Anthony 911 calls


Got it from a friend!


Best Friend Ryan Paysley talks

Ryan talks to am540WFLA.  He is a friend of Casey Anthony…..

Ryan Paysley’s words may not have been the kind of support Anthony desires.

He said he believes her daughter, Caylee Anthony is dead.

“Knowing Casey, I would say that it was an accident,” Paysley said, “As far as how it went down, I can almost guarantee you that it was an accident and that she got nervous, scared, and didn’t know what to do, and she did something with her.”

Paysley claimed not to be surprised by allegations that his former best friend has been dishonest about the situation from the outset. He said over the course of the last four or five years it seems that everything she has told him has “turned out be a lie.”

Paysley claimed not to be surprised by allegations that his former best friend has been dishonest about the situation from the outset. He said over the course of the last four or five years it seems that everything she has told him has “turned out be a lie.”

Funny, I guess she is surprised considering he is a best friend.  Makes me wonder why Ryan believes Caylee is deceased!  I do think it is about her friends start talking.  We all want to know the truth and since Casey doesn’t know what “TRUTH” means, her friends will have to provide the truth.  You can read more at am540WFLA



More CASEY saga…it’s all about Casey

Watching Nancy Grace, she makes a great point.  Why should the cops help Casey with the protesters, but she will not help the cops find Caylee! Nancy also said that funny she called IMMEDIATELY and didn’t investigate for 31 days.    

Leonard Padilla will be talking with investigators tonight.  It will be interesting when they release the next set of documents in this case.  He also said that the lady security person Casey had, might know something’s that could be valuable to the case.

You can tell Nancy is getting more and more frustrated with this case.  But who isn’t?  I think Casey needs to figure this out and start talking!

Robert Dick, security for Casey, says that Lee Anthony only heard about Zenaida Gonzalez in the past 30 days from his statement.  It is said that Lee is backtracking because of his involvement.  As to what his involvement is, who knows. 

I did hear the guardian angels are at the house protecting the compound!

So, with all the fun going on outside the Anthony compound, maybe the National Guard should come out and guard them.  But I think that Casey LOVES all the attention.  If the protesters have to leave and go down the block, I think Casey will have an issue.  She loves all the attention.


Casey calls 911

Casey Anthony called 911 about 130am.  It is about protesters and all the action going on there.

“It is getting physical?” 911 operator said.

“Yes, it’s getting physical right now,” Casey said.

“You see them physically fighting?” 911 operator said.

“Yes, I see them physically fighting,” Casey said. “We have surveillance.”

“OK, do you know if there are any weapons?” 911 operator asked.

“I don’t know if there are any weapons,” Casey said. “I know that my father is outside and so is my mother. So, send as many people as you possible can.”

“And, who is this?” 911 operator said.

“They need to be arrested because this can’t keep happening,” Casey said. “We already had six or seven officers out here for almost 45 minutes and they did not do anything. And they are the same punks that were out here all night throwing stuff at our house.”

“OK, stay on the line with me,” 911 operator said.

“I absolutely will, but they need to hurry up,” Casey said. “They were…they just left not that long ago.”

“The police officers left?” 911 operator said.

“The police officers just left at about 1 a.m.,” Casey said.

“A media van just pulled up and that is when all of this started happening,” Casey said.

“About how many people are out there?” 911 operator asked.

“There are at least a dozen people and now two media vans,” Casey said. “And there is actually more people walking in from……………etc.

Makes you wonder if you can believe a word she said.  Had it not been on TV, it could be another story.  Needless to say, this is brought on all because of Casey’s lying and not telling the truth.  Casey makes me sick.  The more I listen to her talk the more sick I get.  She is just dreadful!                                    HEY CASEY, tell us where your daughter is, and ALL OF this will be over! 

Casey Anthony…an accomplice?

Leonard Padilla says that Casey had to have an accomplice to dispose of the body.  This is Padilla’s theory.  He says that someone had to help her.  Who knows, maybe the accomplice is also dead.  Casey’s friend Kristina said: Casey is the type of person who could connive a friend into helping.  Leo has come to this theory because of all the phone talking Casey had done on the 26 June through 28 June.  Leo has seen the phone records, he got them from Lee.  Leo did confirm THERE WAS NO PHONE CALL AT NOON ON THE 15th of July from ANYONE!!  (She must have had her phone on silent and acted like she received a call)  There is also confirmation that there was NO NANNY phone calls on Casey’s cell phone records. 


Casey even lied to Robert Dick.  He was head of security for the Casey Anthony, now police are going to question him, and Leonard Padilla.  He said that Casey said she was given a SCRIPT to follow when talking to the police….oh this girl is up and over the top and ready to roll down the hill into a grave! 


Jeff Hopkins has been questioned and said that he worked in the vicinity of Casey Anthony, but did not know her, and did NOT have a Zenaida Gonzalez work for him.   


Padilla thinks that Casey got the information on Zenaida Gonzalez through her friends that live in the apartment complex.  He said she somehow got the application for Zenaida.  I say Zenaida needs to sue the Apartment complex for giving the info out and also the Casey Anthony for slander.    


I STILL think Casey thought she DID the perfect crime.  Zenaida, the unknown was the last one with Caylee, the car was stolen, she left work and couldn’t find them.  She made up names using her friends names, by re-arranging them.  She claims a script was involved.  I would love to see the script.


Here are a few questions: why did Jesse Grund take a polygraph and Casey Anthony did NOT!  If she is NOT guilty, then step up and take the test.  Where did she really go if she was not working, that so called day of 9 June 2008, or was it the 16 or 17 June?  Whose phone was she really using she claims to have lost.  (We know she did not work for Universal)

On another note, Cindy Anthony went on uni-vision with a Spanish speaking interpreter.  Guess she is looking for Caylee via the TV.