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  1. trolls that are quiet are harmless,, its when they come on in attack mode that they need to be lassoed..and humble is in total control of her blog…. it is ok….

  2. I am new to blogging. I was amazed at the confrontation by the antagonist on the site last night. All of you guys handled her well and Humble fixed her for good!

  3. So what are all the little things that might turn out to be big things are we still waiting to see in discovery?? And maybe will come out this coming week in it.

  4. I don’t know what is coming out next week, but Mallory’s deposition could be interesting.
    I also am happy M&M is representing ZFG. I feel he is helping the prosecution of the murder case through the defamation case.
    Anyone know what is supposed to be “dumped” next week?

  5. bye CT, hurry back.. hey stephanie,ecd, colhere , hello.
    Seriously, surely there is NO chance that charges will be dropped against casey.

  6. The one thing I don’t get is that I have seen R here before and there was nothing wrong with her on those occasions (tho perhaps I didn’t read her well enough).

  7. Maxi…we sure missed you. 🙂 Humble is keeping us safe.

    They did say a couple weeks ago there was more forensics released to the defense. We don’t know if it is repeats or something new. It is hard to keep track because it seems to take longer and longer for us to get the discovery after the defense gets it.

  8. She’s been known to do this several times on this blog and on others as well, Colhere. She is very nasty and perceives attacks that really don’t exist.

  9. I also don’t know that we will see the deposition of Mallory. Didn’t they say that Baez went to the Anthony families so he could hear it and it wouldn’t then need to be released in discovery??

  10. I’m thinking that there may be some of Casey’s on the duct tape, Colhere. I also think if there is some without the death band, it could be the reason for reinstating the dp.

  11. Well folks. I will take a bash at guessing that there is something relevant to the remaining tape chunks that we have not heard about (presumably)..

    maybe a hair of Casey’s? Maybe a print..

  12. Ecd – Thanks!

    Amazing what is learned from following this case and this blog. You guys are a wealth of knowledge. I think Steph posted the demographics of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties earlier today. It was interesting!!!

  13. ECD – That was my thought, but here I am playing devil’s advocate and will say that parents own hair often ends up on their children’s clothing. Many times, it becomes woven in clothing..

  14. I got the impression that they found hair with the death band on it in the car and on tape,,,,, AND, also, they found hair on the tape that had NO death band on it…. which shows that the tape was put on caylees mouth and head BEFORE death… showing premeditation to murder, and not a covering up of an accident..
    I think this is what led to the death penalty being back on the table.
    good night .. love to all of you sleuths….

  15. BUT, if it is on the duct tape and no one else’s, there is a significant argument that Casey was the only one to handle the ducttape..

    Here is where I get my thought from.. in a past doc dump, we had (wha, 3? 4?) pieces of tape. The statement from the lab that it excluded all the Anthonys and that no latent prints were found. Purely exculpatory. BUT, as we have tossed about, what about the tape on the skull? They would not include that with the exculpatory evidence as it is likely culpatory..

    Yeay.. bring on the dump!

  16. Colhere, I was thinking that when I don’t have my hair in a ponytail, it’s always hanging down regardless. IF Casey bit the tape, it may have caught in her hair cuz it was too short to tie back. It might have the root if it came off. I can’t see her pulling the tape of this way (if she did) WITHOUT pulling her hair out. It’s very common.

  17. If there is a print that belongs to Casey on the outside of the tape, Baez can explain that away and say Casey handled the tape for something else and has no idea how it got around Caylee’s head. If there is a print belonging to Casey on the sticky side of the tape, I don’t see how Baez can get around that.

  18. maxine – I do see where you are goin, but as devil’s advocate, I could imagine the tape applied post mortem while the hair had not yet developed any post mortem banding. Shortly after death, the hair does tend to come out a fair bit easier, even prior to post mortem banding.. The tape’s tension could have potentially pulled out hair. It’s a guess, but I will theorize that not all the hair found with the remains had post-mortem banding.

  19. OMG…I didn’t even think about that Colhere. I always thought there was something to saying Lee’s, Cindy’s and George’s finger prints were not there. But, why compare theirs to something that isn’t even there or include all of them…Good Job on that culpatory evidence…I think I got the correct work down, lol

  20. The tape that was used has a better chance of preserving the sticky side possible finger prints. Dr. Baden made a comment about the heavy duty tape very early in the case.

  21. Steph – I cannot remember verbatim, but it was to the effect that C, G & L were all excluded from tape samples (3 or 4). Then followed up with the statement that there were no latent prints on the pieces..

