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Please help find Caylee Marie Anthony. She was last seen 15 June by her Grandparents George and Cindy Anthony. Caylee was with her so-called-mother Casey Anthony. Caylee is 3 feet tall, 3 years old, shoulder lenght brown hair.
Find Caylee!



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  1. little baby girl I am praying for you to the Virgin Mary she is our mother, she is protecting you and loving you, we love you little Caylee

  2. I hope & pray Casey gets a wake up call & decides to do the right thing & tell the TRUTH about baby Caylee & where she is & what happened to her! Yes Caylee we are all praying for you & we all want you to come home real soon {alive}! I have my 3 kids praying every night for her safe return! This doesn’t just affect their family, it affects the nation! WE are all praying for you♥

  3. We here at the Bulls**t Press are trying to make September 10th find Caylee Anthony day. We have put a blog up on myspace and are contacting as many people as we can to try to launch an all out effort to find this child. Dead or alive this child must be found. We must bring an end to this saga. What we propose is an all out manhunt on September 10th to find this little girl. Door to door searches and an entire nation looking will turn up new facts and new clues as to what happened to this beautiful little girl. Let’s stop being reactive and become proactive as a nation.

  4. What good does any of this do? Everyone has known from day one that this baby is dead. Casey Anthony always has a slight smile on her face like she has this secret that only she knows. I honestly think that she expects to get away with the murder of this child. And who knows, the way things are going. Maybe she will?

  5. I am so angry and torn right now.
    When I look at her picture It makes me cry.
    Such a beautiful girl. A smile like my own daughter, so young and with such prospect of a wonderful life. All whipped out with wreck less abandon by the mother.

    God I pray for you to give me the power to forgive her for what she has done. Hold that little girl in your wings and keep her close. Let her look down on this despairing rock from above and grace us with that wonderful smile she has , prepare a special place in Hell for the mother for what she has don’t to one of your innocent children.


  6. As much as we are all on pins and needles about this reckless young woman and disregard for her beautiful little girl,,,we must try to be patient. Never in my 37 years on this earth, have I been so very transfixed by a case..and have been so broken hearted over a little child, of whom I have never met. I think many of us feel this way. For this reason, I have faith that very soon, we will know for certain, if this sweet baby girl is no longer with us. If this is in fact true, I have faith in the systen that this train wreck of a mother will not get away with this. She has told too many lies,and her karma is coming back around with every dishonest and action she has partaken in . I am sure that they are dotting every I and crossing every T, so that this woman gets exactly what she deserves.. Every one try to sit tight…and pray for Caylee.

  7. while wishing & hoping she is here on earth alive, i fear she drown in the pool and her mother`s habit of covering up and being dishonest has caused a simple sad situation to become a huge nightmare from hell.

  8. I think the search should be done at the following locations!

    Orlando Fashion square 9.15 miles from Anthony home
    All are very close to the airport!

    Lakes to be searched
    1 Druid Lake
    2 Cary Dee Lake
    3 Shannon Lake

  9. I have been following this case because of my own children. While watching Nancy Grace the other night there was talked about the “dumpster” where teh car was left and found. What day is the trash picked up there? Does the sanitation worker on that route remember seeing Casey, Caylee, or the car? Has he been questioned? Is there any ties of Casey to the sanitation worker (she does seem to get around)? and is Law Enforcement considering or starting a landfill search?


  11. Has anyone had a chance to listen to the police interviews released today? It’s so annoying because all you hear are these officers talking…trying to get this woman to tell them where her daughter is and she hardly speaks. No emotions.

  12. I say she drove the remains of Caylee to the everglades and fed her to the alligators….She had plenty of time to do that….What is taking so long in prosecuting her? She is living her own personal hell because she knows what she did to Caylee…She has to live with that no matter how much she lies to her parents, to the public….She can’t lie to herself…That will drive her nuts…Caylee is gone but will never be forgotten by any of us….How sad it is to be destroyed by your own mother….The one who is suppose to love, nurture and protect you…Not harm you….She is not a mother….A real mother would never do what she has done….I hope the law will justify her actions by convicting her and puting her in prison the rest of her life….

  13. Patricia …you are so correct.

    No mother would do ANY of the things casey has done…I can name Animals that have more common sense and mothering instinct that she does…think of cows out in the pastures with their little calves, dogs with their puppies, cats with their kittens,mother birds flying back to the nests to feed their little birds, think of the movie “March of the Penguins” …for goodness sakes !!!!!! …..then think casey anthony. Yuck..what a let down.Could not even summon up enough basic instinct to mother her child. euuuuuuuu….she makes my skin just crawl.Evil thing !

