RECAP: Ryan Paysley talked! 18Sept08

Ryan talked to am540WFLA.  He is a friend of Casey Anthony…..

Ryan Paysley’s words may not have been the kind of support Anthony desires.

He said he believes her daughter, Caylee Anthony is dead.

“Knowing Casey, I would say that it was an accident,” Paysley said, “As far as how it went down, I can almost guarantee you that it was an accident and that she got nervous, scared, and didn’t know what to do, and she did something with her.”

Paysley claimed not to be surprised by allegations that his former best friend has been dishonest about the situation from the outset. He said over the course of the last four or five years it seems that everything she has told him has “turned out be a lie.”Paysley claimed not to be surprised by allegations that his former best friend has been dishonest about the situation from the outset. He said over the course of the last four or five years it seems that everything she has told him has “turned out be a lie.”

Funny, I guess she is surprised considering he is a best friend.  Makes me wonder why Ryan believes Caylee is deceased!  I do think it is about her friends start talking.  We all want to know the truth and since Casey doesn’t know what “TRUTH” means, her friends will have to provide the truth.  You can read more at am540WFLA


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  1. I wonder if all of her friends are now saying Casey was a compulsive lier, why did they all patronize her, and not challenge her lies. Lies can hurt people in so many ways. Even if Casey ever did get out of jail, think about what type of life she would have. Who would hire her? She doesn’t even have a high school diploma. She would have to go back and live with Mommy dearest. Or, Mommy dearest would get her her own little apartment paid for by Caylee. But, then what… friends, no job. This woman’s life is over. A waste, a huge waste.

  2. I am going to have to go and refresh my memory on this Ryan Pasley. Just how close a friend he was to Casey. Funny, Cindy has stated that she didn’t know any of Casey’s friends. Didn’t she allow Casey to bring her friends home. We always knew our son’s friends, everyone hung out at our house. Always a bit of a mess, but every one of them was welcomed. I know that it was stated by Kio Marie that she was not allowed in their home because she was hispanic. That aught to go down well if the trial is moved to Miami. If I was prosecution, that is a point that I would certainly make when Cindy gets on the stand. Even if Cindy denied it, it would be out there for all the Jose’s on the jury to hear.

  3. Yes, you’re right, Filipa In high school we were so concerned about our looks, boyfriends, being part of the clique, etc., guess we didn’t give much thought to anyone else. We were busy with our little lives and the direction we would be going in life. It’s easy to forget our mindset at that time in our lives so long ago.

  4. MUS
    does this guy even exist???
    Maybe the got the “Ryan” from ryan Seacrest, and the surname from some french provence fabric her mother used as a table cloth!!!

  5. MUS
    If I ever met one of you guys…KC would just waist about 2 mints of the “party time!!!” I bet!!
    unless we all meet after trial for celebration purpuses!!!

  6. I’m going to read Ryan’s interview now.
    Filipa, I think you are right, 2 minutes for Casey, and the rest of the time getting to know each other and sharing who we are. That would have been so much fun.

  7. Meow!!

    Good Morning Everyone

    Looks to me caseys best friend took the logical way out.In that byte Humble left he says”i just lost the drive to defend her”he knew what was up….

  8. Hi everyone!

    Ryan Paysley was a good friend of Caseys! I remember laughing when he talks about her “supposed sechedule”! He was also in Orlando the weekend that Casey killed Caylee! He got the call from Cindy and that is when he heard the crap Zenaida Hernandez-Hernandez. LOL

  9. Hi Humble!!
    I often wonder if all caseys friends talked about her lying or was this just an excepted “quirk” of hers…The call from cindy reinforced casey was full of bull crap

  10. Humble
    He knew the “old” crowd so could not be fooled that there was even a ZFG, her newfound friends however she was feeding a load to

  11. Humble
    Thats what i dont get…how could anyone be so excepting of her “stories” untill the murder, did her friends think this was normal?

