RECAP: Rick Pleasa’s emails to you know who!

This is very interesting. Rick thinks the same as we do! How sad that Cindy can be so stupid. Her voice has been heard and ignored. Caylee is dead, even her own brother thinks so! Also, Rick sent emails from Shirley Plesea to the detective. They have been removed from the file, but from just reading what Rick wrote to the LE it sounds like Shirley is also tired of the charade Cindy is putting on!! And let me add, the more Cindy bad mouths the LE, the less they will help. She had criticized them, the reports and everything. Turns around on TV and asks them to look into the Caylee sighting? What the heck, you can’t cooperate Cindy, why should the LE?

Email from Rick to Cindy
August 21 2008 at 12:59 AM
Subject: Re: won’t do Greta

Cindy, George did wrestle his dad and put him thru the window. That is why George had to start his own business. Don’t lie to me about it. Mom filled me in on Casey so don’t lie to me about her. She STOLE dads check and bought a stupid phone at AT&T so don’t lie to me about the $354!!!! Mom has the god damn statement! I know I re verified with mom today!!! The sitter IS the whole case! Are you that dumb??? The house could be JOE BLOWS for Christ’s sake. are you that naive??? You really are that stupid. I can’t believe it. My sister is a moron. You need help. You are delirious! I WAS trying to help you. Your grand daughter is dead!! there I said it. Casey has killed her someway either by accident or on purpose. Casey is a narcissist Read up on it. You and George have been walking through life with blinders on. Casey made you both look like fools at my wedding. Did you forget I told you she was pregnant!!! You are a nurse for Christ’s sake. You are a fool. Casey has buffaloed you and George for a long time. I also know about George and the internet and he paid most of it back from his workers comp check. Casey ran up the tab. Mom knows and told me you idiot. You think what you d is secret? You are living a fantasy!! Wake the hell up sister!! George’s debt was paid over time in Ohio. I remember the settlement and that was from 1989. You think I am as dumb as you? You are not only in denial but are missing your brain. The article of clothing of the sitters was verified by who? Casey? No one ever saw the sitter so how could they have proven to be hers. What drugs are you on. You are so stupid I can’t take it. You should make the Guinness book of world records for being gullible. The only thing that God knows is Casey is a liar and you are stupid. Casey knows where Caylee is and when all the evidence is in she will get the death penalty for murder. You have to be a moron for destroying evidence with washing pants that smell like a dead body. If they were in the car and the smell was in the trunk how could the pants stink? Think use that think on your shoulders. If the cops didn’t think you were stupid they would bring charges against you and George for destroying evidence. I disowned Nate for lying for Pam and I can disown you for your ignorance. I see how Casey is so screwed up between you and George as role models. Saying Casey will be mother of the year I nearly tossed my groceries. She will be mutha of the year. Those people in prison will have a field day with her. You better tell her to confess and ask for solitary. It is her only hope. Do you think I care anymore after you attacked me. You are in another universe. You and George ARE on your own. Good luck with that.

Email from Cindy to Rick
August 22 2008 8:37 pm
Subject: Re: Won’t do Greta.

call his father he did not wrestle his dad thru a glass window. She did not steal dad’s check I gave mom back the check from her 21st birthday uncashed that is how she got the routing number. You are the f/n stupid one, there is a sitter. We have people tracking her, the OCSO is not doing there job, but we have other sources who are. Someday you will eat all your words and I hope you choke on them. There is no case against Casey, DNA does not take 31 days to get back they have nothing. I did not ask you to get involved. You think you know everything. Mom got confused when you went thru your divorce and took Pam’s side until I convinced her there are always 2 sides. People should not judge what they do not know. The next time you say Caylee is dead I will personally come there and kick your sorry @ss all the way to hell, because that is where you are headed. Stay out of my life. You did not ruin your son’s life, he is a wonderful young man. Thank god you disowned him he did better of without you. You have no family loyalty, or faith, what a waste of a human existence. I did not want to stoop to our low life level but I’m calling it as I see it. Again I feel sorry for Robin, she is a nice woman. I have only 2 brothers.

