RECAP: Ryan Paysley talked! 18Sept08

Ryan talked to am540WFLA.  He is a friend of Casey Anthony…..

Ryan Paysley’s words may not have been the kind of support Anthony desires.

He said he believes her daughter, Caylee Anthony is dead.

“Knowing Casey, I would say that it was an accident,” Paysley said, “As far as how it went down, I can almost guarantee you that it was an accident and that she got nervous, scared, and didn’t know what to do, and she did something with her.”

Paysley claimed not to be surprised by allegations that his former best friend has been dishonest about the situation from the outset. He said over the course of the last four or five years it seems that everything she has told him has “turned out be a lie.”Paysley claimed not to be surprised by allegations that his former best friend has been dishonest about the situation from the outset. He said over the course of the last four or five years it seems that everything she has told him has “turned out be a lie.”

Funny, I guess she is surprised considering he is a best friend.  Makes me wonder why Ryan believes Caylee is deceased!  I do think it is about her friends start talking.  We all want to know the truth and since Casey doesn’t know what “TRUTH” means, her friends will have to provide the truth.  You can read more at am540WFLA


For you reading enjoyment!

Baez to State about Evidence

Destroy the videos

NO attorney Client videoing

Evidence contaminated

Change of Venue

Have fun and don’t read anything into these!  Why a change of venue if the client is “INNOCENT” and now all of a sudden the evidence is contaminated!  All I must say is, GOOD LUCK with THAT dd-team~

Casey Anthony update 17 Septmeber 2009

Looks like the defense is trying to pull a quick one!  They have filed a motion for all charges to be dropped! 

The defense is claiming that the evidence was not properly preserved!  According to the motion:  “the state deliberately misled the court and delayed formal identification of remains so it could obtain exclusive control of the crime scene through Dec. 19, 2008”

Her defense drama team wanted to hire off duty officer to secure the area, but according to the defense drama team they said the state would not let them! 

The d-team is also saying that Anthony’s rights are violated!  And that exculpatory evidence supports a defendants claim of innocence. 

SOOOO it looks like they are trying to pull a quick one. If it is just the evidence at the scene, they still have the car evidence.  They make me laugh!  And if my memory is any good, the D-team waited a few days, or was it weeks to go to the crime scene.  So what ever they got as evidence, they are the ones who let it get contaminated!


RECAP: ZFG speaks 17Sept08

So, we all know about Zenaida Gonzalez.  But who is the real Zenaida Gonzalez?  Casey Anthony reported Zenaida as the Nanny, but no one can find the lady who watched Caylee for almost 2 years.  

Zenaida has gotten hate mail for Zeni the Nanny, Zenaida says that her life has been turned upside down.  She wishes her name was something else.  Zenaida has never seen Casey or Caylee Anthony before this whole mess started.  She has never lived at the Sawgrass Apartments.  She did look at the apartment to rent it out, but nothing else.

Here is what she says about Casey Anthony:  “She doesn’t know how much damage she has done. Not only to me, that she has done to them, my children. They came out of me. I raised them by myself and now she is hurting them more than me.”

Not sure how I would handle this, but Zenaida Gonzalez is jobless, and the Anthony’s got money for the home video of Caylee from 20/20, so I would say maybe Zenaida needs an attorney and file a lawsuit against them.  

Here is the video WESH

Crazy, but I thought Casey only ruined only Caylee’s life.  And I never thought to write to Zenaida hate mail.  Especially since I never really thought she was involved. 

Check out Zenaida suing Casey Anthony.

No update RECAP: Anthony case dominating the legal system! 16Sept08

According to the Casey case had been clogging up the court.  There were many cases that were delayed due to Casey’s lies!  The sheriff’s office said that they had pulled many detectives from other cases to follow up on Crime Stopper tips! 

It was said in the article that LE had responded to the Anthony compound a number of 42 times since 15 July 2008, this article was written on 16 September 2008. 

Of course there wasn’t any word on how many cases were delay, nor was there any info on how much money this is costing the TAX Payers of Florida!

AND also a year ago:

In a new conference, after Casey was released AGAIN from jail, Baez had this to say:  “I’m not going to be intimidated in any way, shape or form by any cop tactics.  It’s time we take a step back and question what is going on with law enforcement. … What are you leaking rumor and conjecture for?  That’s not justice.”

He must have been feeling intimidated by LE, why else would he say it?