Casey you really are an IDIOT!

Casey Anthony will NOT tell the investigators anything about what she knows about Caylee’s disappearance!  Not sure why her attorney made this statement, she hasn’t help in anyway, shape or form from day 1!  I can hardly wait to see her being charged for murder.


Wonder why Cindy Anthony said that Jesse Grund had a motive!  What is his motive?  Or what would his motive have been?  The only one with a motive Cindy is your fricken daughter!  She is the only one with a motive…..the GOOD LIFE!  So there you go Cindy the only person with a motive!  And I guess your theory is null and void since Jesse Grund passed a polygraph……………..Maybe Casey should be taken behind the shed and get a good lashing!


The longer this case drags out the more upset I get!  Casey is without a doubt hiding something from investigators!  And if you’re not guilty, tell the truth and help with the search of your daughter. 


Jesse Grund on NBC Today show

Casey Anthony’s former fiancé appealed to the mother of missing Orlando toddler Caylee Anthony to stop lying about what happened to her daughter.

“Casey, tell the truth. This isn’t about you anymore. This is about Caylee,” Jesse Grund said at the end of an interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer Thursday in New York. “Stop dragging people’s lives through this. Stop destroying people’s lives and tell the truth. What happened to Caylee?”  Read the rest on Today show

Here is the video.