People who know the Anthony’s?

Duh in Orlando wrote:
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Rick is Cindy’s brother. Cindy’s maiden name is public record. Cindy’s maiden last name and Rick’s last name are the same. Therefore Rick’s last name is in the public record.
Rick was not “afraid” to give out his last name, because we all know what his last name would be. He didn’t give his last name because he has no clue what it is!
Ergo, Rick is a fraud.

You are a stupid, stupid man. Someone put my name and address on the other post 2 days ago when I revealed who I was. I don’t care to have my last name put out there. Give me your email address and I will send you some of my pix from my wedding where my sister and Casey were present. I understand you right to be skeptacle but if you knew the Anthony family you would know that she has 3 brothers and that I am the one that lives in Myrtle Beach, SC. What is you affiliation with the Anthony’s? You really know nothing of them except what you see on TV. I don’t want my picture on TV. As a family member I am ashamed that this happened to someone in MY family. I wouldn’t ever have imagined anything so terrible happing to even anyone that I know let alone my family. I love my sister and feel bad for her. i in know way badmouthed her. I only filled in the blanks as to what I know to be true on what happened. This has been hard on all of us family members and has nearly killed what is left of my father. My mom and dad have to be on sedatives as they are so upset. My dad is 85 years old and has had a stroke. He was doing okay until this happened. Mom can’t even talk to Cindy any more as Cindy won’t talk to family anymore. They are hurting very much. I am not seeking fame or fortune from this. I am embarressed by all of this as it is. There are some really kind people on this blog. I was only trying to give them some back ground on this situation. The police have tons of information that they won’t release to the public. They suspect that Caylee is dead as there is NO evidence of a babysitter. I ask Cindy to show me one person who has ever seen the sitter other than Casey and I will believe you. I begged her to just tell me that someone could verify a babysitter. She couldn’t!


-Karen- wrote:
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ooh, someone thinks I am nuts and clueless for actually liking a lot of you guys…
wonder who that could be…

Karen: I am sorry i didn’t get to answer you questions last night. I was trying to load some pictures and get the on the photo bucket that someone set up. My computed crashed and i had to reboot and find this site again. I missed a lot of questions. I was very tired also. my spelling got worse as the night went on. I didn’t proof read what I had typed. I believe you asked why i wanted to talk to Greta and Nancy. Because there was a lot of misinformation out there and I wanted to help clear it up. I was stunned after hearing what had happened. My mom filled me in just before it broke on TV. Cindy left out a lot of why Casey left in the first place. My mom was visited by the sherrif’s dept. and she filled them in.


Wilamina wrote:
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Hi Rick,
Great to see you back here this morning!
You’re my hero!

I will be posting from time to time. My wife thinks I am obsessed with all that is going on. She says I need to focus on some other stuff to get my mind off of this. She yelled at me last night for being on the computer so long. I don’t want to make her angry. She is the best cook in the world. lol. anyway, i will check in from time to time to answer questions. If Greta contacts me you will either hear me VIA phone or in person on her show. I don’t know how my wife feels about me being on TV on Greta. We are private people. Thanks for your support.


tazebell wrote:
To RickA1P71
I am glad you are sharing with us what you can. It is not surprising that someone jacked your name after your left the other night. You have registered now which should put a stop to that and provided photos with recognizable faces in them. I don’t see why the continuing need for questioning who you are from everyone. As far as I am concerned it doesn’t matter if you are Cindy’s sister or not – you provide helpful info and it either came from your knowledge of the family or you are a great internet sleuth – either way you are an asset. You aren’t here being hateful or coming up with “rampant speculation and unfounded theories”.
That said maybe you can answer this: Cindy’s July 3 myspace comment said Casey came back home, pregnant needing help. Was she living outside her parents’ home at any other time? How far along was she when she told her parents? I have read 7 months.

I got married June 4, 2005. We got married on the beach in Myrtle Beach. It was just to be a small little ceremony. I invited my mom and dad and Cindy and George. Cindy arrived the day before the wedding with Casey. Casey was wearing a tight fitting top and her belly was visibly extended with her navel protruding a good 1/2 inch. I ask Cindy and George when we were alone “do you have some news to tell me about Casey,” and they what are you talking about. I said you know, she pregnant. They look at me like I was crazy. They say no way. I said she is pregnant I would bet on it. They said that they ask her and Casey told them that she would have to have had sex to be pregnant. They believed her. Everyone on my wife’s side of the family said who is the pregnant girl. Even my wife’s sons and her daughter asked. It was ridiculous. I told them to take her to a doctor. They finally did in July. She was nearly 8 months then!
Talk about telling a lie. That is when i saw the first evidence of what a liar Casey was.


Dave wrote:
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Welcome back Rick. If you can ignore Duh, I hope you will at least find civil conversation here. Do you know if Casey had ever left with Caylee for extended periods before? I met Casey in May, and my impression was that she wasn’t really raising Caylee. I never met Cindy, but assumed after seeing Caylee with Casey that grandparents were doing the raising.

Dave, You are correct. My sister did most of the care for Caylee. Cindy adored Caylee. Caylee like Cindy a lot more than Casey. This was also part of the problem. We all know how gramma and grampa can spoil our kids. Caylee loved Cindy very much.


Hannah wrote:
Rick, you wrote:“… Casey has stolen over $25,000 from her mom and dad through credit cards. Cindy had to go into her 401K from work to pay off all the bills. That is why the Anthony’s were behind on some payments…”
Was the $25,000 ‘stolen’ by Casey via credit cards over a prolonged period of time, i.e., 3-12 months, or was it limited to her absence from the Anthony home, approx. June 15- July 15?

This had been going on for a period of time. My mom told me that Cindy told her that she had to withdraw all of her 401K to cover all that Casey stole. She said she had $45K in her 401K account. I know my sister can exagerate a little and it could have been less. We think Casey stole at least $25K. That could be a little low if Cindy was telling the truth about having $45K in there.


tazebell wrote:
Rick – has Casey ever lived anywhere other than with her parents? I thought Cindy’s myspace sounded like she was coming back home pregnant.
Gotta love Myrtle Beach.

Not that I was told. She has always lived with my sister


Mama_Mouse wrote:
You state yesterday that Cindy may have possibly
threatened casey that she was going to take custody of little caylee..
Do you think after that fight on fathers day weekend that Casey mindset was If I wont have my child you wont have her either?
and do you possibly think any chance in world
that Casey is just hiding caylee from Cindy?
Or knowing her and her behavior would she really purposely harm caylee to get back at Cindy..
Clearly there is TONS of jealousy

The jealousy was present. Cindy told my mom that she thought Casey took Caylee to punish her. She thought Casey was delibertly not letting her see or even talk to Caylee. She in no way suspected that Casey didn’t have Caylee anymore. She don’t think Casey could harm Caylee. I personally think it could have been an accident that Casey is covering up. My sister still thinks that there is a sitter even though she never saw her or doesn’t know anyone who ever saw her. That is bazaar. True signs of denial.


Here is Rick’s profile, nothing there but a picture of him and Grandpa?  Post are from: Topix


Other stuff found:  posted by mama_mouse

If I had five minutes with Casey I would beat the information out of her. Her stupid parents need to kick the crap out of her and find out the real truth. Enough is enough. Where the heck is the stupid FBI with the forensics? They should have that info by now. She is so guilty it is ridiculous. 5 minutes is all I ask.
Cindy Anthony is not in on anything. She is the STUPIDEST person that I have ever seen though. Her and husband George are enablers. They enabled Casey and believed her lies for years and years. They are in denial that their lying theiving tramp of a daughter could possible harm their grandchild. But I believe that Casey did harm Caylee and her stupid parents still don’t get it. They are in fact, morons. Possibly the dumbest parents in history.
Cindy wanted George to go into the car business with his dad. His dad had a nice used car lot that did pretty well. The only thing was George couldn’t get along with his dad. Within the first year they got into a fight at the lot and George put his father through a plate glass window. George was asked to leave. George then started his own used car lot as he bought up a small one a few miles from his dad’s. He second mortgaged his and Cindy’s home and when the lot went under they lost their home in Niles, Ohio. They then moved to Florida and assumed a mortgage at their present location. This is 100 percent true. I know them personally. Believe me they are really stupid.


His father’s was Antony’s Auto Sales in downtown Niles. George’s was on Youngstown-Warren road in Niles near McKinley Plaza. It only lasted a year at best. I believe he named it George Anthony’s car lot. Cindy thought having a car dealership would make them a lot of money. She had a nursing degree at that time but didn’t use it until they lost their home in Niles. She had worked for Dr. Sterle in Howland as his lead nurse. She got a good job in Orlando working for a doctors clinic that had the Orlando Magic as clients.
You are wrong. George quit to work for his dad as Cindy talked him into it. His dad was going to retire in a few years but George and him could not get along and they fought at the dealership. George hurt his dad by pushing him through a plate glass window. I know this for a fact.
Cindy was going to file for custody of Caylee. Casey and Cindy were fighting before all this happened. Casey had stolen money from Cindy’s mom and dad and Cindy was fed up with Casey’s behavior. Cindy went to a counselor and the counselor told Cindy to kick Casey out. Cindy was worried that Casey would take Caylee with her. The counselor told Cindy to file for custody. Casey took Caylee to punish Cindy. That is what Cindy thought for a few weeks anyway. Casey would not produce Caylee or let her talk with Cindy. Cindy only tracked Casey down when they found that the car had been towed and they retrieved the car. Cindy called all of the phone numbers of Casey’s friends to locate her. Her friend Amy said she knew where Casey was as Casey had just picked her up at the airport the night before. Cindy wondered how Casey could do that without a car. Amy said she let Casey use her car when she was gone for a whole week. Casey stole $700 from Amy too. Casey has stolen over $25,000 from her mom and dad through credit cards. Cindy had to go into her 401K from work to pay off all the bills. That is why the Anthony’s were behind on some payments. I know all of this because I know the Anthonys and Cindy’s mother. I talk to Cindy’s mother once a week.
They aren’t real close to their family members. They talk only once in a great while. Cindy’s mom keeps in touch with all of the family on her side. I know George’s parents live in Ft. Myers somewhere. The rest are still in Ohio for George.
That is Cindy’s father. He had a stroke in early January of 2007.
I know the police went to see Cindy’s mom and they should have gotten all of this from her. The police know a lot more than they are letting out. They don’t want the defense to know what they know yet.
If you didn’t already see it in my previous posts, I grew up living near them and know Cindy’s mom very well.
Casey’s behavior got worse in recent months. I don’t know if her new found friends were into coke or extasy. I would bet it probably was one of them. It only make sense. I don’t have any proof except the amount of money stolen.
She thinks it probably was an accident and the way Casey lies it balloned into this big mess.
Have you ever been in a nursing home/ I visited Cindy’s dad in that nursing home. The people are very nice but to a little child they look scary. My grandmother used to work at a county home for old people and I was terrified when I had to go with my mom and dad to visit her. I liked seeing my grandmother but not in that place. She worked a lot and that was the only time it seemed we could see her. It is scary for a little child.
I grew up in Warren and knew of Dr. Sudimack. I also know that Cindy talked George into going in with his dad so George could inherit the business. It never happened as George lost his temper with his dad and put him though a plate glass window on the lot. End of George and the thought of inheriting a good car business. By the way, one of George’s sisters married a car dealer in Austintown. They are doing very well. Cindy was a bit envious of the way his sister lived and wanted the good life for herself.
The fight was about Casey stealing money from her grandparents. She stole a check for $354 from her granddad’s nursing home account that even Cindy’s mom couldn’t cash. The bank had to reimburse Cindy’s dad’s account. Cindy’s mom wanted the bank to press charges but Cindy somehow got Casey out of it. That is what the fight was about. They had just visited Cindy’s dad on fathers day. Cindy’s mom was very unhappy with Cindy for not doing something about Casey. Cindy and Casey got into it. Big blowup that the neighbors overheard.

