Caylee Anthony: 10 years later * Part 11 Anthony’s 911 calls since 2003

The Anthony house has made a few 911 calls from 2003.




Dismissed sighting of Caylee Anthony

Apparently a little girl, looking like Caylee Anthony was seen in McDonald’s in Rutherford County, in Tennessee.  The FBI took a video last week.  The FBI dismisses the sighting as not of Caylee. 

The FBI says after checking out the tip and surveillance pictures they don’t think it was an actual Caylee sighting and neither does the missing three year old’s grandfather.   Here is the story: MyFoxOrlando

Protesters meet across the street

Each night about half a dozen protesters plant lawn chair across the street from the Anthony house, demanding a confession from Casey Anthony. One of the signs says “baby killer” and one reads “my mommy did it!”

Today Dr. Phil examines the psychological aspects of a story that continues to grip America’s.  Dr. Phil

George Anthony…an EX-wife

Not sure I believe that George was married before, Cindy.  There is chat about a Terri Anthony, who is married to George.  I do see that the Ohio page has some information on them.  From what I can tell George married to Terri is not the George married to Cindy:

This is from 1984 George and Cindy:

This is from 1988 George and Terri (states George and Terri husband and wife):

Also, Terri VanderVORT 1983.

All of this is done in response to this: 

Didnt know if you guys have seen these,just adding incase and some are posts ive made before…….for curiosity purposes.

My sister terri was married to George Anthony during the mid to late 70’s. They dated all through high school and married for about 5 years, of not so wonderful wedding bliss.
She can tell you that George Anthony was an habitual liar. He had to always fabricate his stories, constantly lying, that was the main reason they divorced.
George’s father Lee, owned and operated a very successful used car dealership for many years in Niles, Ohio, called Anthony’s Auto Sales, before retiring to Florida.
I wonder were George learned to lie so well. He was born in to it, litterally.
As they say, “Like father, like daughter.”
Give my sister a call and she’ll enlighten you of George Anthony’s dark, deceitful side evidently passed on to his daughter.
Her name now is Terri Vandervault, living in Niles, Ohio

And after searching Vandervault in Ohio, there aren’t any.  I am really interested if there was a phone number to call this so called sister!  I am not saying the commenter is lying, not saying that, but whoever posted on another site, has a really big imagination, and should check facts.

George Anthony’s statement….

On July 15, 2008 at approximately 2005pm my spouse (Cindy) called my cell phone.  I immediately attempted to return her call, and only got her voice mail.  I called our land line #, and also got a voice mail.  I immediately then called my son, Lee told him I would appreciate him, checking on his mom, told him briefly about Casey again, and Mom and I are upset.  At 2035pm, I finally got ahold of my spouse by cell, and she asked when I would be home.  I told her I would be home about 10-1030pm.

Arriving at 950pm, my spouse was in our garage crying!  Upset and told me that Cayoee Marie (

Our granddaughter9 was missing, taken a month ago, by a person by the name of Zany.

I inquired to my spouse about Orange County Sheriff being called and I was told they were contacted at 830pm.

As to this statement, my granddaughter-Caylee Marie Anthony, age 3 has been missing.  What I mean, I have not seen her or heard her voice since June 9, 2008.  My daughter, Casey, Caylee’s mother has been very vague for a month, each time we have asked to speak, see her or ask where she is at.  My daughter would always have a different answer.

My granddaughter will be 3 yrs old, August 9, 2008.

End of statement.


This statement was made on 16 July 2008:  On July 16, 2008 the Orange County Sheriff Dept removed my 1998 Pontiac Sunfire.  It is OKAY to search and produce any evidence to help bring back my granddaughter-Caylee.  (had they have known what would be found in that car)


Well, George Anthony has a little more information about the issues here.  I do find it interesting that NOT a single Anthony Family CLAN can remember the last day they actually saw her.  I also find it funny that George mentions a PERSON NAMED ZANY.  I thought the Anthony’s know Zany was the nanny, and had been for a year and a half.  I was in the mind thought that they had just never met her.  Not that they never heard of her.  Boy with all this, no wonder everyone is confused about everything!

Cindy Anthony’s statement…what a joke

3 weeks ago asked my daughter to bring my car home along with my granddaughter Caylee.  She told me she was in Jacksonville for the last 2 ½ weeks.  Today we got a registered letter re: my car being in Orlando since last wk of June.  We picked up the car today at Johnson’s towing co.-car was abandoned @Amscot on E-SO. X-3 days then towed on 6-30-08.  When my husband and I retrieved the car I found a  # for a friend of my daughters called her + she led me to my daughter at her boyfriends apt.  I took my daughter and told her to take me to my granddaughter when I called the police she finally stated Caylee was missing.

I last saw my granddaughter Sun June 8th.

Casey for the last month has told me that Caylee has been with her.  She refused to let me speak with her because she said I would upset her.

I found Casey with her friend Tony @ his appt. around 730 pm.



So Casey told her mom that Caylee was with her for the past month.  When really she wasn’t, remember Casey had her investigating hat on?  Casey also stated that her car was in Orlando while she was in Jacksonville!  Who was she with in Jacksonville and how did she get there?  What the heck is this letter she is talking about?  Where was it sent from, and who sent it?  If I remember correctly, AMY was the one that helped Cindy find Casey, remember Nate the ex-roommate?  He said Amy came to the apartment then Cindy.  I find Cindy Anthony’s statement to be very blah.  No where does she mention the pants in the car, the smell in the car, nor the knife!  It also does NOT mention the washing of the pants or the knife.  So seems to me she knows more than she is letting on to be.      