    So, I am wondering where the other tape is and who has been excluded and INCLUDED..

    I know it was mentioned that in the next dump, that there is among other things, quality procedure documents that pertain to the handling of fingerprint evidence.. Can’t remember where I read or heard that..

  22. It would seem they have to turn everything over to the defense even when they don’t find something, right? I am still wondering what tests they did on the pillows too

  23. If Casey bit the tape to cut it, I can’t see her NOT getting her hair caught in it. If there are no fingerprints, her hair being under the tape may help solidify the case. If Caylee has both hairs with and without the deathband, it could show she was taped before death. I know it takes a while for the death band to appear, but if some didn’t have the death band, they were obviously pulled out or fell out and got caught under the tape before her death.

  24. ECD-Right! I know ppl have mentioned her horseteeth marks on the tape, which is not completely likely, but yes.. she didn’t go get the scissors.. she likely used her teeth..

    Personally, I have used duct tape a lot and ANY tape I have used, I can pretty much assure that I got my prints on it..

  25. Can someone explain how the defense can say that the prosecutions evidence showed that Caylee’s body was moved? That was the defense’s excuse in the motion for not providing their evidence requested by the prosecution. That whole motion was interesting to me. Their discovery being their work product, etc.

  26. I can only imagine the need to preserve the evidence on wrapped tape likely necessitates a complex method of extraction which means that it would have not been ready for the doc dump of the other tape found at the site..

    I am on the edge of my seat..

  27. Colhere, I do believe there are prints on the tape also. I just think they found something premeditated to bring in the dp. I think her hair is it. Also, there was mention of matting. Dead children don’t struggle. My daughters hair used to matt up from tossing in her sleep.

  28. Macarthur, I’m not sure if they are talking about Joy Wray, Keith Williams et al or not. These are people who said the body wasn’t in that general area.

  29. Macarthur…It is just the way defense attorneys spin things. His remark they have evidence that Caylee was put there while Casey was in jail…was b.s. All they have is what many attorneys have. Spin what they can at trial to raise reasonable doubt.

  30. If they don’t have anything on the tape or deathbands and no deathbands…I think finding Caylee like they did with the duct tape around her mouth will show premeditated. When you take that and you take all of the things before and after…this then will be where they get it from, imo.

  31. Macarthur…I should have added that they will have their experts reading all the discovery to spin it for them so it becomes work product

  32. as far as the duct tape goes, i’m still hoping for a nice casey print on it!
    someone on here way back did a test with duct tape to see if you could tear it or rip it off the roll with out touching the sticky side of it. . . . you can’t. soooooo, hopefully there is a print

  33. At least Tony had the decency to tell Casey not to bring Caylee to their overnight trysts. That would have been inappropriate. Poor Caylee probably saw a lot in her short life.

  34. Molly…I meant she could stay but Caylee couldn’t. We know the roommate told TL he needed to tell her, but we never heard if he ended up telling her this…it was all so close in time to Caylee being murdered, I think.

  35. Just me –
    I feel the need to say this. Do NOT accept the abuse. NO ONE deserves that! There is NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE!
    I had to get this off my chest.

  36. macarthur- those guys at that apartment had more sense than casey did as far as when caylee should be around there. we know casey only had one thing on her mind……..

  37. I think it was a couple days before the murder, but TL didn’t say anything in his interview about it did he…didn’t we learn this from his roommate and never heard if he actually told her. I personally think he did and that is why she wasn’t over there the night of the big fight. But, I would like to hear it from him that he did tell her…it would be another motive for premeditation.

  38. As an aside, I was somewhere the other day where there were brochures for Fusian. Fusian’s business has probably grown because of the name recognition created by this case.

  39. Molly…I wish I could remember exactly what his roommate said, but it wasn’t a good atmosphere for a child…drinking and drugging. With youngs kids that are all single and no kids…it could be a nightly thing for some.

  40. Evening all,Steph Some of the things I would like to know are how come Le didn’t ask TL what was the long call about the early morning of the 16th that he had with casey. And I alos wonder how come it has taken this long to have an interview or depo with Mallory. Seems like Le should of been on it sooner. We never hear if she pulled an Annie or anything like that. Just seems strange. Or do you think that asking TL about their convo is just hearsay to them and would not hold up in court?

