BREAKING NEWS: Death Penalty back on!

Just when you thought there wouldn’t be a BOMBSHELL! The state of Florida is asking for the DEATH PENALTY in the case against Casey! The state is citing “sufficient aggravating circumstances”!!!

State letter


Casey Anthony update

Well, what the heck, no pictures of Caylee in her cell?  None of the family.  Seems weird.   Also along with no visitors except an attorney Terence Lenamom.


The search will resume on the 8th of November, which was already said, there should be about a thousand people.  Leonard Padilla will be raising money for this search.


It is said Terence Lenamon could be the attorney for Casey.  And it is very doubtful that Casey will take the stand as the prosecution will tear her up!  So I still ask, how are they going to get their side of the story out?  All of her friends didn’t know Caylee was missing until 16 July or after and that is after the fact.  So, I want to see them pull this off. 


Leonard Padilla plans to get about 500 people to help with the search.  He already has 30-40 who called without being asked.  Anyone planning on helping with the search, needs to get training before they go out, unless they already have had training.  It was also said that when Leo’s nephew was doing the paperwork for Casey’s large bond, Casey went into the kitchen and made him dinner.  All of this after she is charged with neglect, etc…………..she is a piece of work.  Yo can make a donation to EquuSearch here.


Tiplines to call….

I am unsure why George needs to get a tip line. There are plenty out there and some online forms:

They have their home phone number as one
There is also their website CFCrimeLine
They also have a page to send in tips
There is also Missing Kids Call our toll-free Hotline at 1.800.THE.LOST
Report online, sightings
America’s most wanted
EquuSearch 281.309.9500  or online.
It is also said you can call you LOCAL Police at 911

I am just curious, when the Anthony’s said that the police have not looked into cases since 15 August, was there a later sighting of a girl that looked like Caylee and it was said NOT to be her?  Oh yes here it is Sighting! It was 22 September!

Casey Anthony Caylee’s vigil, the dress, etc

More than 100 people showed up for a vigil for Caylee Sunday.  The Anthony’s had the vigil in an unknown location and George said the people who showed were hopeful!

George is currently in the process of moving his information to a Wal-Mart because the last place pushed him out.  He is also in the process of setting up a new tiplines.


THE DRESS is still getting tested by Federal investigators.  So nothing has been proven that the dress is not Caylee’s as of yet! 


OF course the attorney said on Geraldo that his team is excited to present their side of the story because he believes his client will be proven innocent.  He said, “Once we are able to show her version of the facts, I think the entire world is going to be able to sit back and say, ‘Now I understand!”  No word on if Casey will testify.  Well how will they get their side of the story out?  Isn’t she the only one who knows what happened?

If you were in Cindy’s shoes……

Here is a tough one!  If you were in Cindy’s shoes, what would you be doing? Acting?

I know that if I were in her shoes, I would be out looking for my granddaughter, no matter what!  I know I would also be cooperative the LE as I would push my family to do…this waiting for court orders, warrants just makes them look guilty!  I would also talk with my daughter day in and day out trying to get information about my granddaughter!  As for the way I would be acting, I am unsure!  I am hoping that I would be sane, but I think it would take it toll on me!

Of course, this is me and I am not in Cindy’s shoes, and I hope to never be there!

Casey Anthony week roundup

WOW!  It has been some week for Casey Anthony! 


We got word that EquuSearch might be pulling out of Florida.  It is said they left, but will be returning on 8 November.


A dress was found in the woods, and is now being sent out of state for more testing.  The dress is similar to the one that Caylee is wearing in a photo on the net.


Casey was indicted and charged of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of lying to investigators about the disappearance of her daughter, Caylee, by a grand jury in only 30 minutes…don’t ever underestimate the power of evidence.   Needless to say, George Anthony was the first one on the stand.  Twelve of the 19 jurors handed down the indictment.  Casey did not turn herself in.  She was arrested after the under cover detectives saw her jump out of Cindy’s vehicle and into a gray SUV driven by her bail bondman.


The attorney for Casey did his FIRST news conference on TV and in the back ground is Casey shedding a tear for herself and no one else.  He stated that ALL will come out in the end…why wait until the end?  Makes no sense.  OH, and lets not forget the notorious “Casey is living a nightmare” comment!  SHE BROUGHT THIS ON HERSELF, not to mention what Caylee lived at the hands of her mother!


Cindy Anthony went on TV and said that the grand jury is politically related.  OK, what ever you say Cindy.  I believe you’re not creditable in any way.  She was also on the Today show, and held up a dress claiming it to be Caylee and in her closet, but it seemed to be new.  Just my opinion. 


