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Out of 561 text messages, 2 of them were about Caylee! 


Audio of the taping of the interview are released:


Anthony Lazaro

Jesse Grund Pt. 1

Jesse Grund Pt. 2

Lee Anthony


Apparently all the emails in Caseyomarie’s yahoo account were deleted, even the spam emails, but those emails are still available.  It has been said time and time again, that when you delete something from your computer, it still is on the hard drive. 


Brittany Schieber, neighbor of the Anthonys, has known Casey for years.  She stated the last time that she talked to the Anthony’s is when word was out that Caylee was missing.  The Anthony’s were a wreck, and she has not talked to them since……Cindy Anthony did tell Brittany that she wanted to adopt Caylee and Casey could live her life and when ready she could come back and take care of Caylee.  She also stated that Casey was jealous of Caylee and Cindy’s relationship. 

Casey texted Brittany 3-4 times a week to go out partying. 


Jesse Grund says that “We can all tell, for the last couple of years, is that Casey is an effective liar. I would describe it as diabolical the way she lies.”


Guess Jesse was up on her lies! 


Babysitting service for protesters……

An outdoor babysitting service set up near the Anthony’s home mocked protesters who continue to bring their young children, even infants, to heckle the Anthony family.

A man taped signs to a baby’s playpen reading, “Protesters Babysitting Service.”

The protesters did not like the “babysitting service” and mocked the man setting it up.

Files on the web

Cindy Anthony Cell Phone report

Brittney Schieber Test messages

Troy Brown Text messages

More Casey saga…

Apparently the police are looking into the dumpster theory.  I am not sure about this, but I thought I had heard they had already looked into that theory.


It has been said that during the time Caylee went missing, Casey had been doing a lot of pot.  This is noted by her friends. 


The attorney for Casey, said that he found out about a message the OCSO sent to him about when and where Casey last saw Caylee via the media, which comes to untrue.  The media found out after a letter was sent by the attorney.  So from what I see, the attorney is a liar also.  Wonder if there is a leak in the liars office.


I honestly think that Casey enjoys all the attention she is getting via the public/media.  I think that if the media stopped following this story, Casey would be lost and not know where to turn to get all the attention back.  When reading the Casey Anthony documents, I noted that Lee said that Casey stopped crying when Cindy asked her “we could have found her a month ago, why did you wait?”  Now the focus is on Casey.  If you think about it, Cindy only talked about finding Caylee, seeing Caylee, holding Caylee, according to Lee. 

Zenaida update

Zenaida Gonzalez suing Casey Anthony

A woman caught up in the case of missing 3-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony is suing the girl’s mother saying she was defamed, her lawyer confirmed.

Zenaida Gonzalez, 37, of Kissimmee, was falsely named by Caylee’s mother as the missing girl’s babysitter, even though they’ve never met. Mother Casey Anthony said she last saw her daughter with a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez in mid-June. Caylee was reported missing in July.

Lee’s interview with OCSO…part 1

Lee Anthony has a phone call to be made at the beginning, but decides to go ahead with the interview. 


Lee states that his father called him up to go and check on his mother.  Lee went over to the house and was there in 5 minutes.  He went through the garage as he normally did and inside the garage was the white sunfire with the trunk open and the windows down, like they were trying to air it out.  Lee went inside.  No one was home so he called his mother and she said she was 30 seconds away and she hadd his sister in the car.  Lee met them outside in the driveway as they were pulling in.  It was obvious that they had been yelling back and forth.  Cindy told Lee that your sister knows where Caylee is and she won’t take me to her.  Cindy also stated that she was going to call the police and you need to talk to your sister.  Casey went inside.  Lee tried to be a mediator between Cindy who was in the living room and Casey in her bedroom.  Lee tried to mediate so the police would not have to be called.  Casey maintained that she knew where Caylee was and she was with the nanny. 


Lee has never seen this so called Nanny and has never seen Casey receive or make a call to the nanny.  He has heard of Zani the Nanny but never heard Zenita until she told the first reporting officer.  Casey would say:  “Caylee’a at the nanny’s house.”  “She’s sleeping. I don’t want to take her out of you know, what’s been normal for her lately.  We can go get her in the morning.”  “I don’t want to interrupt her. “  Lee didn’t understand because his mother had not seen Caylee in weeks.  Cindy figured that Casey had been lying, say it isn’t so, and said “Okay if you weren’t where you were how do I know where Caylee is where you say that she’s been?” Cindy was saying you are pretty much going to have to prove it to me.


