More on the Anthony Case!

Neighbors are suing protester in front of the Anthony home who are disturbing the peace.   Lawsuit states: “The association is seeking to reasonably limit the nuisance activities that have caused irreparable harm and damage to the quiet use and enjoyment of the residential neighborhood.”  Protesters are free to be near the Anthony home on public property.


A laptop computer and a kitchen knife were found in Casey Anthony’s car!  Of course that knife has been washed, and I am sure who washed it.   But I am very interested in why it was there. 


More charges could soon be filed against the mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, said an Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman. The new charges against Casey Anthony would likely deal with economic crimes.


If Casey cashes in on a book, pay-per view, etc, and she is convicted, Florida has a statute that prohibits convicted felons from keeping proceeds derived from accounts of a crime for which they are convicted.  (If any one knows where I can find this statute, please let me know. I would like to read it and see if Family members can keep the money)


The webcam link has moved:  MyFoxOrlando

This from about 10 pm in Florida


Outside the Anthony Compound!

Friday night!




Tapes Released!!!!

Well, the tapes of the interrogation have been released.  Talk about bull face liar!  She says she worked at Universal Studios, gave the name of Juliette Lewis as a co-worker, and come to find out she hadn’t worked there for years.  She claims to have been at the apartment complex, and the surveillance tapes prove different.  She is all worried about her mother’s reaction, and says that she will never forgive her, and she won’t be able to forgive herself.  But all she wants to do is find her daughter.  Also in her interrogation, she refers to Caylee and what she liked to do, in the past tense.  She does get very friendly at the end of the tape.


I can’t even stand listening to this brat.  She is such a liar it makes me sick.  With all the lying she does, you can tell she in no way wants to find her daughter. 

Listen to the nut:  From MyFoxOrlando

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Lee came out to talk to protesters.  I do not believe they had left. 



According to Leonard Padilla, the George, Cindy and Lee Anthony were asked by the FBI to do a polygraph test.  They did say they would do it.  But 20 minutes later Lee went outside to the FBI and said they would not.  Sure makes you wonder what they are hiding.  I have believed from day one, that they knew something and if they know nothing, then they need to prove it.  I remember when the Polly Klaas case came out; Mr. Klaas was all over everything he could do to help find his daughter.  He did polygraph test, searched for her, etc. I am really not sure if the Anthony’s are searching or not!  The large trailer in the front of the house has been moved, and I am unsure where it has gone.


Protesters gathering

Here is a picture of the Anthony protesters at 1630.

More charges against Casey

The Florida State Attorney’s Office has officially filed charges against 22-year-old Casey Anthony.

There are 10 charges filed against her, including grand theft, three charges of fraudulent use of personal identification, three counts of forgery of a check and three charges for uttering a forged check.
The charges were filed after she allegedly stole checks and money from a friend.
These are just formal charges and that Casey already bonded out on these alleged crimes. No arrest will be made. Other charges could come out later today.  If Casey is to be arrested, her attorney will bring her in. The attorney does expect more charges.


So she was pretty busy spending other people’s money, using their identity, while she was doing her own investigation.  Makes me wonder if she had bought a ticket under her friend’s name? Also, her damn attorney should expect more charges, you can’t say that she wasted all those hours in his office doing nothing!  Just found out that Casey could get 5 years per charge and could get 50 years in the slammer.   

Casey is punishing everyone….

………….according to an article I found on the web:

According to Dr. Schurman-Kauflin, Anthony is manipulating everyone, including the media.

“She knows everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear about Caylee, so she is punishing everyone by being silent. To her, it is unfair that people are more interested in Caylee than her, and she will punish investigators, her family, friends, and the public. Not cooperating and staying quiet is a way of ‘getting even’ for perceived wrongs. Remember, it is all about her, not Caylee. When you make it about Caylee, she will stop talking. You have seen that already. Right now, Casey is feeling hurt. Her pain is her priority. No one should make the mistake of wondering why she doesn’t seem to care that her baby is gone. The truth is, one must look at this from Casey’s perspective. She is free now. She thinks if she talks to police, that freedom could be taken away.”

Here is the link:  Dr. Schurman-Kauflin

Sure does shine alot of light on why she is the way she is.

Just my opinion!

Does anyone remember when Casey had the conversation with 911 and reported her car stolen, child missing and who had her?   


Here is the blurb: 


911: OK, did you guys call and report a vehicle stolen?
CASEY: Yes, my mom did.
911: OK. So is it a vehicle stolen, too?
CASEY: No, this was my vehicle.
911: What vehicle was stolen?
CASEY: It’s a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire.
911: OK. I have deputies on the way to you right now for that. But now your 3-year-old daughter is missing, Caylee Anthony.
CASEY: Yes, Caylee Marie Anthony.
911: White female.
CASEY: Yes, white female.
911: Three years old, 8/9/2005 is her date of birth?

911: Can you tell me a little bit what’s going on?
CASEY: My daughter’s been missing for the last 31 days.
911: And you know who has her?
CASEY: I know who has her. I’ve tried to contact her. I actually received a phone call today now from a number that is no longer in service. I did get to speak to my daughter for about a moment, about a minute.
911: And you last saw her a month ago?
CASEY: Thirty-one days. Thirty-one days.
911: Who has her? Do you have a name?
CASEY: Her name is Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.
911: Who is that, the baby-sitter?
CASEY: She’s been my nanny for about a year-and-a-half, almost two years.



So she claims her car is stolen, her baby is missing and Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez has her.  We heard that her car wasn’t stolen, according to the EX-boyfriend, there is no Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, and the air samples show a dead body was in the trunk.

What a great cover-up she had, but seems to be falling apart.

Anthony’s attorney on Nancy Grace

Mark Nejame is on Nancy Grace, and I really don’t care for him.  I wonder who he is getting paid by.  According to him, there are 4 more leads to where Caylee is.  Wait, is this since he was hired?  According to the Anthony family, they get 100’s a day.  There is a BIG difference between 100’s and 4, he was hired on 3 September, I think! 


According to Mr Nejame, he has NOT met Casey Anthony or her attorney.  He claims to have nothing to do with Casey’s case; he is there for Cindy and George to help find Caylee.  (Out of curiosity, how he is helping find Caylee if he is sitting on Nancy Grace, and Cindy and George are at home)


I really like watching Nancy Grace.  She plays the lies out of Cindy’s mouth.  Some of Cindy’s statements:  my daughter has some mistruths out there; it could have been the pizza in the back of the car;  no odor in the car when it was towed;  maybe someone put a dead body in the trunk of that car after it was towed, etc.


It is me, or does it seem Cindy Anthony is on something?  I am not saying illegal drugs, but does she seem like she is out of it?  I do know that she had seen a therapist at some point for issues with the Casey, wonder if she was given meds!  Sometimes, like when she was on the stand, she seemed not to make much sense. 

Casey Anthony arrested again?

Casey Anthony could be on her way back to jail for more checks written.  I am not surprised!  I am sure there will be more.