Cindy and George were at work when Casey tried to call them. They weren’t on vacation

I have been following this since the day it happened. I have waited patiently for it to come to a head. I washoping the FBI would finally get the forensic info back before this stupid bounty hunted got her out of jail. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I have given you all I know and what I have given you is 100% correct. Don’t believe anything that George and Cindy say as they are in total denial. Cindy’s mom is very sick over this. Her health wasn’t very good to start with and this will probably kill her when they find Caylee if she isn’t alive. The Anthony’s are not living in reality. They believe they crap that Casey is saying even though she has never told them the truth. Casey was seven months pregnant and she lied and said she had just gained a few pounds. Her belly was extended and her belly button was sticking out over a half an inch. She finally was forced to the doctors after I told Cindy that she is either pregnant or is going to die from a tumor the size of a baby. They believed her because she said she never ever had sex. What a liar
Here is one more thing for you guys if you already haven’t guesed it yet. The guy that Casey says is the father that died in the car crash is all baloney too. He is Hispanic and his mother says that he never ever spoke of even knowing Casey. Calee has no Hispanic traits. Casey to Cindy this story to get Cindy off of her back about who the father might be. Cindy bought it hook, line and sinker.
Sorry, I was typing fast and mistyped “Casey told Cindy” not Casey to Cindy.
That is the part that gets me. I would have put her though a wall. She would have already been in jail for stealing. They enabled her all these years. It is sickening
There was nothing wrong with Cindy, she is using her 5 weeks vacation. then she will use personal leave. Cindy’s mom is 82 and in poor health. .
From everything that I and Cindy’s mom knows of Lee, he is a really good kid. Never been in any trouble and is a hard worker. He is the only person that was close enough to Casey to try and get her to talk. Lee is the only one in that family that is not totally gone yet. He may be key in getting to the bottom of this as he may get Casey to talk.
This was Cindy’s princess. She could do no wrong in Cindy’s eyes. Cindy did not think Casey was a problem. She believed everything Casey ever said. She hid the fact of how bad a liar Casey was to everyone.
I feel sorry for Lee. His “little sister” always got what ever she wanted. Lee loves his mom and dad and knows what a liar Casey is. It is probably difficult living through this. No one thinks Casey would harm Caylee on purpose. But her
lying about everything all the time has gotten her in this mess. I personally think it probably was an accident and she is trying to cover it up.
Casey is known to make up lies from bits of truth. This is a good point. I couldn’t remember the Hispanic kid,s name. Thanks. That is very interesting. That could be where Casey made up the name from only adding Gonzalez as the last name.
think you are correct. I think Casey must have read this name and added Gonzalez to it. She uses bits and pieces of things to string her lies.
Hmmm wrote:
<quoted text>
Lee had a DUI. Most people consider that trouble.

That was covered up too. Not suprised.

All of Casey’s friends knew this but I am not a friend of Casey. Certainly her grandmother didn’t know she was such a liar. Remember, I most get my info from Cindy’s Grandmother. I don’t know any of Casey’s friends. I only saw how she lied about her pregnancy first hand.(7 months pregnant and still lying about it)
LCM wrote:
Thank you Rick for sharing some insight on the family!

You are very welcome. I want this to have a happy ending but my gut and brain tell me different. We need the FBI forensic report.

Ann wrote:
Rick, When Cindy and George found out about Caylee missing, they should have taken their daughter home, made her sit down, and screamed bloody murder at her until she caved!!!!!!!!!! This is what normal parents would have done! This “sweetheart” thing that Cindy said is just plain dumb. How can you call your daughter sweetheart, when she lost your grandchild!

I agree 100%!!! These are stupid people.

I know, she has dragged all kinds of people through the dirt and has no remorse. I think she got knocked up at a party around Christmas, got drunk and maybe banged a bunch of guys that night and don’t know who the dad is. That is my theory.
Cindy filed for divorce because George had an online gambling habit that nearly ended their marriage. He ran up thousands of dollars gambling. They lost their first home from the bankrupt car lot that George second mortgaged their home on. As far as I know, Casey never was mentally evaluated. Cindy thought Casey was punishing her for the fight and thought Casey was just holding Caylee away from see her. It took finding the car had been towed and impounded to light a fire under her **** to find her. Cindy never told her family very much unless it was exagerated because it was something good. It turns out most of Casey’s job assignments were exagerated or down right falsehoods.
Picture of Cindy’s parents, brother Rick? and Cindy!
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MAKE sure you check out the emails Rick sent to Cindy and told her how it is! EMAILS FROM RICK
You can check out some of the emails Shirley Plesea has written.  Emails

141 thoughts on “People who know the Anthony’s?

  1. Wow, lots of insight. I know how a parent can enable a child, I have a sister who reminds me a lot of Casey.

    She robbed my mother blind, stealing and forging checks and credit cards. My mother was naive and couldn’t understand why certain checks were always missing from her bank statements when they came in the mail, and why the credit card companies were ‘dunning’ her.

    I knew my sister had something to do with it, as she hated my mother…had no reason to other than my mom justifiably questioned her behavior at times, and we were all sick of her psychotic temper tantrums.

    Mom didn’t question the money, until I found a small wallet under my sister’s mattress with my mom’s credit cards in it, and then after searching my sister’s room, found a stash of cancelled checks made out to my sister.

    I brought these down to my mom to show her. She cried, and couldn’t believe my sister had wronged her this way, and had been savvy enough to steam open her bank statements and remove the checks with her name on them.

    Miracle of miracles, at this moment in time, Mom’s bank called and said that my sister was at the drive thru attempting to cash a check made out to her…and one to her friend who was also in the car. Did my mother approve the transaction or would she like to press charges? The bank had figured it out way before my mom did. Back when banks were run by human beings.

    With all this evidence, my mom said NO.

    But, when my sister came home, mom asked her to leave BUT gave her a month to find a place, PAID for it and helped her move.

    Next thing you know, my sister’s pregnant. And living with my mom again. Once again causing trouble, eventually my mom also threatening to take the baby.

    So my sister called up my aunt, (who is a psycho herself) and cries wolf, my aunt being jealous of my mom her whole life, takes my sister in with her in another state…all to hurt my mom.

    This whole Casey Anthony thing is so familiar it makes me sick.

    My mom went to her grave forgiving and forgetting every rotten thing my sister did to her, always trying harder and showing more love to her than to those who really respected her.

    My sister wouldn’t even visit her when Mom was dying.

    But my mom is somewhere in Heaven, probably looking out for my sister.

    Not because she deserves it more, but she needs it more.

    I think parents always try harder with the one who makes it harder for them.

    It’s so easy to love the ones who are good, then they sort of melt into the background.

    At least my sister didn’t kill my niece. She’s played lots of sick ‘prank’s on friends and family…lied her whole life and everything that goes wrong in her world is someone else’s fault.

    Now that we have no parents and she knows her siblings don’t buy her garbage…she at least works her butt off to support herself.

    Where’s HER daughter now? At 23, she’s decided to become famous by humiliating herself on the most trashy ‘reality’ dating competition shows known to man. She’s an alcoholic and I am very worried for her future. Her mom lived vicariously through her when she couldn’t have the life she wanted anymore because she had a child.

    Not that this stopped her. With little evidenciary income, my sister paid for her apartment and for another where she could ‘party’ without her daughter. She took advantage of my aunt who kept my niece every single entire weekend so my sister could bar hop. Even with the ‘party’ apartment, my niece woke up to countless ‘uncle’s she’d never seen before each morning. It was DISGUSTING.

    Cindy will never accept who her daughter is because she has unconditional love for her. Like my mom had for my sister.

    But there’s a limit. I love my kids unconditionally too… but I saw how my sister turned out and gave my kids soft love when they were good and tough love when they needed it. My kids have problems, but they are functioning adults, responsible and know that they are liable for their own actions.

    I pity the Anthony’s. There’s just no happy ending for them and like my mom, will go to their graves thinking Casey will prove them right.

  2. Proof of amber alert and issues date and time::::::::

    Amber Alert!
    Endangered Missing: CAYLEE ANTHONY (FL)
    CAYLEE ANTHONY, Age Now: 3, Missing: 06/09/2008. Missing From ORLANDO, FL. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Orange County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) 1-407-836-HELP (4357).
    issued: Friday, July 18 @ 02:38am

  3. I don’t know the Anthony’s, but my heart goes out to them. Not only have they lost a grandaughter, but they are going to lose a daughter too before long. We need to support the Anthony’s and not tear them down.

    I pray God will reveal what has happened to little Caylee, be with the grandparents and the family. Encourage them, not tear them down. Nothing is to come of tearing someone down in this state. I am sure that they are doing enough soul searching themselves. I am sure they are wondering where in the world they went wrong with Casey.

    Please Build them up not tear them down. I am sure they are doing the best they can do.

  4. This is all very interesting.
    In my opinion casey is like a lot of young people today, given too much material things and not enough responsibility and I know that from some of my own realtives from this generation.
    having said that I am going to add some Psychic Information here that I got after meditating on the case and I can prove none of it because its from the after life and a source beyond Earth.
    After I meditated on Caylee several weeks ago that night she Caylee came in holding the hand of an older man to say she is safe with him.
    Caylee is dead.
    I also saw a young man leaning on a childs crib and he was weeping and I was told this young man is Caylee’s father but whether he is the mexican man or not I am not sure at this time.
    I do not believe that casey herself killed her daughter but no doubt is involved in burying the body.
    The word I got from the Spirit World or after life is: “They abused Caylee and her mother did nothing to stop them”
    I see at least two men involved in what happened to Caylee and one of them was present at the burial.
    I see a woman involved and I believe Casey is a fraid to involve them and may have been threatened as she said from Jail about he can’t talk because her family could be in danger.
    I do believe if she is eventually charged with murder she may involve the others.
    The kind of people I am seeing do not look like they have much money and they may be involved in drugs and the like and that may have been why casey needed so much money that she took from others.
    I can’t pinpoint the place where the body is buried but I get the name Seminole.
    Also during the gatahering of this information I see a small older white house with a damaged back door and have a feeling of fire as if the home may either be very poor or be a possible home where drug dealers may hang out.

  5. RE: Comment by candi | Monday, 8 September 2008

    This is great, but it must not have been out long. Guess once they figured out the mother is a liar, they stopped it.

  6. It is so sad that a case like this gets sensationalized online and in print and TV. The police are under no obligation to tell the media what they are doing until they charge someone. If the media would just lay back until that happens, then all the crazy stuff would come out at the trial as it should. The way things stand now, should they charge Ms. Anthony there will be a huge legal outburst over the ability to conduct a fair trial and the fact that people are blogging about how she should be tortured right now will provide plenty of evidence to support the contention that she cannot. Perhaps this is why her parents are acting so strangely. The more media coverage they can promote the greater the chance that a trial could be held some place else. People really need to be more mature and stop being manipulated by what the TV media thinks they want. There is something questionable about a society that demands sensational, tabloid type reportage on the weakest of its citizens. It’s a sign of decay and when a sign becomes a symptom, the diagnosis is complete. Fortunately, it is not impossible to to cure these social ills. All you have to do is be a little smarter.

  7. I heard George was a dep.sheriff in trumbull co. ohio from1974-1985 and was a homicide this true i find it hard to believe he does not act like a former law officer he doesn’t seem to know much about the law.He could have been anauxiliary sheriff,that would explain saying he was a dep.and the rest who knows???

  8. RE: Comment by Mand | Monday, 8 September 2008

    Doesn’t make much sense does it Mand? You think if he was anything in any Sheriff’s department, he would know some of the rules, like about the gun, and how to not take out evidence, etc. I am happy he is done with it, he makes a terrible sheriff!

  9. Hi Rick,

    Is it true that nobody ever met the babysitter Zanita?
    I know Casey is there daughter….but are they not questioning how they have never met the babysitter? Espcially when it seems that Cindy was the principle caregiver you would think at some point she would have dropped off Caylee and/or picked her up????
    Also…arent’ they questioning all the lies she told and wondering if she was out looking for her daughter how could she be partying etc?

  10. shelly in Canada wrote:
    “I would like to know how in the Hell she is able to simply REFUSE to talk to cops? Since when do we have that right?”

    Actually, all US citizens have the right to avoid self-incrimination. It is in our Bill of Rights and one of the rights our forefathers have fought hard to protect.

    No matter what we may think of the Anthonys, we should all keep in mind that a lynch mob mentality in front of their house does NOTHING to get Caylee back and denigrates our processes of law and justice.