Lee said that he would go see Caylee “I will go.  Tell me where I can go to see Caylee myself.  I’ll go for 5 minutes.  I’ll do it your way.  I’ll go and just make sure that she’s okay.”  Lee even offer to have a good friend of his go and check on her.  Casey maintained the “Mom won’t allow it to happen.”  Cindy was saying “That’s unacceptable.  I want her here.  I want her home.  I don’t want to just wee her.  I want to hold her.  I want her to be here.”  Lee didn’t force the issue much longer.  Cindy would walk out of the room trying to clear her head.


Every time Cindy left the room, Lee tried to get information out of Casey. He would ask, “What’s going on?  You know what’s the deal?”  She maintained the same story. Casey finally opened up “Mom has thrown it in my face many times before that I’m an unfit mother and you know, maybe she’s right and maybe I am.”  Lee also found out that Cindy has stated that Caylee has been the best thing and the best mistake. 


Lee states he knows Casey does not provide for that child.  She provides love and GOOD PARENTING.  (Oh give me a break) However monetarily and providing her with food and toys and shelter and thing like that, were provided by the grandparents.


Lee states that it has been a burden on Casey being a parent and it fitting into her social life.  Casey has always lived at home and has never really been away for more than 3 days to a week.


Casey states to Lee that she is a spiteful b*t*ch.  She said is loud enough for Cindy to hear.  This was said when Lee asked why she didn’t want them to see Caylee. 


Lee kept saying, “Well I don’t get it.  What’s in it for you?  Why are you letting the police get involved with this?  This doesn’t make any sense to me.”  Casey says “well maybe this should have been done al long time ago.  I’ve stole money from Mom.  I’ve been a bad daughter.” “You know I’ve been”  I’ve stole money from you.  You know I’ve been untrustworthy, you know.”  “And maybe I’ve been, you know, a bad, a mother, a daughter, and sister.”  “You know so this should have been done a long time ago.”


Lee finally told Cindy to call the cops because he was there and he wanted to make Casey prove that Caylee is ok, since Casey wouldn’t let Lee go and see for himself.  Cindy goes outside to call the cops and then comes back in and says the cops are on their way. 


Lee tries a different approach and goes back into see Casey and says “Here is what I don’t get is what’s in it for you?  Okay you know Mom has never as much as she doesn’t like the fact that your running up her credit bills and all this stuff, she never called the police.”  Why would you let all these other things be the reason why you’d get in trouble?  I don’t get it.  What’s your, whats your motivation right now, I don’t understand.”  He also said “So you got to understand this is what going to happen when the officer arrives.” “let go through it right now”  Because I don’t understand what, what you’re going to do here.”  “The officer is going to say,  “good evening Ms. Anthony, where is your daughter? That is exactly what he will say. And what are you going to say?”    Casey says she is going to say that she is with the nanny, and she is sleeping.  Playing the role of the cop, “Great Ms. Anthony.  I’m so happy to hear that.  That’s going to be a relief for everybody. So hop in the car.  Your mom is going to follow.  Let’s go get her.”  Lee states that Casey had this look on her face that now she was going to be held accountable.  THIS is when Casey broke down and says “Lee do you want to know the truth?  I haven’t seen Caylee in 31 days.  I haven’t seen my daughter in 31 days.”  She puts her face in her hands.  Lee asks “where have you been?  Where is the last time that you’ve seen her?”  After a few moments Lee asked again and Casey says “She was kidnapped.”  She wasn’t speaking in details.  When Cindy came into the room to see Casey crying, Cindy says “WHAT have you done? Why are you crying?  What’s going on?”  Casey says, “I don’t know where Caylee is.  “The Nanny took her, she was kidnapped Mom.”  Cindy hits the bed with her fist and says “we could have found her a month ago.  Why did you wait?”  And at this point Casey was done crying and Cindy and Casey started fighting about the past. 

To be continued….