  14. I’ve thought of so many things concerning this precious babydoll Caylee and her ‘Mommy'(dearest). Concerning the gas that was stolen from her parents, maybe she planned or followed through with actually burning little Caylee’s body, or maybe she was hoping to use the gas to mask the smell of ‘death’in her car trunk. As far as the chloroform in the car trunk I do agree that she may have used it to either ‘knock’ Caylee out so she could party and not be bothered with her, or maybe to kill her while she was unconcious so Caylee wouldn’t be able to look at her when she did it. Maybe Casey gave her too much of the chloroform by accident and Caylee died and Mommy (dearest) began her elaborate plotting. As detached as she seems it may not have phased her in the least to kill her however. They checked the Anthony family laptop and found hits on sites about chloroform. If she did buy it off the internet the police should check, and they may have, the sites and contact each one about any products shipped to her. They would have the detailed records. The police of course would know to track her, or her ‘Mommy and Daddy’s’, credit cards. If there is no proof of the online purchase from the Anthony’s credit cards or shipments to their home then I feel she may have used other innocent victims, (a.k.a. a boyfriends), credit cards, stolen most likely, and had the product delivered to their home without them ever knowing it. That’s what she does. She deliberately weaves her wicked web to ‘feed on’ others. She injects herself into other people’s stories and memories and lives and makes it her own. She also has never been addressed to being involved with drugs, and no, I’m definitely not pulling that ‘get out of jail free’ card excuse suggesting she didn’t know what she was doing because of possibly being impaired! Just because she had no money doesn’t mean she couldn’t be an addict. She could be used,(imagine that, someone using her,ha), by a dealer to make other sells and in turn get her drugs for free, or she may have ‘worked’ out a payment plan! Maybe she took the drugs ‘To Market’to make a sell and didn’t pay the dealer his money and in turn something could have happened to Caylee over that??? Doubtful, but maybe. So many mysteries with all of this. Totally heart wrenching!!

  15. i was reading on another post about caseys emotions or lack of emotions….you can say all you want that you don’t know how you would react or people handle things differently……but i’m telling you she DID NOT loose her child to a kidnapper….she has some sort of peace and i think it’s because she knows she is dead….i have been there…i have had a missing child and i can’t explain to you the utter horror that you feel….there is no smiling..there is no smirking…there is no flirting..there is no chatting it up on myspace…there is no dancing…there is no movies…there is no partying..there is no cooking for the boyfriend..there is no sex..THERE IS NO LYING!!!!!!the world around you ceases to exist…..THERE IS A PHONE CALL TO REPORT A MISSING PERSON!!!!!there is crying…trembling…praying…searching day and night…there is a pounding in your heart that just stops every time the phone rngs…there is cooperation with the police and anybody else that is so kind to help…there is no accusations of wrong doings because we have given the truth and everything we have to help to find our child…….

    i am telling you she has to be so severly sick that she has no emotions or she had something to do with it and something to hide….there is no way a mother who loves her child could of handeled this the way casey did.

    thank god, after 10 days our child turned up in a hospital in ft lauderdale…700 miles from my home…my child is actually a 24 year old adult….not a helpless 3 year old and i still just about lost my mind…he walked away one day with no id, no money, no transportation and doesn’t remeber how he got there….my heart still aches when i think about what he must have gone through…he was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and we have been dealing with mental illness for awhile….casy doesn’t seem to be mentally ill…she most probably has a personality disorder (anti-social) and she knows right from wrong….there were issues that should have been addressed a long time ago and maybe this tragedy would have never happened.

    parents have to take care of their children whether they are 3 or 24….if you feel something is not right…please check it out get some help…it may make a difference in a childs life!!!

  16. I think they should be looking in the alligators to find caylee, sorry to say. also, I would look into caylee’s paternity inside the family. i wonder what caused casey to shut down and become this person. i doubt she was born this way.

  17. the picture above ,holding caylee is the farther,nooooooooooooo doubt.she did have help in getting rid of little caylee,and i really believe shes buried in the back yard.the dogs hit on the poolarea,cause thats where casy clened up after ,,,.her and bro took things here and there to make cops goe on a goose chase,and thats what there doing.duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and tell the cops get another warrent and dig up that hole place, you will never see them tell you where shes at. this case is almost to simple.the cloraform,cindys doing,she new what she was doing,when she washed caseys pants,that whole family knows what went down.cindy thought she could get rid of smell, but couldnt,george time to walk away ,tell police what you do know ,and keep going.caseys and lees hi5 said it all.

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