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  1. Jesse,
    I can not believe what you are going thur. My heart is with you. I know you had nothing to do with the death of Caylee. You and your family loved Caylee more than life itself. Be strong, you and your family have always told the truth. Everything will be alright. My prayers are with you all.

  2. Jesse, Just know there are hundreds of thousands of people who believe in you. We know you have been used and abused by the A-team. The thing they do not understand is “The truth does not change” They cannot change the facts of this case, no matter who they point their boney fingers at. God Bless you Jesse.

  3. Because of the faith you and your family live your lives by, you accepted Casey, Caylee and her family into yours. The tragic events that ensued have taken away that sweet baby you welcomed with open arms, and I am sure this will haunt you forever. Let your faith get you through the upcoming nightmare, with any accusations or implications it may bring with it. The truth will prevail, and you deserve only the best of what life has to offer. My prayers are with you, Jesse.

  4. Jesse, I can’t believe these people can be so cruel and try to take focus off their daughter for what they deep in their hearts know she is to blame. To try and put blame on innocent people that only showed love and respect is unthinkable. As the saying goes, “What is this world coming to?” What goes around, comes around.

    I hope you realize how many people are supporting you and your family. We have nothing more than the highest respect for all of you.

    Justice will be served on the Anthony family.

  5. Jesse-Please know that this entire country stands behind you (probably the entire Universe)Such a shame that you, as a very innocent person has to be dragged into this most horrible crime that this poor excuse of a woman has committed. Right now the defense is struggling to lay blame elsewhere but, at the end of the day Casey will be convicted…..Justice for Caylee! My prayers go out to you and your family. God Bless!

  6. jessie and grund family my heart goes out to you,the world know you are innoncent in this case,you was the best dad and grandparents what caylee ever had in her short life.justice will be served and casey will pay for what she did!stay strong!

  7. Jesse and family, may God bless you always and protect you from the evil surrounding this case. May you go on to have a joyful, productive life.

  8. To Jesse & the Grund family…my heart goes out to all that you are having to endure at this time…our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time…that you will prevail over this nasty/evil situation…
    God Bless…we are all pulling for you!!!

  9. To Jessie and the Grund family, United you stand and divided they fall. With the power of the Lord your family stands strong! Hold on to that power. God bless you and your family.

  10. To Jesse,
    You did what you felt in your heart; before any of this happened, you were willing to take Caylee in as your own. You were willing to help raise Caylee, even if she wasn’t your child; that alone is a true man. Jealously took Caylee away from you and away from everyone who ever loved her and has come to love her, forever.
    No matter what, you have support from many people who have come to familiarize themselves with this case. I personally do not believe for a moment that you had anything to do with Caylee’s murder; I do believe that there are plans by the A-team to pin someting on you that you didn’t do. Everything that you have done is the right thing. You went forward to Law Enforcement immediately and you haven’t had a problem with offering the information that they request from you.
    It is so unfortunate that Baez has to stoop so low as to claim that you are considered a “suspect” in this case. The only place you are a suspect is in his own head.
    Justice will prevail, Justice for Caylee will be served; your loving heart and soul and your own personal relationship with our Lord will help you through this. You will never forget Caylee and neither will any of us; but you will always keep the feeling you had when you held her for the first time and you were able to kiss her cheek.
    You and your family are in my prayers, we all are on your side; we all are on Caylee’s side.
    God Bless you, God Bless your family.

  11. Jesse you don’t know me, but the whole world knows of you and your wonderful family and we know that you are a fine young man and Casey would have been so blessed to have had you for a husband. We all know that you are innoncent just as we are sure of the guilt of the person who murdered little Caylee and the family who is covering up for her. In the end…no matter the outcome here on earth, justice will be served.

  12. You and your family may have been the only sane ones around caylee. God will reward you and your family for your outstanding refrain from justified anger toward the A team what a fine man you are. Do you know how many good young woman you probably have attracted by now. any mother would be proud to add you to there family as son in law. keep the faith and know you are loved by millions. the only thing your guilty of is loving sweet little caylee.Justice for Caylee.

  13. Be very strong. The right person will pay for the murder of Caylee and this burden will be lifted from your shoulders.

