Casey out again….

Casey was released on $1,250 bond.  A few of the articles I have read say she paid the bond, but I highly doubt it.  After the hearing her attorney blasted the cops saying:  “I’m not going to be intimidated in any way, shape or form by any cop tactics,” he said. “It’s time we take a step back and question what is going on with law enforcement. … What are you leaking rumor and conjecture for? That’s not justice.”


I think it is pretty nuts he is feeling intimidated.  I thought he was one of those powerful defense attorneys.   I am sure it will be a circus again outside the Anthony compound and she will be running back and forth to the attorney’s office for hours on end, every day.   


Casey…the saga continues…

Casey is still getting special treatment in jail.  She is in solitary confinement and not having any contact with any other inmates.  She could get about 67 years if convicted of her charges and as little as probation.  If I remember correctly she did state that she has stole from her friends and family.  So I am hoping this will be a conviction.


It is said that Casey is no amateur liar.  She has done this for years.  She can make up lies faster than I can even think about a lie!  I guess I didn’t realize that the Juliette Lewis she was talking about is the one who played in ‘Natural Born Killers’.  How stupid is this girl. 


The longer this goes on, and IF Caylee is deceased, the evidence is getting harder to confirm.  Does this mean that they will not be able to prove how she died, and that it was an accident at the hands of her mother?  Casey is the last one to see Caylee, Zeniada is no one, the car wasn’t stolen, and there was a dead body in the trunk of the car.  Holy cow this girl is in over her head. 


Leonard Padilla stated something about a William Water who worked somewhere is linked to Zeniada Gonzalez, and Lee Anthony.  He also said something about Laura Rhodes (sp), whoever she is, is also linked somehow.  He also does not think the Anthony’s are getting any tips.  These are tips that Cindy is making up.  Padilla also stated that the Anthony’s attitude has changed once they got the air samples back from the car.  Wonder what this family will do once the OCSD has enough evidence, if they don’t already, to charge her with murder?   

Just a question I have…

….with no one name Zenaida Gonzalez, who in the world took care of Caylee?  She would tell her friends that Caylee was with the Nanny, but where did she drop her off, while she was out partying and Caylee was not with the Grandparents, who was she with?  I am really curious to where Caylee was for the past 1 and a half years, while she was with the nanny!

Casey is back in jail!

Well she is back in jail.  Her charges stemmed from “economic crimes” dealing with stolen checks and petty theft.  She was arrested at the Orange County Jail following a scheduled visit with her home confinement release supervisor.  Bail will be low, so I am sure she will be out of jail again.

Not guilty plea

Casey Anthony entered a plea on Sunday to 10 felony check fraud charges filed against her last week.  She has also turned down the right to have an arraignment on those charges. Her attorney wants to see what evidence the state plans to use in their prosecution of Casey Anthony.

Wonder if the notorious faxing attorney faxed in this plea?  Also, wasn’t it mentioned that there is video of Casey at the stores writing checks, etc?   

Cindy Anthony had a run in with a protester.  She had a screaming and swearing match with a woman protester outside the Anthony compound.  When the woman went to leave, she shut her son’s arm in the car door.  Apparently her son is doing well.