  41. Molly…I am real curious about a couple interviews we haven’t seen yet. Mark Hawkins the most and know Mallory’s…Why haven’t we seen them? I also am curious about the bin with articles they took out of the attic. Along with the duct tape and would like to know if they did tests on the pillows they took….that is some of my curiousities, lol.

  42. I think you’re right steph, i’m gonna peruse NG archive’s. she did an interview with the roommate.
    they were prolly smokin pot, they don’t want a child around for allthat. like i said they were smarter than casey was.

  43. Hi Mama…I think the depo is different then the interview. I am assuming they did an interview with Mallory or maybe they are just going with the depo.
    I don’t remember them asking about telling Casey this and you would think it wouldn’t matter. They can ask all they want about hear-say…it isn’t the trial. Plus he just had to say I didn’t or I did and say what Casey said. I also would like to know about the call in the early a.m. to?

  44. Morals aren’t Casey’s strong suit. Why would somebody take a 2 year-old child to overnight trysts and out clubbing, if they have access to a nanny 24-7?

  45. How could a 22 year old jobless nobody go around telling people Caylee was with her nanny? Twenty-two year olds do not have nannies for their children. She was certainly a wannabe.
    Too bad the reality is that she is a murderer.

  46. Thanks, now I remember who M.Hawkins is. It slipped from my feeble brain. There are so many people involved in this case.
    I wonder if Jesse Grund can/will file a complaint against C, G, and Murdering Mom for the stories they have told or insinuations they have made? He seems to be a decent guy from a decent family.
    Has anyone read the LE interview with J. Grund’s dad? It was interesting.

  47. Hi Nanna…I am still here for a few. Yard work tomorrow and looking over transcripts of roommates before that, lol. So I will be leaving soon, but it is good to see you. 🙂

  48. Guys I was just thinkin about the fight between C and C that C denies, what if the fight was not over the money, maybe it was a fight about casey running all the time and wanting her to stay home with Caylee. Casey probably wanted cindy to watch her so she could run to tony’s or something. And with Cindy working in the mornings Cindy didn’t go for that. Hence a big blow out over Caylee and who would take care of her. Maybe Tl told her not to bring her over and Casey was so mad cause Cindy wouldn’t do this. So she dicided to do away with Caylee hence no more baby and she has the beautiful life. Now she can go to Tony’s party smoke pot do whatever and go one with the life she really wanted. Sorry about the long post just something that came to me.

  49. Molly…I so want to know the WHY and the WHAT??? It did have our imaginations running wild, lol.
    I wonder if it was a bunch of articles from the case?

  50. Steph…Transcripts of what roommates? I just got back from grands 1st birthday.. I haven’t had time to come here this week..cept late.. lol nothing much new?

  51. Mama…That could very well be.

    Nanna..the transcripts from TL’s roommates. I am looking for what exactly his roommate said about telling TL to let Casey know she can stay but without Caylee.

  52. I find it very curious about baby daddy. They know who it is & now its sealed. So, who gave DNA sample for them to now know who it is????????????? who?

  53. IMO, Casey’s behavior has changed dramatically since her first appearances in court. She was always fidgeting with her hair and rubbing her hands. New body language now.

  54. Well Steph we have learned for others that casey did not really want Caylee she would of given her up but she didn’t cause Then Cindy wouln’t hear of that. I bet Casey resented that and it ate her up being so young and being stuck with a child when all she was about was being a party girl.

  55. Nanna…we know he was supposed to but we never heard from him that he did. I don’t even remember LE asking TL anything about it. Maybe they found out from the roommate after his interview. But, this I would think would be a big question they would like the answer to. I could have forgotten it in his interview…I don’t remember them talking about it at all. Along with what they talked about all night in into the wee hours.

  56. Steph some people like us ask questions and want to know things where some people don’t have a clue to ask things. I think they should bring us all in and lets us give them some questions to get to the bottom of alot of this stuff. lol

  57. I hope they keep the pictures up during the trial.. if the trial ever comes.. otherwise the jury could forget why they are there when Lyons begins to cry..

  58. That’s true Nanna, but the defense keeps spinning their own version and we don’t have the state’s proof yet. Not the real evidence anyway. I think the next set of docs will have some bombshells. I don’t know if they will be to us because we’ve rehashed so much. Maybe that’s why we’re so easily bored. We already know the truth, I know I’m sick to death of the defense and Anthonys spin on things.

  59. You would think as “innocent” as Baez claims Casey to be, they would want the trial to take plase ASAP and not have her sit in jail for something she didn’t do.