    The truth will prevail, the scales of justice will balance out. But we cannot force it by mob justice and, in so doing, flagrantly disregard the civil and criminal laws which most of us have grown up to respect.

    What is going on in front of the Anthony’s house diminishes law-abiding citizens everywhere. Let’s stop this self-absorbed posturing and show some adult wisdom and maturity.

  11. Hello Rick,
    I am so sorry this has happened in your family. I appreciate your candid and honest posts. I am surprised that Cindy a nurse did not realize her daughter was pregnant. I think that Casey may have a mental disorder with her pathological lying and stories. Perhaps she really believes her lies? I wonder how she managed to explain away the pregnancy when it was determined she was in fact in her 3rd trimester by the time she went to the doctor?
    I hope your parents live through this. It is all so very sad. I live near San Francisco and worry about this child every day. I can not understand Cindy and George continuing to tell the public that Casey really left the baby with a babysitter and George screaming at someone that the body in the car wasn’t Caylee’s. I was shocked. I can understand the family saying nothing and seeking mental and legal help for their daughter, I just can’t understand their support for her lies and fabrications. Especially in light of the constant public outrage.
    Thank you for your blog Rick.

  12. OK, my opinion of Lee is right down the toilet with the high five he did with Casey the other day. Sorry to tell you this, Rick, but Lee is just as ‘stupid’? (and that is being kind) as Mom and Dad.

    I don’t understand Cindy the most. People are calling this is unconditional love. I don’t see that at all. Actually, I don’t see any love between the two. God has unconditional love and yet He doesn’t look the other way when one of his own does something wrong.

    Love isn’t easy and it’s not just a word, it’s action. Doing nothing when your child lies, steals, etc.. is NOT love. It’s being an incompetent parent. What a horrible mess this is. The other day my 2 year old grandson took a balloon he wanted. I brought him back to the man selling them and told him to apologize and explained he can’t just take what he wants and that the balloon belonged to the man. He did that and understood that it was not acceptable behavior. Heck, I could have bought it for him but that would be the wrong message. It’s not that difficult to do the right thing and there is no excuse for allowing a child to grow up to be a weed in society. That’s all I have to say.

  13. Rosemary….thanks for your insight into the what’s and wheres. I do believe in psychic’s. I’m sure this is difficult for you to post this, as there are skeptics. I hope if you are really psychic, you will forward this info to the sheriff’s dept in Orlando.

    Rick….thanks for the family insight too. I too feel sorry for Cindy, especially, as being a Grandmother myself, I know she really wants to believe that last hope that her precious granddaughter is still alive. Let’s give her that hope too. I shall.

  14. Honestly i feel that if Casey had of never been given bail all this circus wouldn’t be going on anyway. She is pretty much getting what she wants with getting to be out with her Lawyer for 6 hours a day and that is uncalled for. When she is in front of camera she always has a smirk on her face. I am telling you these people like being in the spotlight and this is all games for them. They are good at pointing the finger at what someone should do but you don’t see them lift a finger to look for their grandchild but they sure find time to try to suck money from everyone. I have never in my life ssen anyone get the previlages that Casey has gotten and still gets everyday. She knows Caylee is never coming home so she sure the hell isn’t going to tell what she did to her because she knows then she will be spending the rest of her life in prison. She is behind closed doors with her parents everynight and they have had every opportunity to talk to Casey about Caylee but at the sametime they are not going too because they also know Caylee is dead. This is one sick twisted family if i have ever seen one. Throw them all in jail until the talk or better yet bring Casey’s car back to their house and throw them all in there so they can see what happened to little “Caylee Marie”.

  15. Hey Rick,
    I know that alot of people are going to say that i shouldn’t even ask this but i am going to anyway. It has been said that Cindy takes care of your Father’s money. You as a son to your parents can you do anything about the money that Casey stole from your parents. If i understood right your Mom wanted Cindy to file charges against Casey for stealing from them. I had read other things that you had posted and i knew that you said that this family has been going through things like this with Casey for along time. Obviousely its not just something she started doing she has been acting like this for along time. I was just wondering. I can’t imagine how she could do the things that she has done and no one else in family tries to do anything, expecially when her own Mom still continues to believe her lies. This is just sad for everone.

  16. Casey’s whole life has been a lie. Ranae4u….what makes you think her mother can get the truth out of her now ??? She hasn’t been able to in all of Casey’s adult life ! You have no idea what their discussing behind those doors. I can only imagine what it’s been like having to deal with Casey all these years. I feel bad for her parents. They’re not perfect, but I truely believe they ARE still trying to find Caylee. And until her little body is found, Cindy will never believe she’s dead.

  17. Hi Rick, my name is Jae and I am new to the site. I have been following this story from day one and have developed such an intense care and love for Caylee (as so many others have done as well). I first would like to thank you for helping shed light on some of our many questions. It really does help us in trying understand some of the strange behaviors of what we are seeing throughout the media in the Anthony family. Since I am new, I did want to ask for some clarification on the parents and siblings of Cindy Anthony. I understand that you are one of Cindy’s 3 brother. Do all of you have the same mother and father??…because it seemed like you mentioned somewhere in one of the comments that you alls parents died…and then in another comment that the parents were 82 years old and not in the best of health. Do you mind clarifying this for me?

    Thank you so very much,
    Jae in Atlanta

  18. Rick,

    I also want to ask you about Caylee’s father. Did you say that this “Orbiz sp?” guy was not the father? From what I understand from reports and media, Casey actually have an obituary of this guy (Orbiz)who died in a car accident about 1 ½ ago claiming him to be the father. I read somewhere that a guy by the name of JP Chatt is really Caylee’s father. Information was given out about a site to go to and see the picture of this JP guy side by side to Caylee’s picture and this guy really and truly could be Caylee’s father. Have you heard this name before?

  19. RIVERBABE I totally agree with you!!! People dont know what the Anthony’s are feeling…Sounds like Casey has given them HELL for quite a while. Cindy went to a councilor and was trying to deal with all this till little Caylee went missing. George and Cindy love that baby…I can tell! Leave them alone….they have enough to deal with….

  20. Hello Rick

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I think that Cindy and George think that Caylee is alive and that they love her. The videos are so touching they made me cry. I have been upset about the protesters giving them grief. These people show lack of humanity.

    Well said “Long View” you said it better than I did in this blog!

    I wish Casey would come clean and tell her parents what really happened. It seems to me Casey has done this to spite her mother.

  21. I really feel sorry for your sister and brother in law. Looks like they really tried to do the right thing for Caylee, and the ungrateful Casey,that any loving grandmother would do.
    Do you know if Casey has ever had any mental health issues, or diagnosis. I seem to remember your sister telling a friend of hers that Casey is a SOCIOPATH ! Did she mean that literally or figuretivly?
    Do you know if they have looked into the storm drains,since it is too late to search the dump?

  22. One more thing,do you think that Cindy,George, and Lee are afraid of Casey? They seem to walk on eggshells around her.Are they afraid she will kill them too?
    Now is the time to break Caseys spirit,she can’t leave the house at night.

  23. Longview,
    You wrote: “The truth will prevail, the scales of justice will balance out. But we cannot force it by mob justice and, in so doing, flagrantly disregard the civil and criminal laws which most of us have grown up to respect.

    What is going on in front of the Anthony’s house diminishes law-abiding citizens everywhere. Let’s stop this self-absorbed posturing and show some adult wisdom and maturity.”


    How nice of YOU to pick and choose which rights we can and cannot exercise. Have you forgotten we have the right to protest? We have the right to assemble? Both of those rights our forefathers also fought and died for. What is wrong with you thinking we should toss out one right and uphold another?

    I’m not one of the demonstrators but just try and tell the Unions they’re disturbing the neighbors and should just shut up and go home. Try and tell both sides of any disagreement they have no right to protest because it’s a “lynch mob mentality”. Our forefathers that you seem to respect so much would call you a traitor for what you’re saying.

    If anyone breaks the law, which they haven’t so far, they will be arrested. Believe me. How on Earth does protesting diminish law-abiding citizens? It’s not against the law to protest. Do you realize the revolution was all about that in the first place? They weren’t allowed to assemble or protest anything. So leave those law-abiding citizens alone and let police take care of anyone who goes over the line.

  24. Hi Rick,

    Just a thought George seems to be a hostile strange individual. It seems strange to myself and some others from another website that Cindy and George were getting a divorce right around the time Casey had Caylee. Since the father dying in an accident thing is all BS, do you think that possibly George could be the father of Caylee. Maybe he molested her and knocked her up, which may explain some of her behavior like being numb all the time. Believe me I am not making any excuses for her I believe she should be in jail and in general population, some big mama should beat it out of her. The baby has the right to a proper burial. Cindy and George are definitely in denial, and I don’t know how they can stand behind her. I have two grown sons and I love them both, but if my kid ever did what she did I would hold his hand while I walked him to the electric chair, sorry loyalty here should lie for the baby who couldn’t defend herself. Casey has never faced the consequences for her actions in the past and again they are sweeping this under the rug, they can’t possibly believe what she is telling them.

  25. Hey Rick,

    I had another question for you. You are Cindy’s brother do you think there is a possability that you will be called to testify when this goes to court? If so. How do you feel about this? You don’t seem to mind to let us know how this family has been through the years and i was just wondering. Thank you for sharing with us everything you know. I know this must be hard because you never expect anything from your own family to come to something like this. This maybe something totally stupid to ask but i don’t know how the law works much that is why i was asking? Thank you for your time. We just want justice for Caylee.

  26. Terri,that is just plain sick and evil.I think both parents have a lot of problems but I don’t think this is one of them.Casey liked to party and she probably had a few sexual encounters over that period of time and just plain does not remember who she was with and maybe she didn’t know their names,so the story to tell mom was he died,of course she would buy it she bought the lie that she wasn’t pregnant and she was at least the time,and Cindy is an RN!!!I don’t believe Caylee deserves this sort of trash talk…

  27. One day at a time Cindy. I will pray for Caylee. Don’t be lisening to all these nasty people on here. They are not walking in your shoes nor am I. I hope you all find some peace

  28. Lynn:

    You are not getting the point. No one is asking the protesters to stop; they want them to move to another place due to safety issues. Usually when there is a protest, law enforcement is enforced but not at that home 24/7. No one is trying to take away this right. There are kids that live on the street and fistfights have already happened. WERE the police there to break it up, view the videos. There are many crazy people out there and someone may just blow up the Anthony’s to become a hero.

    Re Lynn comment: “Our forefathers that you seem to respect so much would call you a traitor for what you’re saying”

    Calling Longview a traitor is very disrespectful! Can you tell me in an educated manner why Longview is a traitor? We can read between the lines it is too bad you did not have the balls to say it out loud. I do not think that you actually have this pipeline to garner this information from our forefathers.

    How about, protesting out side one’s home 24/7, months at a time, for moving a fence 1 inch on my side. I can round up a lot of people to protest and they will do it just for the sake of it.

    How about, protesting out side one’s home 24/7, months at a time, for them calling me a traitor. I can round up a lot of people to protest and they will do it just for the sake of it.

    How about, protesting out side one’s home 24/7, months at a time, my hair salon for upping the prices. I can round up a lot of people to protest and they will do it just for the sake of it.

    How about, protesting out side one’s home 24/7, months at a time, because his is a democrat or a republican. I can round up a lot of people to protest and they will do it just for the sake of it.

    How about, protesting out side one’s home 24/7, months at a time, because I smelled them smoking pot. I can round up a lot of people to protest and they will do it just for the sake of it.

    Remember that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is also a privilege that many people do not have this right in their countries. They would put their life down to have this right and we have people abusing it.

    Remember FREEDOM OF SPEECH is always being challenged; Hustler magazine’s Larry Flint did it and won. Do not forget that it can be taken away!

    And if everyone one abused this right, there would be no police to enforce serious crimes. They would out policing the neighbourhoods.

  29. Donna she got a check for her birthday and saved the account information and used it to get money somehow. I do not know the technical information on how it was done.

  30. On the subject of Caylee’s father: It is impossible for me to believe that Casey did not reveal the identity at the time to anyone. Young pregnant girls (I was one) always confide in a girlfriend or girlfriends. Always. This is very odd that none of her friends know anything as to his identity. Gone are the days when an un-married pregnancy is hidden. Especially to someone like Casey. I do not believe that no one knows the truth. And if there was a guy out there who slept with her during the correct time period, I am quite sure he would have come forward by now. Or someone who knew him would have. It is one of the strangest part of this case. I DO NOT believe any of the hokey stories that the family has told.