  12. Well Ryan,sorry to inform but it went both ways!!!
    In that renkowned artistic piece, called “The Diary”, for editorial purposes, she admits herself:
    ” I’ve made some new friends, and surrounded myself with good people!”

  13. Or transient GUYS, it could have been a one night stand for a FEW guys!

    I wonder how far down the witness list ryan is…if they start at the begining of her LIFE he should be up quickly

  14. The judge sealed the paternity of caylee,i believe they originally wanted to rule out any foul play by a possible “daddy”.
    The only people who care now is all us nosy butts!!

  15. ok, Hi again
    isnt Ryan Pasley the guy George told the FBI he wouldn’t mind Crazey marrying him and wasnt he the one Sindy told to stay away from Crazy because she was a sociopath

  16. <EYE
    if it was "in the family" WOULD BE DIGGED OUT by Baez, to make a look like victim…
    so, I guess that says the asnwer is in colonial high

  17. still think its ODD that they sealed the results after they tested Lee and no one else was tested…Lee was not the father
    then the sealed the suicide note from George…I dont like secrets

  18. I still like LWOP for her.I know Mikka would disagree!
    Im thinking piping in some really bad elevator music into her cell would be great.Over and over, backwards.

  19. ..incest might be the only salvation to “justify” murder with intention..
    (baez is probably going to his client:” fudge!why didnt those bast.. rape you!!

  20. ppl
    when GA said to Mitnik, that “she contributed to the house(..) when a person enters the door with a bag of groceries, you know that!
    I thought Mitn ik would go “mr Anthony, wern’t those bags, in fact, full of vibrat’s and langerie??”

  21. So Ryan can confirm all the lies! And Cindy’s lies! I am surprised that Cindy called him and talked to him about the lies! With her calling him 3 months prior, how come the red light didn’t come on! Cindy also told Ryan Casey was a sociopath, and he shouldn’t tltalk to her!

  22. Humble..I can only imagine a crazy person taking drugs…I’m sure if she was smoking pot she was still sane but the other drugs she may have been doing would put her way out there

  23. Humble
    Did we ever know if annie had a valid prescription for the xanax?

    Ryan didnt even question this even though he knew she was raising a child…

  24. Character witness* oh shes a character all right.Can you imagine her lying to her new friends in prison?Its gonna take her a lot of beefsticks to stay out of trioble there!

  25. Hey I consider that an offense to all the junkies in the word!!!!drugs does NOT mean killing your offspring!!!
    even SOBER & CLEAN there’s a serious problem on KC’s head!!!!

  26. just wish when Tracey was with her and they were talking about drugs that they would have mentioned more of the drugs Crazey could associate with or knew about

  27. it’s NOT about “mood altering chemicals”.I believe..
    it’s about a “happy dysfunctional family” with a “sociopat within…

  28. unless she was on a 24/7 trip, nothing can explain those relationships with friends/boyfriends and LACK OF BOUNDARIES…or the family dynamics,for that matter!!

  29. Filipa
    I agree casey had a serious problem wether drugs were involver or not!

    Well at least she mentioned the most important one-chloroform

  30. Mema
    What do you think was the most important info for the state to come out of traceys interview.

    Timing is everything!Ryan would have spilled to LE big time!

  31. eyes …her total lack of concern for Caylee…changing her story to Blanchard Park because she knew they checked out the apt. and was empty..and the fight with George and making him leave his own house…her stating that a lot of people had use of her car…and that she was still alive when they found decomp in the trunk

  32. Mema
    So basicly this will confirm her behaviour to jurors that she is the cold heartless bioch the state will portray her as.But still not showing any evidence.

  33. Wait a minute! Didn’t you read Bozo’s motion? The evidence is contaminated and Casey has not rights! They are now being violated! What a sick person he is!

    The state has so much, it isn’t funny! And we are NOT seeing it all!

    Nothing on the move yet! I can’t get the large file over there to move the site yet.

  34. Hi Everyone
    YEah I think it is funny how desperate Bozo was to find a “Character” witness. But I am sure that he can get G&C and Lee to be “caracature” witnesses.

