEO/SIREN & LIGHTS ACT.
    General Offense Category:
    Charge Level: FELONY Charge Degree: THIRD DEGREE

    Phase: Prosecutorial
    Defendant: JOY ROSEANN WRAY Count #: 501
    Offense Date: 3/25/2008 Citation #: 5170FZW
    Complaint Date: 3/26/2008 Information Date:
    Statute: 316.1935(2)-2 – CR-FLEE./ATT. ELUDE A LEO/SIREN & LIGHTS ACT.
    General Offense Category:
    Charge Level: FELONY Charge Degree: THIRD DEGREE
    Result: DROPPED AND OR ABANDONED Result Date: 4/4/2008

  75. Mikka.. I dreamed all night.. What little I did sleep.. Me, you, steph, deb, gap, and humble were in Orlando.. Chasing Casey down.. It was crazy stuff I tell ya..

  76. About Joy Wray:

    In an October interview with Sgt. John Allen, Wray said she participated in two of Tim Miller’s searches with Equusearch. Wray told Allen her pictures were from searches of Lake Moss and Blanchard Park.

    Wray said she was at Blanchard Park the day Leonard Padilla found bones and toys at the bottom of a lake.

    “I think he was making a show and planting stuff,” Wray said about Padilla.

    Wray said she began searching the area off of Suburban Drive two days after Caylee was reported missing because she had a “gut feeling.” She said she searched the area alone more than 10 times. She said the area had around 6 inches of standing water.

    Caylee’s body was found in the same wooded area, which is near the Anthony family’s east Orlando home, in December. Although the area had previously been searched, search teams said it had substantial amounts of standing water, which may have been why Caylee’s body was not located during previous searches.

    The incident report from Wray’s interview and submission of photos said, “It should be noted that Joy admitted to me of being Baker Acted five times.”

  77. page 26 – She said she had been there “ten, ten, twenty times”. She said she took pics 30′ from the fence. Caylee’s skull was 19′8″ south of Suburban Drive per page 17

    page 26-27 She searched the Suburban Drive site 2 days after Caylee was reported missing.

    page 28 The 2nd time she was at the Suburban Drive site was “probably three weeks later.”

    page 29 She said, there was standing water… approximately 6″ and it got deeper; she started “to sink a little bit”.

    page 30 LE asked when was the lst time she was there and there was water there. She said, “When uh, Equusearch was doing their searches”. She also said she was there for everyone of the TES searches in that area, but cannot remember how many times.

    page 31 She was there ten times by herself and there was standing water half the time.

    page 32 She said the lst time she saw water was on her 3rd or 4th trip after her lst trip.

    page 45 is LE’s incident report stating she had been Baker Acted five times, she had been arrested for fleeing and eluding, the charges were dropped due to her mental state.

    Is this the defense star witness?

  78. She’s a certified NUT.. Did you see the picture I posted of her the other day?? I bet she’s paid a fortune for those boobs of hers.. IF that is REALLY her.. *LOL*

  79. 😯

    just read that there were about 82,000 baker acts in florida in 2000 AD.

    thats over 220 per day

    many of those were people were baker acted more than once in that year.

    around 1000 people were baker more than 6 times in that year

  80. just read the motion about the videos, tapes, etc. They got them from the blogs!!! oh, this is funny. Again, that stuff is not leaked, it is available to the public & yes, the media!!

    Suppose a murderer has no family to visit them? Where do they get their support for their mental well being? oh brother, none of this stuff is gonna fly. strickland will laugh them right out of court, though he’s prolly not too happy as some of these things were already ruled on before.

  81. molly,we have this hearing about this visit in jail already months ago,the jailchief was saying she dont get any special treatment,she is just like another jailinmate!

  82. hi mikka – I agree! They’re not really helping themselves with some of this stuff.

    And what was that whole thing with George seeing her without baez there? It doesn’t look like LE did anything wrong there according to the doc attached. what is their point?

  83. Mikka.. *LOL*.. Yeah.. notice how in one picture she’s flaunting those boobles, and in the other one she’s covering them up.. Wonder what’s up with that?? *ROFL*

  84. Maybe Humble should do a post on “The Many Faces and Bodies of Joy Wray”.. I saw several pictures posted the other day, and she had a different look in every one of them.. Just call her Chameleon.. *LOL*

    I really do have to run for now.. BBASAP!!

  85. Just scanned over the documents above and Bozo said that Casey was in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, thereby blocking her ability to communicate with her family in peace and privacy…yada, yada, yada………….So my thought is, you complaining? OK, we will put her in General Population. Bet he wouldn’t want that!

  86. As far as I can tell, the Anthonys are free to visit whenever they want, within jail rules. They choose not too for whatver reason. They don’t have to talk about the case….just “show their love and support”, whatever the heck that is.

  87. Hi everyone, I just saw the trailer for the 48 Hours show that will air in October about Casey. You guys have to see Cindy’s theatrical attempt to cry, it is soooo pathetic.

  88. I am on the fence about watching the show. Part of me wants to watch it and see the Anthonys put their feet in their mouths, but the other half of me wants to boycott the show because the Anthonys are such scum and don’t deserve a minute of air time.

  89. Something else I wonder about is how the story has changed in the Anthonys eyes. How will they reconcile the fact that there is no Zanny, Jesse didn’t do it, how come they are not actively looking for the killer…so many questions, so many lies to answer those questions.

  90. Ok I have not read everyone’s comments but I read all of the above and most of the Joy Wray thing.
    After listening to Richard’s Hornsby analysis of the defense motion to have the whole thing thrown out……………well I am convinced MORE THAN EVER that the defense team is DOWN RIGHT DESPERATE!!!!!

    WHich convinces me all the more that casey murdered her daughter.

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