    As for the attorney the parents hired. What do they expect of the public’s reacton. They dragged us into this. We were all on their side (Cindy and George’s) until they used the media to spin things their way. If they had not lied and stonewalled the investigation, they would not have the harrassment – they are part of the problem not the solution. They need to see that they have brought this all on themselves. They have changed their story – “The kidnappers being watched” for one. What was that all about? They have used every station for their charade. They want to “take the focus” off of Casey and on to Caylee. The focus is one and the same. Casey is the key to finding Caylee so you cannot take her out of the equation like they want to. This is the freakiest family I have ever seen. They need to face reality. Are they going to get RICH over this?
    Jose Baez is a fool for letting Casey hang out at his office day in and day out. Does he not have other clients? And who is footing this bill? They act like best friends. It is an unprofessional and inappropriate relationship.

  31. I had/have a copy of rick’s letter at momtectives,ricks letter was confirmed as real and belonged to him,he sure tells more of truth than the whole crowd of anthonys rolled into oneand it sure as hell fits!!Why do you think we never saw extended family…………because the other side woke up!!

  32. I know one thing for certain,its a good thing I’m broke right now,i would have been right there with the protester’s since day one,cindy didn’t care to come into our homes every day using media,as she should have i agree, but when the “kidnapper was found” suddenly she has no use for the only people who answered her cries for help and lie and support her because its the whore she raised,she is hoping we will all just go away now and forget little sweet casey done anything wrong!!
    They deserve every damn thing they get and then some!!
    She obviously has no respect whatsoever of Caylee now but by hell,we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No i don’t agree with the violence going on about it,but some damn body has to wake those damn fools up,have they ever taken even one second and sat down & thought,OK….casey left with Caylee mad,she abandoned her car,purse,one phone, broke in the shed to steal gas,borrowed a shovel,pulled her car in the back yard,lied about EVERYTHING that came out of her mouth,when and if her mouth did move,had 2 cops lose their jobs b/c of her,decomposition in the car,no Caylee anywhere,Casey doesn’t know where she left her own child,she stole all this money,searched chloroform,found chloroform in the car,a death band on Caylee’s hair,the detective smelled the decomposition as did cindy,george and the tow guy,no real signs of Caylee anywhere,what??? we just made all this up and chose some little whore in Orlando to blame it on?? this is bulls**t and lee ain’t worth his breath as some choose to think he is,they’re all guilty in one way or another,doesn’t matter why they lied or what they lied about,its simply THEY LIED for her against a 2yr old Caylee”
    to cover her death!!Honey,if it were my grandchild and yes i am a grandma and i deserve to be but she’d have told me the first damn day because id’ve choked the s**t out of her till she gasped for her last breath and begged for decomposition air or chloroformed air,whatever she could get
    but dumb ass cindy doesn’t care,how the hell do you sit there and KNOW your grand baby,hell anybody but especially your own flesh and blood you raised and promised to love,care and protect lay somewhere hidden and just fade away……….so her mother…….(i use mother loosely)can screw and party all she wants!!!!!!!!!! That’s all i need to know about them,i don’t need to know one more thing about them b/c that tells their characters.
    Let me tell ya,I am a 45 yr.old grandma,my daughter is 30,an only child and spoiled I’m sure but i can detect a damn lie 200 miles away,my grandson and the joy of my being is all i have left from a 25 yr marriage because my husband was brutally murdered in 2003,by a coward who snuck up behind him while his hip and arm was broke twice,and his wrist was broke too and he was on a platform walker and still the coward snuck up behind him and he passed away the next day of massive head,spleen and liver trauma,i married him at age 15,he was 18,i never worked outside,he did,we had nothing,no insurance of any kind,he had already lost his iron working job because he fell from a roof job him and i were doing on Sep.6Th-2008,he was murdered Oct 12-2008 and i had to leave the home we last lived together in,i had 113.oo to my name the day he passed and i didn’t know what the hell to do but i figured out that i had to do something and fast,days i didn’t want to even get out of bed but for Dakota (my grandson was 3 at the time) i did,didn’t have a choice and i know i owe my life to that little boy,and the reason i went into all this,not that i wanted to really but just so people understand who haven’t been there and i pray to God no one ever has to go through that but when you need to find someone having a worse day than you are,look around,that’s all…..just look next door,across the street,whatever you’ll find someone!!
    And believe me money is justice,its the only justice there is!!!
    This is why i think so,
    The day this happened the murderer fled to Georgia,(he was our daughter’s live in bf for close to 3 yrs.he beat her on a daily basis)he’d go to jail for an hour or so and as soon as you snapped your fingers she’d go right back to him,this went on for almost 3 yrs,we tried everything we could try,but this monster if he knew my husband was due home he’d leave,middle of the night,he would go out on his boat,hide anywhere because my husband told him if it happens again.he’d take matters in his own this time my husband worked out of town and came home maybe one weekend a month or 2 maybe! But he would always go check on Dakota when we didn’t have him,i kept him the entire first 3 yrs because of this man but people do use their child to spite others,that’s a fact and this man told our daughter if she wanted him she’d have to choose between him and us,i have that very letter to this day,
    OK now my husband went to their door that Sunday morning about 12 on Oct.12-03 and he couldn’t walk hardly so he was standing in their yard talking to a friend of theirs by the backdoor who was there visiting and our daughter came to the door and my husband asked her to get him some shoes and a coat he was gonna take him to his brothers farm to play,she says,oh OK dad,just a minute, before anybody even knew what was going on he had snuck out the front door with a 4ft,6inch round club he made himself and the papers called it a limb??? and to this day never once let us clear that up,never once allowed us to tell our side!!
    OK,so he fled the scene,had his friends go to the house that night and get his couch and sofa out,saying we’d destroy his stuff????????? so he goes to Ga,they knew where he was and called his mother and told her to get him back here and my husband hadn’t passed at that time so he comes back,gives a statement,they let him go???? because he said it was self defense?????and that my husband hit him first with his cane,which thank god the witness told the truth to,and it was proven the cane was never used but the witness stated he threw it across the road afterwards saying,you wont need that anymore old man!!!So he knew what he did?? OK then he and his buddy who got his beautiful couch out took the murder weapon in themselves??????
    now my husband passes at 4:51 pm at UT trauma center on Oct.13-08 after he was flown there and they asked me to allow them to send him to forensics and i agreed only because i thought it would help,i promised my husband an hr before he passed id get the man who did this to him,and the DA,the police everyone told us never to speak of it till trial,i was careful,i wanted him to pay,i never spoke of it which is what helped them.OK now he passes,they pick him up after learning he was never hit once,they take him to jail,put 100,000.oo bond on him on Wednesday,I take my husband to KY because he wanted to be buried there and on Friday the day i buried him,the monster gets out of jail on 500$ cash???? for some reason,then the trial never starts,is never really investigated but i am thinking because they’re careful,because they called me at the hospital both days saying,we’ll get him Cathy,i promise!!!!
    OK,so now April 9Th of 2005?? we get the letter that he has plead guilty but only in his own interest because it was self defence and it was 2 days before the trial was to begin.
    OK now Ive never even known anyone who was murdered,i didn’t know any of this whatsoever,i thought i was doing what I’m supposed to and being told by them that if people get to involved it’ll mess up the entire case??? for who i now ask??
    so now we go to the sentencing and he got 6 MONTHS IN THE COUNTY JAIL??????????
    He was out on Halloween and a neighbor told me,they didn’t contact me at all!!!!!!!!!
    OJ now though hes on parole,he goes 2 times to them,reports a move,and never seen since by the parole people or whatever,but believe me,i see him,ride by my house,in town,ill tell ya no one knows the pain,unless they’ve been there ya know,i put 12 miles on my car per month because I’m the prisoner,not him,you ride by the lake hes fishing,enjoying his life.
    while he destroyed mine and Dakota’s and our daughters!
    and this is every word the gods honest truth,every single one and i can tell you that not one person ever was in that courtroom at any hearings or whatsoever even the day he was sentenced and when he plead guilty with him or for him NOT ONE!but his daddy is a millionaire who BTW didn’t even know his home address because he owed 12 yrs of child support in Ga.His dad wouldn’t loan him a dime till this happened,hated him actually,from what i ever saw!!! AND PAID FOR THE BEST LAWYERS EVEN AFTER one of his dads businesses burned worth 10 million in insurance??
    Our family filled the entire left side everyday,every time!!!
    So its not politics either,its M-O-N-E-Y!
    I ENDED UP WRITING WAY MORE THAN I SHOULD HAVE ,IM SORRY BUT ITS JUST SO PEOPLE KNOW TILL THEYVE LIVED IT,really no one knows whats its like and i agree with the protesters 100% and I’d be there with them if i could,honest!!
    People treat you like you just lost your car keys or something,so i don’t know how the hell cindy,george or lee can even look at that whore,let alone ask why,i don’t care why someone wanted to kill my husband,i care that they did period,i wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire in a ditch with a bank bag under their arms!!
    sorry i drug on and on and to whomever does read this i just hope it helps them understand why i agree with things as i do now,
    When someone is murdered,its not just 1 person they take,from their family it is many….
    when he took my husband he took, a son,a grandson,a husband, a brother,an uncle,a nephew,best friend,a grandfather,brotherinlaw,a confidant,a father,no ones pain is unique,we all have pain just for different reasons!!!
    and it should never be let go,EVER!!!!!!!!!!!God gave us life,and he should be the only one to take it!!
    Its been 5 yrs and I’m still a mess but i make myself go for the family i have left!!!and now when someone takes another’s life,god believe me i take it in!!!

  33. When did Lee move out of G&C’s? Was it shortly after Casey would have gotten knocked-up? Why did Lee talk his parents out of taking a lie detector test for the FBI (after G&C had already agreed to it}? Lee came out and told the FBI no way. Why is Lee high fiveing Casey at jail. Did they get away with something? Why is Lee always in the middle of this when a sane person would distance themselves from a relative that the FBI says had her dead daughters body in her trunk? Is he afraid Casey is going to out him about something? It seems like this whole family has more big dark secrets than just Caylees death and disposal.

  34. Cathy I am sorry for your loss but you, of all people should be more understanding of Cindy and George….everyone deals with things in their own way and this is theirs. You all seem to know what George and Cindy are thinking….they love Caylee more than anyone in this world. Dont you people think you are doing Caylee a disservice by disrespecting her grandparents??? I do!

  35. This is the first time I’ve posted anything and I’m not a member of this forum. However, I have been following this case. It seems to me that everyone here has “dubbed” themselves Judge, Jury and Executioner.

    I do believe that something horrible has happened to Caylee. I believe in my heart that Casey had a big hand it what happened to her.

    The fact of the matter is, everyone has judged her. (Judge not lest ye be judged.” comes to mind.

    How can anyone find her guilty when the police do not even have the evidence to do so?
    They have some evidence but, obviously not enough to convict her or they would have already arrested her. And not for forging checks and theft.

    I don’t know if or what Cindy and George have done to help find Caylee. It seems they are so busy coddling Casey that they have little time to do anything else.

    Although I condone the right to protest, I seriously do not see what good it is doing. When they are holed up in that house, it’s very doubtful they even pay attention to what is going on.

    Personally, I think it would be more constructive for the protesters to be out looking for Caylee. Isn’t that what this whole case is about? Bringing Caylee home.

    Speaking as a mother…if I were in their shoes, she’d either tell me what happened or she’d be finding another place to stay. I would not allow my daughter to stay in my home if I even thought she had something to do with harming one of my grandchildren!!

    As a grandmother, I understand where George and Cindy are. You want so much to believe that the baby is okay that you continue to believe each lie Casey tells.

    I believe that Cindy and George know exactly what Casey wants them to know and nothing else. They can’t give up hope because that means they not only failed as parents but they have failed at being a grandparent as well.

    That would be a lot to take on all at one time.

