Child in Gainesville NOT Caylee….

Gainesville Police Department has determined that a child, who looked similar to three-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony and was seen at a local store over the weekend, is not the missing girl.

Officers tracked down the adults and child seen Saturday at Winn-Dixie off of S. Main Street in Gainesville, said police spokeswoman Officer Summer Hallett.

SO there you go!  Another tip check into and found to not be Caylee.  Makes me wonder how these family feel when the cops knock on the door and say “We want to see your daughter.  Birth Certificate, etc…”  I just wonder how they feel.  And the Anthony’s CAN NOT say that leads are not checked into.  Wonder who they are getting their information from……..Baez?


Caylee Prayer Service

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Here is the prayer service.

Thanks Murtwitnessone.

Who is this Michelle Bart who gives hope?

Well, I am curious who this Michelle Bart is who still has the Anthony’s thinking Caylee is alive.  From what I can tell, she is a problem and just can’t let things go. The Anthony’s do need to let go and FACE REALITY. Here is what I found out about this woman who is leading the Anthony astray: 

Michelle was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has lived in Los Angeles County over fifteen years. Known to many in Southern California as the founder of the Foothill Arthritis Connection, Michelle has over 20 years experience in event production, fundraising, non-profit management, and media communications. Michelle holds a communication’s degree and has applied her education and expertise to helping businesses and organizations obtain visibility through the media, community relations, and the Internet. Michelle’s talents, creativity, and an eye for detail have captured the attention of community leaders, politicians, and the Hollywood elite throughout the United States. Three year’s ago Michelle launched a new company called Helping Heroes, Inc. and later opened Helping Heroes Productions: clients include non-profit and for-profit organizations needing marketing, capital development, and public relations.

Michelle has served on many boards and committees over the years with such organizations like: Soroptimist International Desert Coast Region, Irwindale, Azusa, and Glendora Chamber of Commerces, The American Cancer Society, The National Fibromyalgia Association, The Arthritis Foundation, GLAAD, and The Human Rights Campaign. Through her efforts to see equality brought to the San Gabriel Valley, Michelle partnered with The Human Rights Campaign Federal Club-Los Angeles and her company, Helping Heroes Productions; this partnership resulted in a front page spread “Lesbian Business Owner Brings Equality to Valley” which began her new mission to help push for equality for all humanity!

Michelle’s writings and photos can be seen in Southland Blues Magazine, Soap Opera Magazine, Curve Magazine, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald, and Not Born Yesterday to name a few. Michelle just relocated to Portland/Vancouver to be closer to family. In her spare time, she enjoys wine tasting, playing with her nieces, and relaxing at a day spa.

Caylee Anthony Memorial..Oops Prayer Service!

Leonard Padilla held the memorial service this morning at Blandard Park.  Richard Grund, Jesse Grunds father, led the service with a prayer.  He encouraged those who attended not to be mad at the Anthonys, but to love and honor Caylee’s life.

“No child is a mistake,” Grund said. “They’re all blessings and miracles that deserve to be cherished, treasured and protected”

Grund told the crowd that the small event was not a memorial service, but chance to celebrate Caylee. He went on to say that children are innocent.

After he finished, he was applauded.

Anthony’s were not at the memorial!

Despite the Anthonys’ begging to stop the service, Padilla said they have to get over it and accept the facts.


The Anthony’s have this on their MySpace:

George and Cindy Anthony spoke with Padilla to no prevail.  In a statement on Caylee’s Myspace site, the Anthony’s made this statement:  “Everyone has a right to have an opinion about where Caylee may be; however; no one has the right to have a memorial service for Caylee, other than her family. Her family still believes she is alive, and this is our right. Caylee deserves a chance to be brought home safely; she does not deserve to be exploited by Leonard Padilla for a chance to be in front of the camera. Morally and spiritually what Leonard Padilla is doing is wrong.  Leonard Padilla has crossed the line.”

 “The memorial service is as bogus as hundreds of websites that have smeared the entire set of circumstances surrounding the search efforts for Caylee Marie,” said Michelle Bart, a member of the Kid Finders Network search team.  “For every “spiteful” act towards any member of the Anthony family or the search efforts being made by either Tim Miller or Kid Finders, it’s a “spiteful” act against the objective of finding Caylee.  Buying into the actions like this and even considering attending this circus on Tuesday is only contributing to the problem and not the solution finding Caylee,” said Bart.

I believe that LP has NOT crossed the line, but Michelle Bart you have.  You have the Anthony’s living in a whirl wind.  You ARE the reason the Anthony’s are acting in such a crazy way.

Casey Anthony update 10 November

Tim Miller says he knows Caylee remains are out there somewhere.  LP says Casey is an ugly minded person.  Some of the TES will stay and still search.


LP said it was impossible to find anything in the river.  He said the search was tough on land and in the water.  Cindy says that the FBI and OCSO don’t know what they are talking about.  It’s the Kid finder who is keeping this going that Caylee is alive.


Dr Perper said water slows down decomposition.  After all this time decomp would be advanced. 


Only 23 areas of the 130 areas have been covered, by EquuSearch. 


AND last by not least, still no sign of the LEE Anthony!  I am starting to think he either suspects Casey killed Caylee, or he knows it.  Not much support for Caylee from this uncle!!!

Why the heck anyways?

Why in the heck did the Anthony’s show up? Cindy had her 6 minutes of fame in the morning, there was no need for her nor George to go down there!!! So Padilla wants to have as memorial service, that it TOTALLY needed.

And who is this knuckle head?

I am not sure if she is worried they will find Caylee or evidence against Casey

Telling Padilla how it will be!

Breaking News bead confirmed

The beads on the tree below are the same type arts and crafts that Dakota Skii’s bracelet is made from.   It is a blue Y bead that was found.  Lois Peter, grandma to Dakota, also said that Dakota was haunted and taunted when she wore the bracelet and got rid of it.  How sad, a little girl tried to do something good for Caylee and gets blasted by her peers for it.

There was a rumor that the divers couldn’t go in, but they are waiting for Rob when he is ready.


Searching for Caylee

LP had hired 4 divers to go in the river this morning.  EquuSearch is also searching this morning.  George Anthony showed up at the Kid Finders Command & Volunteer Center Saturday afternoon. He said he holds no ill will toward EquuSearch and its theory that Caylee is dead.  He is holding out hope that Caylee is alive.  Cindy could not make it.

Here is a link to the cross that was made.  (Thanks JustME) Cross