Email from Rick To Cindy:
August 23 2008 1:01 pm
Subject: No subject

Mom has the statement that Casey STOLE from dad’s account. You @ss! Mom told you about Casey STEALING IT! QUIT LYING FOR CASEY!! Casey’s excuses for stealing was that Universal transferred her and they didn’t have the budget for the phones that the employees needed and told them to buy them themselves Casey told mom that the Universal would reimburse them,. Casey didn’t have the money to buy it so she “borrowed” it from dad’s account. The check was signed “Casey Anthony”! So don’t f/n lie to me. I have hears enough lies coming for you daughter for a lifetime and now your are lying to me. Your princess daughter didn’t even graduate from high school and you cover that up. When you FINALLY find “the truth” about what has happened to Caylee, I will say I TOLD YOU SO! You are so damn blind you need a seeing eye dog. If you REALLY wanted to find Caylee you would seek the real truth from Casey.
The FBI and the forensic labs are taking their time and doing this right. That evidence is NOT in yet. You are in for a huge surprise.
Speaking of the FBI, they and the Orange County Sheriff’s office called me and mom. They now know what mom and I know about this. They talked to Dan too. This is far to serious to PRETENT that Casey just gave Caylee to a “made up” sitter. No one believes you or your lying daughter. I disowned Nate because he was a lying no-good little prick. I gave him many chances. (but not the million chances you have given Casey) No one was ever “missing” from my house. I welcome the chance of you coming hereto “kick my @ss”. You need to kick Casey’s @ss you idiot. I know you want to believe Caylee is still alive because you will have lost Caylee and Casey. I was trying to let you SEE BOTH SIDES! You are the only looking at Casey’s side.
I don’t need you in my family. You are too stupid to be in my family. You are the stupidest people that I know. You can pick your seat and pick your nose, you can’t pick your relatives! All you had to do was discipline Casey. You didn’t do anything to squelch her. You created her now deal with her.
If you think Nate is a fine man I would have a problem with that. Your judge of characters is not working. You can’t see Casey did something to Caylee and KNOWS what it is. Nate may have grown up and if he got away from Pam’s influence he may have a chance. He knows now that I wasn’t going to put up with is nonsense any longer. Something that you have to learn about Casey!
Anyway the police and FBI now know the truth. I hope it will lead them to Caylee.
What you were doing wasn’t working.


RECAP: Cindy’s 911 calls

On 14 August Melich received the transcripts of the second and third 911 calls placed by Cynthia Anthony on 15 July. In the second 911 call (the second she made in total), Cynthia Anthony told dispatchers that she wanted her daughter arrested for having stolen her car and her money. She also told the dispatcher that she “has a possible missing child. I have a three year old that’s been missing for a month.”

In the third 911 call (the third she made in total) Cynthia is obviously shaken and upset. The 911 operated spoke with a calm tone Casey. Casey said the suspects name was ZENAIDA FERNANDEZ-GONZALEZ.

Cindy: I found my daughter’s car today and it smelled like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.”
911: And you last saw her a month ago?
Casey: 31 days. It’s been 31 days.
911: Who had her? Do you have a name?
Casey: Her name is Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez . . .
Dispatcher: Why are you calling now? Why didn’t you call 31 days ago?
Casey: I’ve been looking for her and have gone through other resources to try to find her, which was stupid . . .

Second call
Third Call

RECAP: Mike Kozak’s interview

On 30 July 2008 Melich called and spoke with Mike Cozak who confirmed Casey worked with him in 2005, but he could remember no Jeffery Hopkins or Juliette Lewis. He said Casey was terminated for “job abandonment” after Caylee was born. He confirmed that Casey never transferred over to Colorvision.


RECAP: Casey Anthony summary of Computer forensics #2 & 3


2) The HP Pavilion Desktop computer
On July 16, 2008, Awilda McBride showed me a print-out of a MySpace blog dated
“Thursday, July 3, 2008”. The page is titled, “my caylee is missing”. The web
page was bookmarked and reported in the “my caylee is missing” portion of this

The Internet History for the profile “Casey” on the HP computer was extracted
via Net Analysis. The History was then filtered for both “MySpace” and for
“facebook.” All the Internet History files were saved to the Evidence\Internet
History\Cindy Desktop computer\Casey profile folders as comma delimited files
for viewing using Excel.

A keyword search for “Zenaida” revealed Web pages indicating that a user
searched the Internet for that name on July 16, 2008. Those entries were
bookmarked under the “Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez” section of this report.
Detective Melich requested a keyword search for “Eric Baker.” The name “Eric
James Baker” was bookmarked under the section of the same name within the

Several instant message conversations were bookmarked and saved to the
Evidence\Chat fragments\Pragments of conversatons in allocated space folder for
viewing using html. The file entitled nyitaliano3.html mentions the name
“zani.” This is the only reference found thus far to any variaton of the name
Zenaida. The chat does not indicate the identity or location of “zani.”
Several instant message conversations were bookmarked and saved to the
Evidence\Chat fragments\Fragments of conversations in unallocated space folder.

3) The Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera was examined. Graphic and video files of
Caylee and family were bookmarked and saved to the Evidence\Graphic files