    I also read in another forum that there was “speculation” at Lee being the father of little Caylee. That would explain her name. Cay (Casey) lee (Lee)

    I don’t know anything except what I have heard 3rd party. What I do believe is that Caylee is not living in our realm but, she is alive in the realm of Christ Jesus.

    I will leave you with this thought…….LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE.

  36. I also read in another forum that there was “speculation” at Lee being the father of little Caylee. That would explain her name. Cay (Casey) lee (Lee)

    You know Darlene up to that silly comment I agreed with you…but that was uncalled for!

  37. Ronnie, I didn’t say I made the speculation nor did I say I believed it. I simply stated that on another forum the speculation was made. It is not my opinion, I have no opinion. I am simply trying to find out what I can about the case to help bring this baby home, wherever she is.
    It is not my position to judge and I will refrain from doing so.
    Had you read my posting, you would read……
    I also READ in another forum that there was SPECULATION at Lee being the father of little Caylee.
    At no time in my post did I state that I thought he was!!!!!!!

  38. To Rick in particular:
    I neither condemn nor assume. Each one’s personal life is like a jigsaw puzzle of 5,000 pieces … and the insight you give on some vague points and exaggerated rumors certainly sounds like the truth from an insider’s vantage point.

    Just one teeny little thing … there’s no such thing as Hispanic traits. There are, I believe, 33 Spanish-speaking countries in the world, each one with deep rich histories of past cultures, conquests, immigrations, etc. Then too, the main Latin countries include Italy, France and Spain. Casey and Caylee could easily pass for Puerto Ricans or Cubans in physical qualities. For real.

  39. I am making my first post to this forum/blog. As many continue to watch the sad saga of this missing beautiful little 3 year old, Caylee Anthony, I have cried so many tears 1) Because she resembles my own grand daughter;
    2) Children need to be loved and cared for… not used and taken to adult parties and left somewhere…Casey’s excuse.

    The questions that I have had going through my mind I think someone here can answer…The time line the police are figuring for Caylee’s disappearance is between June 16th -June 18th because of the phone call records from Casey’s cell phone. Now, Dad (George) also said on Greta VanSusteren’s tv interview with both parents that he made a police report because the Storage shed was broken into and gas cans were stolen. I am going to say he stated this to be between June 22-24th…Shortly after this he told Casey he was going to be rotating Cindy’s tires and he wanted to get a tool out of her car. She (Casey) told her dad she would get it for him..He said no he could get it. George told Greta that she(Casey) was adamant about him not going to the car trunk. He stated that he went to the trunk any way…supposedly found the gas cans…Question: Could he have found more than the gas cans…Maybe Caylees lifeless body or along with the smell of decomposing body and the gas cans. Could George confronted Casey at the time of this discovery? Could he have been told by Casey the truth on what really happened to Caylee and told Casey to stay away from the house while he took care of disposing of Caylees body? Is this the reason George has been so angry during the past few weeks due to the evidence coming back from the forensic labs…is their secret going to finally be known to investigators? Another question: Why would anyone Lawyer-up, as the saying goes if you had nothing to hide? Why wouldn’t anyone want to take a polygraph test to prove you had nothing to do with the missing little grand baby.The crap that came out of the lawyers mouth, for George and Cindy Anthony …”They needed a lawyer because of the media and the protesters”…my oh my it just gets worse and worse…Surely the News media people cannot really believe this bull crap.

    Please understand I am NOT accusing anyone of any crime or wrong doing but I am looking and doing a great deal of listening, but asking a lot of Questions.

  40. Where is Rick? I thought he would be answering all these questions???

    People do not have a right to judge BUT this has created national attention and I believe everyone writing and commenting truly care about little Caylee. The reason people are judging is because look at everyone who has tried to help and is out there searching and the mother….what does she do NOTHING!!!!
    When you listen to those tapes she didn’t miss a beat, she said when she couldn’t get a hold of the babysitter she was scared and went to her boyfriends place where she felt safe!! So if she felt safe at Tony’s why did she not tell Tony who she felt safe with what happened? Makes no sense!!

    2. She told the police that she dropped her off because she was going to work. She then admitted she lied and didn’t work there. So where was she going???

    3. She said she wanted cops to go with her to Universal so she could hand out Caylee’s picture etc because she might have been there. So for 5 weeks while “she was searching by herself” she never went there and handed out the picture?

    4. Jeff Hopkins and Juliette – who are they? Why lie?

    5. George and Cindy – I feel sorry for them. Who would want to believe that about your daughter and the granddaughter that you love. People are upset with them though because they are complaining that the public and police aren’t looking for Caylee – yet the one that has the answers their daughter – they are not angry with!! Furthermore they have not even updated the web site for Caylee!!!! When they see pictures of her partying etc and hear people say that she told them Caylee was with grandparents and babysitter – question that!!!!

    If Caylee is truly alive and Casey is afraid to talk what does she think the people are going to do??? Everyone is looking for her? I think that they are using that as an excuse because if and when they find little Caylee they will use the excuse because of the media attention the kidnappers hurt her!!! And if that is truly what the Anthonys are afraid of …its too late she already gave the name!!!

    I could go on and on but it is so frustrating!!!! The Anthonys need to help themselves first. Take the lie detector test if you have nothing to hide!!! it has to start at home!!!

  41. you know this whole thing is very sad. ok so we no casey had a problem she is a socicatepath, so let all back off and quit feeding the flames let le do their job.
    casey made the remark to the bounty hunter i’m sorry i’m such a big soliberty, cant you all see she loves all this .her parents are going thur he–. why we don’t stop this bull crap of protesting and following her around. every one go away ,then she will see how lonley her life is going to be. her life ended on july 16th as she knew it.

  42. Pad,

    I have said so before in one of my other posts. I think they should stop interveiwing the Anthony family and showing their photo’s on TV and doubley that goes for Casey. The only photo that should be out there is Caylee’s .Dead or alive. CAUSE ITS REALLY ABOUT HER !

    However, I don’t think we should stop ‘talking ‘ amongst ourselves about it. Its healthy to talk about things…to express ourselves…its how healthy people deal with issues …talk, write about it.

    I personally wouldn’t waste my time out in front of the Anthony house protesting. IF I lived in Florida, I may have gone out searching for Caylee…yes, in the beginning ,I KNOW I WOULD HAVE. I would do it for as long as I could spare ,time wise, without losing my job. Then, I would let others . What bothers me is the finger pointing the Anthony Family has been doing at the people using their free time to hunt for their Ganddaughter…and they themselves have not been out hunting for her themselves.

    I so admire Beth Twitty, Natalie Holloways mother who went to Aruba and physically walked ,hunted , handed out flyers, questioned people, etc etc. and refused to leave Aruba…she was there for sooooo long…and still, no answers. BUT SHE DID SHOW UP TO HELP FIND CAYLEE IN FLORIDA !! God bless this woman to the MAX !

    And, shame on the Anthonys for not doing as much for their own flesh and blood !

    Driving around with a little trailer with a photo of Caylee or wearing a t-shirt is not the same thing….they should do no less than what others are doing…. and they should stop hurling insults at those that are helping search for Caylee. If anyone should get off her butt, its Cindy Anthony…

  43. We all have the right to distinguish right from wrong. But, according to our constitution, we are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

    We are also granted the right to be judged by a jury of our peers, in a courtroom, not on a website.

    I’ve obviously missed some of the evidence because I wasn’t aware that the police had enough evidence to convict her of murder yet.

    WHAT if what she is saying is true? What if she sold the baby or she is with someone and she really doesn’t know where.

    I have to wonder of all those on here so quick to condemn, how many will be that quick to call the Anthony’s and apologize if it’s found that she is not guilty?

    I don’t know if she is or not. I only know what evidence the police have. I know it looks bad for her at this point. But there is always the possibility that someone else hurt the child and she is covering for them.

    While I know this would make her guilty by association, she is being accused of the one who took the baby’s life.

  44. have any of you heard that lee did not want cindy to call 911 from the start ? i think when cindy opened up the car after it had been towed that caylee was inside dead in the trunk and she called lee and he removed the body and took it to who knows where, that is why casey keeps saying she does not know where caylee is. then she goes and hunts her down at her boyfriends house and trys to get casey to tell what happened and casey refused and then she calls the police. cindy knows that casey is a habitual liar and she can make it up as she goes. i believe that george only found out a few weeks ago because if ya all remember he is the only one that acts like he is really concerned and upset that caylee is gone. because why would they all refuse lie detectors from the fbi ? something is not right in this family. this is the theory that i have come to. hopefully i am wrong.

  45. It looks as if Lee is distancing himself from all of this. I don’t know who did what. I listened to Jose Baez interview and he does have some valid concerns.
    He states that they don’t even have a report back from the body farm yet. So, either they do or don’t. Who knows what the truth is anymore.
    The main fact in this is that there is still a baby out there somewhere and someone has to know where she is. Someone knows something and I think they need to track down who this person is. IF someone has this baby and she is indeed still alive, then there is a lot of explaining to do by the LE.
    Was there really human decomp in the car? Where is the DNA they claim they have? And if they have all of this, then why do they keep arresting her on economic charges instead of murder or complicity to murder? Why is she on house arrest instead of in a cell?
    I’m getting confused to say the least.

  46. George said today that they are looking for Caylee …ALIVE! He said they are searching 24 hrs a day. We dont know what they are doing behind closed doors (computer)….I happened to spell Zanaida…….Zeneida Gonzalas and came up with several… you think Casey spelled it wrong???? Im hoping beyond hope, as we all are that Caylee is found alive. There is one thing that holds me to this, and that is….if Casey didnt want to be bothered with Caylee…she would have given her to Cindy and left…unless there was a terrible accident.

  47. What happened to Rick?????I have been askink the same question seems no one can verify George being a homicide det.on the Trumbull Co.Sheriff’s Dept.from 1974-1985 in Ohio.The media is always referring to him as a former cop but it has never been verified as far as I know,SO COULD SOMEONE PLEASE VERIFY THIS???? George seems to know nothing about police procedures.

  48. Just a question…..
    If the LE had enough to determine that it was indeed Caylee’s decomposing body in the trunk of the car, for what reason have they sent 2 detectives to Puerto Rico to follow-up on sightings. This just makes me think they do not have any proof that it was her in the trunk????
    This has been bothering me since I heard this, if anyone could give me a reason, I would sure appreciate it.

    God bless Caylee, our public Angel!!!

  49. The number one complaint coming out of Cindy’s mouth is that the investigators aren’t looking for Caylee.

    The investigators are publicly ‘looking’ for Caylee in the areas that Casey & Cindy have suggested, to shut them up….

    As far as Baez stating that reports from the Body Farm &/or DNA results aren’t in yet……He has NO clue what the cops have on his client. The investigators DO NOT have to share evidence with him concerning the death of Caylee until they actually charge her with it. SO, Baez is on a ‘media’ blitz.

  50. Doesn’t anyone recognize the name Juliette Lewis? She’s an actress who starred in “Natural Born Killers.” The synopsis of the movie is listed below. Notice the last line. Kind of scary.

    Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis play the titular “Natural Born Killers,” Mickey and Mallory, a pair of crazy serial killers who both suffered traumatic childhoods and are now rampaging America on a literal killing spree.

    After they are finally apprehended, the media has by now turned them into such icons and glorified personalities that the public and media seems to respect them as titans of filth.

    This is where the social satire of the film comes into play, essentially saying: We focus more on the killers than the heroes.

  51. Could it be that maybe Casey sold Caylee? I saw a special the other night where people in the US are getting desperate for money and have been caught selling their kids into the sex slave trade.

  52. As far as knowing exactly every piece of evidence the police have to possibly charge Casey hasn’t been released yet. If the police charge Casey right now on murder charges her attorney can file a motion to a speedy trial. Which would possibly mean another OJ trial. Acquit! SO, in saying that I feel as though the OPD are doing exactly what all of us would want them to do; that is to keep evidence close to their vests until they are ready for charging Casey and trial.
    For sending investigators to Puerto Rico I also feel that this is a smart move on the LE side, why? you ask? If they didn’t go there to check out whether Caylee is there or not we and the media would have a field day over this. By LE going there it is just another way of proving one of Casey’s lies, that can be brought against her when she goes in front of a Judge if she is brought up on formal murder charges.
    As for Lee you’re right he seems to be staying out of the lime light and I feel that LE needs to keep an eye on all of them not just Casey. AS far as a polygraph test…I always say, “If you don’t have a single thing to hide then take it and clear yourself of any suspicions.”
    I do not know if George Anthony really is or was a Sheriff officer from Ohio, but that wouldn’t be hard to determine with some good ole internet investigation from a friend I know. Speaking of George…I have noticed that his temper has been getting out of hand for quite some time…especially since forensic evidence came back from the Body Farm in Tennessee.
    Rick made some great points of issue about his sister Cindy Anthony and her family. Dysfunctional! Well, I am going to leave this up to the sleuths to figure out what is really going on…and praying every day for a resolution to this “NIGHTMARE” the entire world is living day to day. God Bless Caylee!