Casey Anthony’s spending habits



These are the receipts that Lee brought in:


6/30 Target 836pm c $7.49

6/30 JCPenney’s 610pm cc $73.40

6/28 Waterford 715pm $16.00

7/01 JCP 447pm cc $31.93

7/02 Ross 806pm c $37.23

7/03 Target 715pm c $15.98

7/03 Unreadable 609pm c $10.64

7/04 Target 1219pm c $12.71

7/05 Best Buy 513pm c $14.90

7/05 Citco car wash 541pm c $4.00

7/06 Winn Dixie 554pm c $11.61

7/06 Publix (sp) 532pm c $59.14

7/07 Target 516pm c $4.18

7/08 Target 1159 am ck $111.01

7/10 Target 1200pm ck $155.47

7/10 Target 1033am ck $137.77

7/12 Winn Dixie 938pm ck $92.62

7/13 Waterford 510pm $8.00

7/15 Winn Dixie 604pm c $88.45

7/14 Blockbuster 530 pm c $13.40


Cc=credit card



For not having a job, she sure can shop on other peoples money, credit and identity!

Ex-boyfriend, Tony’s interview…

Tony Lazzaro gets a call from Carl at CBS news in NY at the beginning of his interview.   From what I can tell, Tony hardly knew Caylee, because he says he has a picture of Caylee on his phone, when asked her name he says, Caylee M….uh, Caylee Marie Anthony, I believe.


Tony says that she would wake up or wake him up in the middle of the night, in cold sweats.  He asked Casey why she would do that and she said she was having a nightmare or something and then would bring up the nightmare pertaining to their relationship.  This happened 2-4 times.  (Tony thought this was in reference to Tony and a friend saying Tony might stay in NY)  Oh give me a break, you haven’t been dating that long!


Tony saw Casey use a credit card 8 or 9 times.  He doesn’t know whose name is on it or anything.  He also states that Casey feeds him the line fob s about Caylee and Disney. 


Tony met Casey thorough facebook.  He said he saw she was a Valencia Student, and thought she was cute so hit her up….meaning left a message on her page.  


Tony met Jesse Grund.  Casey introduced him as her friend.  He later found out that Jesse was an ex-fiancé.  Casey also told Tony that Jesse wanted to become a police officer.


Tony managed Fusion on Friday nights.  Guess that is why it was the place to hang out those nights. 

Tony says that Caylee was bothersome to Casey.  She would says she has to go, her mom had her kid….


Casey stole food from Cindy’s house to make dinner for her and Tony…


The night that all this went down, Amy knocked on the door, Tony yelled come in, and Amy was just standing there with a miserable look on her face.  Casey went out side.  Then about half an hour later Casey and her mother came to the door, Casey stormed in and looked she was in tears.  Cindy said get your things, your coming home with me.  Casey said no, I am coming back, Cindy said no get all your things.  Then the grandma made a comment to me while was sitting on the couch and he said Hello, you can come in.  She did and goes, I hope your rich because Casey’s going to take all your money and leave you high and dry.  Tony had like no idea like what she was like talking about.  Tony texted Casey but her phone was off and realized her phone was at his house.  He looked up Amy’s phone number and called Amy.  That is when Tony learned that Casey took Amy’s money. 

Then Tony gets a call from Lee, and Lee tells him what is going on and how Casey admitted to Lee that Casey did not know where Caylee is.


I don’t think Tony gave much help.  He is kind of boring to read!  He did say that Casey did go to his apartment with Caylee and they all went to the pool.  He didn’t seem to like her much.  From what I remember Nate really enjoyed Caylee.    


Amy’s interview with OCSO…..

After reading Amy’s interview, there are a few things I find interesting.  The fact that JP Chatt did not like Casey from the beginning. 


Casey told Amy that her parents were crazy.  Amy wanted to meet her parents because she was going to live with Casey and Caylee.  Casey was supposedly going to BUY a house and Amy would move in.  (haha, now that is funny) The house FELL THROUGH!  Then, Cindy Anthony was going to sign the house over to Casey, and Cindy and Geroege were going to live in a Condo…..oh pleeeeze!  Cindy apparently, well what Amy thought, had signed the house over and they were suppose to move in June.  Then all of a sudden Cindy took the house back because she apparently had 30 days to negate the deal.  Then Casey’s parents were getting divorced. 


I thought I read somewhere that Casey hardly drank, but I might be wrong.  Amy says that Tony and Casey played beer pong.  Well, I must say, from what I see in the bar and beer pong players, they get pretty drunk! 


At a party at UCF area, Amy said that Casey had a run in with a Brandon.  Apparently Casey says she had a mis-carriage and it was an emotional run-in.

Apparently Casey was seeing Ricardo, in May…well…part of the month.


June Casey is with Tony….


The last day that Amy saw Caylee was the 10th of June.  Casey and Caylee spent the night at Ricardo’s apartment. 