  60. Yes, Nanna. They need to show a really vital pic of Caylee as a normal child next to the remaining and separated bones that she ultimately became.
    You’re right though. People have lost sight of the real reason for this. With Anthony drama, finances and sympathy plays, where’s the room for an insignificant child. It’s all about winning or losing now.

  61. Absolutely Gig. I don’t understand why he does such stupid things. He must know the media is as dumb as a brick too. They repeat this nonsense.

  62. I am also sick of the anthonys..but that is nothing new.. they really make me sick because all they want to do is get WF off and out of jail.. but we all know it will never happen.. if it does..I think there could be

  63. Hello everyone, can only stay a minute. I’ve always suspected JP Chatt as being Caylee’s father. I remember seeing a picture of him beside a picture of Caylee and the resemblence was uncanny. We want Justice for Caylee, and if the father knows , he should step up and stand beside his angel baby.

  64. If there are riots, I hope Cindy is the first hit with a brick. I can’t watch anything on tv with her on it. It literally makes me cry in anger at the twists from her. They don’t care about Caylee, and I don’t believe they care about Casey. I think they just want to be perceived as a good family regardless of the costs. Any normal parents would be blaming themselves for such conduct and say, ‘enough is enough’. We can’t support this behavior any more. They MUST be the worst parents on the face of the earth.

  65. Hi ECD, I agree that with all the drama surrounding this case, people have lost sight of what it’s all about. An innocent child was brutally murdered. I’m sick to death of hearing about the plight of the a’s and cma. They are horrible and sickening. Justice for Caylee! I can’t say it enough

  66. Lynda.. hopefully not for long.. I guess if people are dumb enough to donate without looking further into the crooks who run it.. the dummies have money to burn..

  67. I read on another blog and am not certain but heard that although the Anthonys filed for bankrupsy in May,there mortgage was paid off by the end of August.

  68. Well, I must go now, have a work meeting at 6:00 am tomorrow. As always, great chatting with great people. Good night and God Bless. Justice for Caylee May she rest in peace knowing that strangers keep her in their hearts eveyday.

  69. To set up a foundation to help search for missing children, then not search for any, but continue to accept donations….is at the very least fraudulant.

  70. Wow, I feel so lonely in the empty world of the blogging. Can surely imagine how the WF feels when she wakes up in the morning. Task #1: Brush Horse teeth. This in itself can be a difficult task given the fact that she has plenty of layers of teeth to clean at once. Task #2: Study the bible. This task is even more difficult considering the fact that I highly doubt the devil puts much effort into reading the bible and actually studying it. Task #3: Use potty on steel potty in cell. This task proves that you can use cheap toilet paper that is super rough. Im sure that WF’s bootay has seen it’s rougher days, when her boys didn’t want to put it anywhere else.

  71. The Anthony family is sick, they actually do not represent missing children because they do not actually know any missing children, considering their only grandchild was killed by their own offspring. What a life to have to live to think about your dead grandchild that your own daughter murdered all because she wanted to go out, get l*id by all of Orlando, party with her alcohol and xanax & referee friends and lollipops, and let eveeryone forget about a precious child.

  72. CT, have you seen the clip of G&C on 48 Hours Mystery? Cindy sitting there crying talking about Caylee was taken. You can’t tell me G&C didn’t do this to continue their reasonable doubt tour for Casey. If CBS’ goal was to shed some light on this “Mystery,” then why would they waste their time talking to such liars like G&C?

  73. I didn’t see any of that gig, how interesting, SINdy crying talking about Caylee being taken? She must be smoking rocks along with all of the defense and her murderess daughter. How sick can that be? CBS is crap, for taking interviews from these liars. They only have ratings in mind, at the expense of Caylee’s life.

  74. hi Steph!
    Thanx for asking! she’s ok. Problem is…with f…. diabetes, you never know how she’s gonna be in 3 hours!
    She’s only 6!and it requires constant vigilance. IT’S LIKE “I’M A” type 3 diabetic!!!!

  75. MUSLI
    I checked yesterday, and rotations LIS-ZRH-LIS, are preety short!!!WITCH IS GOOD! since I looooove going to Duty free and binging on the choc department!
    remember that hips must fit corridors, at all times! (and one night there, could mean “walking sideways” the day after!!!)LOL

  76. MUS
    there will ne NOT enough time, for that!
    So,Get YOUR A** in Lisbon,and I’ll glady welcome!
    (Do not worry, I live right next to the US Embassy compound, so HELP WILL BE AT HAND if needed!!!(I’m no serial killer!!)

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