  53. Thank-you Mik and Pad for clearing up my question in regards to the detectives going to Peurto Rico or California, which ever it may be, Greatly appreciated

  54. The grandparents just CRAPPED ON CAYLEES MEMORY by destroying the clues to her murder in the car and cashing in bigtime by selling her images to Disney/20-20 to get money so her murderer and the b*tch that dumped her body in the dumpster (or fed the child to the gators) could walk free.
    Yeah, now that’s what I call caring grandparents. Sorry Tanya, I didn’t mean to confuse you with the facts.

  55. I believe Caylee is in a much better place now. God will take care of her now, since others let her down. Think about it if she was alive someone would have found her or seen her by now. With all the people’s hearts this little girls has touched, someone would have found her. I believe just by hearing some talk about her outgoing personality, She would not be quiet. She would be crying for her grandma. She herself would raise someones attention. Three year old little girls are very smart. I bet she even knows grandmas phone#. You can look at her in her home videos and tell she is smart. When my daughter was three she knew her own add and phone#s. And she would not make it easy for just anyone to take care of her. If Caylee was still alive im sure she would have raised hell to be back with her grandma. She was most likely very very close to Cindy. with all the press att. this story is getting someone would have noticed her. R.I.P. precious Caylee.


  57. Sadly, the familial dynamics here seem to indicate that this is STILL about Casey and Cindy. In reality Caylee seems to have served as no more than a pawn between these two. Casey inherited her sociopath genetics from Cindy, as in ‘the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree’.

  58. “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree.”

    I have said all along that Cindy is a liar and also exhibits Narcissism.I believe Casey has NPD. All people with NPD either have at least one parent who has NPD or had a tramatic experience at an early age. I’m going with the first one..that Cindy is ALSO a cold Habitual Liar.People are NOT born Narcissistic. Its a LEARNED BEHAVIOR ! Casey learned at a very young age HOW to be cold, manipulative,lack of respect for others and their property,etc. She lies as easily as she breathes air ! Its NATURAL FOR HER !

    And, actually this type of person IS A DANGER TO SOCIETY…and many(but not all ) NPD’s also are PSYCHOPATHIC…capable of killing.

    Even if it was an accident and Caylee drowned,lets say, STILL Casey’s response was to lie, cover it up,despose of the body, lie some more,and hurt others along the way,get a tatoo ?,party,drag all of America into all of this,AND THEN ASSUME SHE IS GOING TO STRIKE A MILLION DOLLAR DEAL WITH SOME BOOK PUBLISHERS OR SELL THE RIGHTS TO SOME MOVIE STUDIO !!!!!!!!!!! Her CHILD IS DEAD AND SHE WANTS TO MAKE MONEY FROM IT ??? MAKE MONEY FROM HER MISTAKE AND NEGLIGENCE ????? She and her family ALREADY HAVE SOLD PICTURES OF LITTLE CAYLEE !!!!! OUTRAGEOUS !

    If they are soooo concerned about getting Caylee’s photo out there…how about GIVING THE PHOTO’S AWAY FOR FREE ????!!!!

    I read some of the other,earlier posts where I believe Rick, Cindy’s brother, was answering questions…..someone should have asked WHAT WAS CINDY LIKE GROWING UP ? DID SHE GET INTO TROUBLE AND LIE ALOT ?????? Come back Rick !!!! We wanna Know ! What happened to Rick ? Did he just suddenly stop answering questions ???? Alot of the questions of “why is Casey the way she is “…can be answered if you watch and listen to Cindy .

  59. Rick did not write this on here. It was copied from a discussion forum. I read it several days ago on either a Wesh 2 forum or Orlando Sentinel Forum. Just wanted to let everyone know that is why Rick isn’t answering questions.

  60. Thank you for allowing me to add to your comments.
    I was absolutely intrigued by the insightful , and heartfelt
    stance of your blog.
    I am a student, in criminal psych ,my goal is to be a criminal profiler.I am almost there! Just another 365+ sleepless nights.
    Normally we are given ‘a victim and a circumstance’, and we have to figure out the perp’s , gender, age, race , socioeconomic status,etc,etc, etc . Rarely are we given as much info as this case as so far provided.
    This case struck me as strange right off the bat.So I am burning the candle at both ends tonight.
    I will tell you what I have been trained to see , and how I feel about it , and then I would welcome your insights into my theory. (we are all students’)
    I found exactly what you have said before that her parents are enablers , George the Aggressor and Cindy the Intervener
    , this behavior of Casey’s is not new . This has been going on for years. She has been able to get away with anything , even if her Dad has stood up in the past , her Mom has stood him down , or interrupted him . Casey Anthony was #1 in the Anthony home, even her brother took on the role ,
    ” she is your little sister” , she relished this praise, and became accustomed to it at an early age. She learned to manipulate people , especially men.
    Her world changed when Caylee was born. Now , Caylee became the token of the affection , that she once heralded her own. The danger reared it’s ugly head when Cindy threatened to eliminate Casey from the home and take her daughter.
    There would have been extreme jealousy , paranoia, and then ultimately revenge.
    So far I believe I have reiterated everything you all have said so far, but here is where I will differ.
    Caylee did not die by accident.
    There is nothing in Casey Anthony’s life that happens by accident , on the contrary everything is planned out . Every word that is said , every phone call that is placed, every action that might be seen, and every lie that is told. Extreme Jealousy, and Anger= Malice Intent
    just think of what she did right before the disappearance
    deleted photos , wrote on her facebook, etc, etc
    She had this all planned ,she just didn’t expect the big audience, she figured she could just tell her parents another lie and she would be done with the threat”Caylee” .They would believe her , and continue to chase this White Elephant Zeinada and they could go back to the way it was before.
    Now this is a game , now with a huge audience .She is enjoying all of it. Most important of all in her eyes , she is back to being #1 in her mom’s life.
    There is no reason for her to come forward.She is living at home with her computer and her cell phone,and her mom at her beck and call again, $$$ and a movie deal ?
    It is called Positive Reinforcement for Negative Behavior,
    She will never reveal the whereabouts of Caylee , and she
    will drag her family down with her , without even batting an eyelash.
    Casey has no emotion now, because the anger and jealousy of her daughter ran too deep, and it is running deeper because Caylee , is making her a bigger prisoner now , than she ever was before.
    I pray that they will find Caylee’s body, for the family.

  61. Thanks PJ Masters.

    For clearing that up. I assumed it originated here…I read it on here somewhere…but it was copied from another site. Thats cool. Still , it gives us some insight into Cindy and the rest of that family……wish Rick had said MORE….

  62. Jakota,

    Very good !!!!! I enjoyed hearing your take on this. So ,you do see her as a killer ? if she gets away with this, would she kill again ? if someone else got in her way ?

    What did you think about her recent 911 call ?

    You brought up a good point about her deleting photo’s of Caylee beforehand. Also, someone found in the Anthonys trash a paper that had all of Caylee’s
    firsts” on it (the 1st word she ever spoke ,etc. ). Thats not , to me something you’d throw away, but rather keep.

  63. humbleopinion, wwasn’t trying to be disrespectful. I was notcing a lot of people were trying to talk to Rick as if he was the one writing. Just thought I would let them know. I know you stated it at the begining, but I guess they didn’t see. Love your page by the way!

  64. Pamela,maybe you could get your friend to confirm George’s employment with the sheriff’s dept.I would like to know ,I find it interesting,I have also read that he was a cop on the Orlando police dept. that we know is not true.Some news outlets do not confirm there info and it’s hard to know what is true.Hope there is an answer soon, Thanks Pamela

  65. hi, i have been folling this from day one and have my own opinions on this case. but i don`t want to throw stones at anyone yet. but i ask the news people, to please listen to what i am saying. on the news i seen a real pretty young blond girl about im guessing 12-13 years old, with the anthony`s. i seen this child smiling and cheerful on the newscast. nextday i see this same innocent girl being smothered by reporters and crying her heart out with a scared look on her face.i ask the reporters to remember that this girl is also a child and should not be harrassed in anyway. and to the anthony`s i ask you look out for her and tell this child not to let anyone harrass her in any way.

  66. Wow…isn’t it weird anyone posting any other comment other than “Lynch Casey” gets deleted… some freedom of speech you have going here lol
    What a joke

  67. I don’t know where, or how, but I really really want to thank Richard Grund. Thank you for speaking the truth. I think you will make a difference.

  68. I know exactly how you feel because I am going through the same thing.I have woken up in the middle of the night to check the news. I have broken the Sabbath to make sure I haven’t missed any breaking leads. I have blogged about the case TWICE in the past week on my blog, Bungalow Babe in the Big City.

    Though I do not use a television in my summer bungalow, I’ve watched Nancy Grace on YouTube. I think I have listened to the 911 and jailhouse audiotapes about 20 times already.

    Just yesterday, I was roaming around the grounds of my summer community, trying to engage people in a discussion of the Caylee Anthony case but most people are so horrified they don’t even want to think about it. And few seem to be following it as closely as me.

    I, too, have wondered just what is obsessing me about this case. I have worried that I am deranged.

    Because I have a very demanding PR business that I continue to run from my summer place, I have literally lost sleep following this case at night via the internet. And though I am generally obsessed by missing persons cases, this one occupies its own place in my heart and mind. This one is utterly unique.

    But why?

    Here is my theory:

    This case is maddening to observe because it presents the most horrifying scenario in the world — a mother’s utter indifference in the face of her child’s endangerment or recent death.

    As spectators, we are being presented with the facts of the case and they add up to an inescapable, terrible conclusion: Caylee Marie Anthony is dead and her mother either did it or has something to do with it.

    There is no “grey area” in this case. The myriad horrible clues all point to a dead child. And a cold, uncaring young mother.

    To add further drama, there is a dysfunctional dynamic between Casey and her mother Cindy that would seem typical of most adolescent girl-mom relationships were there not a missing — and feared dead — 2 year old child.

    We’ve seen her on TV. We’ve heard her on audio-tape. Casey Anthony is a sociopathic ***** who doesn’t have an iota of love or care for her daughter…or anyone. It seems to me that Caylee’s disappearance and apparent murder was an act of revenge against her mother, who is another nut-job, also a liar but a completely irritating moron as well. The fact that she didn’t contact the police on day ONE of her daughter’s disappearing act with the child is very troubling. The fact that she let this criminal rack up charges on her stolen credit card speaks volumes.

    The good thing is that credit card purchases leave a paper-trail. Investigators will be able to piece together Casey’s activities over the past 31 days, possibly leading them to Caylee.

    Getting back to Casey, she is a spoiled, self-centered brat who actually thought that by lying — something she has evidently done her entire life — she would get away with her daughter’s death or disappearance. As I wrote in my first blog post, this case smells like the trunk of Cindy Anthony’s stolen car. There are so many details that are missing; so many facts that do not add up or make sense. And because they are maddeningly unanswered, we reflexively take on the role of detective or investigator.

    So, for instance, where the hell is the child’s father? Where is his family if, indeed, he is dead, which I hardly believe. It has occured to me that Caylee is the product of incest. I wonder why this child was even born, why her then-20-year-old, single mother chose to even have a child after, oops, getting pregnant.

    Part of my own theory is that Casey wanted to have an abortion but her mother talked her into keeping the child by promising she would raise her and Casey could “go on” with her life. Arrangements like these rarely work out. Casey must have resented how much her mother loved little Caylee and used the child as a pawn to hurt her parents.