Casey was suppose to go with Amy to Jacksonville to find a car.  Amy totaled her in June.  Caylee was suppose to go too, but when Amy texted her, Casey said that she was on the way to the hospital with her dad and she would let her know what was going on later….Wonder if George remembers this? 


Tony was the one who gave Casey the drugs.  Amy didn’t see any real issues with drugs, as far as she could see. 


Amy said that Casey dad borrowed the car and hit an animal.  She said that the smell was coming from the engine.  Then she tells Amy that the animal was plastered on the frame. 


Amy said that the Nanny took the kids to the beach.  She also said that Cindy went up there and was meeting them and would be there 2 days, but the nanny stayed at the beach longer…..


Casey spent most of the time driving Tony’s jeep around.  The day they went to Target to get the gas can, she stayed with Amy until 5 or 6 pm. 


Casey talked about the fact that she was upset that she hadn’t seen Caylee, who was with the so called Nanny.  She also said “so at least she’s in a good place and not involved in all of this other stuff.”  Casey apparently made up all this stuff going on.


Cindy Anthony called Amy when she got back from her trip.  Amy had gone to the Florida mall.  After about 20 minutes, Cindy called Amy.  She told Amy that if she doesn’t find Casey, she will end up in jail.  Amy had Cindy come and pick he up and on the way to Tony’s house Cindy told her about the smell in the car.  Amy told her that Casey could have run over something.  Heck I would have said George did it. 


Amy said that Cindy stated the car seat was in the car and Cindy was worried about how they were getting around without it.  Cindy also talked about the stench in the car, and how Casey had stole from then, etc.  She also was very uncomfortable riding back to her apartment with the 2 of them.  Cindy called Amy at 11 pm that night to let her know that Caylee was taken by the nanny a month ago.


As for the 480.00 some story about the car, and Amy sleeping and who knows, sounds like Casey pull a BS’er on Amy!


Amy also said that the party where the Casey was wearing the American flag, was in May, and that Caylee was also at that party. 


Amy also stated that Casey texted Tony and it said “if they never find her guess who spends eternity in jail?”

What a tangled web Casey is weaving!

NEW CASEY STORY!  Casey was going to Tampa and Caylee was headed off to the babysitter.  Casey was headed to find a job, and would be gone for a month.  Casey also took all of her own belongings, and left ALL of Caylee’s behind, including a baby doll.  (maybe Casey planned on leaving Florida and going to CA with the marine friend)


I guess the pizza theory is down the tubes since the 591 page document says that Cindy and George were afraid to open the trunk thinking they would find Caylee in there. 


Casey was the text messaging queen.  She sent one text message to a friend that she had the “best sex ever” with Tony.  She sure was living it up while Caylee was missing, manicures, partying, etc.  Wonder when she was doing her own investigation during this time???


Apparently George Anthony is back to work at his Disney Security job at nights, and Cindy is still on leave from her RN job.  Casey, well I am assuming she is on her my space/facebook and her stumbleupon pages.  (


Casey would wake up in cold sweats and claim to be having a nightmare.  Well, hello, murder someone and guess you’ll have some emotion!  Makes me wonder if she is still having these nightmares!  


It is said that Casey was very jealous of Caylee and the relationship Caylee had with Grandma.


In all of these pages, there still is not enough evidence to indict Casey Marie Anthony of murder.

More documents released!

About 591 pages of interviews between detectives, family and friends, as well as hundreds of text messages from Anthony’s cell phone, show that Anthony spent lots of time discussing relationship woes and planning parties — with little mention of Caylee Marie — as well as admitting to a family member that she was an unfit mother.

The file also shows the lies Anthony told friends and family about the smell of decomposition coming from her car and talk of jealousy stemming from her mother’s affection toward Caylee.   (Amy Hunzenga told deputies that Anthony said her father George had hit a squirrel but had “gotten rid of it.”)

These documents were released by the State Attorney’s Office…more interesting information released.

Fox35 has these online:

Transcript of Anthony Lazaro interview on July 22, 2008

Transcript of Amy Huizenga interview on July 23, 2008

Transcript of Jesse Grund interview on July 23, 2008

Transcript of Brittany Schieber interview on July 24, 2008

Transcript of Troy Brown interview on July 25, 2008

Transcript of Ricardo Moralesinterview on July 25, 2008

Transcript of Lee Anthony interview on July 29, 2008

Transcript of Brian Burner interview on July 30, 2008

Transcript of William Waters interview on July 30, 2008

Transcript of Lauren Gibbs interview on August 1, 2008