EquuSearch return to search

Volunteers with Texas Equusearch are planning on returning to central Florida to start up their search again.The teams were forced to stop looking for Caylee when tropical storm Fay hit.

A spokesperson from the group says they should be back next week.

I wonder how Cindy will deal with this?  Equusearch will more than likely be looking for a body.  Wonder if there will be any contact with the Anthony family…….


Casey wants to visit “PLACES OF INTEREST”

The Attorney for Casey Anthony will go to court Friday to try to convince a judge to allow them to take Casey to “places of interest” in her case without the public knowing about it.

Casey must get permission from the jail to leave her house.

Casey’s attorney also wants the judge to halt all lab testing so he can have a say in where and how it’s done and he’s demanding access to Casey’s car and all kinds of other evidence.

Her attorney is also trying to get access to the DNA evidence, even though there’s no indication prosecutors will use that evidence to show Casey neglected Caylee by not reporting her disappearance for a month and by not searching for her.


Well, I thought that her attorney said that the OSCO has already leaked all the evidence.  And why does she need to go to places of interests?  She hasn’t been interested in finding Caylee.  She butt needs to stay home and enjoy the 4 walls surrounding her.  She has gotten what she wants, she needs to stay home!  Wonder if she will show up in court, or will an email be sent?!?


Check out what Local6 says. Claims she is going to search for Caylee. 

It’s a little late to start searching for your daughter.  Didn’t Casey search for 31 days with help from other avenues?

Sunday night vigil for Caylee

The Anthony’s held a vigil Sunday night, but for the first time it didn’t happen outside their home.  Friends and Family have gathered almost every week since the toddler vanished, but last week they agreed to move the vigil, after neighbors appeared before the Orange County commission looking for help.
Neighbors said all the publicity and protests surrounding the case has turned their Hopespring Drive community into a circus, but protesters said they’ll remain in the neighborhood, vigil or not.

“I’m glad they moved the vigil to a more appropriate place because protesters won’t be here.  Vigils don’t bother us on the contrary, but protesters can go away.  They can go to their own churches and pray,” said Ms Graziani.

“We’re out here protesting the fact that this mother is not cooperating with the police and she is allowed to be in the luxury of her own home rather than jail where she belongs.  So whether the vigil is here or not it’s irrelevant to us,” said Ms. Harris.

More Files in the Casey Anthony case

Jesse Grund Cell phone records

Casey Anthony cell phone records 2   3   4   5   6

Casey Cell phone analysis

Casey Anthony a tough b-otch?

 A veteran investigator in the case of missing Caylee Anthony describes the child’s mother as one of the toughest individuals he’s ever run into, according to Orange County Sheriff.  Casey Anthony, who is the only person named as a suspect in her daughter’s disappearance, has provided what investigators have called “deceptive responses” in connection with the case.


OCSO Beary said lead detective Sgt. John Allen has described Casey Anthony’s attitude. “Sgt. Allen said that’s one of the toughest individuals he’s ever come in contact with when it comes to attitude and as you called the poker face.”

“You know, we know that something’s wrong,” Beary said. “We know something happened and that’s why we are still building the evidential case for the future.” Evidence from the trunk of Anthony’s 1998 Pontiac included traces of chloroform and DNA pointing to a body in the vehicle. Also, hair in the trunk was linked to the missing 3-year-old.


Beary said the evidence could play a criminal court showdown with Casey.  “Florida has laws on the books like that, I think before anybody does anything, the state attorney, the sheriff’s office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI will make sure that if that is the scenario, we will have all our ducks in a row for a good solid case.”

I am really not sure if Casey is tough!  I say she is a spoiled brat who has gotten what she wanted all her life, and gotten away with everything.  She is just a piece of work!

Casey you really are an IDIOT!

Casey Anthony will NOT tell the investigators anything about what she knows about Caylee’s disappearance!  Not sure why her attorney made this statement, she hasn’t help in anyway, shape or form from day 1!  I can hardly wait to see her being charged for murder.


Wonder why Cindy Anthony said that Jesse Grund had a motive!  What is his motive?  Or what would his motive have been?  The only one with a motive Cindy is your fricken daughter!  She is the only one with a motive…..the GOOD LIFE!  So there you go Cindy the only person with a motive!  And I guess your theory is null and void since Jesse Grund passed a polygraph……………..Maybe Casey should be taken behind the shed and get a good lashing!


The longer this case drags out the more upset I get!  Casey is without a doubt hiding something from investigators!  And if you’re not guilty, tell the truth and help with the search of your daughter. 

Jesse Grund on NBC Today show

Casey Anthony’s former fiancé appealed to the mother of missing Orlando toddler Caylee Anthony to stop lying about what happened to her daughter.

“Casey, tell the truth. This isn’t about you anymore. This is about Caylee,” Jesse Grund said at the end of an interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer Thursday in New York. “Stop dragging people’s lives through this. Stop destroying people’s lives and tell the truth. What happened to Caylee?”  Read the rest on Today show

Here is the video.

More sites searched for Caylee

The areas are both wooded,  The areas being searched are not far from where the Anthonys lives. One is near the Amscot at Goldenrod and Highway 50 where Casey abandoned. Investigators have searched the area more than once with cadaver dogs.


The other area is closer to the Orlando International Airport, where a driver told investigators she saw a car that was like Casey’s white Pontiac Sunfire parked in the median days after Caylee disappeared. She saw someone slight in build wearing a baseball cap and what looked like athletic wear walk out of the woods, someone she believes could have been Casey.  She said it was odd to her because it’s not a popular spot for joggers.

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Casey Anthony photo’s on myspace

Here is a link to a file with the photo’s that Casey had uploaded to My Space in March 2008.  File

More Casey Anthony saga…..

Casey Anthony is named as a suspect in the case of Missing Caylee Marie Anthony.  Thank goodness, it is about time, and now just a matter of time before she is charged for murder!!!!  hooya!


Different between Person of interest and SUSPECT!


Person of Interest~someone the police are thinking about that might have some involvement in the crime.


Suspect~someone who the police have evidence is involved.


Zenaida Gonzales said she was called by a detective, on her cell phone, they asked if she had some kids and was driving a certain car, and she said yes.  The detective said that she is a suspect in the missing case of Caylee Anthony.  She said she never heard of Caylee Anthony.  It is said that Casey got this information off of a card that Zenaida had filled out when she looked into an apartment.  This is also how the detectives got Zenaida’s phone number.  Zenaida has six children. She has stated she is not a babysitter.  Zenaida has received death threats.  She has received these in phone calls, and mail.  Zenaida has never received an apology from the Anthony claim in any shape or form.  Casey Anthony has really put a damper on Zeneaida’s life.  Actually has put a damper on all of her witness’ life too.


Casey Anthony told police that she has been looking for Caylee and using other resources. What the h*ll other resources?  I haven’t heard any confirmation that she used any other resources to find her.  What is it “Missing Children’s” network online?  Oh wait that happened months before Caylee had been missing.  Just more of her typical lying technique!


There have been about 5,000 tips on Caylee.  MOST of these are coming from the Anthony family.  Are they making up these tips?  Are they going off of what the sociopath has been claiming?  Oh my goodness.


Casey has taken on a lot of personalities ie.  The boyfriend was religious, she was religious.  He liked the Yankee’s she liked the Yankees.  He other boyfriend smoked pot, she smoked pot.  It has said that she has no personality of her own so she takes on her boyfriends.  This is in reference to a question of Casey having a split personality such as Zenaida Gonzales!


 I really feel sorry for Zenaida Gonzales!