    Another aspect in this case that makes it irresistible is the plethora of ridiculous lies that keep getting told. How can the media keep reporting the crap Cindy Anthony keeps on feeding them? Who can believe a thing this woman says? She is loving the limelight, grooving on starring in her own reality show. Something is insanely wrong with her.

    Casey is not an impoverished single mother who has worked 24/7 to provide for her child. She has been unemployed virtually since her daughter was born. She lived with her parents while they paid for everything in her life and raised her child. She is the worst possible version of a contemporary American adolescent.

    Though I am generally against the death penalty, I would pull the switch on Casey Anthony in a second.

    And I would throw that moronic mother of hers in the slammer for life for the crime of creating that monster and failing to protect her granddaughter.

  69. I also heard George Anthony say very distinctly that he DID go into Casey’s car trunk to get that tool he told her he needed. It must have been on Greta’s show that he said it. Now when I listen to the detective questioning him, he denies going into the trunk. Can’t be both ways. He lied to someone, Either the detective or Greta.

    Also, on a Nancy Grace show, Leonard Padilla (bounty hunter) stated he thought Casey got that story about Zanny the Nanny from a movie entitled Double Double Trouble or something similar to that. His words, not mine.

    The detective also asked one of the guys he questioned about zanny bars. Drugs??

    Why have we never heard or seen anything from Annie Downing and her boyfriend Dante? Annie is supposed to be Casey’s best friend. Casey had stated online to someone that people could get xanax from annie. Maybe xanax+Annie=zanny??

  70. I haven’t heard anything more about when george went to pick up the car and they opened the trunk and found a trash can ? I am guessing it was a small plastic one ? And, that george held his breath while they opened it up …and there was a sigh of relief from george when nothing was found inside it ? What happened to the plastic container ? Could casey have had a plastic hefty type trash bag INSIDE the container ? I wanna find out more about this container….

  71. I don’t watch the Greta show, but on Nancy Grace this past evening, George said in his interview with the investigators that he was going to get the tool out of the trunk, and Casey got there, handed the gas cans over and slammed the trunk and took off. He could not see what, if anything was in it. I’ll check the transcripts of Nancy’s show when they are put on the web.

  72. It is a general concensus that Lee Anthony refused to provide a DNA sample because he is Caylee’s biological father, or because he believes his DNA will be found among the evidence that Caylee is dead? I listened to his interview with law enforcement and he seemed entirely too amused to be talking about the disappearance and possible criminal action of family members.

  73. I see that Duh is still on his “Rick kick”. I called him out on that on the Oh Well III Topix thread but I see that he hasn’t changed.

    Rick, I know that the last few days have been really tough. It’s been tough on those of us who have followed this story since the news broke in July. I just can’t imagine the horrible agony this has caused your family. You are in my prayers.

  74. I wish Rick would come back with updates considering the latest developments. Though I do understand his privacy, but he obviously wants the truth be known, which is why he started this blog.

    RICK! Please come back and answer questions and give us your take on the indictment of Casey and how C & G are holding up. Whether they are coming around to reality, but told by defense to keep up the charade?

    Thanks and God Bless!

  75. I am new to this board and just finished reading this blog.

    I agree with those of you who view the protester’s (outside the Anthony home) as totally unacceptable.

    Freedom of speech or no freedom of speech, Casey Anthony’s parents don’t deserve the additional stress in their lives. I found it highly disrespectful to see an 18 or 19 year old punk (protester) screaming at George Anthony one night. Nothing good can be gained for this type of outrage.

  76. I have followed this case since day one. The only sympothy i have for any of them is George. At least he’s trying to find her. Cindy is in complete denial of her daughters actions, lee..well hmmm where is he anyway, up and disapeared. Can we say COWARD!! and casey…what a fricken psycho…Caylee may be caseys flesh and blood..but shes AMERICA”S DAUGHTER…we love her more then the anthony’s(excluding George) ever will.

  77. To Rosemary,
    That was a great reading. I also do meditation. I try to see what Caylee is seeing. This is what I got.
    I saw the letters, “TOLS”, backwards would be “SLOT”.
    Like maybe the mail slot on a door. Also 2 men involved, dark man “Dave”, light man “Charlie”. Caylee says ” I play, candy and soda” Also I get “Amy is here” (I don’t like the obvious name, but thats what I get) Also Christina, which again is an obvious name. The house that you mention seems likely. I feel like the house is dark and old.
    Thank you so much for your input. It takes a lot to put it all out there when you see these things, but I understand. Please don’t stop meditating.

  78. Hi Rosemary: I just finished reading your post about your meditation. I am not psychic but thought that someone else (involved in drugs) may have had or killed Caylee. I also believe that Casey knows who did this and is in fear of her own safety or life if she says anything.

    Maybe this is what Baez means when he says it will all make sense (or words to that effect) when this go to trial.

    I wonder, if this is the case, in that Casey fears her life, if she will still be charged with lying to the police.

  79. I think Casey is the killer either by accident or not..why didn’t the so called drug people go after her. Remember Casey went to Tony’s apt the night of June 16 without Caylee. Casey is just a liar, and knows her parents have always believed her crazy stories

  80. Caylee will be found in the area they are going to search Nov.8’th in that wooded area near the Airport. She is buried about 3 ft. away from the trunk of a large tree coved with a layer of wet leaves. This is all I have to say.

  81. is what i dont understand…why did casey tell the police in the taped interview that this zenaida lady didnt have any children but when nancy grace interviewed zenaida she said she had 6 kids…how can some one mistake 0 kids for 6 kids…if i supposedlly knew some one for 4 yrs..i think i would know wether or not they had 6 kids..also why the hell is casey stealing checks and shopping for beer, sunglasses, and panties AFTER this zenaida and her sister gave her a ransome note w/ instructions….? casey is full of it…totally…and her parents are freaking blind…her lawyer is a numbscull and an idiot and should be disbarred for being a freaking moron. even my 8 yr old son knows this poor excuse for a human being killed her daughter!!!

  82. Cindy…..

    What is wrong with your Family??? I have never met a Grandma like you. Never.
    Give that Stupid Lawyer of yours a SideBar…..
    For Gods Sake, C’mon …are you that Weak??
    Drop the Talk of Sweetheart and Honey, and GET SOME
    ANSWERS! Caylee needs it done. YOU are an Idiot!!


    The Anthony Family has NO RESPECT for anyone with
    Morals and Ethics. (something their Daughter fell short of).

  84. Does anyone know if the LE ever checked out Tony’s truck, or Amy’s car? Casey had acces to both vehicles for extended periods of time. Also, does anyone know why Casey took her mom’s vehicle? I thought I read somewhere, that George saw Casey driving it onto a highway, but he lost her. And one last question, Why did Lee refuse a polygraph and the DNA test?


  85. This family has so much weighing down their hearts! I really feel bad for Grandfather George. Can someone tell me where Casey was living. Was she living with her parents? Did she have her own apartment? Was she living with a friend?

  86. Hey gmboujai~Casey was living with her boyfriend Tony the last month before she was arrested. Before that with her parents. From 16 June to 15 July I have no idea where Caylee was living.

  87. Hey Sue~I am unsure of Tony or Amy’s vehicle, but I bet they have. I think the day she was followed by George she ended up at Tony’s. I am unsure why Lee refused both. He did do a DNA after an order by the court was done.

  88. Well, God Bless Tim Miller and his search team for all of the time and effort they’ve given. I was glued to the TV and the computer all weekend in hopes of some closure for the Anthony family, as well as more ammunition for the prosecution. My opinion has always been that Casey left Caylee in the dumpster. Any other place to me would have taken too much of her precious time and the dumpster would have been emptied by the time she had the car picked up, not to mention she chance of being seen at any of the other locations. Although there is the “borrowing” of the shovel which is bizarre. I don’t recall the landfills being searched.. ?


  90. 1mommy..You have a great point. Casey was telling Amy her dad had a almost stroke. That was really dumb you either have a CVA or you don’t. But there is no almost she may have just been predicting his future stroke she was going to give him. And wake up and smell the car .. That sums it up..


  92. 1mommy.. I believe alot of us are fed up with them. And pitbull cindy wont give up unless they put her in a mental ward were she belongs at this point. George almost had my empathy (not sympathy) but then he goes and supports her stupidity. I mean he must not love her but then again none of the Anthonys have no idea what love is . George needs to step up and get his wife help and have her sedated.

  93. Dear Rick,
    I just want to say that I am so sorry for whats been happening in your family. I feel that both Cindy and George really do know that Caylee is in heaven, but they don’t want to admit it. If they admit it, then they have to accept the fact that Casey will be going to jail. I don’t want to sound mean, but if Cindy had not enabled her, and had been more consistant with punishments maybe things would have been different. I dont know, hard to say. Cindy is still making excuses for casey and it isnt helping. Cindy needed to use a little of the tough love on casey. It’s too late now, the worst thing possible has probably happened and sadly a little girl has died because of it. Caylee has captured the hearts of alot of people. She should have saw her first day of school, her first love, her wedding, children, grandchildren, and just all the joys of life. Although I have never met Caylee, she is always in my thoughts and I keep her in my prayers. I only hope that they find her little body so she can be laid to rest. There is one person who should let Le know and give her daughter at the very least a final resting place….but will she? We can only hope. God bless!

  94. One thing about a few of these posts. We. The People, have a right AND an obligation to speek freely. Yes, this is suppossed to be about Caylee, but her mommy took her rights away from her, and now it is about Casey as well. The two topics are inseperable.

    How can anyone discuss a missing little girl, who never had the opportunity to grow up, without discussing the one person who should have loved her more than life? The one person who, by the laws of nature itself, should have offered a safe haven and protection in this ever-evolving world we live in?

    In our society, if no one ever pointed a finger, no one would ever be accused or punished. God, In His time, will be the final judge- but in the meantime we are a civilized society that needs and demands consequence. This is why we are given freedom of speech.

    Opinions carry the burden of emotion. If we judge without knowledge we are ignorant. If we judge without empathy and compassion we are are robots. When we gather information, consider all aspects, and form an educated opinion, it is ours to express without reproach or mockery.

    Most of us feel that a beautiful child was a victim of not only neglect and irresponsibility, but possibly murder. There is a lot of emotion connected to such a horrible misdeed. We all want to know why. How could she, or anyone? It is against our instincts.
    No one likes to be lied to. So forgive those of us who are opinionated, those of us who may have seen a child abused, or lost a loved one, or just strongly feel the ache of injustice. It is only our opinion, but it comes from our heart.

  95. I saw part of GA’s FBI interview and he said the last day he saw Caylee she was leaving his house with Casey. He then described Casey’s clothes as work clothes or dress clothes. Has the FBI asked him what the pants looked like that she wore when she left with Caylee on June 16? Could these have been the same pants that Cindy washed? That would correlate with the theory that Casey killed Caylee later that day.

  96. The pants Cindy wshed were the ones Casey was wearing. Nancy Grace said Cindy found the pants and the stunk so bad she washed them, very convenient, I guess all the evidence got washed away too

  97. The anthony family dynamics


    I read the discovery documents and read the ones about Rick and even the great-grandmother I believe trying to make Cindy ADMIT the truth. She knows Caylee is dead. Otherwise she would not have done the brush thing or made other comments.

    I believe that Cindy is doing the ultimate act of ENABLEMENT. She is trying desperate to save her daughter Casey whom I believe is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY.

    They have enabled her for years and years. At the point of the brush incident she may have still had hope or belief.

    I think the gag order was because Jose Baez and his colleagues open their mouths too much. They bring NEGATIVE feelings towards their case. Cindy every time she opens her mouth it gets worse and worse. She appears to be highly medicated and does not speak as distinctly as she used to. I notice that she never uses contractions in her speach like I do not instead of people usally say I don’t. That is something i noticed.

    For her daughter’s sake she should shut up. The case will be tried in court and to me the ONLY thing the defense can question is the forensics because they don’t have an allabi and all the evidence including all of Casey’s lies are going to bite her on her ass!


    Deputies find possible remains of small child
    Walter Pacheco | Sentinel Staff Writer
    10:59 AM EST, December 11, 2008
    Orange County sheriff’s deputies are investigating possible remains of a child found this morning in the area of S. Chickasaw Trail and Suburban Drive.

    Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Solomons said a utility worker found the child’s remains at 9:32 a.m. and called the sheriff’s office. The location is less than one-quarter mile from Casey Anthony’s home on Hopespring Drive.

    An FBI investigator is headed to the scene.

    Captain Angelo Nieves of the sheriff’s office said forensic detectives are inspecting the remains.

    Related links
    MAP: Deputies find remains of small child

    The latest breaking news …
    Deputies find possible remains of small child

    Check back for updates.


  100. No matter what, Cindy and George are not responsible for what happened to their grand daughter. Cindy called the police and no one is looking at a few facts. The chemical found in the trunk of the car may not have been used to knock out the baby, that chemical is the main ingredient in cooking meth. Secondly, everyone has testified how Casey’s personality had drastically changed. Maybe she got mixed up with some thugs drug dealers and they really did kidnap her daughter. If everyone just look at things, she was also recorded while in custody and her statements suggest that she was trying to hide something that she was afraid to tell. Maybe the nanny story may not have been made up. Now that a body is found, many questions will be answered. What if someone threatened to kill her entire family? Either way, an innocent child may have paid for the sins of her mother. As far as Cindy and George, they could only go with what Casey said. Everyone wants to believe their daughter would tell the truth. If they are guilty of holding information about anything their daughter has done, please look at all these young kids dealing drugs, gangbanging, having guns and their parents claim not to know anything about it either. Cindy and George are not to be blamed for whatever Casey may or may not have done. She is an adult and if guilty, she should be held responsible. Not the only woman that did call the police.

  101. Rick what type of mother was your sister? Did she ever discipline Casey? Was Casey ever grounded? What did the schools do with Casey they must have mentioned a compulsive lying problem to the parents.
    Who took Caylee to the Health Care provider for illnesses and immunizations?
    Your sister is a nurse did she ever seek psychiatric help for Casey?

  102. Rick:
    Do you think they will charge Cindy especially, and George for obstuction? And do you feel she or he should be charged? Sometimes, I don’t think Cindy or her husband are as dumb as they look, they just feel if that’s the way Casey wants it, so-be-it. That it’s no one business (like the pregnancy for example) I wouldn’t have lied for her though. But I think they want everything to appear normal and good, even if they have to lie with/for her, rather than to admit they have raised a bad child(ren).

  103. Even if someone kidnapped my child and told me not to report it, I would. I don’t care who told me not to tell, I’m running to the FBI. I am not buying it, she was too happy and out partying, not a care in the world. All things you should not be doing or hardly ever, especially with a child(ren) and a missing one to boot, NEVER! Deleting pics from her Myspace. Lying, which by the way, “how was that going to help save Caylee?” There never was a nanny, and anybody in there right mind, would never have let anyone watch their child that no one even knew, she can’t produce one person to verify this ‘nanny’. Too many things don’t add up, common sense is the only sense you need. I can’t believe Casey at all, I’m sorry.

  104. what is wrong with everyone here blaming cindy & starting a petition!?
    Good thing LE does not determine criminal behavior based on the popularity on a website blog. If they do, I want to start a petition to stop your petition.

    I do not think the Anthony’s have done anything wrong- you all must parent with conditions- you profess unconditional love for Caylee, a child you have never met & then criticize cindy for loving her daughter and her grandchild? What should she have done, beat casey with a bat, starve her to make her talk?

    Or maybe casey did talk and she knows the truth, which we do not know- either way I would scream foul if cindy stopped loving and protecting her daughter who is clearly a broken soul-

    In regards to your focus on cindy, if she did anything wrong, your fools to believe that george is unaware or uninvolved-
    in one of georges interviews he said something loke this to the detectives:
    “I know how this whole thing works, I was a homicide det for 10 years, the GOOD COP, BAD COP thing” -I don’t recall exact statement, but “GOOD COP, BAD COP” is exact, he followed with the “Good Cop” role, apologizing for CA behavior bla blah, the det ate it up- poor george….

    I don’t think they did anything wrong, but they absolutely established how they were going to present themselves to LE- especially after casey was arrested so quickly- GA knew that LE was going to question everything- CA is bad cop- GA good cop- he even presented to them that he was speaking with them without CA knowledge- BS- LE did not trust CA and they had stopped communicating with the family so GA went in on the july 24th to establish a line of communication -to get info, no give it-

    He was perfect, he asked more questions of them as he stuttered through his pain- he did not offer much except a broken heart from a lying daughter and a bully wife- they told him stuff- he spoke about lee several times to feel them out about lee- they trusted him- so the male alliancewas established- he gave no new info or info that would not come oue anyway-

    After reading doc from nov- I thought maybe HE was involved- he may have lied about the car chase with casey in CA car- it was not verified by the e-pass records- and CA had NO idea- also he told FBI but not OSCO- & it contradicted his timeline statement- he said he had only seen casey on 24th or 25th w/gas cans- but he got boxed into saying the car chase was the day or two before the gas cans- also he had no response for why she took CA car or what she said when she returned it or where her car was while she had CA car???

    They asked him if Casey had been dropped off by someone to CA work to take the car he said no CA was home and she drove over- they asked why he did not check for the gas cans while she was gone and he could get in her car?

    CA did not tell that lie- CA believed Casey was in Jacksonville- GA knew she wasn’t…..think about it- It seems like a tall tale to intentionally mislead or to feel LE out for their timeline…

    And if GA knew that Casey was crazy for a number of years and KNEW that Casey could or did harm caylee yet he has been silent because CA told him to, then he is more responsible than CA-

    she is in denial – he is a coward who has let her take all the insults and hatefulness

    amend your petition or end it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. everything is making sense now i wonder if cindy has told the fbi about kicking casey out casey is a spoiled brat and killed caylee b/c her gravy train of money and her (caseys) freeloading was about to come to an end in the interviews with the LE you never hear cindy telling them any of this stuff the anthonys are soooooo damn crazy i have 2 granddaughters and if i was in cindys situation i would never let my daughter get away with murder in the latest released jailhouse video you never her monster mom casey ask how the search for caylees going its all about getting me out of jail she tells her parets the window of opportunity was there and you did nothing i dont understand how her parents tip toe around her well i guess they know she will explode (casey) and the truth about how she killed that beautiful baby would come out i guess cindy wouldnt want that

  106. The Anthony’s need to all be charged. They have known for months that Caylee was dead. They have also done their griving months ago. Now their main goal is to try and get the money up to defend their killer daughter. George is now selling the left over t-shirts on a site. Why would anyone want to pay him money for these shirts knowing the child was found and dead at that? You better bet that these people are going to do and sell anything they can to make that money. Watch and see if they don’t buy a new home, cars and what have ya in the near future. This will also keep them in the spot-light as they all seem to like them camera’s Seems as if even they themselves is more focused on Casey and not that poor baby laying in a carboard box. Caylee seems to be old stuff to them. I wished the laws were changed to make it that NOBODY! can profit off the death of a person. I”ll bet 90% of these people that are in this case like Baez, Henery Lee The Baden woman and others would not take this case if they knew they would’nt profit off this baby girl. Their day will come because everyone that takes blood money from a innocent little child or persons death something bad is going to happen to them or one of their loved ones. Take OJ’s case Johnny Cockran dead! OJ now in prison which more than likely he will be dead soon. I’ve said enough it’s Gods place to judge and in due time he will.

  107. Rick, If you get this message I just want to tell you I know it must have been hard to stand up against your sister Cindy, but I want to say to you I am prowd that you did, and you should never feel you done anything wrong for speaking the truth. I can tell that you arent like Cindy in the way’s of believing or going along with someones lies good for you. It’s bad enough for the lies told and nothing done about it that Casey stole off your poor mom, but to think someone would go along with lies about the murder of a child or anyone. This is way to out of hand. Someone has to stand up for Caylee. I can’t believe the Anthony’s could take it this far. I want to say to you and yours hang in there and never feel guilty for trying to stop all the lies and cover up that is going on about this poor little niece of yours. I’ll remember you in my prayers.I hope Casey got to read the post I wrote in the blogs driving me crazy on the old Nancy Grace blogs back on Sept 7 2008 its call A Letter From Heaven. Its a letter from Caylee to her Mommy. I couldn’t sleep thinking about little Caylee and all that I wrote came from my thoughts and heart, after writing it I read it and it made me cry because I could vision what I wrote. No I am not crazy I am just so torn up over all this and wished so much that I could do something to change all this. I get this way anytime something like this happens. Thanks again Rick for your courage.

  108. NOTE TO JLAY~Cindy has washed evidence…last I remember it is against the law! Also the hair brush, she didn’t even give LE Caylee’s…what is that about? So YES Cindy has broken the law, and is not above the law…just an FYI, there is NO petition started by this site…they are links to petitions, but none started by humbleopinion.

  109. I’ve gone through most of the documents contained at the WFTV website – they have everything that’s been released to the public so far. Everything Rick said did bear out in the documents, so he is certainly telling the truth. Odd thing this: George in his interview with the FBI admits he told Cindy his debts were online gambling debts, but in reality (in truth!) he fell for a $2.2 million email scam. Now think about that – he’s telling the truth to the FBI agent, but keeping a secret from 2005 from his wife. While the tape on which he reveals this info gets released to the public where we ALL can hear him. And if you follow all 11 links to Cindy’s FBI interview, you’ll be shocked. It then becomes no wonder why Casey lies, each family member in turn lies to the other. So far it seems like the only level headed one in the whole family is Lee. What a mess.

  110. ETA: I should have used some quotes in my post above. The fact that George’s financial blunder was due to a scam and not online gambling came from HIS mouth. That was not my supposition on the tale. He admits to the FBI agent that he told his wife it was gambling, but in fact he fell for a $2.2 million email scam. He chastises himself, saying he should have known better considering he used to be a cop. First time I could agree with any of them, he surely should have known better. Just wanted to clear that up.

  111. I firmly believe that George molested Casey – and is quite possibly the father of Caylee. While DNA test have shown that Lee is not the father of Caylee, I believe that Lee also tapped little sis a time or two – and that Casey didn’t seem to mind the attention.

    Casey seems to be the type of girl who opened her legs to the abuse / advances of her George and Lee (and any other person, for that matter) so long as she could then use them later. She could use them for money (mostly), or, in the case of George, she could do practically anything she wanted. Their relationship was not that of a “normal” father/daughter relationship.

    Trust me, if my kid every mouthed off to me saying “here are your effin gas cans!” she had better not be in arms reach of me or else she would get smacked in the mouth.

    I’m not at all saying that hitting your kids are acceptable, but if one of my children talked to me in this manner – then they are not acting like my child. They are acting like I’m some school yard Biatch BS friend…and that is not the type of relationship I have with my kids.

    George and Cindy let Casey run wild. It wasn’t that Casey was a good liar, it was just that they let her get away with her lies. George let her get away with the lies so he wouldn’t get in trouble for sleeping with her…and Cindy let her get away with the lies because Cindy wanted Caylee for herself.

    Cindy couldn’t stand that Caylee wasn’t her daughter. Cindy wanted Caylee to be her daughter and wanted to take the baby away from Casey. So Cindy just let Casey run wild…that way Cindy was always there to take care of Caylee and eventually could file court papers to take the baby away.

    That is the main reason Casey killed Caylee. Oh I’m certain that Casey was setting up to kill George and Cindy and wanted to make it look like self defense. But after the choking argument on Father’s day – Casey took out her frustration on Caylee instead. Maybe by accident, maybe not. But it is clear that Caylee is dead because of Casey.

    I’m also pretty positive that they did a paternity test on George. Oh, they didn’t release the fact that they requested the test – and they haven’t released the results (too inflammatory for the potential jury pool), but they requested and the results are back.

    Just as with they did find fingerprints on the duct tape on Caylee. And those prints do belong to Casey. But they are not going to release that just yet. They can’t have that out in the public for fear of tainting the jury pool. But during the trial, I promise, that it will be introduced that Casey’s fingerprints are on the tape – and it will be introduced that George is the father ofCaylee.

  112. I agree with Kameronj about that George possibly molested Casey. And not only her. Look at little Caylee’s pictures taken by his personal cell phone. I see something strange in her eyes, as if she was looking not only at her beloved grandpa but also at something weird. Why he stands so close to her? Why nobody else is there around? I would check and verify if he was at home alone when taking these pictures.

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