    Women like Casey are found more frequestly than you might suspect. You need to be very careful in your choices.

  14. Jesse, you’re a nice man. You and your family have wide open hearts & I know they ache for sweet little Caylee. My heart goes out to you & yours. You have a strong family with you all the way through this & I’m glad your Dad is standing up to be heard. You will get through this & go on to much happier times. Hang in there.

  15. Jesse – I don’t know you, or your father, but you should be so proud to call him ‘DAD’. It’s not hard for me to see why you are the honorable young man you are. As we all have said so many times, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”! I wish I had the opportunity to meet you and your lovely family.

    Stay strong for “No weapon formed against you shall proper”.

    Ny prayers are with you and your beautiful family.

  16. Jesse and the entire Grund family,

    You have all been the voice for Caylee. You have spoken the truth and have done everything in your power to bring justice for Caylee. Please stay strong. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. Jesse & Family….
    Faith will beat the Devil, every time! Hang in there and stay stong and united. Truth wins & the rest will float to the top.

  18. Jesse and family.
    Stay strong in faith at this difficult time, and the TRUTH will be exposed. Im so sorry this has happened to you Jesse, but you will be stronger for having dealt with the demon up close and personal. Richard, try to resist the ‘ I told you so” ( as a parent myself I know how hard THAT is). Jesus loves all of you and anyone worth associating with knows the truth already.

  19. Jesse, I pray for you and your wonderful family. What a shame that the people who loved and cared for Caylee the most have to be put through this horror. I know that the Grunds will rise above this and will continue to be the fine, upstanding people that we have all come to admire throughout this senseless tragedy. Know that you have a world of supporters!

  20. From Me
    To all those who have blessed me with words of encouragement, love, and thanks.

    I cannot tell you how humbled, appreciative and grateful I am for every kind word I have read on here. I never considered myself special for taking on that role as father to Caylee, only lucky to be given such a beautiful gift as being her dad. There was no other option for me but loving her unconditionally.

    Some days are harder than others but these words of encouragement uplift me on some of those tough days. I know there lies a long road ahead for me and along that road there will be a fight but if God is for me than who can be against me! They call Him Savior for a reason…I just call him Jesus.

    Thank you all so much for every kind word, every bit of gratitude, and every prayer. Myself and my family are extremely blessed by it all.

    As for finding a good woman someday, I leave that up to my Heavenly Father. Personally, I think He is the best matchmaker.

    With all sincerity, thanks, and hoped blessings for each one of you,


  21. Jesse and family, I pray for you and your family through this most difficult time. I firmly believe you and your family loved little Caylee. She was so lucky to have you in her life. I also want to say Thank You Richard for being in that courtroom and sitting behind the prosecutors. You are there for Caylee. God bless you all.

  22. Your entire family has held their heads high in the face of adversitiy throughout this entire fiasco. To maintain any semblance of dignity and respect in the midst of the Anthony’s sordid accusations and activities must certainly be challenging. I know that your strong faith will sustain you and your family throughout this crisis. It is very difficult to see a family torn apart so viciously by one that was never intact to begin with. I have confidence in the prosecution’s abilities and am certain that underhanded dealings of the Anthony family will surface. When it does, they may not look so favorably on the media that has blatently catered to their imaginary suffering. I look forward to this day and know that the integrity you have shown will shine like a beacon in the face of these scandalous accusations

  23. Jesse, Your family has done a superb job in raising you to be the wonderful, loving, and good man that you have become. I saw a picture of you with Caylee on your lap, when she was just an infant, and the love you had on your face said it all. No one could have loved her more. Casey had to be a complete idiot to break up with you, but I truly think that you dodged a bullet when she did. Your life would probably have been miserable several years (or less) later as she would never be true to anyone. My prayers are with you and your famnily and we all have to keep the faith that justice will be served.