  35. Hi all, in referring to all these relationships it never seems to change. Casey wants to be the center of attention, until she doesnt, then its all about the texting and facebook. Lies catch up, time to change friends and hood wink a new group. Good name for a book would be Fusion : Ultra-dysfunctional family. Caseys fuses together pieces of tv, movies, to create a fantasy life everyone is supposed to believe in. Only in a fantasy does:
    The baby daddy die in car accident
    Casey gets an event planner job without even a highschool diploms
    Tony L marries her, despite his youth, lack of employment, continuing to get his A degree
    Casey , and unemployed, uneducated loser have a “10” Nanny at her disposal
    Universal doesnt provide business cell phone, requiring thata personstealfrom their grandmother to purchase it
    Casey dons her Nancy Drew hat to investigate the abduction of her daughter, using her psychic powers as she doesnt use her cell or the police department
    Anyone has three friends with the same name!!! Jeffrey Hopkins eg
    Casey has feelings for ever so many men, all in love, all the ” one” destined for her to charge in on her white horse ( car) and carry one away to bella vita

  36. Tony can be a character witnes that she is the ” perfect” girlfriend. Cleans, cooks, steals money for groceries, beer, smiles and pole dances to entertain friends and clients at Fusion, the other specifics I dont even want to hear about.

  37. I love that Ryan is the guy George thought was such a fine young man, and ultimately he calmly and without malice or personal gain, gave Casey to the wolves haha. Guess George will change his attitude about…Ryan of course.

  38. azrenee
    RYan Pasley sounds like a sensable guy. Cindy will probably take the whip to George for that comment and maybe he will change his story about him in court… all the other ones that Cindy has briefed George with.

  39. Good morning, I have never posted here but love this place! All of you are great and I love to read your comments. I have never blogged before and feel a little hesitant in doing so. I have followed this case from the get go and also share your views as far as this whacked out family.The Anthony family have done a unforgetable injustice to little Caylee’s memory in my opinion. I hope they all go to jail and Casey pays for the rest of her life. Keep up the good work with your justice for Caylee. Thank you and have a good day!

  40. Humble
    Cindy liked him and you notice that at one point, Ryan sort of stuck up for Cindy as a mother. He is probably a repectful type person. I bet Dindy is kicking herself now for saying what a nice guy he is. EVERYONE is against her poor innocent daughter that will get the mother of the year award soon.

  41. Humble
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? this is the hottest blog and the woman is a self-centered ego-maniac nutcase!!!!
    Of course she is reading it!!!

  42. Thank you! If Cindy and George actually read this site and comments it befuddles my mind how they just don’t get it and with any feeling for that wonderful grandchild can’t stand up and do whats right. They have to know the truth at this point.

  43. And do you remember this alot with the motion autopsy pictures:

    Prosecutors say they are refusing to hand over the autopsy photos and x-rays of Caylee Anthony’s remains until a judge imposes more restrictions.

    The defense wants the pictures of the remains, which were discovered last December, but prosecutors are concerned the photos could be sold to media outlets for financial gain.

  44. Humble
    I remember that motion! I must admit they are getting a little more sophisticated with lyons on board now( with the motions)But still the same old sheet

    True, true….

  45. We all know who would gain from that release. There has not been one person on the defense side that has showed us they are above board on anything they have done to date. Everything defense and others have done has been for selfish reasons and financially motivated IMO.

  46. eyespy
    The problem with Lyons is that Jose has already made such a mess of things by talking too much, too often, and talking too much about himself and making REALLY dumb dumb remarks that she now has to cover his huge B*** for. Not an easy task, I can asure you. But she likes to think of herself as a bulldog(partly right by looking at her) and she will let ’em have it, I tell you. Whatever I guess. Her main concern is “saving her client’s life”

  47. Humble
    Whatever happened to the pic’s LE showed to geo? i dont think we saw half of what he did, remember he went and puked after viewing them?

    Yep they are an oily bunch thats for sure.

