Caylee Anthony: 10 years later * Part 8 Many lies of Casey Anthony

Early on in this case, I had done some research




Casey Anthony update 26 June 2009 It’s not about Caylee

Received this from one of the people who post on the site. 

So often we “bloggers” have asked ourselves, where is the one family member, that ONE blood relative who will step forward and demand Justice for Caylee? There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who are demanding that justice, loud and clear. Yet her family seems to have a different agenda. One blogger took it upon herself to ask that question of a great uncle of Caylees’.

She made a call to Ohio and stated that our facts come directly from LE and she asked when is ONE family member going to take a stand for Caylee?

She was told “well Caylee died you know” and then she was told that “George and Cindy had spent several days recently in Ohio with family and had a really good time.” This was the week of the vigil-which not one family member attended.  Lee did do a drive by lookyloo. Yes we saw you Lee.

It appears that now that George and Cindy have the money, they are no longer the “poor bankrupt relations, but are being taken back into the “fold’.  Is the entire family going to unite in the ‘business” Cindy has begun? Are they all going to bask in the “fame and fortune ‘ gained by Caylees’ murder. They can even boast now that Casey is housed in the same wing as Billy Bob Thornton daughter, MY MY the lifestyle of the rich and famous.- all at the cost of a beautiful little child.  How proud they must be-the family that spends together. Or is that spins?

I thought Rick Pleasea might do the right thing at one time-but so far HE is keeping a low profile. I would like to challenge just ONE blood relative-please come stand with us-stand up and demand Justice for Caylee- can ONE of you do that?


Oh my goodness, all this about the autopsy report being released and the crying George did in court was all a show.  Not to mention that they had to go on National TV and put on a show for the world on the 16th of June about it being a year since they had seem her, blah, blah, blah!  Why am I not surprised?  And why did I know that they are all a show.