  24. “To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.” When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence… *”The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.”*

  25. Dear Jesse & Family

    Isaiah 54-17 , No Truer words have been spoken then these , You are Strong in the Lord and the Power of his Might , Amen ! Jesse you are Blessed and you have the full armor on , Continue to Stand Firm and know We are standing with you . God Bless all of you as we see Justice for Caylee shine through 🙂

  26. God Bless you and your family, Jesse!!! You have maintained so much dignity through this twisted nightmare, and that speaks volumes about your character. You seem like a genuinely nice young man, and you deserve nothing but the best. The truth will always prevail! Stay strong, and know that everyone supports you. Justice will ALWAYS be served!!!

  27. Jesse and family, you have been in my thoughts and prayers throughout this hideous ordeal. May good memories and prayer give you the strength to continue your fight. You were a special person in Caylee’s precious short life.

  28. Jesse, hang in there! You, and your wonderful family’s Faith is such a testiment to people. I know that God will give you all His Devine strength to get through this nightmare. He will continue to watch over you and your family. You are a precious young man,Jesse. I’m sure that God has great things in store for you! Stay strong in Christ! He will never leave you.

    The person who slaughtered little Caylee WILL be brought to justice! She is planning to throw her
    parents under the bus…and blame them. Wait and see.

  29. We know you and your family loved Caylee. Thankyou for your integrity…our prayers from Australia are with you.

    Justice for ♥Caylee♥

  30. Dear Jesse and family,

    It is so good to know that you believe and trust in the Lord. He will see you through this ordeal. And as his soldiers, we are here to support you all, as well.

    Although the pain of losing a sweet little person -Caylee Marie has to be difficult to come to terms with, it is my belief that her spirit has called on us to be here for you. We are passionate about seeking Justice for Caylee. We feel your love for Caylee and your post on this blog let’s us know that you feel our love for you, too! Take care.

  31. Jesse and Family,
    I don’t really know what to say, it makes me mad/sad that the A’s would implicate an innocent person who loved Caylee and took care of her, that is unimaginable to me. If anything I would get closer to the people who knew my grandbaby’s smile, tone of voice, giigle, cry, they way she walked and just everyday little things she did; this is how I would honor her, by appreciating the people who cared for her…you are one of those people.

  32. Jesse & family – know that the world is watching & so many thousands of people are praying for you & your family.It’s good to know that in Caylee’s short little life that she did have you & your family to love & truely care for her.It’s a shame that so many people are having to suffer because of the actions of one person. Bless you & your family.You are in my thoughts & prayers. Stay strong.

  33. Jesse, Just know that the truth can be seen through all the lies by anyone seeing and following this case. I pray that you and your family continue to stay strong in the Lord. It is frustrating when people try to discredit you but I know the truth ALWAYS prevails, because God only deals in TRUTH and He is TRUTH and that is why the truth of Caylee will come out and not fail because He cannot fail. Just want to say God Bless You for bringing some kind of “normal” behavior into Caylee’s life and your love for her.

    God Bless you and your family. God is in Control.

  34. Jesse–Stand firm on Christ’s promises. He won’t forsake you. Justice WILL prevail and I believe God has a bigger plan for you. God bless you and your family.

  35. Life’s trials and tribulations are tests….. no doubt you will come through this triumphantly….

    Peace and Blessings…..

  36. Jesse…
    Be strong young man. Keep your head up and most of all keep the Faith. Your Father on Earth and in Heaven will always be with you. You also have many who support and pray for your deliverance from the darkness that you are having to walk thru.
    Mr. Grund (DAD)…I know you are there for him. I believe your teachings of God for Jesse and others will be what pulls him and us back into the light of good and truthfulness in finding Justice for Caylee.

  37. Jesse,

    I totally believe that you were never involved in anyway possible. You were absolutely the best thing that ever happened to and for Caylee. If only she were in your care that happy little girl would be here. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  38. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this difficult time. You and your family did nothing but love, support and reach out to Casey and Caylee and in no way deserve to have that family try to throw suspicion on you. You have all handled this tragedy with integrity and the utmost character. God Bless you all.

  39. God Bless You and Your Family Jesse. No matter what, God takes care of His own. My Mom has a saying: “If God can lead you to it, He can lead you through it”. I believe that too. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  40. Jesse,

    I have to tell you, reading your heartfelt response above, showed me your character clearer than anything. You get glimpses of people under duress and intuitive feelings about a person or situation in small and strange moments. Who you are has come through loud and clear… from the beginning.