Jesse Grund Statement

On 07/16/08 at approx. 0005 hours I received a phone call from a friend, Jeff, who advised me he had recvd a call from an OCSO deputy on Casey Anthony’s phone.  I called her number, 4076199286, and spoke w/Sgt Hosey, who advised me that Caylee Anthony was missing, and asked me if I had any information.  At the time I didn’t and hung up.

This morning at 0939 hours, I texted (text messaged) Casey to find out what happened.  Casey sent me back a ext message advising me Caylee had been missing for 32 days, and that, in a second text, her nanny took her. 

After recalling recent phone conversations I had w/Casey, I remember at phone conversation I had w/Casey on the weekend of 6/27/08 at which time Casey asked me to come to Fusion Night club to cheer me up.  I asked Casey if her mom was watching Caylee, as I knew the two had a falling out.  Casey told me that Caylee was with the nanny at the beach for the week or weekend (cannot remember specific)

After contacting Corp. Melich on the phone I went on Casey’s myspace and facebook pages and found the following:  on facebook pages Casey Anthony had deleted upwards of 200+photographs of her, and her w/Caylee.  On myspace, she had at one point, over 10 pages of photos of Caylee, now reduced to 4 pages.  Casey’s personal hobby is photography and has had upwards of 300+ photos of Caylee posted online, at any given time.  

During my conversation w/Inv. Analyst McBride, I additionally recalled that between the week of 6/22/08-7/6/08, I had two odd contacts from Casey Anthony: In that time period, Casey called me to ask if she could use my shower, since she was not staying w/her parents and Tony (her boyfriend) was out of town.  The call occurred at 10 am but unsure of the specific date.  I allowed Casey to use the shower, and when she came over, nothing appeared out of the ordinary.  On 7/3/08, Casey texted me “if my mom or dad try to call you, don’t answer.  I will explain it later, but for right now just stay out of it.”  On 7/4/08, I called her to try and get an explanation but she told me, “It was a long story and I will probably call you when I get drunk to tell you.”

I swear and affirm the above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  I will testify. 


So this is the guy being blamed!  He tells the truth, to my knowledge (it has not been proven he is a liar), and in turn the Cindy Anthony claims he is a murderer.  It just really seems weird to me that Cindy would be so STUPID to even say it.  Needless to say, Casey is the one who lied from day one.   


Caylee’s search trust fund shuts down

A trust fund set up to help in the search for Caylee Anthony has been shut down.

Both the law firm that administers the fund and the bank where the money was deposited said they’re backing out.


Attorney Paul Kelly who works for the firm related to this account says he is saddened by the firm’s decision.


The bank has received harassing email about funds.  They are also saying that the emails could have come from 2 Equuseach volunteers. 


I highly doubt that they received only 2 emails!   There has to be more.  Also, funny they claim it came from equusearch volunteers.  Boy, they are always pointing fingers in this case except to the person who needs to be pointed at CASEY ANTHONY!  And mind you, the Anthony’s have NO COMMENTS!  I say audit the trust fund.  Make the account public knowledge….not who donated, just the funds received. 

Cindy Anthony…watch what you say….could get sued!

Thanks J. Garrett for letting me in on Cindy’s latest nutty accusations!

Cindy Anthony is making claims that EX-boyfriend Jesse Grund is the one who killed Caylee and stuffed her in the trunk of the Casey car.  SO, is denial coming to a close?  Does Cindy Anthony believe Caylee is dead?  Well, she must, she said that Jesse Grund has now done this terrible thing to her granddaughter which we believe that Casey, the unbalanced mother had done.  I guess when all else fails, blame someone else for your own daughters actions.  
Wow, sound like he need to look into to an attorney to press charges against the Anthony’s.  Looks like they will try to take everyone down, except their daughter.  Hey Cindy, you are missing a screw.   

Jesse does seem like a really nice guy!  Thank goodness he never married this nut bucket!  And just an FYI, if they were engaged and he had the tests done….sure looks like she slept around while she was dating Jesse.  This poor guy will probably never have a normal life! 

Jesse should sue the Anthony’s for Defamation of Character.  Then they would stop this stuff!





More Anthony 911 calls

From 27 August-14 September 2008…….

Lee Anthony statement

My sister Casey Anthony has been M.I.A. for weeks, I assumed with her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.  I came to the house this evening to see my mother and found Casey’s vehicle in the garage and no sign of anyone.  Casey and my mother showed up and both acted id they been fighting about Caylee.  My mother threatened to call the cops and Casey did fight her about doing so.  Once my mother went outside to clear her head I acknowledged to Casey that mom’s outside and she can’t heat us.  Casey began to break down and told me she doesn’t know where Caylee is and she hadn’t seen her in 31 days since she dropped her off to her nanny Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.  She claimed she’s been searching for her Caylee herself and had other people helping her.  She says she’s been staying with Anthony Lazaro.  She’s mentioned that the person she met the nanny through is Jeff Hopkins whom lives in Jacksonville.  Anthony Lazaro said when I called his cell phone this evening that Casey has been telling him that she sees Caylee on a regular basis.


Funny that Lee can spell Zenaida correct, but can’t spell Casey’s EX-boyfriends last name.  It’s Lazzaro. 

Who are these so called other people looking for Caylee, are they still looking?  She never told Anthony Lazzaro that Caylee was missing, but I do guess that when you go to a neutral place, your stress and anxiety slip away!