  48. Nanna9, totally agree! They want money! I am sure they will write books after the fact! But i will choose NOT to buy them! Of course they are at the 99 Cents store!

    HVF, she is determined to save a child killer! Wonder who is going to save Caylee?

  49. Hvf
    Is lyons doing all this pro bono do we know? It will be a huge job cleaning up after bozo i agree, and apparently she only dedicates two days a week to the idiot!

  50. Hi folks. Does anybody think Cindy was actually kicking Casey out of the house when they had the fight on June 15? I know she keeps denying there was a fight to make it look like things were rosey between them.

  51. i find this its about the D.P

    The state attorney’s office is citing “sufficient aggravating circumstances” as the reason for Monday, April 13th, 2009 decision.

    Back in December, prosecutors told the public that they were lacking “sufficient aggravating circumstances.” They stated that “It is not in the best interest of the people of the State of Florida to pursue the death penalty.”

    What Do Those Circumstances Include:

    Those circumstances include: that the killing was heinous, atrocious, cruel or depraved, involved substantial planning and premeditation, was committed without pretense of moral or legal justification, was committed by a person with previous felonies, or happened while another felony was being committed.

  52. humble you saw this,her lawyer from californien

    Sep 8, 2009 … Macaluso is currently undergoing California Bar complaint proceedings, … Todd Macaluso is back in court on the Bar charges September 23, 2009

  53. humble,i watched yesterday on tv,she catched a killer through ducttape,on teh ducttape was viber from his carpet,in the end he was GUILTY!!!!i am sure she find on cma ducttape something!

  54. Todd Macaluso takes on his first case as a lead defense attorney and not a aeronautics litigator in civil court.

    Macaluso is currently undergoing California Bar complaint proceedings, alleging millions of misused client trust accounts, as well as facing an almost 6 million dollar lawsuit from a former client.

    “There was absolutely no wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Merriman,” Macaluso told The Associated Press by phone. “He essentially was doing what was appropriate under the circumstances in trying to protect the safety of Miss Tequila. There were numerous eyewitnesses that will support his version of the events that transpired at his home.”

    Todd Macaluso is back in court on the Bar charges September 23, 2009

  55. Hi I’m back!!!
    I was thinking…I’m NOT a Cindy hater,I’m an “attitude hater”! It’s preety clear to me, that if that idiot,Cindy, wanted it…she could still have the “last laugh” X those who ridicule her (where I’m included!)and turn around the whole situation and public perception of herself..had she the intelligence/sensitivity to aclknowledge certain things..WHITCH HAVE BEEN FAR FROM HAPPENING!!!

    what is even more difficult to conceive is that ANY, of the multitude of people that surrounded her since this happened,had NOT TELL HER, what to do!!!

    “ok,say it’s your daughter and you still love her.BUT ackowledge that your grandaughter did NOT deserve what happened to her…and that it’s hard to believe that her own mother had done it.That no human being, should leave unacountable, after causing so much pain…”
    THIS WAS ALL IT TOOK (at least for me!!) to LEAVE THAT COW ALONE.
    I do not believe Nejame had not tell her to do so
    ” ” ” ” Conway ” ”

    or any other from her CBS friends,to PI’s,neighbours,media ppl,Gentiva PR’s, etc SINCE THE DAY BODY WAS FOUND.Whitch leads me to conclude that she’s dumb as a wall and does not listen…Cindy, it’s time to SHUT UP!!!!(take the f..cotoon our of your ears, and stuff it in your mouth!!!)

  56. I’m doing fine mikka, I hope you are too. I’m looking forward to the depos of D. Casey and Mallory. That should be interesting…

  57. strickland make an mistake with malasco,oh well we dont cant count him no more! 😆

    no you are not confused,i read it somewhere too!

  58. humble
    I bet they do!!
    and Baez & team will say that Melich & OCSD took it from the gas can themselves, and stuck it in the body!
    (witch they then placed back in a shallow grave, waited to rain, called Kronk to pee right on that spot, in order to incriminate Miss Anthony)

  59. Of course not, but Baez will contest every evidence to the “nonsense point” (just like the latest motions…) just because now with DP on table, she has nothing else to loose,and anything they through, in case it sticks to the wall is a bonus and a consolation gift!!!