    To say I am sorry seems so meaningless, but I am. Who knows the reasons why any of this occurred? I certainly don’t.

    What I do know is that only God understands perfectly. I have an idea due to my own life experience and this is what I believe- you find what is precious left in the ashes of the all consuming fire… do whatever is necessary to find a way to forgive, then let it change who you are for the better.

    That which does not kill us does make us stronger and if you let it- better than who you were before.

    No one can walk away from tragedy unscathed but you can come away more aware and evolved… life can hold a new and different meaning.

    I hope this for you, with all of my heart. I wish for you happiness, love and the chance for a family of your own again, in the future. I believe it will hold a new and precious meaning for you. God Bless you and yours. I believe in you and know you are innocent, you are in my prayers.

  41. JESSE



  42. Jesse Grund, you got one stand-up family and very smart too. That’s a good thing, there’s a tough battle ahead. You did nothing wrong but show a ‘pretender’ (how could you possibly know) what a good life really means. She just wasn’t up to it. I wish you and yours the very best.

  43. To Jesse Grund, rest assured that anyone that occupies a brain knows you did not have anything to do with what happened to Caylee. Go on with your life and don’t worry about this and just remember the love you had and have for Caylee. Truth is on your side and truth will prevail~~

  44. Hi Jesse…Come to my blog and post a note…I have oodles of articles on Casey. There is not one that is positive.
    Hope to see you soon.
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  45. Jesse- You are a great man and have amazing strength. We are all here to support you and assure you that everyone knows you did nothing wrong. My thanks and prayers are with you and your family.

  46. My prayers are with you and your family. I hope you all stay strong and hold your heads up. You are being victimized also. Thank you for standing up for Caylee. I hope you will be able to recoup the financial loss this will cause you. George and Cindy Anothony should have to pay for your defence.

  47. Jesse,
    To you and your family my heart goes out to you all. How horrible to be with someone who’s evilness was hidden so well. The world knows who killed poor little Caylee. The world also knows the family that loved her the most was yours. I know someday you will find a “true” love and a child of your own, and you and your family can give the baby all the love a baby deserves. All the best to you and your family.

    Caring in Ontario Canada

  48. Jesse –

    Clearly you were Caylee’s only chance for a normal life. Unfortunately Casey just didn’t fit outside of the Anthony’s world of delusions. I’m so sorry you weren’t able to give Caylee the life she deserved.

    The idea that the Anthony’s are trying to blame you for Caylee’s death is absurd and only shows just how desperate they are.

    Good luck to you in your promising future.

  49. Jesse… So sorry that Casey , her parents and her lawyers are pointing a finger in your direction.. You are the last person in her circle that should should be pointed at. You did nothing but act with the highest morals. You told the truth ! You loved Caylee and despite her not being your own , you were more then willing to accept her as your own.. Especially under the circumstances of Casey getting pregnant while with you ! Most guys would walk away. If only she has done the right thing, and stayed with you , little Caylee would still be with us and so happy to have a Dad such as you !
    God Bless you Jesse !

  50. Jesse,

    Listening to you speak on various news shows, it is clear to see that you’re a kind-hearted person and wise beyond your years. Desperate times call for desperate measures! It’s so obvious that the Anthony’s are just grasping at straws because they know the truth! Hang in there, you’ll be just fine.

  51. jesse – life will get better for you – although the pain of lossing such a buetiful child will never go away just know that you Do have support of people that beleive in your innocence 100 and ten percent – I wish you all the best with moving on

  52. Hi Jesse and family
    So sorry this family is looking for anyone to be their scapegoat, sad that the anthony`s would rather blame innocent people rather than face that their daughter is a sociopath. There is tons against her and nothing against you for evidence so you have no worries but I am sure it is not fun to have a girl you loved try to do this to you. So sorry this happened, but you have many people on your side and for you time will heal you. For Caaey, I believe she will spend her life in jail. Take care

  53. We support you all, Grund family. Please know you’re in our thoughts and prayers. God will bring all that is done under cover of darkness into the light.