Todd Black, spokesman for the defense teams said on national TV “It is very difficult this is a very serious case, involving the lost of a life of this little girl……!” Black retracted the comment and said it was taken out of context.  Maybe the defense teams needs to get someone who doesn’t get angry when they speak on TV!


Jeff Hopkins was on Nancy Grace and said he has no children.  He also said he had seen Casey once in July at Ale House.  He had known Casey all through school.  He never worked with Casey at Universal.  He did not work there after 2002. 


We also learned the bag found in the car, and thrown over the fence at the tow yard had bodily fluids on it. 


A new eye witness has come forward.  He claims that he saw Casey or someone looking like Casey by the airport.  She had on a hat, carrying a shovel, and in a white car with the front bra on.  He also said he saw a well dressed man, on the phone and acting like he was fishing.  It has been said that he gave this information to detectives a while back, but we are waiting confirmation on that.  Paul Kovach said he might get his own search team out.


Leonard Padilla will return to Florida and search for Caylee with Equusearch and a bunch of bails bondsman. 

Casey Anthony Leonard Padilla returns to Florida

Leonard Padilla will return to Florida to help out with the search for Caylee Anthony.  He will arrive when EquuSearch return in November and join the team. 

Padilla has organized a group of other bounty hunters who are going to join in the search and have also help raise money to finance it. Equusearch is going to train the bounty hunters to be search team leader, said Mandy Albritton, search director for EquuSearch. 

Well, this will be good.  I believe Cindy is against Leonard Padilla.  Why? Because Leonard does not believe that Caylee is alive either.  Hey Cindy, did you get over to Puerto Rico yet to take care of your leads?

Casey Anthony new witness see’s her by airport

Paul Kovach is considering getting his own searchers to go and search the area by the airport.  Paul Kovach claims to have seen Casey coming out of the wooded area, where another witness said she had seen Casey, with a shovel, a bag and a hat on her head.  He also says he saw a man, well dressed, in the same area supposedly fishing and on the cell phone.  Paul has a lot of details in his story, but all of his details have been seen on tv.    


Casey will not have to be in court on 28 October, but will have to be in court 5 November for the child abuse and neglect charges. 

Casey Anthony pleas not guilty

Casey Anthony entered a written plea of not guilty Friday to first-degree murder charges for the death of her daughter Caylee. Did we expect anything else  She will not have to show up for her arraignment hearing.

The attorney made a request to get legal access to the evidence in the case that helped indict Casey

EquuSearch wants the community to turn out and volunteer for the search. They had set up shop near Orlando International Airport, because Casey was making the rounds in that area during the days immediately after Caylee disappeared.

I honestly wish I was there.  I would love to help in the search to find Caylee.

Todd Black, spokesman defense attorney Baez, issued another statement this morning about the CNN News interview in which he implied Caylee Marie was dead.

The faxed press release “We have to thank the few, but very respected news people who understood the misuse of a ‘delayed’ telephone interview, along with deceptive editing to PURPOSELY MISLEAD the public.”

The release states CNN released a “complete fraud and stooped to the lowest low, shamefully toying with the life of Casey Anthony, who sits falsely accused of murder”

What did Casey Anthony do all day?

Here is a new question.  Alot of people are asking what did Casey Anthony do all day if she didn’t have a job!

It has been said to be known that Casey has not worked in 2 years, but has claimed to be going to work, and working off of her computer, What do you think she did all day?  Where did she go?

Casey Anthony update

Baez and his team said that they believe Caylee is alive. Baez said the statement Todd Black made was taken out of context.  OK, well get out there and start looking.  I haven’t seen any picture of the Anthony’s searching.  Baez said people are making a joke of this serious issue.  WAIT!  It is a serious issue, tell your CLIENT to STOP lying!  And on this, if this is a death penalty case, Baez has an anonymous attorney who is qualified. 


Mike Brooks said that Casey is in high level protective custody.  She is all by herself and she is in a high level of protection.  It is said she could have had death threats, but I think they might be worried that she could/would kill herself.  The only visitor she has had is the notorious attorney. 


Richard Grund, Jesse Grund’s father said that he thinks Casey was trying ti get away from Cindy Anthony and in the process; it was an accident that happened to Caylee.  Sorry, I don’t buy that!  What does chloroforming Caylee, if she did, have to do with getting away from Cindy.  And why chloroform a 2 year old? 


I am very sad that Equusearch has left.  I guess I do believe that the Anthony’s are not cooperating with Tim Miller, look at how cooperative the daughter is with LE!