  60. mikka,humble
    be prepared for the most nonsense and hilarious ewxplanations from them! (did you expect such motion content 7 days ago, for instance???)

    their brilliant “objections!” will be flowing like hot popcorn, from now on!!

  61. cma told in july ,cindy and geo moved out from her house ahahhahahahaha

    Kissh, Marie M. – Is her name MariaAcquaintance of Casey. Met her through her boyfriend Clint who is a close friend of Tony Lazaro’s. Last saw Casey and Caylee June 10, 11, or 12, 2008, at Tony’s apartment. Saw Casey June 20, 2008, at Tony’s apartment. Casey told her Caylee was with her nanny, who was a friend of hers, but never mentioned the nanny’s name. Casey had mentioned that Caylee’s father was deceased. Casey lived with her parents, but her parents had moved out of the house in early July. Casey worked at Universal Studios. Ms. Kissh felt that Casey had a lack of attention toward Caylee.

  62. you know what I’m really afraid of? “technical BS” (like KC not showing in court when she’s suppose to do so OR being represented by Baez in this sheety petitions, who’s NOT qualifyed for DP)

    ANY of this BS details he’ll try to use…to say MISTRIAL!!!
    he is cunning and he knows ,this is already lost!
    I would bet that, BY NOW,…his hope lies on tampering with evidence and “technical BS”

  63. conway is an azz

    Conway said he felt pretty confident the motion would be granted to keep those visits sealed unless they would be used some way in trial.

    A representative with the Orange County Jail told News 13 visits are always monitored for the client’s safety. The representative added they have no intention of offering special treatment to Casey Anthony, and she would be treated like every other inmate.

  64. Hiya!!
    I have been thinking for awhile.. about the tape, I’ve mentioned this before. but what about dog/cat hair on the tape. Have you ever tried to wrap anything and not get animal hair in the tape??

  65. …and all these absurd motions and hearings…for nothing!!!looks like they just looking for a crack on the wall to make itself present!

  66. Mikka
    I think bozo has his hands all over casey bodaciously huge azz!

    Conwheels go’s everywhere with them! Prolly even the bathroom…i wonder is he getting paid now that they have $$$$

  67. what I want to say is
    seems to me there NOT trying to work “the case”…but trying to work the judicional system instead!!!
    get want i mean??

  68. Hi Eoar!!
    Could be …dog hair from cindy’s pooch?That poor dog prolly saw it all.Lucky he didnt get a swath of duct tape himself.

    I have a feeling we aint seen nothing yet!(with motions)

  69. finger prints are on something!!! Would be really great if it is the tape. and did anything ever come about with that single print on the document, with no explination?

  70. I just wonder who actually cracked the case. there is just so much out there, we all have theory’s. certainly someone has to have it right

  71. Right! I dont think there is much left to ponder untill we get anymore evidence or statements ect.But its such a huge mystery, like any mystery novel someone in the end gets it right!

  72. well Humble If i were a betting person, your probably right. But what I meant was, wonder how many of us have figured out the details correctly?

  73. humble
    they say duct tape is rare, but if it contais a hair from anyone within that house stuck to it….is more complicated to explain!!!!
    I guess they ran out of “jesses and “Zenaidas” and there’s only THE PPL WITHIN THE HOUSE. meaning they’re turning on each other preety soon!!!
    witch MAKES those “private encouters” in the jail rather important for them!!!

  74. Humble
    sorry if i dont always stick to the topic, but I aint got nothing to say on this one ,really…

    I’ll bbl guys!!
    thanx for the company

  75. Hi everyone! I haven’t bloged here since the winter but I lurk here everyday. Just a comment on the duct tape. I read on another blog that George had taken the “rare” duct tape from one of the places he worked at. Anyone heard the same thing?

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