  54. Jesse,
    Your heartfelt response touches me deeply, and it is rare that a young man of your age can demostrate such maturity and integrity in the face of the adversity, though undeserved, that unfortunately lies ahead.
    As a parent of young men your age, I am in awe of the values and faith instilled in you, and I truly believe you are a role-model for all of us. May god bless you and your parents for showing us that the faith they raised you with resulted in a man with unequaled character.

  55. Trust in God and keep the faith, good man!
    If He is with you, who can be against you?
    All the best to you in your life!

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  56. Dear Jesse,
    Hello, I am writing to let you know that you are in my prayers and my thoughts. I cannot believe that
    you and your family have been dragged into this mess,
    let alone the horrible accusations being made that you
    were involved in this horrific tragedy! After so much
    evidence found against Casey Anthony, and her never ending lies, how on earth anybody can believe her is unimaginable! You must believe that the truth will prevail, and I am certain that your innocense will be
    proven. Until then try to be patient and do not lose your trust in God. Caylee Marie Anthony was fortunate to have known you. I have no doubt that you and your family were a positive influence in Caylees life, and I am confident that this lovely little girl loved you.
    I believe that she is your little guardian angel.
    I wish you and your family the best always.

  57. Jesse and the Grund Family-
    There are alot of people that are on your side. Alot of us know you had nothing but love for Caylee.
    So sad the Anthonys dragged you into this, after all you did for Caylee and Casey.
    I’m glad Caylee had you in her life, even for a short while, you were better for her than her own family!
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Grund Family. You watch, Caylee will get the justice she deserves.

  58. Dear Jesse…You are wise and mature beyond your years. We are so sorry that you had the misfortune to meet up with the Anthonys. As it turns out, Caylee was a blessed angel and you were fortunate to have her in your life, if only for a short time. Please don’t waver in your faith….we know there are those who want to blame you for their problems and for this horendous crime, but God knows you are not responsible. We know you are not responsible. You and your entire family were one of the only stabilizing forces in Casey and Caylee’s lives. When there is justice for Caylee, there will be justice for you, also. We pray for you each day and hope the support of folks like us will help you stay strong until the Anthonys are convicted and put in prison. Justice will prevail. Mand

  59. Dear Jesse, my prayers are with you and your family. I really admire your faith and complete trust in Jesus. I know that He understands what it is like to be persecuted and wrongly accused. Keep trusting in Him – for He loves you deeply. You have a lot of people praying for you and supporting you Jesse.

  60. “Jesse”, it is a shame how “Casey” made you believe that you were “Caylee’s” father and gave you time to get attached to her as if she was your own child. The fact that you told “Casey” even after the fact that you found out that “Caylee” wasn’t your you still wanted to raise her as your own. That right there proves what kind of person you really are. The truth of the matter is “Jess” is that you were always to good for “Casey”. She never deserved you in the first place. Somehow someday i hope you can do your best to get over all of this and find the “Woman” that you so deserve. You have so many people that are standing behind you and praying for you. God Bless You.

  61. Jesse, just want you to know that I think you are a fine young man and it hurt you so much when Caylee died. I worked at a law firm for 30 years and saw a lot of people come through our doors. I could spot the ones on the up & up and the ones who were guilty as sin. I could tell from the pictures of you & your family with Caylee that you all loved her and I don’t believe that Baez could ever begin to convince anyone of anything different. God bless you and your family.

  62. Mr. Grund,
    PLEASE rest assured justice will prevail. You have so many people praying for you, your family, and for justice served. God never ignores prayers and the righteous never need worry. Thank you to all th folks before me who have voiced similar feelings and thoughts.

  63. You do not know me, nor do you need to know my name. I am like millions of people out there that support you.

    Your parents and your faith raised a fine gentleman. I just hope and pray that I can raise my son to be honorable like you.

    In my thoughts and prayers our with you and your fine parents.

    Remember – God never gives you a cross that you can not carry. On the lighter side, what doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger.

  64. I have been following this case, like a lot of folks, from the very start. It has always chapped my hide to know that the Anthony klan has tried in many ways to pin this horrific event on Jessie.

    From the moment that I first heard Casey say she didn’t trust Jessie (while she was behind bars), I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach.

    To know that during that month that Caylee was “missing” that Casey went out of her way to call Jessie and even go to his house to shower – I could tell the type of person she was…she used Jessie in more ways than can be counted…and didn’t have any problems continuing a relationship with him even after it was determined that he wasn’t the father of Caylee.

    And then to try and use him to pin the murder of Caylee on him, well that is the lowest of lows and the sickest of sick.

    Even with Cindy getting involved and letting law enforcement think that Amy or Jessie could be the “nanny Zanni” – well that just sucks.

    Anyone who has been a victim of Casey is now considered a suspect. That is not how our justice system works – and that is not how the vast majority of people in America think of Jessie.

    We are behind him 100 percent and know that he didn’t have anything to do with the murder or coverup of the murder of Caylee.

    Jessie and Grund Family…I know you know this – but stay strong and justice will be had for Caylee and you. You seem like fine people and this horrific set of events should never have befallen you.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  65. Jesse, it’s a shame that you were not the biological father of Caylee. If you had been, perhaps she’d still be alive.

    You will make a terrific father someday.

    One day this nightmare will be behind you, and you will look back in 30 years and wonder, was any of this even real? It will seem like a bad movie you saw on Lifetime once.

    Keep on taking the high road, Jesse. You are blessed to have such caring parents, as they say…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    If only Casey had been lucky enough to have had parents like yours.

    None of this would have happened.

  66. Be strong young man. You have alot of good people behind you. Not everyone is like the Anthony family who out only for their own evil doings and greed.
    I want you to know you are not the only guy to get snowed by a cunning twit. I’ve been there and done that and also learned the lesson the hard way. There are some good women out there who deserve what you have to give. Just keep you head up and go forward…with the lessons learned. Be strong young man.

  67. Jesse – you have a strong family that loves you and many other people standing behind you. None of this is fair to you but, sad as it is life isn’t fair. Keep your chin up and your faith strong. you will come out on the other side of this a better man.

  68. Dear Jesse,
    I admire you and your family a great deal and feel so sorry that you are being dragged through the anguish and despair of losing little Caylee, at the hands of her own mother.
    I have to laugh at anyone who makes too much of your record – which does not mean anything in this case to begin with. I know several law enforcement officers -one being my brother-in-law, who went through what you did. He is retired now but he stayed a patrol cop the whole time because he didn’t want to get mixed up with the politics and bs. You are scrutinized and criticized much more than you would be for most any other profession you could ever choose! I’s glad it wasn’t for you, it would have hardened you towards other people for the rest of your life!
    God bless you and your family. You have many supporters.
    My prayers and good wishes are with you!

  69. Jesse,
    I’ve watched you on numerous occasions and you appear to be the only one out of the bunch that is truly sincere and honest.
    I’m sorry for the harships you are going through, but just remember the old saying “What’s goes around, comes around”.
    Good Luck to You!

  70. Dear Jesse and family,
    I refused to finish reading the docs that contained your personal information. I was a huge supporter of the Anthonys until they first tried to imply that you had anything to do with this tragedy. I think you and your family truly loved little Caylee and I am sorry for your loss.

    Stay strong and no that there are so many people who support you and understand the love you had for a little girl who didn’t deserve to be thrown out like trash. God bless you and your family.

  71. Never for one second did i ever believe any of the lies that were thrown out there about You (Jesse), Hand your head up high my friend, for you, one of the few, gave that little girl more love than any of her relatives (ANthony’s) I am behind you 100%, take care

  72. I for one will not be reading any more of your personal information that is in the newly released documents. It has no bearing on this case at all and it seems to me that they want an innocent person to be dragged through the mud. Let’s focus on who is truly to blame here. Seems to me that the ones that should “be thrown under the bus” are doing the mud slinging. Stay strong!

  73. Jesse and the Grund family, I am another that refused to read Jesse’s personal information. I was done after the first few pages. It was such an invasion of your privacy that I felt as though I was snooping. The Anthony’s turn is coming. Rest assured they will get their due, in this life or on judgement day. Be strong. This too shall pass. You are in my prayers

  74. I can`t believe what you are being put through.I have not read any of the doc`s about you.I heard enough about it to know I don`t need to read it and it is a shame that they felt the need to dig into your personal files to try to drag you down.Put your faith to work.I pray the whole truth comes out at trial if not before.My prayers are with you and your family

  75. Hi, I just want Jesse to know that people all over the country support him, and are outraged right along with him that his life has been put under a microscope like this. It’s shameful that they have gone and published his personnel file from work, his high school and college transcripts. He has nothing to do with this crime, he’s just the one Casey has chosen to throw under the bus. Her time will come. In the meantime, hold you head high, and know that you have many many people behind you. 🙂 Jenny

  76. I have already written once but after reading what everyone has written I want you to know that I totally agree with them. I have a 22 yr. old son and I hope he turns out as good as you. I have your dad on my space and if I knew you were on my space or facebook I would love to keep up with you and your family. Your faith will get you through!!!

  77. This is outrageous what you have been put through. Keep you strong and God will always be there for you. As for the Anthony’s: What goes around comes around!!

  78. Jesse, My prayers are with you. I know you had nothing to do with this other than love Caylee. I so admire you for knowing that you were not Caylee’s father but willing to be her Daddy. You are truly a role model for young men today. Know that there are lots of us out there who support you. God Bless you and your family. Roberta

  79. Jesse, May God always be with you. Your such a great guy! We all are behind you, we know you did nothing wrong, but love Casey. Your what young men should aspire towards. Bless you and your whole family.

  80. Jesse, I am so saddened that you have had to go through this additional stress and pain. You, too, lost Caylee. I cannot believe that a family that you once thought you would be in – would turn on you like they have. Shame, SHAME on them. You stay strong and hold your head high. You have done nothing wrong and God Loves YOU and so do we. Keep the Faith.

  81. Jesse, I am so sorry you have to go through this. You have done nothing wrong. You are in my prayers and I’m sure others are praying for you also. Be strong. The truth will come out and the ones responsible and causing all this trouble for you will pay. Revenge belongs to God.

  82. I dont come on this site alot because each and every time I do, I feel humbled and not good enough for the kind words directed at me. Thank you all so very much, again. Though it continues to be a struggle daily, I know their is a light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel. Thanks you for your prayers. God bless


  83. Dear Jesse
    Get yourself some hot chick (look speccially at the “temperature” of one’s heart!)have some fun and relax…poetic justice is coming over soon, and you’ll finnally get what you deserve…
    Ignore “bad vibes”, from those whose only purpose in life, is trying to save their own dirty ass!!!
    …and by the way, how about a book deal, to speak your truth???I know a couple of people who would surely buy it!!! think about it! (..and enjoy a well deserved luxury vacation with it’s funds)
    All the best
    Filipa from Lisbon (PORTUGAL)

  84. Jesse,

    I just want to remind you that the devil is out to kill, steal and destroy. He has targeted you for some reason, but you do not have to bow to what he’s trying to do to your life.

    Jesus is your Protector, your Shield, your Deliverer, your Saviour. I know you know this, but this is what Christian fellowship is all about… encouraging one another.

    You are a wonderful young man who somehow got mixed up in this horrible mess, but it’s just a test. God has promised us that He will be there for us “in times of trouble”, that He will see us through to victory.

    Continue to put your trust in Him. I see SUCH an amazing testimony resulting for you as you depend upon Him for a positive outcome. And I will continue to pray for you and for your family as God leads you through this debacle.


  85. Jessie,
    Caylee was so lucky to have you in her life! You actually seem like the only person who genuinely loved that little girl. You know sometimes we just get involved with the wrong people. Don’t let the foul words of others bring you down, no one believes anything they say! Stay strong, have peace in knowing that Caylee is looking down on you & knows that “her daddy” loved her very much! God Bless!

  86. I just wanted to say Jesse, that I’m so sorry for this terrible ordeal you have been through. I could not imagine what it is possibly like. It seems that with the modern times, the media finds more ways of being vindictive, and unmercifully heartless. There are too many people in this world that care only for money and exploitation. They fail to value what it means to be human, and to stand by a fellow human being, especially in a time of great need. My dear sir, I pray that you rally, move past your pain, and find the peace and happiness in life that you deserve. God Bless,


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